Rhode Island Maine Coon Breeders

Rhode Island Maine Coon Breeders

Rhode Island Maine coon breeders are credited with successfully nurturing and raising these felines in this state. They create a special indoor environments which these cats like. Some breeders have outdoor spaces too for their felines. They try their best to furnish a well-suited environment for their felines. They know how to keep these felines happy and healthy.

Rhode Island is known for its state parks, production of jewelry, and abundant shoreline. The environment that Rhode Island has cold winters and hot summers. The features of Maine coons enable them to thrive in climates experienced by Rhode Island. Diverse climate of Rhode Island doesn’t affect Maine coons too much, as these felines are well adaptable to any condition. Overall, the climate is suitable for Maine coons, and they are easy to pet here in Rhode Island.

Maine coons tend to enjoy companionship of their human and may appreciate the close-knit communities that are common in Rhode Island. Small size and close proximity to various recreational areas could also provide them opportunities to explore and engage in physical activities. However, it’s crucial for Maine coon owners to consider indoor environment as well. Extreme conditions can affect their health. These cats can enjoy their life if ideal indoor environment is provided.

Maine Coon Popularity in Rhode Island:

These cats are not only popular in Rhode Island, but throughout the entire United States. Many factors contribute to their popularity including their size, silky, soft and long fur, as well as their dog-like personality and distinctive physical features. Their reputation about getting along with other pets and kids may make it desirable choice for many families.

Rhode Island Maine coon breeders also keeping their popularity up by showing their trained and socialized cats in different cat shows. They exhibit their finest cats at different events, where people are enticed to interact with a Maine coon. These Rhode Island Maine coon breeders, along with their socialized and trained cats, are convincing people to bring at least one Maine coon into their homes. In Rhode Island, A Maine coon can be purchased for around $1500 to $2200.

Best Rhode Island Maine Coon Breeders:

Maine coon breeders in Rhode Island

As we know there are many scammer breeders, and you have to make a conscious effort when you are searching for a Maine coon breeder in Rhode Island. If you don’t have any option of a Maine coon breeder, you could try out our Rhode Island Maine coon breeders list. Here we have listed top Rhode Island Maine coon breeders. Make sure to check the breeder first who is near your location.

1. Pride N Joy Maine Coons Cattery

Pride N Joy Maine coon cattery is located in West Warwick, Rhode Island. It is an important name among the Rhode Island Maine coon breeders. They breed Maine coons along with German Shephard dogs which make them an ideal choice for cats if you have other pets at your home.

Website: https://pridenjoymainecoons.weebly.com/
Phone number:  +1 401-615-0541
Email: [email protected]
Location: West Warwick, Rhode Island

2. Star Bright Maine Coon Cattery

Another Rhode Island Maine coon breeder is called as Star bright Maine coon cattery. It is located in Warwick, Rhode Island. We have mentioned their contact detail as below.

Phone number:  +1 203-690-2235
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/p/Star-Bright-Maine-Coon-Cattery-100071899158339/
Location: Warwick, Rhode Island

3. Uncle Buck’s kitty Korner

Uncle Buck’s Kitty Korner is probably one of the best Rhode Island Maine coon breeders. They are professional and well educated about Maine coon breed. They have been breeding these felines for 19 years. They are located in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

Website: https://unclbuckskittykorner.com/
Phone number:  +1 401-658-2171
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/unclebuckskittykorner/
Location: Cumberland, Rhode Island

Checkout breeders lists located in the following nearest states to Rhode Island. You can also contact one of them that suits you.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Rhode Island:

Below are some important tips to take care of a Maine coon cat in Rhode Island:

  • Provide them a cool and ventilated indoor space
  • Comfortable sleeping place
  • Healthy diet on time
  • Fresh water
  • Exercise and physical activities
  • Regular grooming
  • Outdoor explorations
  • Veterinary visits regularly


Rhode Island is very suitable state for these majestic felines. The environment, geography, landscapes and other places are liked by Maine coons and they love to live in such an ideal location. Rhode Island Maine coon breeders also taking part in creating a desirable environments for their felines. Local residents love to pet them and you can also get one by contacting the breeders we have mentioned above.

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