Red Maine Coon Cat

Red Maine Coon

The Red color in Maine coon cats is one of the beautiful and brightest color. Maine coon cats in red color are one of the most demanding cats. It is also known as flame Maine coon and some people refer it as Orange color of Maine coon. These cats have stunning looks due to their red color. These red felines come in many color patterns, but the primary color is red. People whose favorite color is red would surely prefer a red Maine coon when they are going to buy a Maine coon cat.

Most people usually go for blue or black Maine coon cats but if you own a red one then it will be a unique and elegant pet for your family. Apart from their stunning looks, these cats are also amazing in terms of personality, they are gentle, sociable, and loyal pets for any family. They could make a very good bond with their owners and would easily gel with every family.

Recognition of Red Maine Coon:

When you decide to own a red Maine coon cat, you must identify them well. You might take any other red cat instead of a red coon cat to your home if you don’t know how to recognize them. There would be some major differences between a normal red cat and a red Maine coon cat, so make sure to get every information regarding these cats to buy a genuine one.

Apart from their main red color, these cats have some other patterns and colors such as orange etc. For people who are enthusiastic about cats and especially red Maine coon, it’s essential for them to know about all the color patterns and categories of red coon cats.

Following is the list of different red colored Maine coon categories:

  • Red silver Maine coon
  • Red tabby Maine coon
  • Red smoke Maine coon
  • Ticked tabby red Maine coon
  • Solid red Maine coon

Color Patterns of Red Maine Coon:

The main color of red Maine coon is red, but you will see them in some more colors. We have explained all types of colors in the following:

Solid Red Pattern

If we talked about the rarest red colored pattern of Maine coon then it would be solid pattern in red Maine coon. This color cat has gold and copper eyes. We also see some white patches on their chest.

Red Smoke Maine Coon

Red smoke Maine coon has a white undercoat and their foundation color is solid red. You will see their whole body covered with that smoke color.

Red Silver Maine Coon

The red silver Maine coon has some amazing looks, the coat color of this Maine coon is a pale silver with red stripes.

Ticked Tabby Red Maine Coon

This type of red coon cats is a mixture of both red and black colors. They also have ticked tabby markings and their coat color is white.

Red Tabby Maine Coon

If we talked about the common type of this red feline, then it would be the red tabby Maine coon, you can find them everywhere. They also have red and copper eyes like red solid Maine coon.

Red Maine Coon Kitten:

Kitten of a Red Maine Coon

Red Maine coon kittens are not mature like adult Maine coon cats. It depends on you how you train and groom them. These kittens are quick learners, you can easily teach different things. They need 1st set of vaccinations when they reach in the age of 6 to 8 weeks. It’s important to give them a 2nd set of vaccinations when these kittens reach 1 year of age.

Exercises and good diet play a vital role in their better growth. Keep Remember, you have to feed them with a good diet. Along with healthy food. Take them for a walk regularly. Keep them in a suitable environment where your pet can live safely.


These cats are one of the most elegant cats due to their amazing appearance. These cats are also known as one of the biggest cat breeds. These red felines have different colors and patterns as well which are discussed earlier.

Young Red Maine Coon


As we have mentioned, red coon cats are one of the biggest felines. The weight of their body is between 14 and 18 pounds depending on their gender and the length of their body is around 38 to 40 inches. Below you will see the size comparison of both male and female red coon cats.

MeasurementsMale Red Maine CoonFemale Red Maine Coon
Height12 to 16 Inches10 to 12 Inches
Weight16 to 18 Pounds13 to 15 Pounds
Length38 to 40 Inches34 to 36 Inches


These cats also have rectangular body shapes like other Maine coon cats. They have a wide chest and a long bushy tail. Their bones are robust and the red Maine coon has a strong jawline. Along with that, they have square heads.

Red Maine Coon Eyes:

Red coon cats cats have large eyes, their eyes are not perfectly circular but still, they look rounded in shape. People also observe that red Maine coon cat eyes are very expressive and attractive. These cats’ eyes also play a crucial role in their pretty looks.

Red Maine Coon Eye Colors

You will find red coon cats in different eye colors such as green, gold, and copper. Like other Maine coon cats, they are born with blue eyes but when they become adult cats, their eye colors change.

Red Maine Coon Eye Problems

Make sure to take care of your red Maine coon eyes by protecting their eyes from dust. You could purchase cat goggles for them to prevent eye problems such as myopia and hyperopia.


Along with their majestic looks, red Maine coon cats are also popular due to their personality traits. These cats are very loyal like dogs to their owners. They are also known as a social and friendly cat breed. Red Maine coon are both companion and independent cats, sometimes, they want their owner’s love and attention, and if they don’t get these cats might feel sadness. Along with that, red Maine coon can live independently too, and they want to spend time alone.


