Blue Maine Coon Cat

Blue Maine Coon

Blue Maine coon felines are extremely beautiful and elegant. As they are attractive cats, most people probably have never seen blue Maine coon cats, but you might be surprised after hearing that they are easy to find, and they are not rare cats. These blue cats are very famous cats throughout the world, everyone gets easily attracted by their looks and personality. Due to their royal personality, you can’t stay away from them without giving them some time. Blue Maine coon are also very gentle and sociable cats.

These cats are available in the cat markets in different colors and patterns including blue. This cat breed comes in different shades of blue and gray, but the main color of this cat breed is blue. Their fur color is often blue and gray. They could be an amazing companion for families. Due to their distinct color, blue Maine coon cats are usually considered to be gray Maine coon.

Recognition of Blue Maine Coon:

There are many patterns in blue color of Maine coon cats, but most people are confused by the gray color of Maine coon. All colors of this cat breed are formed in gray, but their main color is blue. You need to get informed by all of their colors, patterns and types. As we know that they are found in 70+ different colors including blue. All colors and patterns of Maine coons including blue are confessed by the Cat Fanciers Association.

Blue Maine coon cats have a wide range of patterns and colors such as blue tabby, blue smoke, and blue cream. If you are thinking about owning a blue cat of Maine coon breed then try to get all the information to find a genuine blue Maine coon cat.

Here is the list of color categories of blue Maine coon cats.

  • Parti-color and bluish white color Pattern
  • Solid Blue color Pattern
  • Shaded Blue and smoke Blue color Pattern
  • Tabby Blue color Pattern
  • Blue Bi-color Pattern

Some Colors/Shades:

There are many broad ranges of colors of blue Maine coon including blue as well. Here we have discussed some colors of Maine coon, check that out.

Blue Tabby Maine Coon

Blue tabby Maine coon have a trim around their lips and chin which is white. When they are newly born, their eye color would be blue. After that, they change their color to copper or green.

Blue & White Maine Coon

In this color pattern, the cat has blue and white color combination in their fur. They also have white and blue color patches on their coats. They have white marking on their face with other parts in blue.

Blue & Silver Tabby Maine Coon

These cats have whitish blue markings on its chest, paws, and belly. Silver color is considered as base color with dark blue markings. They also have a mark of “M” on their forehead.

Blue Cream Maine Coon

The blue cream Maine coon has cream patches on its full body. Their body base color is blue, and their fur color is cream.


As we already mentioned, blue Maine coon cats are found in many colors, cat fanciers associations have recognized the 75 colors of blue Maine coon including blue color. These cats are also large and have muscular body shapes like other Maine coon cats.

Beautiful Blue Maine Coon


The size of a Maine coon is around 10 to 16 inches tall. Their body weight is between 8 and 18 pounds. Like all other Maine coons, Male cat can also grow up to 40 inches in length and 18 pounds in weight.

Size comparison between male-female blue coons.

Body sizeMale blue CatFemale blue Cat
Height10-16 inches (25.4-40.64 cm)8-14 inches (20.32-35.56 cm)
Weight8-18 Pounds (3.63-8.16 kg)7-12 Pounds (3.18-5.44 kg)
Length35-40 inches (88.9-101.6 cm)30-35 inches (76.2-88.9 cm)

Shape of Blue Maine Coon

The blue coon cat is identified by its rectangular body shape with a strong jawline. They also have a wide chest and their bone structure is robust. They can have a long bushy tail. If we talk about blue coon cat skulls, they have square-shaped heads. Keep remembering these all shapes, if you have to identify a blue Maine coon for yourself or a friend.

Blue Maine Coon Eyes

The eyes of the blue coon cats is large and rounded. Their eyes are very expressive, you might fall into their expressive eyes and continuously see into blue Maine coon eyes. These cats have won the award in a cat show because of their large, rounded, and expressive eyes.

Blue Maine Coon Eye Colors

These cats can be seen in different eye colors such as golden, green, blue, and copper. When blue coons are born, they have blue eyes. After that, due to pigmentation in their eyes, their eye color changes to some different ranges of colors.

Blue Maine Coon Eye Issues

Your blue coon cats might get certain eye problems when you take them outside for a walk. Many eye problems can affect your blue cat including myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. To prevent these eye problems in your cat, make sure to put cat-eye goggles on your blue coon cat eyes.


These cats are known as gentle and well-tempered cats, they never try to show aggressiveness to their owners. These cats are very affectionate when they are living in a family. They are very loyal cats who always want to live where they grew up. They are also known as companion cats which means they get sad when their owners don’t spend time with them but still, due to their loyal nature, They will never think about leaving your home even if you are not with them.


Due to their playful personality, blue coon cats always find a way to play games with their owner, kids, and other pets. These cats are convenient to consider for a family pet. If you have small kids in your home then you don’t have to worry about taking care of your kids, these blue elegant cats could easily take care of them and will play games too.


These cats are one of the most friendly cats with whom you never feel bored. You will get cuddles from them whenever you feel exhausted. If you have a blue Maine coon, you don’t need a lot of friends to enjoy it. Blue Maine coon can be your good friend, as we already mentioned, they love to play games with their owners and kids. You will also enjoy playing with them.

