Seal Point Siamese Cat

Seal Point Siamese

The seal point Siamese are the most common and easily available cats all around the world. They are named after seals due to their dark, blackish brown color similar to the seals. It is the oldest color of the Siamese breed. It is said that before 1930, all Siamese cats were seal point. In fact, first image that comes to our minds when somebody calls a Siamese cat is the seal point. We can consider the seal color as a trademark of this beautiful cat breed.

Only a few breeds are available in seal color including the Siamese, Ragdoll, Burmese, Himalayan and Javanese. But the Siamese breed is especially recognized for the seal color. The cats that were given royal status in the state of Siam were also Seal Point Siamese. The first Siamese cats brought to England were also seal point. It’s a natural color, while all the other colors are a result of genetic mutations, or developed by humans.

Development and Recognition:

Seal Point Siamese

These cats are born naturally, but exhibit a full white color in initial days. Their pointed color on specific parts of body come after some time. The color appearance starts from brown and ends on dark brown, almost blackish brown. They look more unique with separate color points on their faces, tails, paws and ears. Their recognition in initial days is almost impossible because of their complete white bodies.

Among all the colors of Siamese breed, seal point felines have different variations in their body color. The other cats have creamy body with specific pointed color, while seal point felines have darker, mostly brown or chocolaty fur on their bodies. Their neck, chest and belly may exhibit a light color, but their backs always show dark colors. In cat shows, most judges prefer Siamese with same body colors as discussed earlier (lighter color on neck, chest, and belly with darker fur on their back)

Price of a Seal Point Siamese:

This variety of Siamese is very common, and easily available worldwide. It indicates that you don’t need to spend a big amount to get one of them. In the US, their prices range between $500 and $2000, and a kitten may cost you around $400 to $1000, depending on breeders and some other factors. Adoption centers and animal shelters are also good options where you can find and adopt one for less than $400 after completing some paperwork.

Appearance of Seal Point Siamese:

These cats have an athletic body structure that keeps them fit, smart and energetic. They also have blue eyes in almond shape that make them more alluring. Their short fur gives you a smooth and sleek feel. Seal-colored tails are long and thin, helping them to climb on the walls and trees. Their whiskers are long enough to make them prominent on their face and look beautiful. The term seal point is derived from the sea animal “Seal” dur to their similar color.

The most amazing and valuable thing is their coloration, which may come in different varieties. Their body color also varies from cream to dark brown. Their backs always have a dark color that gradually becomes lighter on the lower body. Paws, tail, face and ears have Seal pointed color, giving them a unique and amazing look. They may have a black nose and paw pads, while some other color variations have a pink nose.

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Seal Point Siamese Kitten:

Kittens are always cute, but Seal Point Siamese kitten have more cuteness on their faces. Their color at the time of birth is white; no pointed colors can be seen on their bodies. So, recognition of a seal point Siamese kitten could be difficult, almost impossible. Try to find a Siamese breeder with good reputation, who allows you to meet your kitten’s parents before finalizing a deal.

Seal Point Kitten

Kittens are more playful and active than the adult felines. You don’t need an alarm clock as these kittens wake you up early in the morning. They jump on you and may bite you when you are sleeping. Actually, they demand your attention early in the morning, and looking for their breakfast. So, be prepared to wake up early if you are interested in a seal point Siamese kitten.

Size & Weight:

The size of this breed is similar to normal cats, categorized as small. These cats have many advantages due to their small size in the form of activeness and smartness. Their small size also makes them fit for small houses and apartments because they don’t need big space to live. Their average weight and size is mentioned in the table below:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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Different Variations in Seal Color:

These cats can be seen in many patterns with the same seal color, and each pattern has the same attractiveness and charm. People in many countries, especially in Thailand, feel proud to pet them. Some patterns in seal point Siamese are listed below:

  • Common Seal Point Siamese
  • Seal Tabby or Seal Lynx Point Siamese
  • Seal Tortie Siamese

The lynx pattern of Siamese is recognized as a separate breed by some cat registration bodies. These cats may also appear in unique and unrecognized pattern due to change in the genes or specific pairing. So, don’t be surprise if you see a seal point Siamese that appear to be different from above mentioned patterns.

Personality of Seal Point Siamese:

These felines are loving, caring, and always attached to their humans. Their personality is not different from other cat breeds in terms of love and affection. The additional features of being chatty and having the instinct of following their humans makes them more preferable choice over other breeds. Some key personality features are described below:


The Siamese breed, including Seal Point Siamese, is very talkative, make noises all the day. But these noises are in the form of sweet meows, not in a disturbing form. They always inform you about their existence in your house. Their meows are a way to communicate with their owner. So, they are the best companion for those who like chattering in their house.


