Nevada Maine coon cats

Nevada Maine Coons

Nevada State is known for its nightlife, desert landscapes, and casinos. Nevada Maine coons have an advantage of their thick soft fur, which helps them to face hot and dry climate in summers. Nevada’s environment is amazing in spring and autumn, but their summer is very hot and winter is cold, which would not be a suitable time for Maine coon cats, so they need more care in that kind of weather. Ensure their access to shades and fresh, cool water.  

Summer season can be quiet challenging for Nevada Maine coons, but it is not impossible for them to survive in these hot months. Improved living standard and enrich lifestyle will make them happy and healthy. Nevada’s urban areas can provide a suitable setting for Maine coons, as long as they receive proper care and enough playtime.

Maine coons enjoy climbing, exploring and hunting. So it is important to provide them opportunities to do physical activities. In summers, taking them outside is not beneficial. But you can bring some cat trees, toys and other physical game for them to engage them playing inside your home.

Maine Coon Popularity in Nevada:

Maine coon felines are well-loved in many regions, including Nevada. The increased demand for Maine coons is mainly due to its characteristics. Many cat enthusiasts give preference to a big size, long hair cats and Maine coon is perfect for them.

Nevada has a big community of cat enthusiasts, who participate in the cat shows and events regularly. These events have become source of introducing Maine coon too new people. Their appearance and personality immediately capture attention of people and that’s why, they are becoming more popular day by day.

The price of Maine coons normally depends on breeder, and from where you purchase this cat breed, but on average, Nevada Maine coon will cost you around $1200 to $2500. You will be lucky if you find a Maine coon in between $200 and $500 from an animal shelter.

Nevada Maine Coon Breeders:

Maine coon breeders in Nevada

Here you will see the list of top breeders of Maine coon from Nebraska. Don’t forget to check that out.

1. Bella Maine Coons

Bella Maine coons is a registered well-known Nevada Maine coon cattery in Cat Fanciers Association. It is a small, family-run cattery located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They have about 3 to 4 litters a year, and all kittens are raised in their home with their kids and other pets, including dogs. Which makes them social and easy to get with other animals. You can deal with them on following details.

Phone number: +1 702-526-1486
Facebook Page:
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada

2. Dream Coon Cattery

Dream Coon cattery is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. They are breeding and selling Maine coon felines with association of The International Cat Association (TICA) and the World Cat Federation (WCF). This cattery is established in 2009 and have much experience in breeding these majestic felines. Good thing about this Nevada Maine coon breeder is that they offer worldwide shipping. It means you can buy a Maine coon kitten from anywhere you are.

Email:[email protected]
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada

3. MicoliCoon Cattery

Micolicoon Maine coon cattery is located in California, but their sister cattery is in North Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a Cat Kingpin certified Nevada Maine coon breeder, also associated with The International Cat Association and Cat Fancier Association. They keep kittens in their house and take the best care of them. It is a closed cattery, but you can chat with them or meet them anywhere outside their cattery to make a deal

Phone number: +1 619-678-2287
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:North Las Vegas, Nevada

Following is a list of neighboring state on Nevada. You can check breeders located in these states if you didn’t find a Maine coon kitten for you.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Nevada:

Below are some important tips to take care of your Maine coon cat in this state:

  • Enrich indoor environment
  • Keep them indoor
  • Regular grooming
  • Ensure feed them on time
  • Litterbox care
  • Comfortable sleeping place
  • Ensure regular veterinary checkups


Generally, Nevada’s environment in not considered suitable for Maine coon cats, but it’s also not impossible for them to live here. A good care and their owner’s attention to them plays a vital role in their survival in Nevada. If you are interested in keeping a Maine coon pet in Nevada, first prepare yourself to do extra care of them. A few Nevada Maine coon breeders are listed to facilitate you in finding the best cat breed.

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