Cream Point Siamese

Cream Point Siamese

Cream Point Siamese cats are a pretty addition to the Siamese family, having cool cream-colored points on their ears, tails, and masks with fully white bodies. These cream point cats’ legs and feet are lighter, and mostly they have freckles on their nose, eyelids, ears, lips, and paw pads. They are really affectionate and gentle. Humans can easily trust them with their children, as they make excellent playmates. Cream Point Siamese is a rare and non-traditional cat breed made by combining three different breeds.

These Cream-colored cats are a cross-breed developed from the red domestic shorthair, Abyssinian cats, and Siamese. They are known as hybrids due to the complex breeding process that is involved in their breeding. The cream points in these cats come from the low level of the red pigment called pheomelanin. This pretty color distribution is basically at the cat’s points, because of temperature-sensitive albinism. In cats with this albinism, more pigment is created in colder areas of their skin.

These cream cuties are popular for creating strong bonds with their humans. If you want one, that is always close to you, and these shorthair cuties are the perfect choice. Cream Points Siamese bring lots of happiness, joy, and excitement in your life, and show lots of love to you. Mostly these cream cats sleep right next to their human in the human bed.

The journey of Cream Point Siamese cats involves careful breeding to refine their unique, and wonderful traits. Their pretty cream point color comes from precise genetic adjustments, blending classic Siamese features with a dilution gene that affects melanin production. This breeding process gives us Cream Point Siamese cats their charming and alluring looks.

The development of Cream Siamese cats is a beautiful mix of Abyssinian cats and the Siamese. The resulting cream point cats are known as hybrids. The points come from a low level of red pigment called pheomelanin. This pretty color is noticeable and attracts people, thanks to temperature-sensitive albinism. With albinism, darker areas of the skin produce more pigment, creating distinctive cream points. People really like Cream Point Siamese cats because of their beautiful cream color and affectionate personality. Not just cat lovers, but many others who appreciate the pretty and distinct look of different cat breeds have noticed and admired them.

Many cat breeders love cream Siamese cats for their distinct look and gentle nature. They carefully choose which cats to mate, always focusing on ensuring the cream colors stay consistent, and setting clear standards for the breed. Unfortunately, Cream Siamese cats are not recognized and accepted by the major cat associations including Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). But the breeders of these cuties make an effort for the cream cat to be accepted and recognized in the future.

The cost of Cream Point Siamese depends on several factors including the cats overall health, personality, and the quality of its coat. Kittens may cost you more than adult cats. The cost must differ based on the demand and living expenses in your location. Cream cats with a documented family history, especially those suitable for showing or breeding, may have high prices as compared to cats without such records.

Specialized breeders who prefer the cat’s health and behavior, mostly charge more price than shelters or pet stores ranging from $1000 to $3,500. You might find these cats in shelters or rescues for low prices as compared to reputable breeders for just $50 to $200, especially if they’re older or mixed-breed.

Cream Point Siamese cats are somehow similar to Flame Point Siamese with lighter flame color. They look like snow, with cream color points on their faces, ears, tails and paws. Some have cute mittens on their paws or might have subtle tabby markings, adding a bit of grace. Their eyes are in blue color, ranging from soft turquoise to deep sapphire. The shape of their eyes is like an almond, full of expressions. These cats have elegant, beautifully-framed bodies with long legs in athletic structure. Overall, these cats are uniquely beautiful and elegant to appear, enhancing the beauty of your home.

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Variations of Cream Point Siamese:

Each cat has a unique combination of pattern, shade, and personality that make them more distinct. The overall white color body with cream color points fully describes this breed. These little shade pattern differences make them a most favorite breed for the Siamese cat lover. The breed is made more elegant and graceful by these variations.

Shades of Cream:

  • Apricot Glow
  • Peach Melba
  • Caramel Delight


Cream Siamese Shorthair cats are usually medium-sized, with a sleek and elegant build. They are not even too small or too big. Sometimes, health, diet, genetics, and exercise affect the size of a cat. The size and weight is not as important as their personality, nature, and overall health. Mostly they are known for their gentleness, affectionate, smart nature, and a lively companion. Below table shows an average size & weight of Cream Point Siamese:

Height11 to 12 inches (29-31 cm)10 to 11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15 to 20 inches (38-51 cm)12 to 18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8 to 12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50 to 9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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A Cream Point Siamese kitten begins life as a tiny ball of white fur and blue eyes. Their cute little faces are marked with faint hints of creamy caramel where their points will gradually show up. After birth, their eyes are closed and ears are folded, mostly spending their time sleeping. For a few weeks at the start, they fully depend on their moms or humans. They require warmth and feed from their mother throughout the day.

After one week, their tail, face, and ears begin to darken, and reach their final color over just a few weeks. As they grow their coat has some changes like getting darker in winter and lighter in summer, due to their body temperature. Creamy point Siamese kittens mostly are loyal, playful, energetic, and naughty.

Cream Point Siamese kitten

These cream cats are mostly known for their family-friendly companionship and gentle nature. Their affectionate, and kind nature makes them great playmates for your kids. You can leave them with your kids, as they are playful and entertaining. They are overprotective pals for their humans to make ideal bonds with them. 

They always keep a watchful eye on the surroundings, explore each corner and also make sure there’s nothing that could harm their favorite person. When their human leaves them alone at home, they can become depressed due to sadness and boredom. Their closeness and loyalty always lead them to create boundaries around you. They are highly energetic, love to be active and playful with toys and kids or other pets.

