Wyoming Maine coon breeders

Wyoming Maine Coon Breeders

Wyoming Maine coon breeders apply best methods to breed Maine coon feline. They consider every factor that can affect their cats including the environment. These breeders, who specialize in breeding and personality development of Maine coon felines, are likely to provide insights into the specific needs and preferences of this breed within the context of Wyoming State’s climate. The varying climates of Wyoming may offer a comfortable living opportunities to Maine coon cats.

Wide temperature variations in some areas with high altitudes might influence the adaptability of Maine coons. Their thick, long and fluffy fur is an adaption to their cold weather origins. Wyoming Maine coon breeders have insights into how well these felines can thrive in different regions of this state, helping people make informed decisions whether Maine coon is suitable breed for their location in Wyoming or not.

Wyoming State is primarily known for its natural beauty, energy production, and cowboy culture. Its diverse landscapes can provide a lot of opportunities to engage in playful activities, aligning with their adventurous nature. Wyoming’s indoor living conditions are also suitable for their comfort. Maine coon owners in Wyoming create suitable and enriching environments for their cats, providing them with cat trees, scratch boards and other accessories necessary for their feline nature.

However, Wyoming Maine coon breeders can also provide you valuable information about potential adjustments needed for the well-being of Maine coon felines in the state’s environment. Experienced breeders can offer superior guidance compared to others, and can provide valuable insights into the care and well-being of your cat. They can suggest you necessary adjustments to ensure that your Maine coon leads a happy and healthy life.

Maine Coon Popularity in Wyoming:

Despite their high popularity in many other states, Maine coon’s popularity in Wyoming may vary, as it is influenced by several factors. Preference of local cat enthusiasts, availability of breeders and awareness of this particular breed can influence their popularity. In regions where there is a strong culture of owning a cat exists, Maine coons are popular there.

Wyoming Maine coon breeders are spreading awareness about this majestic breed and due to their efforts, the demand for this breed is increasing day by day. They attend different cat shows and events, where they allow audience to interact with their cats. They answer the questions of audience regarding Maine coon breed and motivate them to pet one by creating tis breed’s positive image. These breeders and other Maine coon owners use social media and other online communities to share their experiences about this breed.

The cost of acquiring a Maine coon in Wyoming is between $2000 and $3500. Professional and reputable breeder may charge you high but always give preference to them. If you also want to be the owner of these amazing cats, then check our breeder list.

Top Wyoming Maine Coon Breeders:

We conducted thorough research on Wyoming Maine coon breeders and identified some breeders on whom you can trust. You can contact them via email, check their profiles on facebook, and also text them on their phone numbers.

Wyoming Maine coon breeders

1. Wind River Coons Cattery

With their beautiful locating, Wind River Coons Maine coon cattery is breeding these majestic felines in the state of Wyoming. Their breeding cats belong to European blood-line. It is located in Crowheart, Wyoming.

Phone number: +1 307-455-3445
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/windrivercoons
Location:Crowheart, Wyoming

2. Bosley’s Angels Maine Coons

Bosley’s Angels Maine Coons is another one of the top Wyoming Maine coon breeders that is registered with Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). It is located in Powell, Wyoming.

Phone number: +1 307-272-0435
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/BosleysAngelsMaineCoons
Location:Powell, Wyoming

3. Niwot Maine Coons

Niwot Maine coons cattery is located in Lingle, Wyoming. The breed Maine coon cats along with goats at their wide farm. They sell kittens when the kittens reach 3 months of age.

Phone number: +1 720-560-8501
Email:[email protected]
Location:Lingle, Wyoming

If you are unable to get a Maine coon kitten in Wyoming, don’t worry, check the breeders located in following neighboring states of Wyoming.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Wyoming:

Following tips are typically suggested by best Wyoming Maine coon breeders considering some important factors that can influence the overall health and energy level of this breed.

  • Give preference to their indoor living
  • Engage them in mental stimulating toys
  • Ensure parasite prevention
  • Provide them with closed and sheltered outdoor space if possible
  • Ensure their rich diet on time
  • Regular grooming as per requirements
  • Regular medical checkups


Cats are loved everywhere, and Maine coon is prioritized by many cat enthusiasts due to its unique appearance. These cats are bigger than normal cats with same affectionate and friendly personality. These felines are adaptable to any climate and can thrive in all environments if their basic needs have been fulfilled. It is better to buy a kitten from a reputable breeder, who can take after-sale responsibility of your kitten. To facilitate Wyoming residents, we have mentioned three best Wyoming Maine coon breeders located in the state.

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