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Foreign White Siamese

The White Siamese cat is cute, alluring, smart, and affectionate. They come with snowy white coats and astonishing eye colors. Some people consider them a variant of the Siamese breed, while others consider them a separate breed, named “Foreign White Siamese”. This variation of the Siamese breed warms the hearts of cat enthusiasts everywhere. Foreign White Siamese cats stay pure white as they mature due to genetics, and their mesmerizing blue eyes add to their charm and grace. Their wonderful and special white color adds to the stunning and majestic appeal associated with Siamese cats.

The Foreign White Siamese cats have a gene that makes their overall coat white, hiding the typical Siamese color points and making their whole coat white. Their White coat is always shiny and luxurious, mostly feeling silky. They come with slender bodies like the other types of classic Siamese cats, triangular ears, and wedge-shaped heads. Foreign White Siamese cats are not as common as other coat colors of Siamese cats. So, to search for one, it must take patience, struggle, and careful research.

The price of Foreign White Siamese can depend on different things like health, age, and genetics. The cost of first pedigreed kittens, with both parents male and female having championship titles, must be a maximum of $5000. The price of Non-pedigreed kittens might be lower ranging from $400 to $1500. If the breeder is reputable and prioritizes health testing, then they must charge between $800 and $3,000. The cheaper cat can be found in animal shelters or adoption centers with a minimum cost of around $200-$500.

The price of a kitten must be higher as compared to an adult white cat. Females are mostly worthy and more expensive than males in some cases. Mostly cost is higher in areas with high demand for white Siamese cats. The regions where just few reputable breeders are available, mostly have a high cost due to limited options.

The development and recognition of Foreign White Siamese cats is a complex and tricky topic. All Siamese kittens start out white in color, including those becoming Foreign White. White cats also show all the point genes, with all white coats at birth. The white kitten grows with the passing of time and experiences changes in body temperature. However, the white kitten’s gene persists keeping their coat consistently white by suppressing point development.

This cat was the result of a special breeding program that began in the 1960s. In the Cat Fanciers’ registries community, there was a debate whether the Foreign White cat is its own separate breed or rather just a color variation in the Siamese breed. Today, some major registries like CFA and TICA recognize white Siamese cats as separate breeds with their own set of standards. Conversely, some other registries such as FIFe and World Cat Federation (WCF) consider white Siamese cats as a color variation within the Siamese.

Foreign White Siamese cats are popular for their snow-white coat and pure milky white fur, which remains a constant white color for their entire lives due to a genetic mutation. These genes are known as dominant white or W genes. Their short fur is fine and sticks close to their bodies, and shine in various shades of white under sunlight.

These white cats have an alluring and sleek physique, enhancing the grace of the breed. They have a wedge-shaped head and long legs, making them appear more alluring with blue eyes, and their long and tapering tail enhances their elegant appearance.

Size & Weight

This cat comes in small to medium-sized bodies. These mini snowballs that come into your life like wonderful magic, bring lots of happiness with their cute and naughty acts. The size of Foreign White Siamese cats is influenced by different factors like neutering/Spaying, diet, genetics and the living environment.

  • Genetics: Some differences in genes among the individual white Siamese cats can influence size.
  • Diet: A cat’s final size can be affected by a proper and perfect diet during its starting growth stages.
  • Neutering/Spaying: Neutering males and spaying females can have a modest effect on a cat’s size.
Height8-10 inches7-9 inches
Length14-18 inches13-17 inches
Weight6-8 kg (13-18 pounds)4-6 kg (9-13 pounds)

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Variation in White Siamese:

White Siamese cats are mostly different from other Siamese cats. They have an extra gene that hides the dark points seen on the paws, ears, face, and tail. These cats are unique because of an extra gene that affects darker areas. You might see a subtle hint of the point gene, resulting in variations in chocolate color.


  • Sun-Kissed Brown
  • Milky Caramel vs. Cocoa Dust
  • Frosted Ivory Mystery


  • The Lynx Point
  • Solid White Siamese
  • Mitted Points

These white fluffy bundles with deep blue eyes are extremely captivating. White Siamese kittens are adorable and innocent. At the very beginning of their growth, kittens come in tiny sizes, with folded ears and closed eyes. They spend a big part of a day napping, and they fully depend on their mothers for feed. After some days, they start opening their eyes and exploring their surroundings with investigating eyes. At that time, they cannot check each corner of their home because they walk unsteadily in the initial days. 

They have a shiny and silky coat in white color, with shiny and curious eyes. White Siamese kittens have slim bodies with long legs, a wedge-shaped head, and triangular ears. These kittens are mostly mischievous and playful. You will always find them playing around you, and entertain you with their cute tricks.

Foreign White Siamese kittens

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Foreign White Siamese cats are typically known as social butterflies. They always seek the attention of their human with cute naughty acts and love to cuddle with their human. White beauties love to go outside like parks and gardens. They are known as chatty cats who talk with their humans and other pets more than many other cat breeds. The favorite hobby of these cats is cuddling with their human and grabbing all the attention and love.