Behavior with Other Pets

These are social cats, and can get along well with different pets if introduced in the right way. With the right training, these tiny quick learners can easily adjust to live with other animals at one place. They enjoy the company of other pets like dogs, rabbits and backyard chickens. These cream cats love other pets around them, they love to play and eat together.


Cream Point Siamese cats are known as smart companions full of cleverness. They easily adapt to new situations. Whether exploring the new place, or following new routines, their intelligence makes them adjust quickly and smartly. They easily understand human emotions, mood swings, and they obey their human commands. 

These felines always follow their humans around the home, creating a truly enriching relationship. They easily open and close the doors and cabinets. Their sharp minds help them strategize and easily tackle the challenges with grace.


These cream cats are always known for their super smartness and curious nature. They are always super excited to explore each corner of the house, climbing on shed and walls and jumping around like smart explorers. Change their toys with the time to make things more interesting for them and keep their mind active. Hide their treats or use a laser pointer for some joy, and see a tiny spy full of curiosity. It’s a super way to bring out their curious side. When they go outside to walk at different places, they do little adventures full of curiosity.

Facts that attract people toward these cats played a major role in their popularity. Here we discuss some interesting facts for you about the Cream Point Siamese Cat.

Chatty Charmers

These felines are known as incredibly talkative, especially with their humans. Cream Point Siamese cats have different voices. They chirp, trill and meow to share their emotions, needs, and to acquire attention.

Secret Spy Senses

Cream Point Siamese cats enjoy the sun, but their blue eyes aren’t made for bright light.  Moreover, when it’s dark they become stealthy with wonderful night vision. In Fact, at night, if the lights are off, they can even spot things made of dust from across the room.

Ancient Royalty

These white cool cats are not just cute, they are like feline royalty back in Thailand. They were special pals to the queen and king in old times, and they even guarded temples.

Loyalty with a Splash

Cream Siamese cats are different from those who are wild. They always create strong deep bonds with their humans, play with their humans, enjoy cuddles, and sleep together. Cream Point Siamese cats are known as loyal because they understand their human emotion and mood, and get depressed when they are left alone for a long time without their human.

Cream Point Siamese

Cream Point Siamese mostly have short and bright coats that can pick up dirt, germs and other unhealthy particles. To keep their coat free from dirt and germs, they require bathing about twice a month. They mostly clean themselves by licking, so, do not need to bathe them excessively. Bath them with a cat mild shampoo, and after bath, dry them with a soft towel. Brushing their coat is really important to prevent tangles and lose hair. For the teeth cleanliness brush their teeth on a regular basis to prevent diseases and keep them healthy.

Trim their nails with a sharp clipper once a month. They may resist their nail trimming, but be polite and gently do your work. Clean their other body parts like eyes and ears to make them more attractive and beautiful. Use a clean and sanitized cotton ball for this purpose.

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Always ask the breeder, seller or vet for the proper diet chart for the Cream Point Siamese to ensure the best and healthiest food options. Mostly, provide them their favorite healthy food. To keep the Cream Point Siamese healthy and happy, provide them with a rich healthy diet. Give them protein around 30-40% of their daily intake like fish and meat. Vitamins and minerals are also basic essential for their crucial bodily functions. Fats provide them energy and aid in nutrient absorption. Give them flavored expert cat food to give them taste and stay happy with this kind of treat.

They are also known for being incredibly trainable, learning things quickly to make their humans happy. Training this cat is fun for both humans and cats. They are motivated to learn new games and tricks. They obey the commands of their humans and learn tricks like magic.

The Cream Point Siamese cats may even surprise humans with some extra moves you didn’t teach them. Training for them is like a fun game or entertainment where they try to guess what you require them to do. They love challenges during training and figuring out the trick makes them happy.

They require exercise on a daily basis to stay fit and happy. Cream Point Siamese cats need to climb heights and pounce to stay happy. Humans should provide them with cat towers for climbing. Provide them a wiggling wand or chase them with a laser; their hunting instincts will spark, and they’ll be bouncing with glee. Go with them outside, and walk to explore the world.

Yes, these cats are known as extremely rare breeds. Their special and distinctive coloring is a result of specific mix breeding involving Siamese, Abyssinian, and red domestic shorthair cats, making them alluring in the feline world.

This is a special cat breed with a distinctive appearance resulting from a mixing of three breeds, Red Domestic Shorthair, Abyssinian, and the Siamese. They are popular for their cool cream color point on their paws, tail, ear and face. Cream Point Siamese cats are intelligent, affectionate and sociable with a little bit of vocal nature.

Absolutely yes, these felines are affectionate and love to cuddle with their humans. They enjoy being close to their humans, and mostly spend their time with humans.

Yes, Cream Point Siamese cats can normally get jealous. They show signs of possessiveness or seek attention if their humans get close to someone.

Yes, Cream Point Siamese mostly known for being vocal and cry frequently. The vocalization and cry of this cat are their way of expressing needs, seeking attention and communicating.

Now we know the Cream Point Siamese cats are distinct and charming pets known for their pretty cream-colored points. These cats are not only rare but also intelligent, affectionate, loyal, playful and social. They love cuddling with their humans and have a talkative nature. These cats have an affectionate nature and distinctive appearance make them amazing companions, adding a special touch to any home.

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