Maltipoo Dog


The Maltipoo is a cute, smart, small, dog breed from ” Maltese and Poodle”. They are good for people with allergies, because of their hypoallergenic coat. And that is the reason they are the most popular, and most wanted dogs. They are relatively affectionate, friendly, and outgoing dogs. They are called by Multiple names like Malt-oodles, Multapoo, Maltese-Poodle, Malte-Poo, Maltipoodle, Multapoo, and  Moodle. They are amazing and active canines that make them excellent allies for the people.

General Information

  • Origin: United States
  • Population: Not Confirmed
  • Suitable Temperature: 20°C to 25°C
  • Grooming Requirements: High
  • 1st Sighting: 1990s
  • Price Range: $2000 to $4000

Characteristics Overview

  • Body Size: Small
  • Body Type: Petite
  • Average Weight: 7-20 Pounds
  • Colors: 12+
  • Hair Size: Long
  • Life Span: 12-16 Years
  • Temperament: Friendly, Loyal

Personality Overview

  • Intelligence: High
  • Vocalization: Hugh
  • Affectionate: High
  • With Kids & Other Pets: Good
  • Hunting Skills: Low
  • Climbing Skills: Medium
  • Dependency Level: High

These “Moodle” dogs are mostly Low maintenance, but they need proper exercise, training, and grooming. If you want a small dog as a pet then this breed is good for you, but before keeping them, you have to do your research and search for a reputable breeder. This breed has curly or wavy coats that do not shed much.


This wavy hair friend is a new kind of dog that first appeared in the United States in the 1990s. The Maltese and Poodles are mixed to create small, allergy-friendly, smart, and affectionate dogs called Maltipoo. This breed is fast popular and is now one most famous dog breeds all over the world.

No one knows exactly where Maltipoo dogs came from, but it is a concept that they were first bred in California. This curly hair Dog became popular quickly in the United States and soon other countries started breeding this breed too. These are loved all over the world because of their traits like gentle, friendly nature, smart, and small, the main plus point is they are hypoallergenic.


The exact population of this breed is difficult to count, because they are typically new mixed breed dogs, and are still not officially recognized by big dog organizations like American Kennel Club. The counting of this curly-haired dog breed can depend on location and demand.

They become popular as loving companions because of their friendly and delightful personalities and hypoallergenic coats. When you adopt a wavy-haired dog first make sure they are healthy, happy and hygienic.

Price of Maltipoo:

The price of these curly-haired dogs can depend on several things like location, breeder reputation, and the puppies’ age.  This breed is high in demand. You can expect the cost anywhere from $2000 to$3000, and it can even cross $4000 in some cases for this wavy-haired dog. Getting a puppy of this breed may cost a lot, but the happiness of having one is really worth it.


Maltipoos are a new type of dog that was first made in the United States in the 1990s, just like the GoldenDoodle Mini. They were created to fulfill the need of a small, smart, and Hypoallergenic dog. They are a mix of the two oldest and well known canine breeds. The “Maltese” is a white and smart dog that has been bred for companionship for a long time. The “Poodle” is a versatile and smart dog that has been used for a variety of things, like fetching and hunting. The mixture of these breeds makes a dog that is affectionate, smart, and loving.

Now we know the Maltipoo is another poodle mix just like Cavapoochon. It is challenging to trace the exact State of US where this mixed breed was made. There is not one person or group that claimed credit for creating the first Maltipoo puppy.


These are small, affectionate, playful, curious, and smart dogs.  They usually have a hypoallergenic coat in many colors. They are easily adaptable, low-shedding dogs, and their outstanding personality make them good companionships.


The average life expectancy of this mix-breed is around 12-16 years. This lifespan is longer as compared to other dogs’ life span, which will be  10-13 years. There are several things that are good for a Maltipoo’s long life like their small size, hypoallergenic coat. Owner’s intention regarding their care is also important for their long life.

Size and Weight:

Maltipoo size can be influenced by their Poodle parent’s size. There are few factors that involve in the size of this Curly-haired dog like genetics, health, and diet. Their average size is in the table below:

Weight7-20 pounds5-15 pounds
Height8-14 inches7-13 inches
Length10-16 inches8-14 inches


Maltipoos are small, beloved and affectionate dogs full of curly or wavy hairs, and the coat can be of any color or a combination of colors. They have dark eyes, floppy ears, round faces, and a black nose.

Their eyes are mostly dark and expressive. Their coats are soft in various colors like cream, apricot white, and black. These dogs are also known for their fullness.


Maltipoos are gentle dogs, and they tend to avoid being aggressive or other behavioral problems that could lead them to injuries. They are usually great and known for their calm, gentle, and good behavior with other pets and kids. These curly-haired dogs are sensitive and loving. They can also be called smart dogs that are eager to please.