Foreign White Siamese cats are known as high-energy and playful breeds. They easily understand the mood, feelings, and behavior of their humans, and act according to their human’s mood. They love social interaction, and it is always easy to make them wonderfully sociable house pets. They use different sounds to talk like purr, chirps, and meow to express their feelings and needs, and engage their human with these sounds to converse.


These felines are generally known as intelligent breeds. These white cats easily learn small tricks and solve puzzles. Moreover, they quickly learn how to shut and open the doors, cabinets and draws for their favorite meal. They love challenging activities and spark cognitive engagement like playing with balls and laser pointers. These cuties are highly curious, and they investigate each corner of their surroundings.


Curiosity in this breed comes naturally. They express their curiosity and ask questions through vocal communication. They often appear to study their environment with curious eye movements and nodded heads. White Siamese cats are like mini investigators; they explore their surroundings and check each corner. They love figuring little things out and solving mysteries.


Foreign White Siamese cats always showcase their smartness through trainability. They quickly pick up tricks and immediately obey the commands of their human, and mostly make training sessions enjoyable. These snow-white cats are always eager to please their humans by learning small tricks. Interactive toys, laser pointers, and puzzles become amazing exciting learning tools for these clever felines, and make their minds sharp. They always require games and activities to keep their sharp brains busy. They are born hunters by heart, love hiding and finding toys, pretending to stalk.

Behavior with Other Pets

They love the company of other pet animals, especially dogs and rabbits. White Siamese cats are genuinely friendly, being gentle and calm with other pets. They are adaptable and sociable, making strong bonds with their furry partners. Their playful energy adds thrill. Each cat has its unique character and personality. So, you have to slowly introduce your cat to other pets, allowing time for understanding to develop with other pets.

Foreign White Siamese Cat

Here we discuss some popular and interesting facts about White Siamese cats. You will definitely choose this breed to pet after getting inspired by these facts.

Training Wonders

White Siamese cats are intelligent, and always eager to learn tricks, play fetch, and walk on a leash. Keep in mind their learning potential requires patience. They surprise you everyday by doing something new.

Unexpected Water Lovers

They love water, splashing in a shallow pool, making a thrill with running water, or even diving in a bathtub. They are always excited for water activities, and enjoy bathing during the grooming process.

Sun-Kissed Points

Sunlight can slowly make the chocolate point on foreign white beauties darker with the passing of time. So, try to restrict them indoors and only allow them to go outside in the morning or evening.

Grooming them is not difficult, but they require it constantly due to their pure white fur that gets dirty sooner than other Siamese cats. Regular brushing is required for their short fur to reduce shedding and to remove dead hairs. Clean their ears with damp cotton to look attractive after removing wax. Brushing their teeth on a regular basis is necessary to avoid disease. Bathing them once in a month with mild cat shampoo is enough. After bathing them, dry them with a towel or hair dryer on light heat. Trim their nails when needed to prevent discomfort and scratching issues.

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White Siamese cats always require quality food to stay healthy and happy. Make sure 80-90% of their calories come from meat like chicken, fish, lamb. Provide the fat to increase their energy levels. For other healthy options, use omega-3s from fish in their diet. Ensure they stay hydrated by providing them clean, fresh water.

Use cat-healthy ingredients in their diet if you are preparing their food at home. Their food must contain ingredients that are easily digestible for cats. It’s a better idea to hide small treats, and allow them to find and eat these treats. These cats never leave their favorite food in the bowl. Therefore, fill their bowl with a limited amount of food that is enough for them.

Engaging them in games and play is essential, because it works for them as exercise. Provide the laser pointer, toy mice and feathery wand to stimulate their hunting instincts. Provides a cat tree to satisfy their desire to perch high. Set up obstacle courses using boxes and encourage them to jump to test their problem-solving skills. In parks, allow them to run behind birds and hunt insects.

Like any furry cat, White Siamese can sometimes have health considerations, but regular vet checkups, perfect diet, and exercise can make them healthy and live long.

White Siamese cats are a unique addition to the Siamese family with no marking on their faces, tails, paws and ears. They are considered as a separate cat breed by some organizations. People know them for their amazing and attractive appearance.

These cats can stay alone for some time, when they have their toys and interesting things to do. When they feel tired and stop playing, they start getting bored and scared if left alone for a long time.

White Siamese fur is mostly sun-sensitive, so shade and indoor snuggles are best for them during peak sunlight hours. Allow them to go outdoors only in the morning and evening.

Yes, they genuinely adapt well to apartment living, but in apartments they require huge space to jump, climb, and chase toys.

Foreign White Siamese cats are alluring and graceful cats known for their outstanding appearance and sociable and playful nature. They may have a unique nature, enjoying water and being gentle with kids and other pets. Their daily care involves regular grooming, lots of love, cuddles, and a suitable diet. These cats can make amazing low-shedding companions for families. They add happiness and a lot of joy to your life with cute looks.

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