Buying a Maine coon

Buying a Maine Coon

Thinking about buying a Maine Coon? These felines are more than just pets. They are furry companions that steal hearts with their highly playful nature and affectionate personality. It is a captivating breed that often becomes an adorable member of the family. If you decide to bring one into your home, must gather some guidelines before buying a Maine coon. 

There are numerous feline breeds in the world, but why people choose a Maine coon? No doubt, these cats are popular all over the world, but there are several reasons behind the decision of choosing a Maine coon as pet. An important reason is that these cats stand out as excellent pets. People often desire to pet a cat that is highly intelligent, easy to train, not too noisy and has a loving and caring nature, and the Maine Coon cat fulfills all of these requirements. These cats come in wide variety of colors and patterns, attracting people with specific color preferences towards them. Other physical and personal features also play a role in this breed’s popularity. 

If you decides to own a Maine coon, don’t rush to buy, and consider a few factors. First of all, following things should be considered when you decides a Maine coon as your pet.

  • Have you conduct a thorough research on Maine coon breed?
  • Does this breed live up to your expectations?
  • Can you afford to pet a Maine coon?
  • Do you have a suitable space to keep a Maine coon?
  • Can you meet your Maine coon’s needs?
  • Where to find a Maine coon cat?
  • What questions to ask from the seller?
  • Can you enjoy your life after buying a Maine coon?

Have You Conducted a Thorough Research?

If you are buying a Maine coon for the first time, you must research this breed. Explore both its positive and negative points and then consider the suitability of this breed. This initial step establishes a successful and effective companionship with your pet friend. To ensure an exciting relationship with your cat friend, diving into a comprehensive research is important.

This process involves familiarizing yourself with the distinctive characteristics of this breed. Maine coon’s big size, tufted ears, long fluffy fur or any other physical attribute let you decide whether to pet it or not. Researching their personal qualities such as, temperament, intelligence and affection ensures that this is the breed that aligns with your requirements. These felines are highly social and can’t live long without their human companion. It can be a perfect pet for those who like a social and attentive companion.

Does This Breed Live up to Your Expectations?

Everybody has expectations from their pet. In choosing a Maine coon, you believe that it possesses the qualities you desire in a pet. In simple words, this term can be explained as

“Why are you buying a Maine coon?”

You have many other cat breeds as an options, but you specifically select a Maine coon because you perceive it as the breed that aligns with your expectations. These expectations encompass both physical and personal qualities. Physical attributes may include desiring a big-size, or long-haired cat, while personal qualities involve seeking affection, intelligence or particular temperament in your pet.

Your desire to own a pet according to your expectations in natural. After a hard day working, aside from your family, your need a companion that can help you relax is only fulfilled when your pet meets your expectations. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your expectations before buying a Maine coon. Remember that this breed aligns with the expectations of the majority of people.  

Can You Afford Buying a Maine Coon?

Things to bring before buying a Maine coon

Buying a Maine coon is not a difficult and lengthy process. You can expect to own a Maine coon for somewhere between $1000 and $3500. The price may vary from breeder to breeder, individual to individual, and state to state. Professional breeders with good reputation will charge you a higher price. However, many people can afford to buy a Maine coon. The main expenses starts after buying a Maine coon. You must estimate the expenses, you will incur after buying a Maine coon. Be prepared for these expenses.

Whenever you buy a Maine coon, your expenses are going to rise. Therefore, you must consider the post-purchase expenses that you will have to pay. Some common expenses, expected after buying a Maine coon are listed below:

  • Feed and water bowl, sleeping bed, and other basic accessories
  • High-quality food
  • Toys and other items such as scratching posts and cat tees to engage them in physical activities
  • Maine coon grooming equipment like a hair brush, teeth brush and nail trimmer
  • Cost of vaccinations and other medical checkups
  • Spaying or Neutering
  • Worm, tick and flea treatments on a monthly basis
  • Carpet and other furniture cleaning costs
  • Insurance cost for your pet, which could be as low as $25 per month

Do you have a suitable space to keep a Maine coon?