Grooming of Blue Maine Coon:

These astonishing cats needed regular grooming to maintain their looks and body shape. If you can’t give time to your blue coon cat grooming, don’t forget to hire a professional groomer who can take care of your cat grooming every day in the absence of yours. Keep remembering that their grooming is essential as their food and exercise.

Hair Brushing

They have amazing and silky hair in their overall body. Bring a new hairbrush for them and try to brush their hair daily to keep their coat and fur neat and clean. Regular brushing will prevent matting from your cat as well.

Nail Trimming

If your blue cat has big claws then make sure to trim them because they might get any kind of injury with that. After every 2 to 3 weeks, you will see their big claws so make a schedule to trim their claws after every 3 weeks.

Teeth Brushing

To prevent dental diseases in your blue Maine coon, daily tooth brushing is required. Get a cat-friendly toothpaste and a brush and give them tooth brushing daily.

Training of Blue Maine Coon:

Training in a good environment is required for blue Maine coon cats. As I mentioned “good environment” that probably means, giving your cat training in a peaceful place, where there is no noise pollution and your cat could get training safely. Being a blue Maine coon cat owner, it’s your responsibility to learn first about cat training, and after that train your cat in a proper training method.

Positive Reinforcement

It is one of the best training methods in which you train your cat with rewards. When your cat performs well in training, reward them immediately so your cat knows about the value of performing well in training so the blue Maine coon will surely continue the training process.

Training Without Punishment

Being a cat owner, you have to think that your cat can’t perform well when you give them punishment. These cats are very intelligent and easygoing by nature, make sure to provide them training in a good environment and avoid giving them any kind of punishment. It just can make them aggressive towards you.

Set Training Goals

A goal without a plan is nothing, so make a plan first then set goals before going to train your blue Maine coon cat. It will clarify to you and your cat about the training process and period. It will take time but slowly and gradually you will be able to train your cat in a good way.

Price of Blue Maine Coon:

As we mentioned, these blue cats are found in many colors and patterns, so their price usually depends on that. If we talk about blue cat’s average price, price of any color and pattern would be around $600 to $2500 which is quite expensive for a normal person but if you are willing to get a blue cat then you can adopt them at cheaper prices from adoption organizations. From there you might get a Maine coon cat in blue for $200 to $500 which is very lower than market rates.

Click here for more information about Maine coon Adoption.

Price of blue Maine Coon Kitten

If you think that blue Maine coon cat prices are high, you can buy a blue Maine coon kitten for less price. The average price of a blue Maine coot would be between $800 and $1300. As we know, they are baby cats and these kittens need to get trained and groomed, so their prices are normal compared to well-trained cats.

Price of Adult Blue Maine Coon

If your budget is high, and you want a well-groomed and already-trained cat then go for an adult blue Maine coon. It can be expensive, but you just have to maintain these cats. The average price of an adult Maine coon is approximately $1000 to $2000. These cats are more expensive than blue Maine coon kittens.

Here you can see some more prices of other types of blue Maine coon.

Blue Maine coonPrices
  Adult Blue Cat  $1000 to $2000
 Blue Kitten  $800 to $1300
Maine Coon Adoption  $400 to $600
Blue Mixed Maine Coon  $300 to $700

How to Buy a Blue Maine Coon:

Whenever you want to buy a Maine coon in blue color then make sure to purchase from a registered breeder, they might sell a Maine coon at a high price but at least you would be relieved that you have bought a genuine blue Maine coon and not a mixed breed.

Along with that, these registered Maine coon breeders will provide you with the paperwork for your blue cat. There will be no genetic defects in a blue Maine coon cat if you buy from a registered breeder. Make sure to avoid purchasing any cat including blue from an unknown breeder.

You must ask some important questions from the breeder related to cat you choose. Click here to view the questions you may ask.


They became a famous cat due to their majestic appearance, but they are not rare to find. In recent times, this color of cat has gained popularity. You can easily get these cats from registered breeders and also from online cat markets.

Like other cats, blue Maine coon cats also have blue eyes when they are newly born. All Maine coon cats have blue eyes at the time of birth. These cats change their color when they grow up. Their eye color includes green, copper, and golden.

Blue Maine coon cats are very expensive due to their personality and amazing looks but still, you could find a cheaper blue Maine coon from the adoption center. You can get the cheapest blue Maine coon for around $100 to $400.

An adult blue Maine coon would be more convenient for the family than a kitten blue Maine coon. Adult cats are more familiar with the training and grooming process as compared to newly born Maine coon.

Blue Maine coon cats consist of more than 75 colors including blue. These all colors have been confessed by the cat fanciers association. Colors of blue Maine coon include blue cream, blue-white, blue silver, etc. Blue color of Maine coon can be seen in all patterns including solid, Smoke, Tabby etc.


Many people get confused in blue, and gray color, but you can now easily recognize a blue Maine coon after reading this article. These cats com in wide verity of colors, but blue is more attractive than others. We are well known about their personality, appearance, training tricks and behavior and can easily decide whether we should pet a blue Maine coon or not.

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