Ginger British Shorthair

Red British Shorthair

The Red British Shorthair, also known as Ginger British Shorthair is a recent addition to this breed. These cats are also referred to as “Garfield”, and have become popular in very short period of time. They look different from other cats due to their round faces and sturdy bodies. Their copper or orange colored round eyes add more beauty to them. These cats have red coats, but not as intense as the other cat breeds; that’s why, they are also recognized as “ginger” along with red. Their short coats make them easy-grooming and soft to touch. In fact, their dense and plush coat is one of the most liked feature.

These felines show the same calm and relaxed demeanor as the other British Shorthair cats. With their laid-back and not-demanding personalities, they become the most beloved felines in the entire world. A unique quality of these cats is that they can get your love and affection while living in their own space. These red cats may have tabby markings on their paws and “M” on their forehead. If you want to buy a Red British Shorthair, don’t rush, and do some research before getting one. It will assist you in picking the best feline companion for you.

Red British Shorthair

Although it’s a recent color addition to this breed, nobody exactly knows when and how red color in this breed emerged. It is said that this color is inherited from Persian cats or any other shorthair cats with red color. Whatever the reason is, we have an amazing and alluring color in this breed. The intensity of their red color increases over time, but they do not exhibit the same red color as seen in other red cats, such as Red Maine Coon. Their short, intense and luxurious coat makes them best felines for big, luxurious houses.

The red coloration of British Shorthair Breed is a result of selective breeding, and it is only done by experienced breeders. Despite their popularity, a big disadvantage of these cats is their lighter red color that sometimes doesn’t look attractive. It’s difficult to find them in monochromic red color, and that’s why, this color in tabby pattern is also accepted in breeding standards by Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). Many people demand a Red British Shorthair from breeders and love to pet them. They feel very lucky if they find a pure red cat for them.

If you find a British Shorthair cat in red color, the next challenge is to decide the price for your selected feline. You need more money to buy a British cat in red color as compared to blue or gray. On average, you have to spend around $1500 to $3000 for an adult cat, and $1000 to $2500 for a kitten. Location of the breeder is an important factor, affecting the price. The other common factors involved in deciding the price are age, health and bloodline. Must consider these factors while buying, and don’t’ rush to finalize the deal; try to bargain and decide on the right price for your favorite feline.

These gentle cats own medium to large-sized bodies with light red color. They have a long tail with lighter color than the other body parts. Strong muscles and healthy paws make them excellent runners and hunters. They may exhibit tabby lines on their paws and an “M” sign on their forehead. They have rich orange-colored eyes in round shape on their big faces, perfectly matching with their coat color. These cats are called “mini teddy bears” because of their resemblance with them.

You will be surprised to notice that their ears are smaller than other cat breeds. Even small sized cats of other breeds have ears larger than British Shorthairs. Their tiny nose and paw pads also have a red color, which is lighter than their coat color. These red cats can be seen in different patterns, which are as below:

  • Solid Red British Shorthair (Very rare and difficult to breed)
  • Red Bi-Color (Red and white color British Shorthairs)
  • Tabby Red British Shorthair (White lines on their paws & “M” shape on forehead)

These cats are generally loved for their physical appearance and personality traits. No doubt, they deserve your love and affection when they appear around you.

This breed is recognized for its healthy and sturdy body with medium to large size. Their strong muscles make them heavier than some other cat breeds. The weight and size of a feline highly depends on its age, diet and overall health. Environmental factors and their human’s care for them also can’t be ignored in their health. But on average, these size and weight of a fully grown Ginger British Shorthair cat is described in below table:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Weight9-17 pounds (4.1-7.7 kg)7-12 pounds (3.2-5.4 kg)
Height10-12 inches (25-30 cm) 9-11 inches (23-28 cm)
Length18-20 inches (46-51 cm) 16-18 inches (41-46 cm)
Red British Shorthair Kittens

Kittens are always adorable and cute with their innocent faces, especially Red British Shorthair kittens. These kittens are unique from others, featuring big round faces with lot of innocence. The eyes of newborn kittens remain closed and ears folded for seven to ten days after their birth. Their mother plays a vital role in their survival by feeding and providing them warmth. Their color is light red when they are born, and gradually turns into their true red color. Tabby red kittens also get specific lines after some time.

The British Shorthair kitten’s real playful journey begins after one month of their birth, when they become familiar with their humans and surroundings. It is also highly suggested by experts to get a kitten instead of an adult feline. It helps you a lot in creating an ideal relationship with them in future. Furthermore, you can train them as you desire. These kittens receive your love with their cuteness and little activities that bring a smile to your face.

Many people choose a pet according to its personality, and these cats become their number one choice after realizing their amazing personality traits. They prove themselves the best family companions in all aspects. Their not-demanding nature and ability to live in their own space are those qualities that every human appreciates. Some key personality traits are described below:


These red British Shorthairs are highly appreciated for their intelligence and quick to learn behavior. They surprise you many times during training, playing, and in their regular routine. They can learn tricks by observing you and your family, even you don’t teach them. You need to keep them mentally stimulated to enhance their intelligence skills and abilities. Be positive and do not show an aggressive behavior in front of them, as they learn quickly, and your aggression may create hurdles in socializing them.


