Green Peafowl Bird

Green Peafowl

The green peafowl bird is also known as the dragon bird or Indonesian bird. This dragon bird is native to Indonesia and Southeast Asia tropical forests. This bird is also known as Myanmar’s national bird. They are colorful and unique birds, they often spend time on the ground and grassy areas. You will find them in different parts of the world such as Southeast Asia, Myanmar, southeastern Bangladesh, and Thailand.

Dragon birds are large in overall size as compared to other large birds. These birds are strong flyers, and they could cover a wide distance by flying. Due to their natural majestic looks, most people want to keep them as their pet while there are some pet trade that targets them when they are hunting for meat. If we compare them with Indian peafowl, they are more silent in vocal range than Indian peafowl.

General Information

  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Population: 25000+
  • Suitable Temperature: 22°C to 35°C
  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate
  • 1st Sighting: 1766
  • Price Range: $500 to $1500

Characteristics Overview

  • Body Size: Big
  • Tail Length: 48-72 Inches (122-182 cm)
  • Average Weight (Male): 3-5 KG
  • Average Weight (Female): 3-4 KG
  • Colors: 10+
  • Life Span: 25 Years
  • Temperament: Shy

Personality Overview

  • Intelligence: Medium
  • Vocalization: High
  • Affectionate: Low
  • With Kids & Other Pets: GVariable
  • Hunting Skills: Low
  • Flying Skills: Moderate
  • Dependency Level: Low


They belong to south-east Asian countries specially Indonesia. But it’s not only one country they belong. Other countries like Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam also have a big population of green peafowls.


Their population is around 20 to 30 thousand and 15 to 20 thousand dragon birds are mature or adult on the IUCN red list. Due to their hunting, the population of these Indonesian birds is decreasing over time. We don’t have the exact numbers about the green peafowl population but if we talk about the current estimated population of green peafowl birds that would be approximately 15 to 25 thousand including mature individuals.

Nowadays, most pet trade is targeting green peafowl birds due to their natural beauty, when they go hunting for animals and birds. In some areas, theys also suffer due to poisoning because these birds are considered seed-eaters by farmers.


Just like Indian Peafowls, their price also depends on some factors like colors, age, size etc. A young bird will cost you around $500 to $1500 and a chick price would be around $100 to $300. Their beautiful shining colors add some more cost in their price.


The green peafowl birds which are also called dragon birds are native to Indonesia and Southeast Asia tropical forest and, it is the national bird of Myanmar. Since 2009, green peafowl birds have been listed on the red list of IUCN. Carl Linnaeus first classified these green peafowl birds as Pavo Muticus. Before that, Ulisse Aldrovandi explained green peafowl birds as pavo Laponensis.

For hundreds of years, the people of Japan imported so many green peafowl birds from the different parts of Southeast Asia tropical forests. In 1949, Jean Delacour described the third type of green peafowl bird. The Indonesian birds were widely distributed in so many parts of the world such as north-eastern India, the island of Java which is located in Indonesia, Laos, and Malaysia. Apart from these places, you can also find green peafowl birds in Vietnam, Cambodia, and China.

Male and Female Green Peafowl:

Male birds are known as green peacocks while female birds are green peahen. They are known as green peafowl if we combine them. These are charming and elegant birds. Both genders of them are different from one another in personality, but these birds of both genders are quite similar in looks. The neck color of both genders is glittering green, they also have the same dark green crest and dark wings. You can easily identify them because their sizes are different.

The Appearance of Green Peacock

Male birds are amazing and bright-colored birds. Everyone gets attracted due to their charming appearance. Male green birds are also known as green peacocks because their main body parts are mostly green. They are large, and these birds have a green neck, green crest, and dark green wings. Green peacocks also have long upper tails which usually cover their main tail. These birds have green-colored heads with long-shifted crests. Green peacocks have a dark triangle that appears below their eyes and that is bluish-green.

