Dogs are scientifically known as Canis lupus familiaris. They are considered as one of the most popular animals. They can be seen in different roles in different environments such as pets, these animals are known to be kept as pets. People also keep them as security guards to secure their houses from thieves. We have also seen them in the military where they served as patrols. Apart from that, they live in the wildlife as well, and there, they might be dangerous for humans. 

They have been living with humans for more than 30,000 years and now they become an integral part of human life in different aspects. They are known as loyal pets and would never leave their owner and the place where they grew up. These pets are friendly and playful by nature. Being a dog owner, you have to give full attention to your pet dog because they might feel sad and alone when they don’t get attention and love from their owners.


The population of dogs worldwide is approximately 700 to 900 million, around 480 million dogs are living as pets in different parts of the world. If we talk about the country-wise population, the USA has 90 million dogs which is the highest population among countries, Brazil has 68 million, and it has the 2nd highest population of dogs.

China comes in 3rd with more than 50 million population. Meanwhile, Russia has around 17 million, japan has approximately 8 to 9 million, and the Philippine has more than 23 million dog population. India has 31 million dog population which is higher than Japan, the Philippine, and Russia. France has around 8 million and Romania has between 4 to 5 million population.

Dog Breeds:

There are 360 dog breeds all over the world which are recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). Here we have mentioned the top dog breeds, make sure to check them out.

  Shih Tzus China
  Great Dane Germany
  Boxer Germany
  Dachshund Germany
  Miniature Schnauzer Germany
  Siberian Husky Siberia
  Yorkshire Terrier England
Pembroke Welsh corgi     Wales
Australian Shepherd Europe
Doberman pinscher Germany
Beagle England
French bulldog France
Labrador retriever Canada
Bulldog England
German shepherd Germany
Poodle Germany
German Shorthaired Pointer Germany
Golden retriever Scotland
Rottweiler Germany
St. bernard Switzerland
Shiba Inu Japan
Bichon Frise Spain
Belgian malinois Belgium
Collie Great Britain
Border collie Great Britain
Cane Corso Italy
Cocker spaniel Spain
Shetland sheepdog Scotland
Boston terrier United states
Bernese mountain dog Switzerland
English springer spaniel Spain
Pug China
Basset hound France
Rhodesian ridgeback Africa
West highland white terrier Scotland
Akita Japan
Weimaraner Germany
Maltese Malta
Mastiff Great Britain

Famous Dog Breeds:

Here we have listed famous dog breeds from all over the world.

  • German shepherd
  • Bulldogs
  • French bulldog
  • Beagles
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Poodles
  • Tibetan mastiff
  • Golden retrievers
  • Shih tzu
  • Rottweiler

Rarest Dog Breeds:

Following is the list of rarest dog breeds from all over the world.

  • Bedlington terrier
  • Chinook
  • Thai Ridgeback
  • Mudi
  • Karelian bear dog
  • Catalburun
  • Telomian
  • Carolina dog
  • Azawakh
  • Swedish Vallhund

Colors and Patterns:

Dogs Colors and Patterns

They can be seen in various coat colors such as red, white, cream, yellow, and black. Every coat color has its own charm to enhance the beauty of a dog. There are also some coat color patterns of dogs that we have discussed below.

  • Solid
  • Spots
  • Brindle
  • Bi-color
  • Tricolor
  • Ticked
  • Tuxedo


When dogs have only one color on their coat that comes in solid coat color patterns. These coat patterns are easy to identify in dogs. The solid colors of dogs are black, blue, red, brown, gold, and white.


In spots coat pattern, dogs have white coat color and dark patches or spots of any color on their bodies. This coat pattern is normally seen in the Dalmatian breed of dog.


Brindle coat color patterns can be found in bulldogs or in boxer dog breeds. In that pattern, dogs have dark stripes on the light base color body such as brown or grey.


Bi-colored coat patterns are one of the common coat color patterns that we often see in which a dog has a combination of two coat colors such as black and tan, White and black, or brown and white.


Tri-color coat patterns are the ones in which they have three coat colors such as blue, black, and grey. You will see this coat color pattern in dog breeds like beagles, basenji, terriers, and rats.


In a Tick coat pattern, dogs have spots on their body but they are not considered Dalmatians because these ticks have different contrast levels. These types of coat patterns can be seen in dog breeds like English setters etc.


They have solid coat colors such as black or white and white patches on their chest and chin which means they have a tuxedo coat color pattern. The Boston terrier breed has this type of coat pattern.

Dog Senses:

Just like humans and other animals like cats, they also have five senses that help them acknowledge their surroundings. Five senses include smell, sight, touch, hearing, and taste.


The dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than humans, this is because dogs have around 2 billion olfactory receptors while humans have only 40. Because of dog’s olfactory receptors, they are able to find lost things.

Dogs smelling ability


They have the ability to see things at a wider angle than humans but the issue is with them, they can’t recognize things clearly as humans do. Apart from that, Their night vision is better than humans because they have an additional eye reflective layer.

Dogs sightening ability


They can easily hear sound from far away, as compared to humans they have four times better hearing power. They also have the ability to move their ears in all directions. They can hear sound in the range of 67 to 45,000 Hz while the human’s hearing range is 64 to 23,000 Hz.


