Maine coon breeders in West Virginia

West Virginia Maine Coon Breeders

If you are a West Virginia resident, and decides to get a Maine coon, must conduct some research on West Virginia Maine coon breeders. It will be a time taking process but very beneficial for you and your kitten in the future. Choosing a well-reputed and reliable breeder ensures that you receive a healthy kitten along with guidelines to take well care. Additionally, they provide you a purebred kitten instead of a mixed-breed.  

If we discuss about environmental suitability of West Virginia for the Maine coon breed, it can be considered moderately suitable. Like many other states, West Virginia also experiences cold winters and warm summers. Maine coons can thrive in cold easily due to their long fur. However, in summers, owners of this breed must be conscious for their care. While the breed’s adaptability allows them to survive in the heat, there are potential health risks if proper care is not given.

West Virginia is a state famous for its outdoor activities like rafting, hiking, and mountain biking. The breathtaking outdoor environment in West Virginia offers a lot of opportunities for Maine coons to explore and enjoy. The state’s natural landscapes can provide an enriching environment for Maine coons to engage their curious and adventurous nature. But must ensure their security by using harness or another pet carrier before taking them outdoor.

Responsible West Virginia Maine coon breeders always provide guidelines to their customers regarding the well-being of their kittens. These breeders make sure the suitability and comfort of the indoor environment for the kittens the sell. Moreover, they encourage ongoing communication and counseling with customers about the kitten’s well-being in the future. That’s why we strongly recommend you to conduct a thorough research on breeders before buying one.

Maine Coon Popularity in West Virginia:

West Virginia has seen a growing popularity of this cat breed with the presence of West Virginia Maine coon breeders and other cat lover communities. The residents of West Virginia have shown an interest in Maine coon breed and that’s why, their demand is increasing day by day in the state. West Virginia Maine coon breeders have the ability to meet this high demand and are dedicated to responsibly breeding and caring for this beloved cat breed.  

Additionally, Maine coon’s social and friendly nature aligns seamlessly with the welcoming atmosphere of West Virginia. People take pride in owning a pet, especially the Maine coon cat, as their joyful and adventurous nature motivates people to choose them as their companion. The physical characteristics, such as tufted ears, long fur, big size and king or queen like appearance further contribute to their popularity. In short, these felines possess features that are universally liked by the people of any age or gender.

Purchasing these felines could be expensive, and sometimes, you have to spend around $2000 to $3500 with additional costs of transportation or paper work. You can get a Maine coon at less price if you adopt it from a rescue center in West Virginia.

Top West Virginia Maine Coon Breeders:

West Virginia Maine coon breeders

We have listed the top West Virginia Maine coon breeders located in different places in the state, you can check that out and contact your nearest breeder if you are interested in buying.

1. WVCoons Cattery

WVCoons Maine coon cattery is located in Hurricane, West Virginia. They sell Cat Fanciers Association registered kittens to the people. They are one of the West Virginia Maine coon breeders who breeds the European-line Maine coons. This cattery was created in 2019.

Phone number: +1 681-313-7040
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Hurricane, West Virginia

2. West Virginia Maine Coons

It is another one of the small West Virginia Maine coon breeders located in Huntington, West Virginia. They also specialized in European-line Maine coons. You can contact them on their facebook page.

Facebook Page:
Location:Huntington, West Virginia

3. Blue Ridge Maine Coons of Virginias

They breed both European-line and American Maine coons. They started breeding in 2019 and give priority to their kitten’s health, training and activeness.

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Inwood, West Virginia

4. Appalachian Maine Coon Cats

This is another one of the dual registered (CFA & TICA) West Virginia Maine coon breeder located in Hedgesville, West Virginia.

Phone number: +1 304-754-9742
Location:Hedgesville, West Virginia

You can also visit the breeders located in nearby states of West Virginia. Check out the below list to see breeders in those states.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in West Virginia:

West Virginia Maine coon breeders recommend some steps to their customers for the well-being of their kittens. Below are some common tips they suggest:

  • Provide shelters in extreme weathers
  • Use Microchip if your feline is free to go outdoor
  • Ensure fresh water and quality food
  • Temperature management
  • Give attention to their health


Finally, after considering the suitability of weather in West Virginia, we have determined that it is a best place to pet a Maine coon. These cats can explore the mountains and other beautiful locations in this state, where people are loving, caring and enjoy playing with them. If you desire to own a Maine coon in West Virginia, be sure to take a look at the above mentioned West Virginia Maine coon breeders.

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