Maine coon cat Adoption

Maine Coon Adoption

Maine coon cats and kittens are one of the most demanding but expensive breed because of their majestic looks and stunning personalities. Everyone rates them very high among all cat breeds and wants to buy them but because of their high prices, many people can’t afford to purchase a Maine coon cat.

People who are enthusiastic about cats and can’t afford to buy but are still willing to get a Maine coon cat can easily get one at a cheaper price by Maine coon adoption. It would be convenient for you to find an animal shelter and adopt a Maine coon cat which will cost less than buying from a breeder.

Make sure to adopt a Maine coon cat from a good environment where they get quality care and grooming. After adopting them, it’s your responsibility to provide your pet with enough facilities and keep them in a good environment too.

Where to Adopt a Maine Coon Cat/ Kitten:

There are many places where you can adopt a Maine coon cat or kitten such as rescue centers for Maine coon, animal shelters, etc. if we talk about social media, you can find and adopt a Maine coon cat from different Facebook groups which are made for the adoption of cats.

Rescue centers of Maine coon

Maine Coon Adoption

It might be difficult for you to find a rescue center where you can adopt a Maine coon cat because these rescue centers are limited, and you may not find them in your local area. You can also search for the nearest rescue center on Google Maps, so you may have to travel to reach there. The good thing about the rescue center is that you can find both mixed breeds and purebred Maine coon cats.

Animal shelters

Cat shelter

Animal shelters should be your first place when you are going to adopt a Maine coon cat. Animal shelters are not rare like rescue centers, these local shelters are common and easy to find. As these shelters are common, so you might see only common breeds of cats, still you can get a Maine coon cat if you visit different local shelters. Most people in the U.S. left their cats in local animal shelters, so you can be their new owner by adopting them.

Facebook groups and other Social Media for Maine Coon Adoption

Maine coon Adoption through Social Media

There are many pet-related groups or pages on Facebook. These FB groups are one of the easiest methods to find and adopt a Maine coon cat. You will see many posts about Maine coon cat adoption, or you can write posts Maine coon adoption on any pet group that you want to adopt a Maine coon cat. People who have Maine coon cats and want to sell their cats at a cheaper price would surely respond to you through the comment section or Facebook inbox.

Step-by-step process of Maine Coon Adoption:

After finding a Maine coon cat in a local shelter or rescue center, it’s time for you to get your ideal pet after going through the Maine coon adoption process. They will do some inquiry about you before giving their Maine coon cat to you such as the buyer’s background. They would check how you have been with pets in the recent past and your behaviors regarding street animals.

You also have to be conscious before getting into any kind of deal about the Maine coon adoption. You have to consider following mentioned things before Maine coon adoption.

The reputation of the cat shelter

You must find a cat shelter that has a good reputation for selling cats. If you find them on Facebook groups then make sure to check their environment where they kept all cats. Along with that, check people’s reviews and their experience with that animal shelter. If you are purchasing a Maine coon cat from a breeder, don’t forget to check its background and where he/she belongs.

Vaccinated Maine coon cat

Maine coon cats should be vaccinated whether you are buying them from a breeder or adopting them from a cat shelter. Make sure to check the history of vaccination and get all records and data about doses and when Maine coon cat got vaccinated. To prevent Maine coon cats from viruses and diseases, their vaccination is essential.

Registration of a Maine coon cat

Before adopting a Maine coon cat, be sure that the cat shelter is registered with the international cat association. Don’t deal or adopt a Maine coon cat if that cat breeder or shelter is not associated with the Humane Society of the United States and any cat registration body like CFA or TICA.

Now we are going to discuss steps taken for Maine coon adoption.

Step: 1Find your favorite cat

There would be different kinds of cats bred in cat shelters or rescue centers. If you are going to find a Maine coon breed then you will see some mix breed and purebred Maine coon, make sure to get a purebred Maine coon cat.

Step: 2Complete the paperwork

After finding your dream cat from a cat shelter or rescue center, you have to complete the paperwork for Maine coon adoption to ensure that you will provide a good home with a better environment for adopted cats. After that, you need to pay adoption fees which would be around $50 to $80.

Step: 3Take your new pet home

After completing all paperwork and adoption fees for a Maine coon cat, it’s time to take your pets to your home and introduce them to your family and friends. Keep them in a safe environment, groom them well, and don’t forget to select an astonishing name for your pretty Maine coon cat.

Cost of Adopted Maine Coon Cat:

The price of adopting a Maine coon cat is way cheaper than buying one from a breeder. The applicant can adopt a young Maine coon cat for around $100 to $300. They charge nothing for the cat, you have to pay $100 to $300 for the fees of microchip and vaccination of Maine coon cat.  However, purchasing the same cat from a breeder will cost you around $800 to $2000. Besides that you also need to pay more charges for microchip and vaccination.


Most people can’t afford to buy a Maine coon cat from a breeder. That’s why it’s convenient for them to adopt from rescue centers or cat shelters.

To adopt a Maine coon cat, you must find a cat shelter or rescue center with a good reputation. Make sure to do all inquiries about them.

It’s important to investigate and check the reputation of a cat shelter or a breeder. Their experience should be good with other customers.

Vaccination should be done for every Maine coon cat. It helps to fight against different kinds of viruses and diseases in Maine coon cats.

The cheapest price of a Maine coon cat would be around $100 to $300. You can get Maine coon cats at low prices only from cat shelters and rescue centers.


Now we are sure that you got meaningful knowledge related to Maine coon kitten adoption. We have discussed three things we should consider for the shelter, breeder or cats and kittens and three steps to adopt your selected cat or kitten.

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