Oregon Maine Coon Breeders

Oregon is home to a reasonable Maine coon breeders. Oregon Maine coon breeders are highly professional and adept at meeting the high demand for this breed. Oregon State is known for its lush forest, beautiful lakes, and diverse landscapes. The environment of Oregon is generally suitable for Maine coons, as these felines thrive in regions with moderate climate enough space for exploration.

Oregon Maine coon breeders are also likely to be knowledgeable about creating the best suitable environments for their cats. They also raise awareness among their customers about the environmental effects on Maine coons. People who love Maine coons are also conscious about caring of their cats, which is good for their well-being.

Promoting the Maine coons physical and mental health is key to making them best pets for your family. Maine coon owners can take advantage of the moderate climate by allowing their cats to explore outdoor spaces, and engaging them in physical activities, ensuring not only their overall health but also their mental strength.

Maine Coon Popularity in Oregon:

Many cat lovers prioritize a cat that is social, friendly and well-mannered, making the Maine coon a top choice for them. Maine coon appearance characterized by amazing body size, tufted ears, bushy tail and softy fur, adds to their charm. Their availability in 70+ colors is another factor contributing to their popularity.

The presence of reputable and responsible Oregon Maine coon breeders is also a contributing factor in Maine coon’s popularity. They arrange and participate in local events, such as cat shows and competitions, where people get a chance to see and understand this breed.

Maine coon in Oregon State can be bought in between $1800 to $2200. You may get these cats between $100 and $400, if you adopt them from rescue centers in Oregon.

Best Oregon Maine Coon Breeders:

Maine coon breeders in Oregon

Many breeders who sell fake or mix-breed Maine coon should be avoided. If you are able to find a good Maine coon breeder, then you can surely get a genuine Maine coon cat. In this way we might help you, so don’t ignore our following Oregon Maine coon breeders list.

1. Maine Cave

Maine cave Maine coon cattery is located in Bend, Oregon. This breeder is committed to follow the (CFA) and (TICA) standards for breeders to breed these majestic felines.

Email:[email protected]
Location:Bend, Oregon

2. Stumptown Coons

Stumtowns Coons is one of a small home based Oregon Maine coon breeders with good reputation and (TICA) registration. It is established in 2017, and they treat their cats like a family. It is located in Portland, Oregon.

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/stumptowncoons/
Location:Portland, Oregon

3. NW Coonies

NW Coonies Maine coon Cattery is located in Oregon, United states. It is registered with (TICA) and included in one of the best Oregon Maine coon breeders.

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/nwcooniespage/
Location:Oregon, United States

4. Mishikoonz Cattery

Mishikoonz cattery is also a small and possibly one of the oldest Oregon Maine coon breeders. It is working since 2007 and producing lovely Maine coon kittens since then. They are also following (TICA) and (CFA) breeding standards. It is located in Corvallis, Oregon.

Phone number: +1 541-508-3092
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Mishikoonz
Location:Corvallis, Oregon

5. NACOONZI Cattery

NACOONZI Maine coon cattery is one of the professional Oregon Maine coon breeders that is member of Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF). They are also identified as Oregon Maine coon cattery in the state. It is located in Clackamas, Oregon.

Phone number: +1 503-631-4749
Email:[email protected]
Location:Clackamas, Oregon

6. Artemis Maine Coons

It is another trustworthy name among Oregon Maine coon breeders. It is a small, family-run cattery, but majority of their cats are imported from Russian and Italy. Their cats are well-socialized and live indoors.

Phone number: +1 503-490-8757
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/@artemismainecoons
Location:Newberg, Oregon

Oregon is neighbor to following States. You can visit to a breeder in nearest state if you don’t get a Maine coon kitten in Oregon:

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Oregon:

Caring tips for Maine coon cats in the environment of Oregon are as below:

  • Manage indoor temperatures
  • Don’t allow them outdoor in rain
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Enrich indoor atmosphere
  • Comfortable sleeping space
  • Grooming to reduce skin issues
  • Regular veterinary visits


Oregon is generally a well-suited state for Maine coons with moderate climate. These cats can easily thrive in such environments where they can comfortably live in both indoor and outdoor. There are many opportunities to explore and engage in physical activities for Maine coons. You can easily find a trustworthy breeder, as we have mentioned some best Oregon Maine coon breeders for you.

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