Maine coon breeders in Ohio

Ohio Maine Coon Breeders

Ohio is a State that is famous for its amusement parks, universities, and professional sports teams. Ohio Maine coon breeders offer these majestic cats to the people in different varieties. Majority breeders prefer to produce purebred kittens to maintain their reputation. These felines are taken well cared in every aspect by Ohio Maine coon breeders.

Ohio experiences all four seasons, there might be some environmental issues, but still this state is very suitable for Maine coon cats to spend their whole life. The Maine coon’s ability to adapt well to diverse climates makes them a perfect choice for those looking to keep a cat in Ohio.

Maine Coon Popularity in Ohio:

Maine coon’s have significant popularity throughout the state of Ohio. There are several reasons behind their popularity including their physical and personal attributes. People who love big size, long haired and dog-like cats give first priority to Maine coons. Many people in Ohio seek an affectionate and pet, and this breed is perfect for them.

Ohio Maine coon breeders also contribute in enhancing their popularity. They are boosting Maine coon’s popularity by exhibiting their trained and human friendly cats in different cat shows. Many people are attracted to these felines because of their personality and other features.

Due to their majestic looks and popularity, people who are living in Ohio love Maine coon cats. The average buying cost of Maine coon in Ohio would be around $1000 to $2000. But people don’t hesitate while purchasing these cats at expensive prices, they just want to buy a purebred and genuine Maine coon cat or kitten.

Best Ohio Maine Coon Breeders:

Ohio Maine coon breeders

Here we have mentioned some top Ohio Maine coon breeders from various locations. You can choose a breeder that is near to your place.

1. Muse Coons Cattery

Muse Coons is a small Ohio Maine coon breeder. It is located in South Western Ohio. It is one of the breeder who follow Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) breeding standards.

Phone number: +1 614-746-7743
Email:[email protected]
Location:South Western Ohio

2. Highlander Maine Coon Cattery

Highlander Maine coon cattery is owned by a lady who judge shows by Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). So, she knows very well about the basics of breeding these felines. It is located in Grove, Ohio.

Phone number: +1 614-266-3502
Email:[email protected]
Location:Grove, Ohio

3. Angtini Cattery

One of the best and experienced among Ohio Maine coon breeders is known as Angtini Maine coon cattery. It is an in-home cattery inspired by Cat Fanciers Association breeding standards. It is located in Painesville, Ohio.

Phone number: +1 440-223-5316
Email:[email protected]
Location:Painesville, Ohio

4. Cats of Erebor

Cat of Erebor is one of the (TICA) and (CFA) registered Ohio Maine coon breeders. They hand over kittens to their new owners after proper veterinary checkup and vaccination. So, many people prefer to make a deal with them.

Phone number: +1 330-219-9897
Email:[email protected]
Location:Trumbull County, Ohio

5. Maine Delite Cattery

Maine Delite Maine coon Cattery is another one of the Cat Fanciers Association registered Ohio Maine coon breeders. It is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Phone number: +1 614-582-6478
Email:[email protected]
Location:Columbus, Ohio

6. Maine Lvrs Cattery

Maine Lvrs Maine coon cattery is located in Mentor, Ohio. They exhibit their cats regularly in Cat Fanciers Association’s cat shows, and well known for breeding Maine coons in many colors including Red, Brown, Cameo, Silver and many more.

Phone number: +1 440-221-0021
Email:[email protected]
Location:Mentor, Ohio

7. Maine Villa Cattery

A well-known name among Ohio Maine coon breeders is Maine Villa Maine coon cattery that is located in Wadsworth, Ohio. Contact them on following details:

Phone number: +1 234-248-9081
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Wadsworth, Ohio

8. Reigning

Reigning Maine coon cattery is one of the small but well maintained Ohio Maine coon breeders. They follow (TICA) rules for breeding Maine coons and located in Athens, Ohio.

Phone number: +1 740-407-1312
Email:[email protected]
Location:Athens, Ohio

Breeders in following neighboring states can also be considered if you didn’t find a Maine coon kitten for you in Ohio.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Ohio:

Below tips could be helpful for you to take care of your Maine coon cat in the environment of Ohio:

  • Prepare your cat for temperature variations
  • Keep them hydrated
  • Ensure their indoor comfort
  • Indoor entertainment
  • Veterinary visits
  • Flea and tick prevention
  • Safe outdoor explorations
  • Healthy food as per schedule


It is not difficult for Maine coons to thrive and live happily in Ohio. Their ability to adopt every environment make it easy for them. These felines can be found roaming the streets with their owners. A playful and love-seeking Maine coon attract more people toward them. Life without a Maine coon could be boring, so try to get a kitten and pet it. A few top Ohio Maine coon breeders are listed for you in this article.

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