Click here to read more about their colors.

Green Peacock Bird


As we already mentioned, green peacocks are one of the largest birds as compared to other birds in terms of overall size. The length of the green peacock birds is between 6 and 10 feet. Their tail length would be around 4 to 6 feet. If we determine the wingspan of these birds, that is between 120 and 160 cm. The total body weight of a green peacock is 3 to 5 kg.


As we know, green peacocks are colorful birds. The main thing in the green peacock’s appearance is its colorful body. Due to this everyone purchases them and keeps them as their pet. These birds come in different body colors such as brown, green, and yellow, but we often see them in golden-green color. The common color of green peacocks includes purple, peach, and opal. Rare colors of green peacocks such as white and blue.

The Appearance of Green Peahen

Female birds are also known as green peahen. If we compare the appearance of both green peacocks and peahens, female green birds are mostly the same as green peacocks but they both are different in terms of personality. Green peahens are large but still, they are a bit smaller than green peacocks. These female birds have green necks, green crests, and dark green wings, the same as a green peacock. Green peahens have a short tail, and they also have a dark triangle of brown color that appears below the eyes.

Green Peahen Bird


The size of the green peahen bird is smaller than the male one. The body length of a green peahen is around 4 to 5 feet. Their wingspan size is between 3 and 4 feet. The tail of the body of green peahen birds would be around 3 to 5 feet. The overall body weight of green peahen can be 3 to 4 kg. If we observe their overall size, so we can see that, they are smaller than male green peafowls.


You will find green peahens in several colors. They have mostly bright-colored bodies. The upper bodies of green peahen are in brownish color with pale mottling. The green peahen has a metallic green lower neck, their breast color is dark brown. If we talk about the overall body color of a green peahen, that includes brown, green, and blue.

Height39-43 Inches (100-110 cm)31-35 Inches (80-90 cm)
Length72-120 Inches (183-305 cm)48-60 Inches (122-152 cm)
Weight6.61-11.02 lbs. (3-5 kg)6.61-8.82 lbs. (3-4 kg)

Green Peafowl Subspecies:

They are divided into three subspecies including Burmese peafowl, java peafowl, and Indo-Chinese peafowl.

Burmese Peafowl

You can find Burmese peafowl birds in Bangladesh and northern Malaysia as well. In India, These Burmese peafowl birds are often considered extinct. They have necks and breasts which are metal blue. Burmese peacocks also have violet-blue crowns on their heads.

Java Peafowl

Java peafowl is also the subspecies of green peafowl birds. Both genders of java peafowl birds are quite similar in body and look. They both have green necks and long upper tails. Java peafowl birds’ legs are longer than some other peafowl birds.

Indo-Chinese Peafowl

The Indo-Chinese peafowl birds are one of the most astonishing subspecies of green peafowl birds. These amazing subspecies are broadly distributed in many parts of China and China. If we talk about captivity, there are limited Indo-Chinese birds that are pure.


The diet of the green peafowl bird included fruits, flower petals, berries, and leaves. Some other foods that green peafowl often eat such as snakes, frogs, and ticks. Those green peafowl who live in the zoo get chopped fruits, pellets, and chopped greens as well. When green peafowl birds live in the forest, their diet consists of fruits such as berries, insects, seeds, and parts of flowers.

If you are the owner of a green peafowl bird, try to feed them 2 times a day for better growth. Make sure to feed them with their food such as small mammals, worms, grains, and seeds. Along with those foods, don’t forget to add protein foods to their diet. At Least 20% of protein is required daily for green peafowl birds.

Green Peafowl as Pets:

Most People of Indonesia keep as pets. Apart from Indonesia, people from different countries where these dragon birds are distributed want to make green peafowls as their pets. Due to their personality and amazing looks, these green peafowl birds could be very convenient family pets. Many people in Asia such as Indian, Pakistani, and Sri Lankan would surely have at least one green peafowl at their home whether it’s a green peacock or peahen.

