Missouri Maine Coon cats and breeders

Missouri Maine Coons

Missouri State is known for its gateway arch, agriculture industry, and barbecue. Missouri Maine coons thrive happily in the local environment, as it offers a safe and suitable habitat for these gentle giants. Temperate climate and beautiful landscapes can provide an excellent environment to these felines. Maine coons are well known for their early adaptability, and can adjust in Missouri comfortably.

Missouri has both, urban and rural areas. These majestic felines can enjoy the indoor, climate controlled environments in urban areas, and they can explore outdoor in rural areas with proper protection and care.

One more aspect to consider is the presence of wildlife in Missouri. Maine coons are good and skilled hunters, and the presence of small animals might pique their interest. It is essential for their humans to take measures to ensure their cat’s safety and protect them from local wildlife when going outdoor.

Maine Coon Popularity in Missouri:

The Missouri Maine coon cat community is growing day by day due to their ability to thrive in the state’s climate. Their affectionate behavior and ability to get along with other pets making people their fan. It is a great addition for the people seeking a family friendly feline companion.

As Maine coons continue to capture the hearts of Missourians, the interest in this breed has prompted a rise in the Maine coon breeders and enthusiast throughout the state. The average price of Maine coon in Missouri is between $1250 and $2500. You will get Maine coon at different rates from different breeders and cat shops. The cheapest Maine coon can be found in rescue centers or local shelters in Missouri.

It would be better if you get all the information about this cat breed to avoid scams of local breeders in the market. If you don’t know how to find a Maine coon breeder, you can check our breeder list which we have listed below.

Missouri Maine Coon Breeders:

Maine coon breeders in Missouri

Here we have listed the top breeders of Missouri State. These breeders are dedicated to preserving and promoting the breed’s standards, unique characteristics and health. Don’t forget to check them out.

1. Mojo Maines

Mojo Maines Maine coon cattery an experienced American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) registered cattery established in 2011. It is located in Joplin, Missouri.

Phone number: +1 417-627-0029
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/MoJoMaineCoons
Location:Joplin, Missouri

2. Leady Paw Maine Coons

Leady paw Maine coon cattery is located on the outskirts of ST. Louis, Missouri. It is a small Missouri Maine coon cattery specialized in exotic European Maine coon breeding.

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/LeadyPaw
Location:outskirts ST. Louis, Missouri

3. Lucki Maine Coons

It is relatively a new Missouri Maine coon cattery established in 2020. They participate and show their cats in every (CFA) and (TICA) organized shows. It is located in Springfield, Missouri.

Phone number: +1 417-597-4711
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/LuckiMaineCoons
Location:Springfield, Missouri

4. Brushy Kreek Coons

Brushy Kreek coons is located in Houston, Missouri. It is one of the best Missouri Maine coon cattery working professionally. They are focused on The International Cat Association’s described principles for breeders.

Phone number: +1 417-228-0109
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/BrushyKreekCoons/
Location:Houston, Missouri

5. Tufts’N ruff Maine Coons

Tufts’N ruff Maine coons is one of the oldest Missouri Maine coon cattery. Their journey of breeding these majestic felines begin in 1996. They are following (ACFA), (TICA) and (CFA) rules and regulation for breeding Maine coons. It is located in northwest Missouri.

Phone number: +1 816-279-2829
Location:Northwest Missouri

6. Caresse Coons

Caresse Coon Maine coon cattery is located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. It is a small cattery run by a family with The International Cat Association’s registration.

Phone number: +1 573-270-0291
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://web.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100057594483626
Location:Cape Girardeau, Missouri

7. Lakeside Maine Coons

It is another Missouri Maine coon cattery specialized in purebred European Maine coons. All their cats are imported from Ukraine and Russia. It is located in Wappapello, Missouri.

Phone number: +1 573-419-9211
Email:[email protected]
Location:Wappapello, Missouri

8. Forest Bell Maine Coons

Forest bell Maine coon cattery is another best Missouri Maine coon cattery located in Kansas City, Missouri. It is run by a single dedicated person (Anna), who show her cats in cat shows solely. Her kittens come with a 2-year genetic health guarantee.

Phone number: +1 913-306-6803
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/forestbellmainecoons/
Location:Kansas City, Missouri

9. Little Lions

Little Lions Maine coon cattery is one of the best Missouri Maine coon cattery with membership of (CFA), (ACFA) and (TICA). They are providing social, healthy, trained and well-tempered Maine coon kittens to the Missourians. It is located in Willow Springs, Missouri.

Phone number: +1 417-259-0599
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/littlelionscats
Location:Willow Springs, Missouri

10. Reed’s Koonkats

Reed’s Koonkats Maine coon cattery is located in Sheldon, Missouri. It is also a dual registered cattery with (CFA) and (TICA). It is a closed cattery but allow you to make video call and watch their cats and kittens.

Phone number: +1 417-321-9464.
Email:[email protected]
Location:Sheldon, Missouri

There is a huge demand of Maine coons in Missouri, so it is possible you won’t find a Main coon kitten in the state. You can check with some breeders in nearby states like Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Tennessee.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Missouri:

Below are some basic caring tips to take care of a Maine coon feline in Missouri State:

  • Control indoor temperature
  • Provide them toys to play
  • Exercise and physical activities
  • Quality nutrition
  • Litterbox care
  • Ensure their sleeping place is quiet and comfortable
  • Necessary grooming
  • Check their health regularly


Missouri has a suitable climate for Maine coon cats. These cats are beloved and widely accepted throughout the state. However, responsible ownership is a key, ensuring their safety and protection from wildlife while providing them with an enriched, and stimulating environment for their well-being. Many breeders are here to provide you a Maine coon kitten, but make sure to do some research on breeders and choose a well reputed breeder. Some best Missouri Maine coon breeders are listed for you.

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