Iowa Maine Coon breeders

Iowa Maine Coons

Iowa is one of the states in the United States that is known for its excellence in science and technology. The environmental issues of Iowa are soil erosion and chemical runoff, you have to be conscious of these issues when you are going to get a Maine coon. Iowa Maine coon should be kept inside houses to avoid health issues due to pollution. Your cat may face some health issues if you don’t care about their environment, just like Indiana. The average cost of Maine coon breed in Iowa is around $500 to $2500 if you purchase from a reputable breeder.

Maine Coon Popularity in Iowa:

Everyone in Iowa wants to keep Maine coon cats or kittens as pets because of their popularity worldwide. They come in different colors and variations which makes this cat breed more fascinating. Doesn’t matter in which state you live, it is always challenging to reach a trusted breeder as we know there are many scammers who might sell a fake Maine coon cat.

Iowa Maine Coon Breeders:

Maine Coon Breeders in Iowa

If you haven’t found a reputable breeder in your state, you can check our list where we have mentioned breeders from Iowa with their complete information.

1. Jinxys Den Maine Coon Cattery

Jinxys Den Maine Coon Cattery is one of the best Iowa Maine coon breeder located in Des Moines, Iowa. They are breeding Maine coon cats under Cat Fanciers Association registration. They deliver Maine coon kittens free of cost inside 150 KM radius.

Phone number: +1 515-710-7892
Email:[email protected]
Location:Des Moines, Iowa

2. Black Monarch Maine Coons

Black Monarch Maine coons is (TICA) registered small but experienced breeder. They started breeding Maine coons with 3 cats as their hobby. It is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Phone number: +1 515-974-9372
Email:[email protected]
Location:Des Moines, Iowa

3. One Cat Maine Coons

One cat Maine coons is one of the oldest Iowa Maine coon breeder working has been working for 20 years. They are located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They sell Maine coon kittens and also allow to adopt adult cats.

Phone number: +1 319-350-8151
Email:[email protected]
Location:Cedar Rapids, Iowa

4. Psycatics Maine Coons

Psycatics Maine Coons is registered in three cat registration bodies including The International Cat Association (TICA), American Cat Fancier Association (ACFA) and the Cat Fanciers Association. It is another oldest Iowa Maine coon breeder working since 2002. It is located in South Iowa.

Email:[email protected]
Location:South Iowa

5. Stormy Town Cattery

Stormy Town Cattery is another 20 years old breeder located in Storm Lake, Iowa. They are providing Maine coon kittens to the people under Cat Fanciers Association registration.

Phone number: +1 712-299-0583
Email:[email protected]
Location:Carter Lake, Iowa

6. Katmandu & Thorsgard Maine Coon Cats

Katmandu & Thorsgard Maine Coon Cats Cattery is another one of the oldest Iowa Maine coon breeder that is registered with Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). Their journey of breeding this majestic breed began in 1989. It is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

Phone number: +1 515-225-9387
Email:[email protected]
Location:Des Moines, Iowa

7. Buckelsbury Cattery

Buckelsbury Maine coon cattery is a well reputed, (CFA) registered Maine coon breeder. It is located in Williams, Iowa.

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Williams, Iowa

8.  Annadorablekoon Cattery

Annadorablekoon Maine Coon cattery is another one of the best Iowa Maine coon cattery located in Knoxville, Iowa. It’s a small home based cattery with good reputation.

Phone number: +1 641-203-1852
Facebook Page:
Location:Knoxville, Iowa

9. MaxCatz Maine Coons

Maxcatz Maine Coons cattery is located in Bondurant, Iowa. They are also breeding this beautiful and elegant cat breed professionally. Their contact details are:

Phone number: +1 515-967-4398
Location:Bondurant, Iowa

10. Wild Pride Maine Coon Cattery

Wild Pride Maine Coon Cattery is registered with the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). They also started breeding as a hobby and providing people healthy and active kittens.

Phone number: +1 319-929-2012
Email:[email protected]
Location:Cedar Rapids, Iowa

If you didn’t find a Maine coon kitten in Iowa, don’t worry, contact the breeders located in neighboring states of Iowa:

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Iowa:

Make sure to follow the below listed caring tips for the well-being of your Maine coon feline in Iowa:

  • Manage indoor temperatures
  • Bring them some toys to play
  • Social interactions
  • Grooming according to the season
  • Fresh water
  • Quiet and comfortable sleeping place
  • Medical checkups


Maine coon is a breed which every cat lover want to pet. In Iowa, it is much popular among the people and many people have it in their homes. In Iowa, You should take care of your Maine coon and keep them indoor to ensure their healthy life. If you don’t have a Maine coon but want to get one then always choose a registered and well reputed breeder. We have provided a list of top 10 Iowa Maine coon breeders in this article to help you in finding a best breeder.

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