These cats are friendly and don’t behave negatively, but sometimes, they may become jealous. Especially when you give more attention to the other pet than them. These cats behave well and enjoy playing with other pets at home, but they may show their superiority to them, and try to keep them under their command.

Family Friendly:

They are considered as one of the best family friendly felines. They prefer to stay with their human and follow them anywhere in the home. You can easily hold them in your hands, cuddle and love them, and receive their affection in return. These cats never shy to welcome and roam around your guests at home. Their presence in your home would be joyful and full of entertainment.


These felines are highly intelligent and smart, tending to learn new things every day. Best time to notice their intelligence is when you train them. You can observe how quickly they respond to your commands, and learn things you want. Their gentle behavior with every family member is also a sign of their high intelligence. Having such an intelligent companion in your life would be an amazing experience.


These felines are famous for their curious and explorative nature. They do activities that demonstrate their curiosity about things and happenings. They show interest in every new thing you bring into your home and tend to explore it. Their curiosity is a way of fun and joy for their humans.

Interesting Facts:

It is an oldest Asian cat breed having a great history. Many remarkable events and memories are attached to them. Below are some important and interesting facts about the Seal Point Siamese.

All Siamese were Seal Point Before 1930

There was only one color in the Siamese breed, and that was seal point. All the other color variations come after 1930. Initially, a genetic mutation caused the appearance of a few chocolate point and blue point Siamese, and then many other colors developed by humans. Before 1950s, all other colors, except seal, were not considered valuable, and people preferred only seal colored cat to pet.

First Pair brought to England was Seal Point

The first pair of Siamese, named Pho & Mia, brought to England by Mr. Gould (British Council General in Bangkok) were seal points. It was a gift from the King of Siam to him. These felines appeared in different cat shows in UK after they made first appearance in 1885.

Special Status in Thailand

These cats are famous in Thailand and hold a royal status in the state. Many Siamese cats live in the royal palace of the state. Furthermore, these cats are considered as a symbol of good luck, and people feel proud to pet one of them. These cats are also kept in temples and other religious places due to their religious importance in Thailand.

Grooming of Seal Point Siamese:

As a short-haired cat breed, they don’t need too much grooming. Their hair is short, soft and easy to comb and brush. You can complete their fur brushing within five minutes. Nail trimming can be challenging but not impossible, depending on their mood. You need to hold your cat with soft hands carefully when you groom them.

The seal point Siamese cats enjoy grooming, and do not disturb you during grooming. They know the importance of grooming and behave like gentle felines. Their almond shaped blue eyes are beautiful, so clean them carefully with a soft and clean cloth or cotton ball. Teeth brushing also help them to prevent potential dental diseases. You need to introduce grooming to them at early age to make them familiar with this process.


A healthy and balanced diet is essential to maintain the elegance of their sleek bodies. Their diet should contain a mix of vitamins, proteins and minerals. Use of branded cat food would be a good choice, but you can also serve them homemade food. You can use fish, beef, chicken or turkey meat to prepare their food at home.

Furthermore, these cats may be affected by obesity, so you need to monitor their calories. Provide them food as per schedule, and don’t over feed them. Ensure their easy access to fresh water 24 hours a day. You can give them a few treats when they learn something new, but not in large quantities. Over all, a healthy and high-quality diet always has a positive impact on their health and well-being.


Seal point Siamese felines are not rare; in fact, they are easily available anywhere. These cats are always recognized for their naturally developed seal pointed colors. History of this color in Siamese breed is very old.

These felines are famous for their energetic, playful nature and impressive personalities. They always tend to seek attention of their human through sweet little meows. They can be talkative and use their voices to please you.

The seal point Siamese are expected to live for 15 years. A well-cared cat with a healthy diet may live up to 20 years. Their life expectancy relies on how well their owners care for them and the environment you provide.

Yes, don’t be surprised to see your seal point cat playing and enjoying in the water. Giving them a bath is not a difficult task due to their attraction towards water. You can also take them to beaches and water parks with you.

It is believed by many people in Thailand that these cats keep evil and other negative things away from their owner and bring happiness and good luck into their lives. So, yes, they are considered as lucky cats.


Understanding a cat before bringing it home helps us in many ways, and now we are able to easily keep a seal point Siamese cat in our home. We have gained a lot of knowledge about this feline and know about its basic necessities. These cats are common and can easily be purchased from anywhere in the country. They can be the best option for the first time cat owners because they are easy to groom. The only thing you need to give them is your attention, care and love. If provided, they will be your best companion for your whole life.

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