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Ragdoll Cats

The ragdoll cats are very calm, beautiful and affectionate big sized cats. They looks similar as Siamese cats due to pointed colors but some characteristics make a difference between them. They are considered as puppy cats due to their dog-like personality just like Maine Coons.

Ragdoll is not a natural cat breed, in fact, it is developed by human. Despite they are not a natural breed, they are still considered as a luxury pet breed. They are also human company lovers like other cat breeds.

General Information

  • Origin: California, United States
  • Population: Almost 15000
  • Suitable Temperature: 15°C to 27°C
  • Grooming Requirements: Low
  • 1st Sighting: 1963
  • Price Range: $2000 to $3500

Characteristics Overview

  • Body Size: Big
  • Body Type: Muscular
  • Average Weight: 10 KG (22 lbs.)
  • Colors: 30+
  • Hair Size: Semi-Long
  • Life Span: 17 Years
  • Temperament: Friendly, Calm

Personality Overview

  • Intelligence: Medium
  • Vocalization: Low
  • Affectionate: High
  • With Kids & Other Pets: Good
  • Hunting Skills: Low
  • Climbing Skills: Medium
  • Dependency Level: Low



These beautiful cats are born in Riverside, California. So it is another breed, origin in the USA. A lady named Ann Baker plays a vital role in breeding them. We will discuss more about this in history.


It’s not an older breed so there population in not in a big number. Only 1376 cats were registered till 2003. No exact figure is available but you can estimate that there population is around 10000 to 15000 in the world.


They are big size cats and rare then other cat breeds. You will find a pure breed kitten in $1000 to $2500 depending on some factors like age color and appearance etc. An adult cat can costs you around $2000 to $3500. Keep in mind that a well reputed breeder asks more than average price.

Ragdoll Cat History:

It is not an old breed like other cats. There are many stories about development of this breed but it is confirmed that its development started in 1963 by a lady Ann Baker. She was a Persian cat breeder and Petting more than 40 cats in her farm.

One Day, she saw good looking male black cats that looked like a Birman. They were the kittens of Josephine, a white female Turkish Angora cat. She named both kittens as Blakie and Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks. These three cats were used in developing them.

Another story tells us that the pregnant Josephine was hit by a car and brought to Ann Baker for a rescue. Ann Baker had knowledge about kittens and she noticed that new born kittens were different from the breeds. This was the result of the accident Josephine faced during pregnancy.

Some experts said that it was a simple result of matting a Birman (Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks) with Turkish Angora (Josephine). No matter what is true story but we have a wonderful Ragdolls in the world.

Ann Baker played vital role in development of Ragdolls. She started breeding them and founded a ragdoll registration organization in 1971. Later, TICA in 1979 and CFA in 1993 also registered Ragdoll as breed.


They are very beautiful, Calm and attractive cats. They have some unique characteristics which are as below:


They can live up to 17 years. Some cats can live longer than average live if suitable environment is provided. You need to take proper care, provide enough food on time if you want a long life of your cat.

Size & Weight:

They are considered medium to big size cats. Male is bigger than female cat. Following table shows the height, length and weight of a fully grown male and female Ragdolls:

Height9-11 inches (23-28 cm)8-10 inches (20-25cm)
Length17-21 inches (43-53 cm)16-19 inches (41-48 cm)
Weight12-22 lbs. (5.5-10 kg)8-17.6 lbs. (3.5-8 kg)

Click here to read more about the growth of a Ragdoll Cat.


They are big sized, pointed colored cats with semi long silky coat. They looks beautiful and catch everybody’s attentions by their appearance. Long tail with a strong muscular body makes them more attractive.

Their over shaped blue eyes make addition to their beauty. Some people pet them just because of their beautiful eyes. An inverted V should be shown on some cat’s forehead. Ragdoll kittens are always born white, and changes its color with the passage of time.

They have long ears just behind medium sized head making a triangular shape of their face. Overall their appearance is majestic and people love to pet them.