Make sure to create an ample space in your home before welcoming a Maine coon. As you may know, these cats are larger than average, requiring a suitable and comfortable environment. Maine coons also thrive in spacious area where they can enjoy playing and roam around easily. While it’s not necessary to establish a separate room, it’s important to consider before buying a Maine coon whether you can provide them enough space in your home for them to thrive comfortably or not.

Some people purchase a Maine coon without gathering enough information, and as a result, they face many difficulties in keeping them. They often fail to provide ample space, making their feline feeling uncomfortable. Consequently, their felines might not enjoy living indoor and may go out to relax, increasing the risk of getting lost. Therefore, it’s very important to create sufficient room before buying a Maine coon. Otherwise, both you and your Maine coon companion may encounter challenge while living with each other.

Can you meet your Maine coon’s needs?

Your Maine coon companion also has certain expectations from you. It’s important to consider what they need and whether you can provide them with the time and attention they require. If your answer is yes, your bond with your Maine coon companion will be awesome. However, if your answer is no, then both of you may end up unhappy. Loneliness can lead them to anxiety. Remember, your Maine coon is your responsibility, and ensuring you fulfill their demands will lead to a wonderful experience for both of you.

The Maine coon breed is renowned for its adventurous and playful nature, and it has both indoor and outdoor requirements. It means you need to dedicate some time to play on with them daily basis. Bring some toys that stimulate their curiosity. Cat trees and other items to keep them physically active are important for their health. To further enrich their lives, take them outdoors for exploration at least once a week.

Maine coon cats particularly enjoy roaming in the streets with their human companion. However, must ensure their safety before venturing outside your home. Use a high-quality harness, a pet seat-belt or any other necessary safety measures to ensure a secure and enjoyable outdoor experience for both you and your Maine coon companion.

Where to find a Maine Coon Cat?

If you have set your heart on buying a Maine coon, next step is to decide from where you can get one for your family. Buying a Maine coon isn’t a big deal, but buying a healthy, purebred and active cat may consume your time. You can get a Maine coon through numerous ways, which are listed below:

  • Social Media
  • Backyard Breeders
  • Rescue Centers & Animal Shelters
  • Pet Shops
  • Other Online Spots
  • Professional Breeders

Social Media

Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter (X), and Facebook are common ways for buying a Maine coon. Many individuals and organizations who sell Maine coons, create pages and groups on these platforms where they post information about available cats and kittens. You can explore these pages to choose a Maine coon and contact the sellers on their given information.  It is very common and easy method to buy a Maine coon.


  • Many professional breeders use their social media pages to offer their cats and kittens
  • You can see the images of their available cats and kittens
  • You can see reviews and comments on pages and decide about their credibility
  • Sellers mention complete information about the pet they are offering
  • You can find the nearest available cat or kitten for sale


  • Fake advertisements are common on social media
  • You may not get replied on social media
  • Unexperienced breeders may spread fake information
  • You can see “spamy links” offering a Maine coon, but actually not

Backyard Breeders

Backyard breeders are those who pet Maine coons to make money. These breeders normally choose expensive and highly demanded cat breeds, so that they can sell their kittens at a higher price. Typically, they take little to no responsibility after selling you a cat or kitten. While it‘s not a recommended method for buying a Maine coon, if you find a good backyard breeder, pay attention to the following important factors:

  • In which environment they raise their kittens
  • Do they prioritize cleanliness for their felines
  • Ask them about kitten’s vaccination
  • Do they offer you to see their kittens


  • Immediate availability                                                                  
  • You can find many local breeders
  • Easy to buy


  • Can be expensive
  • Risk of Mix-breed
  • Poor socialization
  • Lack of support after purchase
  • Kitten may face health issues

Rescue Centers & Animal Shelters

You will be lucky enough to find a Maine coon from a rescue center or animal shelter. Available pets in these centers may not have good life experience, but sometimes, you can get a good pet from these centers. Rejected animals come in these centers and these animals can also be your best companions if properly trained and socialized. We can consider buying a Maine coon from a shelter as an opportunity to provide a second chance to a cat in need.

