Lynx Point Siamese Cat

Lynx Point Siamese

Lynx point Siamese is known as a sub-breed of the Siamese cat breed. The other name for lynx point Siamese is tabby point or color-point. The International Cat Association consider it as a pattern of Siamese cat, but Canadian Cat Association and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) consider it as a separate breed named Color-Point Shorthair. These cats have amazing looks and have the ability to attract people to them due to their decent personalities.

These felines are smart and intelligent animals, these cats know how to live as pets, so that’s why these majestic cats are very easy to handle. They are good choices for individuals and can be convenient pets for any family.


Lynx Point Siamese

Is Lynx Point Siamese a genuine cat breed? The answer is “NO”. This astonishing cat breed is a combination of seal point Siamese and American shorthair which was created by a breeder from the United States in 1940. He gave the “lynx point Siamese” name to that sub-breed due to its appearance and physical attributes.

It was an unknown cat breed from 1940 to 1960, but after 1960, these fascinating cats came into the limelight and people started recognizing them. During that time, these cats gained popularity and people’s attention.

Initially, these cats were recognized as a pattern of Siamese cat, not the sub-breed of the Siamese cat. When the governing council of the Cat Fanciers Association recognize lynx point Siamese, then these cats have been known as Color-point Shorthair, a separate breed.

The Appearance of Lynx Point Siamese:

These are one of the most attractive cats that everyone wants to get. Their appearance is something different from other felines. These astonishing cats have a mark of “M” on their forehead, just like all other tabby cats, and their body size is small and muscular, and their tails and paws are in tiny oval shape.

To recognize a color-point shorthair cat, you can check the “M” spot that is located on their forehead. Along with that, you will see some prominent colors on their different body parts such as cheeks, tails, and legs.

Body Size

These felines are muscular cats, their body weight is pretty decent which means they are not fat but have good muscular bodies. There is little difference between the body size of both male and female lynx point Siamese.

If we compare the body size of both genders, the male lynx point cat is bigger than the female lynx point cat. Here is the full comparison of their length, weight, and height.

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
   Height10-12 inches (25.4-30.48 cm)8 to 10 inches (20.32-25.4 cm)
   Length12 to 14 inches (30.48-35.56 cm)10 to 12 inches (25.4-30.48)
   Weight6 to 12 pounds (2.72-5.44 kg)5 to 10 pounds (2.27-4.54 kg)

Lynx Point Siamese Eyes

These cats have medium-sized eyes in almond shape, it is also essential to recognize them from their eye shape, if their eyes have almond shape it means you are looking at a genuine lynx point feline. These cats’ eyes make them astonishing and unique from other breeds of cats. These cats are born with blue eyes and when they become adult cats these cats change their eye color.

Colors and Patterns

Lynx point Siamese cats have several colors which makes their appearance more fascinating. You will have many color options when you are going to purchase these astonishing cats. However, people love to keep different colors of these felines at the same time. Following are the colors and patterns that you can select while buying these cats.

  • Seal
  • Blue
  • Blue cream
  • Cream
  • Chocolate
  • Red
  • Chocolate tortie
  • Seal tortie
  • Lilac
  • Lilac Cream

Lynx Point Siamese Kitten:

These felines have a white coat color when they are newly born. After the age of 1 year, these kittens get their actual color which can be blue, red, chocolate, etc. You have to keep these kittens at low temperatures so that they can establish their original color. Make sure to avoid keeping lynx point cat in high temperatures because that is not suitable for their fur color.

Kitten of Lynx Point Siamese Cat

The weight of lynx point Siamese is around 3 to 5 ounces when they are kittens. They need a complete care routine to live healthy and longer life. There are also some common diseases that can be found in these kittens such as malnourishment etc. The growing period of these majestic kittens is only for 2 years, so make sure that you stay conscious and take good care of your Color-point shorthair kittens.


You will see various personality types in these astonishing cats, they are loyal, friendly, affectionate, loving, etc. You can easily make a great bond with lynx point Siamese cats. These cats can live independently, but you should give them proper time to establish good relations with each other.


Tabby Siamese can be like a detective who always wants to investigate and is curious to know about what’s going on in a house. These cats enjoy exploring new things and the environment. Due to their curious nature, it’s always entertaining to watch them out.


Everyone wants a pet who can take care of himself in their owner’s absence. This tabby cat can be the perfect pet for family due to their high intelligence. They know when and what to do and which things to avoid. Lynx Point Siamese also can find food and groom themselves.


As we know about the energy level of these cats and how active they are, they always find a way to play with anyone. Lynx Point Siamese couldn’t want anything more than to play with people and other pets. You can try different games with them such as fetch. Hide and seek, and chase the ball, etc.