Colors & Patterns:

Like other cat breeds, they are also available in many colors in different patterns. There are almost 24 recognized colors in different patterns. They are:

Color Point Ragdoll:

These cats are available in many pointed colors like Siamese cats. These colors are:

Chocolate Point Ragdoll Cat
  • Cream Point
  • Blue point
  • Chocolate point
  • Lilac point
  • Red point (Flame point Ragdoll)
  • Seal point

Tabby (Lynx) Ragdoll:

Tabby pattern is available in most of breeds including Ragdolls:

  • Blue Tabby
  • Chocolate tabby
  • Cream Tabby
  • Seal Tabby
  • Lilac Tabby
  • Red Tabby (Flame Tabby Ragdoll)
Tbby Ragdoll Cat

Bi-Color Ragdoll:

Ragdoll cats in Bi-color looks more attractive than others. Face, legs and belly of cat is white and other parts are colored. They have inverted V on their forehead. Some common Ragdoll bi-colors are:

Bi color Ragdoll
  • Blue and white
  • Chocolate and white
  • Cream and white
  • Seal and white
  • Lilac and white
  • Red and white

Mitted Pattern:

It is a unique color pattern Ragdolls have. Some colors in mitted pattern are as follows:

  • Blue Mitted
  • Chocolate mitted
  • Cream mitted
  • Seal Mitted
  • Lilac Mitted
  • Red Mitted (Flame Mitted Ragdoll)
Mitted Ragdoll Cat


Ragdoll Cats are social, calm and loving breed just like other cat breeds. They feel your love when you pick them up and they also feel relax when they sit on your lap. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you can pick them up just like a little baby.

Their calm behavior make them different from other cat breeds. It’s a disadvantage that a stranger can pick them up very easily and they will not protest. That’s why they can easily be stolen. So it is better to keep them indoor.

Their calm behavior leads them to feel relax instead of playing with toys or do any other activities. So we can say that Ragdoll is the best breed for busy peoples who can’t give much time to their pets. 


These felines are famous for their independent personality. They don’t interfere in your work. Their personality can be discussed in many headings which are:


We can say that their intelligence level is moderate. Because their intelligence level is high in terms of communication and making social interaction. They can easily be taught some tricks like rollover.

But if we talk about solving puzzles or teaching hunting tricks, they are not much intelligent than other breeds.


Ragdolls are generally known as very affectionate cats. They show their love and emotions for their owner. But some owners claim that their cat is moody. Sometimes they are very affectionate and they keep distance when they want to be alone.

So we can say that they are very affectionate when they want. It’s fully depend on their mood.

Behavior with other Pets/ Kids:

Ragdoll is a perfect cat for the families who have dogs in their house. They own a calm and docile personality which makes them best cat with other pets at home. They never try to fight with other pets at home.

They are also kids-friendly cats. They love to play with children, cuddle and sit in their laps. So it could be a perfect breed if you have kids under 10 years age.


As you know that they are calm cats so in general they are known as silent cats. Each individual has its own personality, so there are many cats that meow too much.  But you can’t consider them very vocal.

There should be a reason behind if your ragdoll is meowing too much. You need to trace the reason and fix it.


They are not much dependent as compare to other breeds despite they are very attached with their human. They are called independent breed because they live around their human without being demanding.


Ragdolls are not a good hunters. They stay calm even in front of their prey. But you don’t be fool seeing their calmness. They will attack or their prey whenever they want.

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that ragdolls enjoy playing with their prey instead of hunting them.

East to Handle:

As a calm cat, they are very easy to handle in feeding, grooming and training. If you are planning to pet first time then Ragdoll would be a perfect choice for you.

Health Issues:

Ragdoll is basically a healthy breed but they may face some health issues like other breeds. Some common diseases that ragdolls may face are described in the following table:

