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Maine coon kittens

Why Maine Coons?

Highly Intelligent, Quick to learn, a Dog-like cat breed that bring happiness to your family. Click on the button to read more.

How much playful a Maine Coon kitten is?

Maine Coon Kittens are more attractive and playful than the adults. Click on the button below to read more.

How to choose Perfect Pets for us?

Must learn about pet and its breed before choosing one. Consider some factors from both, your perspective and the pet’s perspective.

Factors From Owner Perspective

  • Personal Interest – Give preference to a pet you like most
  • Your Daily Routine – How much time you can avail for your pet?
  • Space – Choose big or small pet according to your space.
  • Financial Strength – How much you can spend on your pet?
  • Allergies – Keep in mind allergies you or your family have from the pet or their fur.

Factors From Pet’s Perspective

  • Personality – Choose a pet whose personality suits you
  • Lifespan – Know to choose pet for Long-term or Short-term
  • Food Availability – Choose pet whose food is easily available
  • Social Needs – Can you fulfill your pet’s social requirements?
  • Loyalty – Always choose loyal pets for your family.

Which type of pet do people keep the most?

Most people love to keep playful and affectionate animals as pet but many people keep independent and unaffectionate animals as pets.

PetVeer informs you about the top 6 pets that people keep the most

Why people love dogs?

Many reasons behind the love between human and dogs. Their loyalty, playfulness and protective nature make them best companion.

Yes! They can be your best friends.

Happy pet
Indian Blue Peacock

Should I keep peafowl as pet?

If you have a big outdoor space. Must keep this beautiful, colorful and attractive bird as pet.

Click on the button below to read more about Peacock Colors