Despite their independent personality, these cats still seek love and affection from their humans. They receive cuddles and lot of love with their cuteness. Their affectionate nature helps them to be lovely companion of their family. They form lovely bonds with each member of your family and equally receive love from all family members. These cats also shower their affection by licking and cuddling their humans in return.

Bests for Kids and Other Pets

A big quality of red British Shorthair cats is that they tend to be gentle and noble with your kids. They tend to play and enjoy with kids and never try to hurt them. Some gentle cats act like a security guard for kids by stopping them if they are doing any activity that could hurt them. They also have nothing to do with other pets and remain calm with them. These cat may enjoy playing and friendly wrestling with other pets when they are in playful mood.


If you like a Red British Shorthair, you will be happy to know that these cats are not very vocal and only meow when necessary. Their calmness makes them a preferable choice for those who don’t like noises in their homes. These cats become vocal only when they feel hungry, need something or facing an issue. Otherwise, they show relaxing behavior to their owners.

These red British Shorthair cats do not have a very old history, but have some interesting fact associated with them. These facts have a significant impact or their popularity because many people choose them as their pet inspired by such facts. Below are some major facts associated with them:

Lighter Color than Other Breeds

These cats have a lighter red color as compared to other red cat breeds. Their tails also have a lighter color than their bodies, resembling an almost creamy shade. This feature makes them distinctive from other cats, and that’s why they are called ginger cats instead of red cats. Every person has his own likes and dislikes. So, some people may reject them considering their light color, but many people appreciate this unique coloration.

Unique Eye Color

The red British Shorthair felines look different from other cats due to their eye color. Other British shorthairs have golden or copper eye color, but Red British Shorthairs have eyes of orange-colored eyes, matching exactly with their coats.

Distinctive Facial Features

The facial features give them an endearing appearance and many cat enthusiasts choose them due to their round faces. People call them mini teddy bears due to their resemblance with them. Their facial structure makes them more adorable and unique.

They like Indoor Living

The red British Shorthairs are well-adapted to indoor living and there is no issue if you can’t let them go outdoors. It’s a healthy and clean cat breed, loving to live in clean and safe indoors. Their laid-back nature never allows them to force you to go outside. You have to bring all things good for their health and keep them mentally, physically fit while living indoors.

These cats are easy to groom with their calm and friendly personalities. Their fur brushing is not a difficult or time-taking task because shorthair cats are always easy to brush. These cats enjoy brushing their fur and do not resist against brushing. But the nail trimming could be difficult, and you have to carefully handle your felines when you trim their nails. The other grooming tasks like eye cleaning, teeth brushing and ear cleaning are also easy.

The main objective to groom your feline is maintaining their attractiveness and beauty. Give them a bath if necessary, to clean and sanitize their fur. The Red British Shorthairs only attract you when they are properly groomed and maintained. So, it can be said that these cats need more attention in grooming than others.

Healthy cat breeds always require more proteins and vitamins than others, and British Shorthair is one of them. You have to ensure all the nutrients are mixed in their diet in right quantity. You can get all nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fats from meat and vegetables. Prefer to give them a branded food specifically made for them. If you can’t afford, you can make their food at home with chicken, fish, beef and turkey. Wet food should also be provided to maintain their skin moisture.

Place their water bowl in a convenient location and fill fresh water daily in it. These cats may enjoy playing in water, so the bowl should be wide enough. The little surprise treats make them happy and motivate them to be more gentle with you. So, never hesitate to give them small treats.

Due to their healthy, muscular bodies, these cats are more prone to obesity than other breeds. So, exercise is the most essential for them to avoid obesity. To keep them busy, you should give them enough playtime and bring some toys that physically engage them. Laser pointer, toy mouse and a feather wand are some toys that keep them mentally and physically engaged. A cat tree could be another good option to meet their climbing needs. Never allow your cat to be lazy; there should always be something to do for your pet companion.

These cats are renowned for their distinct physical and personality features. Their round faces are liked by many peoples, but their red color is important in their popularity. Their orange eye color also makes them special among other cats.

These red cats are rare, along with black and some other colors. It’s challenging, but not impossible to find them. Their rarity makes them valuable and expensive.

There is no reason to deny this reality that red British Shorthairs are best to pet, especially for families with kids and toddlers. Due to some special personality traits, these cats are also best choice for those who are going to pet a cat for the first time.

These cats are calm, gentle, and friendly with their human and their families. Generally, they don’t have tendency to be aggressive toward their humans or other pets. Their laid-back personality keeps them calm in any condition.

Yes, these felines can easily be trained in a short time. They are able to learn quickly due to their high intelligence level, and that’s why these cats have become the best choice for first time owners.

This article guides you to decide whether you should pet a Red British Shorthair or not? If you are already a Red British cat owner, this article will help to understand your cat and take well care of it. These cats are highly intelligent and appreciated for their teddy bear like round faces. With short ears on big faces, they are unique from other cat breeds. Their personality traits are just like a human desires, making them an ideal feline companion.

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