Fawn Point Siamese Cat

Fawn Point Siamese

Fawn Point Siamese cat is a modern version of Siamese, which is mostly like Lilac, but even paler. They come in creamy-white bodies, but are not as colorful as other Siamese cats. Mostly, they have coats with warm-toned hues, which look like rose-pink to mushroom points. Fawn point cats have rosy pink ears, paws, noses, and fully creamy fur on their bodies. Their legs are a bit lighter, displaying a rosy pink. It’s a rare Siamese color; most people don’t know about them. 

These fawn-colored cats are known as easy-to-train, affectionate, and low-shedding cats, making them a good choice for families. Their alluring look turns people’s minds, and makes them a sought-after feline. Fawn point feline’s coat comes from a special cinnamon gene. Both parents must have this special gene for the birth of fawn kittens. The cinnamon gene is rare and needs an extra dilution factor; that’s why Fawn Point Siamese are not very common.

Furthermore, these cats are not as common as other popular Siamese cat colors like chocolate, seal, and blue. These felines are even more uncommon than Lilac Point Siamese, which itself is considered a bit rare. Now, breeders are making more efforts and showing interest in this unique color variation. Fawn rareness makes them extra appealing. Must keep in mind that even though Fawn Point Siamese have a unique and pretty coat, it doesn’t change their amazing Siamese personality.

Breeders are working to make the fawn cat a recognized and accepted part of the Siamese cat community. Enthusiasts and breeders are struggling together to get official approval from cat associations. They want everyone to appreciate and love these cats as a wonderful addition to the Siamese family.

Breeders are creating fawn cats by choosing the right parents (Selective Breeding). They want to keep the alluring, unique coat color consistent worldwide. They keep improving and making more efforts for this fawn cat, with the hope that more people will love these cats for their pretty and special look. 

For the Fawn Point Siamese to be officially recognized, it needs approval from the cat associations. Recognition for fawn cats means to meet certain standards, like right coat color and pattern. Getting this approval is really important to prove that the Fawn cat is a special, accepted and recognized kind of cat. But don’t worry, still these cats are popular and in high demand without official recognition.

Several factors are involved in determining the exact price of a Fawn Point Siamese. Price can vary based on where the breeder is located. Exact price is tricky to know because they are rare, but we are giving you a general idea here:

Reputable breeder prices will be high because of their goodwill. They prioritize health and good care and must charge between $1500 and $3500. Kittens with champion parents or high-quality coats might cost more. Fawn Point Siamese kittens usually cost between $2,000 and $3,500, but prices can vary.

Fawn Point Siamese cats have an alluring cream-colored coat. This cream-colored coat is lighter on the body and darker on the tail, face, paws, and ears, with special and unique darker points in a pinkish tone. Fawn cat’s fur is genuinely silky and soft. Pinkish points create a cool contrast and make them eye-catching. Fawn Point Siamese cats are popular for their most attractive, almond-shaped, blue eyes. The deep blue eye color makes them more elegant and pretty.

Fawn Point Siamese Feline

These beauties always come with a wedge-shaped head and a straight profile. Fawn cat’s big, pinkish toned, pointed ears give them that classic Siamese appearance. These cats are of medium size, not too big nor too small. Their appearance is a beautiful mixture of cream-colored coats. Fawn points, deep wonderful blue eyes, and elegant Siamese features make them captivating felines.

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Variation of Fawn Point Siamese

Fawn cats have slight differences in the patterns and shades of their fur. The overall cream color with pinkish points fully defines the breed. Each cat might show subtle variations in the intensity of these colors. These little differences, even if it’s not as noticeable as in other types of Siamese cats, make each fawn cat special and unique. These variations make the breed more elegant and alluring.

Shades of Fawn:

  • Lilac Fawn
  • Pale Fawn
  • Warm Fawn

Coat Patterns:

Fawn Point Siamese cats are usually small to medium-sized. Different factors like diet, health and genetics affect individual sizes. Their sizes are less important than their overall health. With their healthy bodies, fawn cats are known for being lively companions, bringing lots of fun and happiness into our lives.

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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Fawn Point Siamese kitten

Fawn Point Siamese kittens like charming delights, resembling a fluffy cloud with a soft pinkish glow. Petting a Fawn Point kitten is like having a special piece of feline magic. In the start, they are tiny fluffy balls, with closed eyes and folded ears, and fully dependent on their parents. After some time, they grow up and become independent. Fawn kittens are loyal, playful, and extremely rare, bringing a lot of colors of joy in human life.

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Fawn Point Siamese cats love sitting on laps and cuddling, being close to their humans. They are affectionate and popular for making strong and ideal bonds with their humans, making great companions for families or individuals. They love and enjoy being around people a lot. If you ignore them for too long, they become unhappy. 

They are typically known as playful and full of energy. These fawn cats are crazy for interactive games, and too intelligent to enjoy different activities. Fawn beauties always love to explore their surroundings, sometimes getting into playful antics. These cats love to talk to their humans with chirps and meows, expressing their needs and feelings.


