Maine Coon Breeders in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Maine Coon Breeders

Wisconsin Maine coon breeders are known for their professionalism and high quality breeding standards. These breeders understand the environmental requirements of this breed, and with their expertise and experience, they provide valuable insights into how well the overall environment of the state aligns with the needs of the Maine coon breed. They establish environment in their catteries that suit their cats the most.

The environment of Wisconsin can present both advantages and challenges for the Maine coon breed. The cold winters may resonate with their origins, as these felines are comfortable in colder climates. Their body features are designed to withstand cold temperatures naturally. However, hot summers might require some extra attention from their owners to prevent them from overheating. Fresh water to drink and toys like pet water fountains or water pools become important for their comfort during the hotter months.

Wisconsin is known for its dairy farms, and this state is also a good place for tourists, because there are many astonishing destinations to visit. It means that Maine coons also have opportunities to explore and enjoy their adventurous nature. Due to their large size, these cats need a big space to live, and homes in Wisconsin’s rural areas align with their living requirements. But it doesn’t mean that these popular felines cannot thrive in urban areas.

If you are considering to pet a Maine coon, it is crucial to consider the environment beyond the climate. You need to create a suitable environment inside your home, bring necessary items like high-quality food, water bowl, toys and a comfortable sleeping bed, and then introduce your cat or kitten to your home. Introduce your family to them and enjoy your life with such an amazing companion.

Maine Coon Popularity in Wisconsin:

This breed in quite popular in the state and many people own a Maine coon in their homes. A common reason behind their popularity is their friendly temperament and playful, adventurous nature. These highly intelligent cats learn different tricks too quick and both owner and the cat enjoy companionship of each other.  In simple words, people of Wisconsin always appreciate the affectionate nature and friendly companionship of these gentle giants.

Furthermore, the physical characteristics and overall appearance of this breed also attract attention of the people. People fall in love with this cat breed because of its majestic appearance. Also, in the state of Wisconsin, people give preference to a large and robust pet, and Maine coons draw them in with their majestic appearance. Wisconsin Maine coon breeders play a vital role in contributing to breed’s popularity. The exhibition of their trained and highly social cats in different cat shows and events further attract people to this remarkable breed.

If you are Wisconsin resident and interested in this breed, you can expect to spend around $2000 to $3500 to purchase a Maine coon kitten. You will be lucky enough to find a Maine coon cat in a rescue center or animal shelter from where you can get this cat in more affordable price.

Top Wisconsin Maine Coon Breeders:

Spending some time in research for finding a reputable and reliable breeder is beneficial. We made a list of some top Wisconsin Maine coon breeders whom you can trust.

Wisconsin Maine Coon breeders

1. Dzcoons Maine Coonz

One of the best name among Wisconsin Maine coon breeders is Dzcoonz Maine Coonz. It is a small in-home cattery breeding Maine coon felines for over 20 years. They are registered with four different cat registration bodies including Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), Cat Fanciers Federation (CFF), American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). It is located just outside Madison, Wisconsin.

Phone number: +1 608-842-0123
Email:[email protected]
Location:Madison, Wisconsin

2. Zeus Pride Maine Coon Cattery

Zeus Pride Maine Coon Cattery is also one of the (TICA) registered Wisconsin Maine coon breeders. They offer pure European-line Maine coon kittens to the people of Wisconsin. It is located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Phone number: +1 608-799-7904
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:La Crosse, Wisconsin

3. Bigluv Maine Coon Cattery

Bigluv Maine Coon Cattery is located in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. It is another well-known name among Wisconsin Maine coon breeders. Their kittens come with registration of multiple associations.

Phone number: +1 262-613-9339
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Mukwonago, Wisconsin

4. Grey’s Acattery Maine Coons

Grey’s Acattery Maine Coons work under (TICA) and (CFA) standards. This is a small, mother-daughter owned cattery located in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Phone number: +1 608-290-0845
Email:[email protected]
Location:Janesville, Wisconsin

5. Dynasty Maine Coons

Another one of the professional breeder among Wisconsin Maine coon breeders is Dynasty Maine coons. They are famous for breeding high-quality European-line Maine coons. Their cattery is located in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

Phone number: +1 715-225-8053
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

6. Midwest Maine Coon Cattery

This cattery is run by a cat loving family. They treat their cats and kittens with love and give them proper attention. Their kittens can easily adjust to your family due to their social training.

Phone number: +1 414-333-1745
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Hartford, Wisconsin

7. Dobrev Coons

Dobrev Coons is another good name among Wisconsin Maine coon breeders. Their cats won many prizes in different cat shows. They are located in Milton, Wisconsin.

Phone number: +1 262-309-4682
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Milton, Wisconsin

You can also explore breeders in the nearest states to Wisconsin. Some of them offers you shipping option for your kitten, while others may prefer you to pick up directly from their cattery. So choose an option that suits you the best. 

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Wisconsin:

Cat experts and reputable Wisconsin Maine coon breeders suggest some steps to take well care of Maine coon kittens in Wisconsin. Their tips are tailored to the state’s environment and the specific needs of this breed. Follow the below listed tips for your kitten’s well-being.

  • Balanced diet as per schedule
  • Place their sleeping bed in silent place
  • Give them enough time to play
  • Provide them with scratching board
  • Regular grooming according to season
  • Manage indoor temperatures


Wisconsin environment can be suitable for Maine coons with proper care and consideration. Partnering with a reputable Wisconsin Maine coon breeder provides an excellent opportunity to get insights into the specific requirements of this breed in the state. People proudly own Maine coons and take care of these felines very conscientiously. We have mentioned some of the best Wisconsin Maine coon breeders to facilitate your search for a trustworthy breeder.

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