Dogs have fewer taste buds as compared to us, we have 9,000 taste buds while dogs have only 1700. They can taste sour, salty, and sweet things like us. For humans, water has no taste but dogs own a taste bud for water.

Dogs tasting meat


As dogs are blind when they are newly born, the sense of touch helps a puppy to find his mother. They love to be touched on the backside of their ear but make sure to avoid touching them on their paws, they hate that.

Touching a dog

Dogs Personality Traits:

Just like humans, Dogs also have a broad range of personality kinds but one study shows that there are five personality traits that are common in almost every breed of dog including aggressiveness, playfulness, sociability, fearlessness, and chase-proneness.


They are aggressive due to their nature and some are just unhappy that’s why they show aggressiveness. It is very normal for a dog to behave like that and it’s also not necessary that it will end in biting anyone.


They love to play with humans and due to their playful personalities, it is easy to train them while playing with them. You can throw any toy or balls and they would enjoy a lot to chase those things. It is better to give them a name and play with them calling from different places.

Click here to get some name ideas for dogs.


Dogs are known as social animals and they like to interact with different people, kids, and other pets as well. Due to this personality trait, they can instantly gel with their owners.


When your dog has a curiosity personality, you will notice, that your dog is captivated by its encircling and will respond to everything that your dog finds fascinating.


In this personality trait, they try to chase different objects. These personality types of dogs are always curious about what’s going on surrounding them. When they hear any noise, they run to investigate first.

Dog Life as a Pet:

The number of dogs as pets is around 470 million throughout the world. That number shows us how dogs have an impact on human life, they are probably one of the most convenient pets for any family. If dogs get trained well, they can perform various activities at home in the absence of their owners.

Keeping a dog as a pet has both advantages and disadvantages, before going to get any dog we suggest you check the below list where we have discussed the pros and cons of dogs as pets.

Dog Life as a Stray:

Stray dogs are those who live on the streets and once they used to live as a pet. They are independent, but they have to face a lot of difficulties throughout their life. Their lifespan is not higher than compared to pet ones, this is because of the food and care that stray pups don’t get like pet pups.

As we know, some stray dogs have experienced living as a pet, they can be good pets again for any family. They are easy to train and easy to groom. It would be great if we adopt them, or if we can’t, we should feed them.

Care Routine:

Make sure to adopt a proper care routine for better growth of your dog. Their vaccination, grooming, diet would be the first thing in your pet care routine. Along with that, you also need to maintain your pet’s coat and skin.


To avoid certain diseases and health problems in your dog, make sure to give them vaccination. You must have given the first dose of vaccine to a puppy between 6 to 8 weeks of age, then around 10 to 12 weeks of age, and after that when your dog is 14 to 16 weeks of age.


Dog grooming includes daily teeth brushing to avoid dental issues, a bath after a week or two depending on the environment and dog activities, fur brushing with a suitable and quality hair brush, and nail trimming because you will obviously not want your dog to look like a wild animal.


You should not compromise on the diet of your dog, you must provide them quality food that contains protein, carbs, and healthy fats for their better growth. Make sure to feed them as per schedule you made.


The Lifespan of dogs is different in captivity and in the streets. If we compare their lifespan in both environments, they live more in captivity than compare to independent ones. They would be lucky enough if they lived 6 to 8 years This is because these dogs can’t get enough facilities as stray the way they get in captivity. They have to eat unhealthy food and drink dirty water all the time. They get infected by different diseases and no one is there to identify their illness, that’s why they don’t have a longer life.

Apart from that, the dog’s lifespan also depends on the breed of dog, every dog breed has a different lifespan. Here we have mentioned the average lifespan of both lifestyles, as pet and as a stray .

Life StyleAverage Lifespan
Pet dogs10 to 13 years
Stray dogs3 to 4 years

Pros & Cons:


  • If you don’t have any friends, a dog can be a good friend of you.                                                                       
  • A dog is an active pet that also helps you to stay active.
  • They are good at finding lost things.
  • You don’t need a security guard if you have a well-trained dog.
  • Dogs could take care of your kids in your absence.


  • You might get irritated due to their vocalization.
  • Dogs don’t like to stay alone, you have to be available to them every time.
  • Their health checkups and food will be expensive.
  • Grooming a dog would be a tough job.
  • A trainer will be required for your dog training.


Dogs can smell, hear, feel, taste, and see like humans and sometimes they are able to feel things before they actually happen so we can say, they have a sixth sense.

There are some behavioral problems that are common in them such as barking without any reason, digging, and sometimes trying to jump on people.

French bulldogs are known as one of the famous dog breeds, they are small in size, and by nature, and these dogs are playful, friendly, and easygoing. They originated from France.

The health issues that are highly common in dogs are urinary tract infections, obesity, and parasites, and they also face some dental issues if they don’t get toothbrushes regularly.

They love to eat food that has meat such as fish, chicken or beef. Along with that they also enjoy eating things like vegetables, fruits, and eggs.


We are now well aware of dogs and their personality and able to decide whether we can pet a dog or not. There are many pure and mixed breeds available and we can choose the best one. We have many choices in their colors and patterns. Like all other animals, as pet animal, their lifespan is longer than stray dog because the get care if they live with humans. Some caring tips are also discussed here and we can easily handle a dog if we get one.

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