White Maine Coon Cat

White Maine Coon

Maine coon cat comes in several colors such as red, black, blue, etc. Those colors are found genuinely in the Maine coon cats but the white Maine coon cat is not actually white color, you are able to see their white coat color because of their masking gene which hides these cats’ actual color.

The white color we see in Maine coon cat is not genuine. You can identify the actual color of a white Maine coon by seeing its head which has its real coat color patch when they are kittens. As we know, their white color is not genuine but still, they are one the astonishing Maine coon cats in terms of looks.

These white cats are difficult to get as they are rare than any other Maine coon. The population of these cats would be around 4 to 6%. You will be lucky enough if you get the chance to become the owner of these snowy cats.

White Maine Coon Recognition:

How can you recognize the white Maine coon when you are going to purchase them for the very first time? It is easy to identify these cats by their color but there are some other things that you look at when you have to recognize them.

Most of the cat breeds have a white color cat, so make sure that you know about white coon cat to get a genuine one. When these cats are kittens, you would see a small spot of their actual color on their head, and their overall body color should be white.

Colors & Patterns:

Here we are going to talk about the different colors and patterns of these majestic snowy cats. Their different color makes them attractive and unique from other cats.

  • Blue cream and white
  • White tiger Maine coon
  • Cream smoke and white
  • Blue and white
  • White and gray Maine coon
  • White and shaded blue silver
  • Red and white
  • Patched tabby and white
  • White and shell cream
  • White and black Bi-color Maine coon
  • White and black smoke
  • Shaded silver and white

Appearance of White Maine Coon

Beautiful White Maine coon cat

The white Maine coon is one of the cutest and most adorable cats of the Maine coon breed. People love to own these cats due to their charming looks. They are one of the biggest cat breeds in terms of body size.

Body Size

There is a difference in body size of male and female white Maine coon. If we compare the height, weight, and length size of both gender of white coon cats, the male cat is bigger and larger than the female white Maine coon cat in terms of their body size.

MeasurementsFemale CatMale Cat
Length28 to 35 inches38 to 45 inches
Height8 to 14 inches10 to 16 inches
Weight10 to 15 pounds15 to 25 pounds

Body Shape

To recognize a white Maine coon cat, you must know about their body shape. They have long bushy tails while their ears tufts are thick. The overall body shape of a white Maine coon is rectangular. These white coon cats come with big paws which have a circle shape, and the length of their coat is shorter on the shoulder part and longer on the belly side.

White Maine Coon Eyes:

It would be easy to identify a white Maine coon by seeing its eyes, their eyes are large and have rounded shapes. Due to their lovely eyes, most people prefer these cats rather than other breeds of cats. They have expressive eyes and everyone loves to make eye contact with them.

The eyes of White Maine coon cats make them attractive and beautiful, according to the rule of The International Cats Association (TICA) show, a cat who has perfect eye shape can win a reward, so these cats have a high chance to get rewarded for their beautiful eye shape in that show.

Eye Colors

There are different colors of white Maine coon eyes such as copper, blue, gold, and green. Apart from these colors, These cats can be seen in odd color eyes in which they have one eye color is green or gold, and the other eye color is blue. These majestic cats have blue eyes when they are newly born. After that, when they grow up and become an adult cat, their eye colors change to other colors.

Eye Problems

You will hardly see that your pet gets any kind of eye problem, the ratio of eye issues is very less in these cats but there are some eye infections that can be seen in white coon cat eyes.

●  Conjunctivitis – The symptoms of conjunctivitis eye disorders are eye discomfort and discharge of fluids. If you find any of the symptoms of conjunctivitis disease in your white Maine coon eye, don’t forget to check their eyes from a veterinarian to avoid big eye problems.

●  Astigmatism – When your white coon cat gets affected by astigmatism, your pet will not see properly, or his eyes would be blurred. Some other symptoms of astigmatism include eyestrain and headache.

●  Hyperopia – Hyperopia eye issues can be found commonly in different breeds of cats. In this eye problem, cats can’t focus properly, they can see things clearly that are far from them however it is difficult for them to see closer objects.

White Maine Coon Kitten:

Kitten of white Maine coon

Kittens of the white Maine coon breed are one of the most astonishing creatures, they are soft and white just like snow. People love to own these kittens rather than purchasing an adult white Maine coon cat. It is also fascinating to groom and train these snowy kittens from the beginning of their life.