These tabby or lynx point felines are highly affectionate, they aren’t shy to express their love and feelings for their owners. These cats show their love to humans by some actions such as cuddling, licking, and trilling.


Like other cats, lynx Point, or tabby Siamese needs to be groomed consistently. Their grooming is the same as other breeds of cats such as trimming nails, cleaning coat fur, tooth brushing, etc. Make a schedule for their grooming and go according to plan, there are 3 to 4 things in the cat’s grooming, so choose a convenient day because it will take a lot of time.

Nail Trimming

Cats often require nail trimming because their nails grow fast and long. They have a bad habit of scratching things with their sharp nails, and their nails might hurt any other pet or kids as well when these cats play with them. That’s why it is necessary to trim your pet’s nails.


Your cat should look neat and clean every time, it does not matter how cute and good-looking is your pet cat if she doesn’t look clean then she will lose her charms and attraction. Don’t forget to give your cat a bath every week to maintain her astonishing looks.

Fur Brushing

After a bath, your cat fur will surely look messy. You have to brush their fur with a good-quality brush. Remember to do it smoothly and slowly and also you can put some oil on your cat fur, so their coat will look shinier.

Tooth Brushing

Two-time daily tooth brushing is essential for humans as well as cats. It will help to save your cat from dental issues which can be more complicated and cause various diseases. Be sure to bring a high-quality toothbrush and toothpaste for your pet which can be used only for cats.


The majority of people don’t know about the importance of their cat pet training. Your cat should know how to live in a house in a disciplined manner, to teach them these things training is required. It’s all dependent upon you how you train your cat according to your own rules. There are many ways of training procedures that can be used for training lynx Point, or tabby Siamese cats.

Make sure to avoid all negative training methods that are circulating in your mind. Positive training methods should be applied for these incredible cats such as positive reinforcement methods, training with games, easy-step training, etc. These training methods will have a great impact on your cat both physically and mentally. They can easily adapt to things and will become your dream pet. Make sure to avoid punishment while training these cats.

Health Problems:

There are some common health diseases that can be found in your Lynx Point cat including hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, eye issues, renal amyloidosis, and dental problems. These diseases and health problems can be life-threatening, when you see any disease symptoms in your cat, make sure to talk to your vet and let him know about your cat’s condition.

These cats often get affected by those kinds of diseases when they don’t get complete care. If you have a lynx point Siamese, be sure to take care of their diet because food plays an important role in cat health.


There are different prices of lynx point, or tabby Siamese cats in the market, the average cost of these majestic cats is around $400 to $1000. They are not much expensive to purchase as compare to British Shorthair or American Shorthair. And if you adopt these cats then it will cost more less than market price. If you want to buy them, make sure to get a genuine lynx point Siamese from a trusted breeder. You can easily adopt them from local shelters and rescue centers.

Cat TypePrices
Lynx point Siamese kitten$250 to $500
Adult lynx point Siamese$600 to $1000
Adopted Lynx Point Siamese$100 to $400

Pros & Cons:


  • They shed less than other cat breeds.                                                                 
  • These cats are smart and intelligent.
  • They are friendly and loving.
  • These colorpoint shorthair cats are easy to handle.
  • Grooming of these cats is easy.
  • They love to interact with people.
  • Their grooming is easy.
  • You can get them at a reasonable price.
  • Lynx point Siamese are highly affectionate.
  • They can live independently.


  • They are very noisy.
  • These cats need attention all the time.
  • They can’t live alone for a long period of time.
  • Training them might be difficult.
  • Many common health issues.
  • Their diet is expensive.
  • Sometimes they are aggressive.
  • These cats scratch different things such as curtains.


These Siamese felines are popular all over the world, but it is easy to find them. The only rare version in Lynx Point Siamese is Tortie Point Siamese.

You can get a Lynx point Siamese for just $100 to $200 by adopting from local cat shelters and rescue centers.

The common health issues of Lynx Point felines include breathing problems, eye infections, vestibular and respiratory issues, etc. Make sure to contact your vet in these common conditions.

The good thing about this type of Siamese feline is that they shed very little, which is why people prefer these cats over other breeds of cats.

When Lynx point Siamese cats are born, they have a white color body then after 1 year these cats change their color into other colors such as blue, red, chocolate, etc.


Lynx Point Siamese is not a pure-breed cat, they are developed in the result of Siamese and American Shorthair cat mating. They are attractive and loveable cats due to their appearance and friendly behavior. We can see them in different colors. Their personality and early adaptability makes them favorite choice for cat lovers. They are not much expensive and can be bought in reasonable price. In simple words, these cats are best for those who can’t afford an expensive pet.

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