Moreover, these shelters and rescue centers ensure the cats are screened for health and behavioral issues, which allow you to make a well-informed decision about your new companion.

Click here to read about Maine coon adoption.


  • Cheap prices
  • Advanced behavioral assessment
  • You are saving a life
  • Health screening
  • Support from staff


  • Unknown history
  • Age uncertainty
  • Lengthy adoption process

Pet Shops

Pet shops source their animals from different suppliers, including local and professional breeders. You can’t know about the breeding practices and conditions about the pets they offer. Pet shops typically act as intermediaries, selling cats and kittens without providing background information. They only sell a cat or kitten to you and their role ends here. The lack of transparency can raise concerns about the health and welfare of the animal they sell. 

These pet shops offer limited post-purchase support. But they assure you the immediate availability of cat or kitten you want. You just need to go to a pet shop, select your pet, pay for it, and bring it to your home.


  • Immediate availability
  • Easy to buy
  • Select your favorite one


  • Unknown background
  • Lack of support
  • Higher health risks

Other Online Platforms

There are many other online platforms available from where you can find a Maine coon cat or kitten. Gumtree and Craigslist are example of such platforms. Normally, individuals who already pet Maine coon felines at their homes, post adds to sell their kittens. These kittens already belongs to families and can be highly social. You can consider buying a Maine coon from these sources.


  • Select your favorite one
  • Local availability
  • Cost saving


  • Potential health issues
  • Lack of background information
  • No pot-purchase support
  • High risk of scams

Professional Breeders

Buying a Maine coon from professional breeders is highly recommended, safe and secure method that offers numerous advantages to the buyers. These breeders are specialized and dedicated to maintain the breed’s standard with ensuring the health and well-being of their cats. They often conduct thorough health screenings on their breeding cats, which minimize the risk of genetic disorders, and hereditary conditions in their kittens.

These reputable and professional breeders provide a complete guide about the history, lineage and vaccination in a document form, which help you to make appropriate decisions about your kitten. They offer valuable advice on grooming, feeding, caring and contributing to a positive transition for the Maine coon into its now environment. Finding a reputable and trustworthy breeder may take some time, but we have compiled information about the best Maine coon breeders from each state in the US.

The table below contains the names of states, Click on a state to see the breeders located in that state. It is crucial to consider these breeders when you’re buying a Maine coon.

MontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew Jersey
New MexicoNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhio
OklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth Carolina
South DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahVermont
VirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

What Questions to Ask from the Seller?

While buying a Maine coon, it’s essential to gather a comprehensive information about both, the seller and the animal you are interested in. It ensures you are taking an educated decision and creating ease for both your cat and yourself. You don’t to be in hurry for buying a Maine coon. Must investigate the breeder or the other source from whom you are buying a Maine coon.

You ca classify your questions into three different categories, which could be:

  • Questions about the breeder
  • Questions about the animal you like
  • Questions about post-purchase facilities

Click here to read a detailed article about the questions to ask from breeders before buying a Maine coon.

Can you enjoy your life after Buying a Maine Coon?

People pet an animal for their joy and happiness. Petting a Maine coon can be exciting and wonderful experience. These felines can adapt to your environment quickly and can become your beloved family member. Their presence adds a delightful dimension to daily life. Their affectionate and loving behavior makes them the most pleasing and emotionally satisfying companion.

No one can deny the importance of petting an animal in house. They bring happiness and joy in your home. Spending your spare time with your pet is better than wasting sitting in a corner at your home. You can note their activities and learn some lessons from them like love, loyalty and building a strong companionship.


In summary, this guide will help you a lot while buying a Maine coon. We talked about what things should be considered while buying a Maine coon. It’s important to be patient and ask all questions circling in your mind without any hesitation. Make sure you are buying a Maine coon with good health. We have discussed various sources available to purchase a Maine coon with their advantages and disadvantages. So, choose the perfect and reliable one to get a Maine coon.

Remember that bringing a Maine coon into your home is a big commitment. It’s not an on-time decision. You have to take responsibility of caring them for long run. So must conduct a detailed study about the breed before buying a Maine coon.

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