The population number of white Maine coon kittens is very less that’s why they are hard to get. Owning these majestic kittens can be a wonderful experience and also the huge responsibility to raise them well. Be sure that you stay active while caring for them during their starting stage of life.


Apart from white Maine coon looks, they are also known for their amazing personality traits. These cats’ personality makes them more attractive to people. They come with various personality types such as gentle, loving, laid-back, and friendly. These cats are sensitive as well, they always want their owner’s attention and can’t live without them.


We heard about the loyalty of dogs, owners of white coon cats would relate that these cats are also loyal to their owners. Make sure that you don’t be cruel to them and care for them like your own kid so they can stay with you throughout their life.


Pets are boring when they are not friendly but a white Maine coon cat is friendly by nature. They love to play with kids and owners, you can choose different games and could play with them in your free time.


White Maine coon cats are sociable pets and they always interact with their fellow pets and people around them. They don’t feel shy to meet with new people and you will see these cats stand with you when you are going to welcome your guests.


Having a pet who is intelligent and smart is a bonus especially a pet-like white Maine coon cat which is also good-looking and loyal, and they know how to live like a gentle pet. Due to their intelligence, these cats are easy to handle, they will not bother you during their grooming and training time.


Grooming of these cats includes tooth brushing, bathing, and nail trimming. These all things are necessary in your pet care routine. Professional grooming centers are there to groom white Maine coon cats but if you have time, you can do those things by yourself.


It is essential to give a bath to your cat twice a month. However, a white color cat is more difficult to clean than other colored cats when they are very filthy, so it would be better if you give them a bath every week. Ensure the usage of high-quality shampoo and conditioners for their coat fur.

Nail trimming

Nail trimming is also important in your cat grooming because their nails are long and sharp. Their nail growth is also fast, you should trim your cat’s nails every week or you might get injured while playing with them.

Tooth Brushing

To avoid dental diseases in your white Maine coon cat, tooth brushing is required. Otherwise, those normal dental issues can lead to complicated problems. Make sure to give them daily tooth brushing a toothbrush that is approved by your vet.


Along with white Maine coon grooming, training is also needed. They are intelligent cats and can pick things very quickly, so it will be easy to train these majestic cats. Different types of training methods can be applied to train your pet. Here we are going to share some training methods with you, so you don’t have to think about which training to give or where to start.

Easy Training

You should not give hard training to your white Maine coon at the beginning. Be sure to start with an easy method and easy task that your pet can easily do. It will allow them to adopt those training methods that you want to give them.

Positive Reinforcement

In this training method, you have to avoid all negative training such as giving punishment to your pet cat when they don’t do right. However, you need to give them a reward even when they perform a little bit well in the training process. It will boost their confidence and energy level so that they can perform even better.

Training Games

To enjoy the time of training with your white Maine coon, different games can be played such as fetch, etc. Both of you will not get bored while playing games during training time. It will help your cat to stay consistent in training for a long time.

White Maine Coon Prices:

White Maine coon cats come in various price tags, depending on their breed, color patterns, size, and from where you get them. Purchasing these cats will be expensive while adopting a white coon cat may cost less. These cats can be more expensive than black or blue Maine coon because of their white color and we know they are rare to find.

Cat TypePrice
Purebred White Cat   2000$ to 4000$
Adult White Cat  1000$ to 2000$
White Maine coon Kittens  1000$ to 1500$


You can adopt white Maine coon for between 200$ to 400$ from rescue centers and local cat shelters.

There are many trust worthy breeders located in different parts of the United States, you can get a purebred from them.

White Maine coon kitten needs vaccinations of two sets. You have to give first set when they are 8 to 9 weeks old and second set should be given at the age of 3 months.

The common health issues of these cats includes muscular atrophy, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and calocivirus.

These cats are intelligent and smart pets, they know how to live when their owner is not at home. Along with that, they are friendly and playful by nature.


White Maine coon cats are adorable just like other Maine coons. White is not their natural color but still they look beautiful in their white coat. You should keep them in a clean environment, otherwise their coat will look dusty. We can say that their grooming requirements are higher that other Maine coon cats. They are little bit expensive than the other Maine coons. White kittens look more attractive then adult cats. These cats are highly intelligent and therefore, they can be trained easily.

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