Maine Coon Breeders in Maine

Maine Coon Breeders in Maine

Maine is the state of the U.S. which is famous for its lighthouse, seaside towns, and lobsters. We know that Maine coon cats originated to the state of Maine, and many Maine coon breeders in Maine are working on this breed. It is well adapted to cold climates. These felines would love to live in Maine due to a suitable environment, sea sides and pet parks.

No doubt, there are many Maine coon breeders in Maine, like Florida. The average price of Maine coon in Maine is between $800 to $1600. You could get it cheaper if you adopt these cats from rescue centers in Maine

Maine Coon Popularity in Maine:

Maine coon is considered as an iconic breed in Maine. It is quite popular in its namesake state, Maine. Being the official state cat of Maine further emphasizes its cultural significance and popularity within the state. Local breeders and cat associations promoting this breed through Maine coon specific cat shows and events.

Finding a trusted breeder might be challenging in Maine but it is up to you how you find them. There are many ways for searching a breeder such as Facebook and breeder websites. We also have completed our research about breeders in Maine for you, don’t forget to check.

Top Maine Coon Breeders in Maine:

Best Maine coon breeders in Maine

We have listed top breeders from Maine with their complete information to make the process of searching for a Maine coon breeder easy for you.

1. Four Paws Maine Coons

One of the best Maine coon breeders in Maine is “Four Paws Maine Coons” cattery which is Cat Fanciers Association and The International Cat Association registered breeders in Maine.  This cattery is located in Oxford, Maine.

Phone number: +1 207-595-8003
Email:[email protected]
Location:Oxford, Maine

2. Moose Head Maine Coons

Moose head Maine coons cattery is member of Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). It is a big name in Maine coon breeders in Maine. It is located in Beaver Cove, Maine.

Phone number: +1 207-745-9691
Location:Beaver Cove, Maine

3. Gentle Giant Maine Coons

Gentle Giant Maine Coons is another well reputed and Cat Fanciers Association registered cattery located in Leeds, Maine. You can contact them on following details:

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Leeds, Maine

4. Ruff and Tufts Maine Coons

Ruff And Tufts Maine Coons cattery is a small breeder but registered with Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). To ensure the kitten’s health, you cannot pick your kitten until it reaches 12 weeks of age. It is located in Central Maine.

Phone number: +1 207-270-1041
Email:[email protected]
Location:Central Maine

5. Alpha Coons

Alpha Coons Maine coon cattery is located in Chelsea, Maine. It is another one of the best Maine coon breeders in Maine and member of both (CFA) an (TICA).

Phone number: +1 207-659-2736
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Chelsea, Maine

6. Frizzy Coons

Frizzy Coons Maine coon cattery is home based breeder and listed in Cat Fanciers Association. It is located in Richmond, Maine. They do not allow visitors to visit their home but you can see their cats and kittens through video chat.

Phone number: +1 207-707-0616
Email:[email protected]
Location:Richmond, Maine

7. Cold Stream Cattery

Cold Stream Maine coon Cattery is located in Enfield, Maine. It is (CFA) registered and one of the best Maine coon breeders in Maine.

Phone number: +1 207-735-5123
Email:[email protected]
Location:Enfield, Maine

8. Siberia Farm

Siberia Farm Maine coon cattery is located in Stacyville, Maine. They are breeding Maine coon cats along with other animals at their farms.

Phone number: +1 207-365-7633
Email:[email protected]
Location:Stacyville, Maine

9. Goldens and Coons

Golden and Coons Maine coon cattery is registered with the (ACA) and (TICA). It is located in Waterford, Maine.

Phone number: +1 207-595-8404
Email:[email protected]
Location:Waterford, Maine

10. Rubi Coons Maine Coon Cattery

Rubi Coons Maine Coon Cattery is another one of the Maine coon breeders in Maine, located in North Yarmouth, Maine. They regularly participate in (TICA) cat shows and show their cats.

Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:North Yarmouth, Maine

11. Thunder Paws Maine Coons

Thunder Paws Maine Coons is another (CFA) and (TICA) registered breeder. It is located in Siberia, Maine. They also don’t allow visitors to see their kittens to ensure their health.

Email:[email protected]
Location:Siberia, Maine

12. Native Roots

Native roots Maine coon cattery is one of the oldest Maine Coon breeders in Maine established in 1972. Their experience and professionalism make them the best breeder throughout the United States.

Phone number: +1 207-650-4365
Email:[email protected]
Location:Maine, USA

It is rare to not find a Maine coon kitten in Maine, but in case, contact the breeders located in the neighboring states of Maine:

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Maine:

Below are some steps you can take for the welfare of your Maine coon cat in Maine.

  • Don’t allow them sit in sunlight for a long time
  • Prepare them for Winters
  • Grooming as per routine
  • Use high quality accessories
  • Balanced diet
  • Pest prevention
  • Regular veterinary visits


Maine coons belong to the state of Maine and no doubt, these cats are enjoying a comfortable life in Maine. There are many pet parks and sea points where Maine coons can be seen happy. You must keep a Maine coon if you are living in Maine. To get a Maine coon cat or kitten, choose a registered and well reputed breeder. We have listed best available Maine coon breeders in Maine with their contact details.

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