Colors & Patterns:

The curly-haired maltipoo dog has come in various colors and patterns. Here are a few colors and patterns you may find in wavy-hair dogs.

Solids Colors:

They are most common in this pattern. They have single color coat on their whole body.

  • Red
  • White
  • Apricot 
  • Black 
  • Cream
Solid Maltipoo Dog

Parti Colors:

Two or more colors on coat means it has a parti-color dog. It looks similar as Bi-color pattern.

Parti-Color Maltipoo Dog
  • Cream and White
  • Apricot and White
  • Black and White
  • Red and White


Lighter color with darker tips on their whole body means the dog has a sable color pattern.

  • Cream Sable
  • Black Sable
  • Apricot Sable
  • Red Sable
Sable Maltipoo Dog

Other Color Patterns:

They can be seen in some other color patterns like the Merle pattern, but it is rare to find in these colors. As we know, it is a mix-breed, so they can inherit any color from their parents depending on genetic domination. Hence, it wouldn’t be surprising to find them with an uncommon color or pattern.


They have charming and cute personalities that make them good companions. Most people say that Maltipoos are “happy-go-lucky” dogs who love spending time with their humans. They are loving, affectionate and love to establish strong attachments to their owners. Their favorite time is playtime, they love having fun and joy around them. Maltipoos are smart, intelligent, quick learners and easy to train.

They alert their humans by barking to signal danger or something  wrong is happening. They are playful in the company of other pets, because they are the most friendly behaved canines for other pets. They are very gentle with kids so therefore they are family pets. They are adaptable and they can fit in different living environments like buildings, houses, apartments, or farms. Their small size makes them fit into small spaces.


Wavy-haired dogs are smart and famous for their intelligence. This attribute comes from their parents because the Poodles are recognized due to their cleverness. The Maltipoos quickly respond to the commands given by their humans and quickly learn tricks. They are good at fetching things and hunting.

They are good at problem solving which they face in playing. They learn how to open the door and shut the door. They are lovely because they can understand human emotions. They can understand their human moods like happy, sad, or angry. They can sit, stand, leave and lay down on their human commands.


The wavy-haired dogs are extremely affectionate dogs. They love to attach to their human and desire to get all the attention of their human. They are typically known as “lap dogs” because they love to spend their time with their humans and cuddle with them. They also love to sleep with their human in their bed.

They love their human and are wavy-haired dogs always happy to see their human. They greet their human when they return home after the job, with excited bark, wagging tails, and jumping and pawing.


Sometimes they can be vocal. They are intelligent dogs and may bark to alert their humans or visitors to any potential threats. Their barking is beneficial like an alert system for their human. The curly-haired may also bark when they get bored or left alone. Training can be useful to manage their barking, you can train them when to bark and when not to bark.


This breed is not commonly known to be a hunting dog. These are not born with hunting traits like some other breeds. A few Maltipoos chase the small animals if they are inclined to do so. If you are worried about your curly-haired friend-hunting tendencies,  there are some steps you can take. Play and exercise to keep them busy, use a leash in areas with critters, and teach them to come when called for better control.

Behavior with Kids & Other Pets:

Maltipoos are mostly known for gentleness and good calm nature when they interact with other pets or kids at home. They love to play with kids and often enjoy the company of other pets, especially cats and dogs. These Curly-haired dogs are small, so they are less likely to accidentally hurt a kid. But remember, always keep an eye on kids and dogs when they play together, no matter which breed of dogs. You should teach your kid to be gentle and kind to dogs.


These curly-haired breeds are known for being dependent on their humans. They desire attention and love, and do not feel good if left alone. If they are left alone for quite a while, they can become anxious and noisy. This breed is not bred to be independent or to do work for themselves. If you are considering keeping a Maltipoo, It’s important to be aware of their dependency needs. If you are a very busy person and unable to provide your Maltipoo enough attention, then this breed of dog is not for you.

Companion Nature:

They enjoy the company of their humans, like being close to their humans, and desire all the attention of their owners. The curly-haired dog forms a strong bond with their owner and creates great companions. Their affectionate and social nature makes them famous choices for those searching for a small sized friend to share their emotions with them.

Health Issues:

This breed of dogs is the most popular because of their traits like smart, small, intelligent, playful, adaptable, low-shedding, and affectionate personality. But they have some health issues which we describe below the table.

