Illinois Maine coon breeders

Illinois Maine Coons

Illinois State is a convenient place for people who love to travel. There are so many astonishing things to do and places to see here. Several families who live in Illinois love to adopt or buy a Maine coon breed. The environment is also suitable for Illinois Maine coons to live safely and healthily.

If you are living in Illinois, you would not face any environmental issues regarding your Maine coon. The main task is to find a good Illinois Maine coon breeder from whom you can trust and purchase a Maine coon from him. But the main question is that from where do you find a trusted breeder? For this purpose, we have proactively finished our research and findings about breeders in Illinois State.

Illinois Maine Coon Popularity:

This elegant cat breed is famous all over the United Stated including Illinois. If someone decides to pet a cat, Maine coon is in their priority list. After getting a Maine coon, no one yet claimed that he took a wrong decision. These felines are capturing the people’s attention by their unique social personality and majestic appearance.

Maine Coon Breeders in Illinois:

Maine coon breeders in Illinois

Many people desire to pet a Maine coon but due to unawareness about this breed, some scammers sell them mixed breed cat expensive. There are top breeders with enough information in your Illinois state. We have mentioned their phone numbers websites and email addresses so you can easily approach them.

1. Chemi Coons

Chemi coons Maine coon cattery is one of the best Illinois Maine coon cattery located in Rockford, Illinois. This The International Cat Association (TICA) registered breeder providing Maine coon cats and kittens in reasonable prices to the people of Illinois.

Email:[email protected]
Location:Rockford, Illinois

2. Paws N Time Maine Coons

Paws N time is another one of the best Illinois Maine coon cattery. They are providing cats and kittens with the affiliation of Cat Fanciers Association (CFA). It is located in West Chicago, Illinois. Their contact details are as below:

Phone number: +1 630-709-5599
Email:[email protected]
Location:West Chicago, Illinois

3. Buctail Maine Coons

Buctail Maine Coons is located on Wisconsin/Illinois Border. They are providing vaccinated and healthy cats and kittens to the people of Illinois. They are also associated with Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Phone number: +1 815-389-1330
Email:[email protected]
Location:Wisconsin, Illinois-Indiana Border

4. Amore Furr Coons

Amore Furr coons is a small Maine coon cattery working under the registration of The International Cat Association (TICA). It is located in Elgin, Illinois.

Email:[email protected]
Location:Elgin, Illinois

5. Coon Shadow Maine Coons

Coon Shadow Maine Coons is located in Lawrenceville, Illinois. With the registration of Cat Fanciers Association (CFA), they are serving the people of 2 States, Illinois and Indiana. Because they are located on the border of these 2 states and easily accessible for the citizens of both States.

Phone number: +1 812-887-5243
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Lawrenceville, Illinois

6. Wild Onion Maine Coons

Wild Onion Maine coon cattery is another one of the best Illinois Maine coon Cattery. They are exceptionally proficient in their work and providing healthy cats and kittens to the people. Important fact about this cattery is that they provide 30 days free insurance policy for your pet. This well reputed breeder is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Phone number: +1 847-682-4977
Email:[email protected]
Location:Chicago, Illinois

7. Maine Coon Melody

Maine coon melody is another well reputed Illinois Maine coon cattery located in Skokie, Illinois. It is a small home based but (CFA) and (TICA) registered cattery.

Phone number: +1 650-346-1689
Email:[email protected]
Facebook Page:
Location:Skokie, Illinois

Below are the states located in the neighborhood of Illinois. You can contact a breeder from these states to search a Maine coon kitten for you.

Caring Tips for Maine Coons in Illinois:

Below caring tips for Maine coons are suggested by experts and local Maine coon breeders:

  • Protect them from sun
  • Manage indoor temperatures
  • Litterbox maintinance
  • groom them as per routine
  • balanced diet
  • Regular veterinary visits


We got a list of the best Illinois Maine coon breeders from whom we can get a healthy and active Maine coon kitten. They are professional and trustworthy breeders in Illinois. Earlier, we have discussed the environment of Illinois that is it suitable for Maine coons or not. These cats are much popular here and many people prefer to pet a Maine coon if they decides to get a cat.

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