Fawn cats are naturally curious, and crazy about exploring, checking out new things around them. Their curious nature adds to their playful and engaging behavior, making them interesting companions. Even their inquisitive nature makes them interactive, mostly leading them to investigate new sights and sounds like mini spies.


These cats are truly famous for their smartness. Fawn cats quickly learn new things and enjoy playing games, showing off their cleverness. Their smartness makes them super at exploring and interacting with their surroundings. They investigate each corner of their surroundings as a mini spy. Typically, their Intelligence enhances their playful and friendly nature, and makes them wonderful companions.

Behavior with Other Pets

They are usually friendly, get along well, and are gentle with other pets. These cats are adaptable and sociable, creating strong bonds with other pets. They bring joy and playful energy to the dynamics of the home’s pets. Every cat has an individual personality and nature, so, take your time when introducing a Fawn Point Siamese to other pets. Introduce them to other pets slowly, give them time until they become friends with other pets in the house.


These felines are easy to train due to their impressive intelligence. Their smart and responsive nature makes them quick learners. Positive reinforcement, like treats and appreciation, can be effective in their training. When you reward them for learning, they become eager to learn. They quickly learn small tricks like sit, stand, go, and come, obediently following their human’s commands. Consistency in training sessions can create strong bonds between the fawn Siamese and its human.

Many people choose a cat breed to pet due to some interesting and unique facts associated with them. Here are some important and interesting facts about the Fawn Point Siamese cat:

Genetic Mystery

The Fawn Point color in Siamese cats is still new and uncommon, and breeders are studying the gene responsible for it. This investigation must help us understand more about the coat colors of Siamese cats.

Modern Masterpiece

Siamese cats have been popular for a long time, but the Fawn Point variety is a genuinely new addition to the Siamese family, and is not yet recognized by cat communities. Their official recognition as an accepted standard is important for their history and future potential.

A Rare Mutation

The Fawn Point color in Siamese cats is made from a special mix of two recessive genes.  Because of its rarity and uniqueness, it makes them an interesting subject for breeders researching the color variations in Siamese cats.

Cinnamon Gene Rarity

The special Fawn Point coat color comes from a rare cinnamon gene. For Fawn Point kittens to be created, both mother and father must have this uncommon, specific, and special gene, making these cats even more interesting and unique.

Taking care of Fawn Point Siamese cats is as easy as the other Siamese cats because of their short and sleek coat. Use a soft, branded brush once a week to keep their coat strong and smooth. Fawn cats mostly groom themselves well, you do not need to groom or brush them as much as other breeds. These cats are motivated naturally to stay clean, they clean themselves by licking.

Fawn Point Siamese Cats

But sometimes, they need a bath, probably once a month. Use mild cat shampoo for cleaning their fur during bathing, and dry them with a towel quickly after bath. For ear cleaning, use a damp cotton ball to gently clean the internal, external parts of the ears, being careful and focused not to go too deep. Wipe away their eyes with a damp cloth if any tear or dirt is found. Trim or cut their nails after a few weeks using a sharp nail clipper. Keep their teeth healthy and strong by brushing regularly with a cat-expert toothbrush and toothpaste.

Every fawn cat requires good-quality food designed for Siamese, recommended by experts. To make them active and healthy, provide them with the perfect quality and quantity of food that meets their basic needs. Real meat, less grain, and animal fats will suit their sensitive stomachs, and fulfill their high protein needs.

Fawn Siamese cats belong to an active cat breed, so it’s essential to provide them with a diet rich in protein (30-40%) to support their muscles. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their food are required for their energy levels, and to ensure perfect coat and skin. Always provide them with fresh water for their hydration, especially in hot weather.

These cats need regular play and exercise, both physically and mentally. Humans need to engage them in a lot of games and interactive play sessions, normally using different toys that encourage movements and mental stimulation. Games and exercise make them happy and active. Fawn Siamese cats love to climb trees and explore. You should provide cat trees or perches to satisfy their natural instincts.

Fawn Point Siamese are known for their gentle, friendly, playful and affectionate nature. They are known for their good temperament, well-behaved, and non-aggressive nature which make them delightful companions for families.

Fawn Point Siamese cats are quite rare. Their special cream-colored coat with pinkish points, along with certain genetic factors, makes them unique and not so common.

Yes, they can be vocal like other Siamese cats. They mostly express their feelings with soft meows and chirps. They can be vocal when they require their human’s attention.

Yes, Fawn Point Siamese cats are popular for good behavior with kids. They are friendly, gentle, and adaptable, but it’s important to introduce them properly from the start, and keep a close eye on their interactions.

They love the people around them, and they are usually not happy if their humans leave them alone for a long time. They feel sad and bored when they are left alone.

Fawn Point Siamese cats stand out with their distinctive and non-common colored coats and pinkish points. Their smartness and affectionate nature makes them amazing companions. They do not require extra grooming and regular brushing due to short fur. Efforts from breeders indicate that Fawn Point Siamese cats are soon getting recognition in the cat community. People love and pet them as beautiful additions to their families.

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