Hypertrophic CardiomyopathyIt affects the heart muscles, make blood clots and disturb heartbeat of the cat.Disturbed heartbeat, Coughing, Difficulty in breathing, laziness and weakness are common symptoms.Take your cat to doctor if any symptom appear. Medication is most important, Measure bold pressure and weight in a routine.
Polycystic Kidney DiseaseIt’s a genetic kidney disease. Fluid-Filled cysts are develop in the kidney in this conditionCats feel more thirst, reduce eating, vomit and big belly are symptoms of this disease.It can’t be cured because it’s a genetic disease. Manage your cat’s diet, Give them fluid therapy, give them painkillers when needed and regular veterinary checkups can help your cat to survive.
ObesityRagdolls can face obesity. It is an excessive fat body condition that may turn into some health problems.Cats become fat and feel difficulty in walking, climbing. It may cause some other health issues like diabetes A balanced diet, long walk or exercise and control treats that increase fats in the body.
CryptococcosisIt it’s a fungal infection occur due to weak immune system. It can affect many parts of body like eyes, ears, skin, respiratory system, bones and joints.Symptoms depend on the affected parts of body. Vomiting, swelling, sneezing, redness in eyes and discharge from nose, eyes or ear are symptoms.Provide anti-fungal medicine & pain killer if needed. Healthy food that helps improve immune system. Follow the veterinarian instructions.
Respiratory DiseasesIt’s a set of diseases affecting, nose, air pipes and lungs. It can cause Asthma, Respiratory allergies, airway syndrome and some other diseases.Oxygen level might be dropped. Sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, Snoring, Wheezing, Gagging and behavioral changes are common symptoms.Take your cat to Veterinarian for examination and take care of medication. Isolate affected cat because it might be a viral infection.


It is easy to take care of Ragdoll Cats because of their independent nature. But some caring steps are necessary to take like all other cat breeds.

Enrich Environment:

First thing to take care is to provide them an environment which suits them. Bring all the basic necessaries like water bowl, foods & treats and a comfortable bed. Keep them on a soft surface. They are big cats so everything they need should be in big size.

Quality Foods:

A well balanced quality food is important for all the breeds including ragdolls. Amino acids, Fish oil and choose grain free food for them. They can overeat if you don’t care. So pay attention on their diet and provide enough food on time.

Fresh Water:

Provide them fresh water to ensure their health. Water bowl should be in big size and must wash on daily basis to avoid chances of bacterial diseases. They are water lovers and possibly they start playing with their water bowl instead of drinking. So the water in the bowl must be fresh and clean.


Grooming is necessary for all cats including ragdolls to ensure their health and attractiveness. If you have a ragdoll then bath them once in a week after brushing their back, tummy and legs and remove extra fur.

Trimming their nails and brushing, cleaning their teeth and ears is also essential to make them beautiful. 


As a calm breed, they don’t do much physical activities and due to this reason, theymay face obesity. So you must need to arrange some exercise for them. Try to take them for a walk with you daily for 30 minutes.

Social Interactions:

Ragdoll Cats are moody and they interact socially whenever they want. It is necessary for you to response them when they come to interact with you.

Normally the live in their own world but when they want to interact with you, they will come close to you and laydown near you. Or start some sweet meows to take your attention.

Stress Reduction:

As discussed earlier that they live in their own world, it doesn’t mean that they don’t need your attention. Don’t ignore them when they make interaction with you. They can become stressed if ignored or left alone for a long time which leads them to various health issues.

Pros & Cons:


  • Easy to Train
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy grooming
  • Calm Personality
  • Low shedding
  • Good adaptability
  • Social & Affectionate


  • Need big Space
  • Not highly intelligent
  • Expensive
  • Indoor cats
  • Health Issues


Ragdoll is not a Persian cat. Persian cats have a big round face and a round head and big round eyes but a ragdoll has smaller face than Persian cats, medium size head and oval shaped blue eyes.

Ragdoll cats are expensive due to some factors like their friendly temperament, Physical appearance and the most important, their availability. They are rare and not available everywhere.

Ragdoll cats are unique for their calm personality. The live most of their time alone. That why they are known as independent cats. They spend most of their time in resting and relaxing instead of playing with toys like other cats.

As we know that it is a human developed cat breed, Ann Baker, the lady who develop this breed gave this name inspiring by its calm temperament and their good feeling when they picked up.

Generally they don’t meow a lot but when they want to interact with you, they start meowing in very soft and sweet voice. If they meow a lot or meow in loud voice then it means there is some problem with them.


Ragdoll is not an old breed and it is developed by humans in 1960s. Due to their characteristics and personality, they became popular among people. They are one of the best cat of rich families. But it doesn’t mean that other people doesn’t pet them. Keeping in mind pros of this breed, we can say that it is the best breed for the people who are getting a cat for the 1st time.

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