AllergiesVariety of allergies1- Sneezing
2- Skin irritation
3- Hair loss
4- Itching
5- Runny eyes or nose
1- Immunotherapy
2- Corticosteroids
3- Antihistamines
Patellar luxationIt’s a condition in which the kneecap slips out of the right place.1- Difficulty in walking
2- Lameness
3- Hopping on three legs
Surgery or physical therapy
White shaker syndromeIt is a neurological disorder that causes tremors1- Head
2- Shaking ataxia
3- Tremors
Portosystemic shunt (PSS)A birth defect that affects the liver.1- Diarrhea
2- Vomiting
3- Lethargy
4- Stunted growth
Surgery or medication
Dental problems1- Gum disease
2- Tooth loss
3- Tartar buildup
1- Drooling 
2- Loose teeth
3- Eating difficulty
1- Dental cleanings
2- Regular teeth brushing

Care of Maltipoo:

This wavy-haired dog needs the most care of their human. They need the proper amount of food on time for their health. They need to brush their coat on a daily basis and make sure of daily exercise and enough playtime. The curly-haired dog needs attention and love from their human. A vet checkup is a must for them in a month.


First, you should realize whether you can afford a Maltipoo or not? Are you able to deal with them properly? Can you give them proper time, and have some knowhow for their grooming? You also have to research all about the Maltipoo needs, nature, personality, and grooming. You need to have some knowledge of each and everything about them, especially their medication.

Quality Nutrition:

For their well being, they require the perfect amount of nutrition. Make sure you give them a balanced diet, with the dog food that is necessary for their age, and size. Find the perfect feed for your pet that is high quality, and made of the right ingredients. Avoid low-quality feed, and always use expert medicated feed. 

Protein is a must for their healthy muscle mass, and they need 22% protein in their diet. Fat is important as well for their energy, and to keep their coat and skin sound. 10% fat is a must for their diet. Carbohydrates give them fiber, they need 50% carbohydrates in their diet.


Grooming is most important for your pet to keep them feeling and looking their best. These dogs have curly and wavy coats, and you have to brush their hair once a week. Clean their ear with cotton balls or cotton buds after their bathing time. Trim their nails, when they get long and dirty. Bathing your curly-haired friend two times in a month is suggested by experts.


Exercising is important for their health. Playtime, outdoor fun, and daily walking is healthy for them and makes them happy and active. The amount of exercise depends on your furry dog’s age, health, energy level, and genetics. Normally 30 minutes of exercise is enough for them per day. If you are confused about their exercise timing then you consult with their vet. If you are confused about their exercise timing then you consult with their vet.

Fresh Water:

Fresh water is as important for them as it is important for human beings to drink. Buy a colorful water bowl for them, fill it with water and keep it in a corner of the wall. Place the bowl of water more than once, and place it in an easily accessible spot. Prefer to place a pet water fountain for them, for drinking water and for their play and joy.


For their entertainment and happiness, bring some toys like balls and dog sticks for them and give them some kind of puzzles. Keep them busy in play and games. Games are so good for their activeness and exercise.

Litter Box Care:

Train your furry friend to pee and poop in the litter box. You must keep the litter box in a safe and private place. The litter box must be large for their easy movement in the box.  It must be cleaned and refilled everyday.

Pros & Cons:


  • Intelligent                                                                     
  • Low shedding
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good with kids & other Pets
  • Easy to train
  • Loyal
  • Affectionate


  • Expensive
  • Vocal
  • Exercise
  • High grooming needs
  • Highly dependent


These furry dogs are not very quiet dogs. They can bark or make noise, especially in response to new happenings or to get attention. They mostly bark about something happening wrong or feel some potential threat, they alert their humans by barking. If you train them when to bark or when not, they can do the same as you teach.

Maltiposs are commonly not aggressive dogs. They have a gentle, friendly, and loving personality. Their personality depends on their training, growth and their individual personality. To ensure a well-behaved Maltipoo, start by training them in socializing. and give them a loving environment.

Yes, this breed of dogs can cry. It’s a way of telling some pain and needs something like food, attention, comfort, and a bathroom break. It’s a common puppy behavior.

Yes, they are popular for their loyalty all over the world. They form a strong bond with their humans, who care for them. These canines are very protective and dedicated to their humans. Their loyalty makes them amazing companion pets.

These breeds of dogs can eat eggs. Eggs are a big source of different nutrients and protein that they need. You have to make sure the eggs must be fully cooked. And the best idea is to talk to your vet about your furry friend’s diet.


Maltipoos are smart, small, and low-shedding dogs, and they are mostly known for their affectionate, gentle personality. They are not difficult to train and groom. They mostly depend on their owners, and do not feel good when they are left alone at home. They have some health issues such as dental issues, and allergies.

They love to be close to their humans and their most favorite thing is cuddling with their humans. They are not very aggressive and refrain from misbehaving with others. These canines are not difficult to train, because they are quick learners. If you fulfill their needs, they can be the best pets for your small home.

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