Red coon cats are one of the intelligent cat breeds. They have a sharp mind which allows them to perform various activities. These cats can also take care of the home in absence of their owner.


The special thing about red coon cat is that they are very friendly cats not only with their owners, but they can be good friends of kids and other family pets. If you own a red feline, you will never get bored with your special friend.


After owning a red coon cat, make sure to give them proper grooming such as bathing, nail trimming and teeth brushing.


Regular bathing of red Maine coon would be an amazing thing but if you can’t give them a regular bath, be sure to provide them bathing after every week to keep their astonishing looks neat and clean.

Nail Trimming

These cats have sharp nails, they might injure you when you are playing with them. It is the reason why it is important to trim their nails after every 7 to 10 days because the growth of their nails is fast.

Teeth Brushing

As we know, 2 times daily tooth brushing is needed for humans, so it’s also required for cats as well. If not 2 times a day, you have to give them at least one daily tooth brushing to prevent dental issues in your red coon cat.


As we talked about the importance of grooming, training is also essential for them to make their growth better. As a cat owner, it’s your responsibility to prepare your cat in a peaceful and safe environment. Below we have discussed different training methods that would be convenient for your cat.

Reinforcement Training Method

There can be two types of reinforcement training methods, Positive and Negative. Make sure to apply positive reinforcement training on your red coon cat. In a positive reinforcement method, you just have to appreciate your cats when they do something well, and it would be better if you reward them. Don’t forget to avoid negative reinforcement methods of training because they can make your cat wild in front of you.

Training with Goals

Before starting training, make sure to set goals for daily, weekly, and monthly training. By doing this, you will see clear progress in your Maine coon growth and nourishment. You have to start with small goals to settle your cat in the training process. Once your cat is used to training then you can go for some hard and advanced training methods.

Prices of Red Maine Coon:

There are different prices for different red Maine coon cats. Some variations are cheaper while some are expensive. The normal price of a red Maine coon feline is between $500 and $2000. The prices of red Maine coon cats highly depend on their size, shape, colors, categories, and other things including breeders and from where you get your red Maine coon cat. Every breeder has their different rates, you would be lucky if you purchase a red Maine coon at a low price.

Price of Red Maine Coon Kitten

The red Maine coon kittens can cost around $700 to $1300 if you buy them from a breeder. You might get a red Maine coon kitten at a cheap rate from local cat shelters and rescue centers.

Price of Adult Red Maine Coon

If you are going to buy an adult red coon cat from a well-known breeder then you can get it for $1000 to $2000. You can also adopt them from rescue centers or local cat shelters for $100 to $500 which is a way cheaper price than breeder rates.

Cat TypePrices
Red Maine coon kitten$700 to $1300
Adult red Maine coon$1000 to $2000
Purebred red Maine coon$1500 to $2000
Mixed red Maine coon$400 to $800

How to Buy a Red Maine Coon:

You have to be conscious when you are going to buy a red coon cat whether you get them from a breeder or rescue center. It would be better if you purchase a Maine coon cat from a breeder or local cat shelter rather than an online market. There are some important factors that you must consider before getting into a deal.

Make sure that the red Maine coon cat is fully vaccinated to prevent viruses and diseases. These cats or kittens must have microchips under their skin. Your selected cat should be registered by any Maine coon cat body. Be sure that the red Maine coon cat you are going to buy is neutered and spayed.

Always choose a breeder who is registered in at least one cat registration body like Cat fanciers Association, American Cat Fanciers Association or The International Cat Association. Registered breeders follow some standards described by their registration body and they also provide you some after sale services. Do complete research about the breeder and the animal you are interested in.

Click here to view in detail the questions you should ask before finalizing a deal.


These felines are very loyal and affectionate. They are also known as gentle and sociable cat breeds.

You will find red coon cat in different colors and patterns in lighter and darker shades such as Solid, Smoke shaded, Red silver, Ticked tabby and Red tabby Maine coon.

The cheapest price of Maine coon is around $100 to $500. You can get red Maine coon for that price if you adopt them from a rescue center or local shelter.

When red Maine coon felines are born, they have blue eyes but with the passage of time, their eye color changes into golden, copper, and green.

Your cat needs to enjoy training time, that’s why it’s important to appreciate your red coon cat and give rewards to them when they perform excellently in training.


A complete guide is provided about red coon cats and we can now better understand them. It is easy for us to recognize a red coon cat because we are now well aware of the features and pattern of this cat. We can train them according to their personality and they can be our best friend if we care them according to their needs. We hope this article is helpful for you to know about red Maine coons.

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