They have a very loud screaming sound, they make too much noise in the morning and in the evening time, so you might get irritated with their vocal sound. Try to keep them in open place like your garden, so you can’t hear their noisy voices. These birds can also damage your home furniture and other types of important things if they stay indoors.

Care of Green Peafowl:

It’s necessary to take care of your bird for its better grooming and healthy lifestyle. You should monitor their eating habits and keep away bad food from them. As you know, they love to eat small snakes, so you have to give them a safe environment where big snakes can’t come near your green peafowl.

Diet Plan

Diet is very important for every living thing, if you have a pet and especially green peafowl then make sure to feed them with a good diet. Green peacocks who are around 5 to 6 months of age should be given healthy food as other peafowl breeds consume.


As with other pets, grooming of green peafowl birds is also required to maintain their lifestyle. As we know they are one of the most good-looking birds so what if they don’t look clean? The charms of the body and attraction would go down, that’s why grooming is important for them. Don’t forget to hire a professional groomer or do their grooming by yourself such as bathing, nail trimming, and skincare routine.

The Lifespan of Green Peafowl:

As we know, green peafowl birds can live their life as family pets and independently in the forest as well. They can live many years if they get good care and food from their owners if they are living as a pet. The life of green peafowl birds might be less when they live independently due to many aspects. Below is the table where we have mentioned the average lifespan of both genders of peafowl green birds.

GenderLifespan in WildlifeLifespan in Captivity
Green peacock10 to 25 years30 to 40 years
Green peahen10 to 20 years25 to 35 years

Green Peafowl in Wildlife

When Green peafowl birds live in wildlife, their average life would be around 10 to 25 years for green male birds, on the other hand, the average lifespan of green peacocks can be between 10 and 20 years in wildlife. They both live fewer years in wildlife as compared to captivity because they have to face too many issues when they live in the forest or without being a pet. These birds have to defend themselves against wild animals in the jungle and most of the time they get injured too.

Green Peafowl in Captivity

Not only green peafowl birds but every bird or animal who lives as a pet could live more years than living in a jungle. The average lifespan of green peacocks is around 30 to 40 years while green peahen average lifespan is between 25 and 35 years which is almost 10 years more than in wildlife. All owners love their pets, so they give a lot of care to their green peafowl birds. Such as grooming, health care, and feeding. That’s why, they live more in captivity as compared to wildlife.

Vocalization of Green Peafowls:

As we know, Indian peafowl birds scream while Green peafowl birds make less vocal sounds than Indian peafowl birds. These birds often make sounds when they want to show their presence. Their vocals sound like “ki-wao” and they release that sound continuously.

The green peahen bird sounds like “how-aa” and sometimes their call is different when they see any wild animal. When they mate with a peacock, their vocal sounds would be something else. They can give many vocal calls depending on the situation.


You will find green peafowl birds in Myanmar and some other parts of Southeast Asia, Bangladesh, and India. It is also known as the national bird of Myanmar.

Yes, green peafowl birds can fly but not like other birds such as sparrows, crows, etc. They can fly just 2 % because of their body weight and size, these birds can fly from ground to tree or roof.

The green peafowl birds are also known as dragon birds or Indonesian birds. This bird is native to Indonesia that’s why it’s called the Indonesian bird.

The average lifespan of male green peafowl birds in wildlife would be around 10 to 25 years while female green peafowl birds can live up to 10 to 20 years.

Green peafowl birds have 3 types of subspecies such as Indo-Chinese peafowl, Burmese peafowl, and java peafowl.


We got a complete information about green peafowls. It is no more complicated for you to take care of a green peafowl if you pet them. Their activities in wild and captivity are discussed. We know about the grooming importance but we can say that diet is more important than grooming for them. They are big birds which means we need big space if we want to pet them.

We hope you can now better understand a green peafowl, and their requirements.

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