North Dakota Maine coon Breeders

North Dakota Maine Coon Breeders

North Dakota is known for its agriculture, badlands and natural resources. North Dakota Maine coon breeders are well-known about the climate that it is continental, but suitable for Maine coon felines. You will experience here hot weather in summer and cold in winter. Maine coon felines are generally well-adapted for colder climates. They can be seen enjoy playing in the snow, and feel comfortable in the North Dakota’s chilly winter. But you have to be careful in summers and arrange a cooler place for them.

Although the overall climate suits these beloved cats, it’s important to consider some other factors that are involved in the Maine coon’s well-being. These felines need regular grooming to maintain their majestic appearance, especially during shedding season. You should know about things like when they need to bathe and when not to. North Dakota Maine coon breeders are well-prepared for the grooming demands of Maine coons.

Due to their big size, these felines require a big space to thrive in homes. So, avoid petting a Maine coon if you don’t have ample space for them in your home. If we talk about outdoors, North Dakota offers plenty of open spaces with an ideal environment for Maine coons. Make sure their outdoor activities are under your supervision. Outdoor hazards like predators can pose risks to them if allowed to roam freely.

Maine Coon Popularity in North Dakota:

People of North Dakota highly rate the Maine coon breed, and are willing to get it for their home due to its popularity. North Dakota Maine coon breeders contributed a lot in their popularity within the state. Maine coon popularity in the state is still on the rise. Thanks to the efforts of North Dakota Maine coon breeders to raise this breed’s popularity.

Maine coon’s personal and physical attributes also enhancing their popularity. Many cat enthusiast buy them just because the like big-size cats, want a cat with a dog-like personality. If you are living in North Dakota, you should have at least one Maine coon cat or kitten in your home. The average cost of getting a Maine coon in North Dakota could be around $2000 to $2800.

Best North Dakota Maine Coon Breeders:

North Dakota Maine Coon breeders

If you made up your mind to purchase a Maine coon, so we are here to make this process easier for you. Below, the top North Dakota Maine coon breeders are mentioned with their basic information.

1. MaineCoonections

MaineCoonections cattery is known as one of the best North Dakota Maine coon breeders. It is a Cat Kingpin certified cattery and also got the Outstanding Cattery Certificate from The International Cat Association. It is located in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Phone number: +1 701-290-2199
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Bismarck, North Dakota

2. Sweetbriar Valley Maine Coons

Sweetbriar valley Maine coons is one of the oldest and experienced North Dakota Maine coon breeders. 30-year experience make them prioritized breeder to get a cat or kitten. Another good thing is their affiliation with American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA).

Phone number: +1 701-425-6544
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:West Central area of North Dakota

Below is a list of neighboring states of North Dakota. Contact your nearest state breeders if you didn’t find a Maine coon kitten in North Dakota.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in North Dakota:

Local breeders suggest some caring tips for Maine coon cats in North Dakota, which are as mentioned below:

  • Prepare them for cold climates
  • Ensure indoor comfort in winters
  • Balanced diet on time
  • Toys and games for entertainment
  • Regular veterinary checkups


Maine coon cats can lead happy and healthy life in North Dakota, if they are taken well cared. They are wonderful and beautiful companion, especially for families. Changing weather of North Dakota doesn’t affect them too much, because they are well-adapted to all climates. Many people would love to share their extra time with Maine coons. Available North Dakota Maine coon breeders are very professional and committed to produce healthy and purebred kittens. Contact details of top breeders in the state are also shared with you.

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