Montana Maine Coon Cats

Montana Maine Coons

Montana State is famous for its natural beauty, mountains, national park, and natural mineral resources. Montana Maine coons would be happy because the environment we normally see here is cold, and the temperature would be only 14 degrees. But in summer, it becomes warm. You need to provide your Maine coon a cozy and sheltered space in the harsh weathers.

Another factor to be considered is wildlife. Montana is home so some different predators like Wolves, Coyote and some big birds of prey. You should keep your cat indoor, and provide closed outdoor space to ensure their safety. Take every step that reduce any potential risk while going outdoor. The landscapes in Montana provide a perfect settings for Maine coons to explore and exercise.

As we know they own a playful nature, they would love to play in their inquisitive nature. You are suggested to spend some quality time with them in outdoors. In a state like Montana, where outdoor activities are common, Maine coon cats are seamlessly fit into active households that seek a sociable and engaging feline.

Maine Coon Popularity in Montana:

Maine coon is a cat with impressive size, striking appearance, muscular body, tufted ears and luxurious long bushy tail. The sociable and amiable nature of Maine coon cats is yet another reason behind their popularity. These felines are generally well-received, and appreciated by cat enthusiasts in Montana.

Moreover, the presence of cat chows and some Montana Maine coon breeders may also play a vital role in the breed’s popularity. These cat shows raise awareness and generate interest in this majestic breed. These felines have found a special place in the heart of Montana residents.

 The average cost of purchasing a Maine coon in Montana can be between $1000 and $2000.  As we know Maine coon is popular throughout the world, People of Montana also love to keep pets and especially Maine coon cats or kittens.

Montana Maine Coon Breeders:

Maine coon breeders in Montana

If you want to get into the Maine coon from a trusted breeder in your place then make sure to follow our list of breeders in the following:

1. Montana Maine Coons

It is a small Montana Maine coon cattery working with the membership of The International Cat Association. Health of kitten is their 1st priority, so they don’t allow you to pick your kitten before 12 weeks of age. They offer to ship kitten with some extra charges, so you can buy Maine coon kitten from anywhere in the United States. It is located in Missoula, Montana.

Phone number: +1 406-200-8305
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Missoula, Montana

2. Mountain Maine Coons

Mountain Maine coons cattery is another small (TICA) registered Montana Maine coon cattery. They imported their cats from Europe and breeding in a family environment. Their raise kittens in their home with their dogs, which makes them best with felines with other pets. It is located in Hamilton, Montana.

Phone number: +1 406-240-7999
Email:[email protected]
Location:Hamilton, Montana

3. Montana Wild Maine Coons

Montana Wild Maine Coons is also (TICA) registered Maine coon cattery. They imported their cats from Russia and producing well socialized, purebred Maine coon kittens. It is located in Helena, Montana.

Phone number: +1 406-594-2956
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Helena, Montana

4. Cameo One Maine Coons

Cameo one Maine coons cattery is located in Marion, Montana. They follow both, (TICA) and (CFA) rules and regulations for the breeders.

Facebook Page:
Location:Marion, Montana

5. Sleeping Giants Maine Coon

Sleeping giants Maine coon cattery is one of the best Montana Maine coon cattery registered with (TICA). They raise kittens indoor, and train them very well. It is located in Helena, Montana.

Email:[email protected]
Location:Helena, Montana

If you don’t find a Maine coon kitten from any of the Montana Maine coon breeders, you can contact breeders located in nearby states to Montana. Take a look at the breeders located in the following nearby states to Montana:

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Montana:

Here we are going to mention some basic caring tips for Maine coon felines in Montana.

  • Provide them fresh food and water
  • Create enrich indoor environment
  • Provide then ample space to live
  • Litterbox care
  • Ensure their secure outdoor roaming
  • Veterinary visits


Maine coons are loved everywhere in the world. Their physical attributes and personality traits attract feline lovers. They can live comfortably in Montana with some additional care by their owners in the harsh weather conditions. Montana’s residents who seek a dog-like feline, Maine coon is perfect choice for them. We have listed top Montana Maine coon breeders here, so you can contact them to get a kitten for your loved ones.

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