Black Maine Coon Cat

Black Maine Coon

The black Maine coon cat is most beautiful, attractive and one of the largest cat in the world. In western region, most people consider good luck when a black coon cat comes in front of their path while people in the East think they are unlucky when any black-colored cat crosses the road in front of them. These cats belong to the state of Maine in the United States.

The black coon cat comes in different colors as well such as shaded/smoke, solid, bi-color, white color, and shaded smoke. Black Maine coon is still people’s favorite and most people love to choose Maine coon of black color and want to keep them as pets.

They look more astonishing in the dark because of their eyes. Black Maine coon shiny eyes look more elegant in the dark room where you can’t see their body due to their color, but their shiny eyes would surely capture your heart. Black Maine coon cats are amazingly large, and they have an easygoing nature. There are many colors of Maine coon cats but black coon cat looks very attractive as compared to other colors of Maine coon.

These black colored cats would be a good choice if you are planning to adopt or buy a Maine coon. Apart from their charming looks, they are smart and intelligent as well. They pick things in their mind very easily. These black cats are also known to be companion cats which means they feel sad when no one is near them, especially their owner. You ought to spend more time with them because they need a lot of attention and love to grow well.

The Appearance of Black Maine Coon Cats:

The black coon cats are in four different colors including shaded/smoke, solid, bi-color, white color, and shaded smoke. They have big size and an astonishing look. We can find around 26 teeth in a black Maine coon kitten and 30 in a young cat. Make sure to give them a toothbrush every day. Whiskers of a black coon cat are also black.

Black Maine Coon Size

As we already mentioned, theys are large as compared to other cat breeds. The height of a black coon cat is around 11 to 16 inches and could reach 40 inches in length. Their weight is between 11 and 18 pounds.

Their chests are wide and broad, black coon cat is also known as a muscular cat breed. Female cats are smaller than the male ones, and it is natural in almost all creatures.

Measurements Size
Height 11-16 inches (28-41 cm)
Length 30-40 inches (76-101 cm)
Weight 5-8 Kg (11-18 lbs.)

Black Maine Coon Shape

Like all other Maine Coons, the black Maine coon are in rectangular body shape, their paws are even larger than their whole body size. Due to their body shape, they look like muscular cats. The male Maine coon has a larger body appearance than the female Maine coon.

Black Maine Coon Eyes

Black Maine coon have shiny eyes which look more beautiful in the darkness. Their eyes are large and almond-shaped. When black Maine coon are born, their eyes are blue but after that when they become an adult cat they appear in different eye colors including yellow, orange, amber, gold, and copper. If you are the owner of a black Maine coon, make sure to save your cat eyes from dust because it can cause infections and eye problems in your cat. Such as myopia, strabismus etc.

4 Patterns of Maine Coon in Black Color:

The black Maine coon cats are classified into four different color Patterns.

Shaded Black Maine coon

It is a variety of black Maine coon cats. When the tips of the fur of a Maine coon are darker than the shaft, the Maine coon cat is shaded. The effect of shaded is established due to the interaction of genes that are associated with tabby patterns.

Shaded Black Maine Coon Cat

Solid Black Maine Coon

Solid Black Maine Coon Cat

Most people would love to get the full black color of a Maine coon, solid black coon cat have full dark black color coats from their head to toe. Just keep them in a dark room where there is no light, and you will surely get attracted to their shiny eyes which shine even more in a dark room where their whole body is not visible, you can just see their eyes.

Black Smoke Maine Coon

This type of Maine coon has white roots and paler. Their neck ruffs and ear tufts are in silver color. When you are going to buy or adopt black smoke Maine coon, make sure to identify them carefully. Be sure to check their fur color, when they stand without moving, their fur color would be solid black. If they move, their fur should be black and gray.

4 Months old Maine Coon kitten

Bi-color Black Maine coon

Bi Color Black Maine Coon

Bi-color Maine coon cat is a mixture of both black and white. The face color of the bi-colored Maine coon is partially white as well. Apart from their paws, bib, and belly, other parts of the bi-colored Maine coon are black. You can easily recognize these cats by knowing their body parts’ color.

Black Maine Coon Personality:

If we talk about their personalities, they are calm, sociable, and friendly cats. These cats enjoy interaction with kids, their owners, and other pets as well. They are loyal cats and will never leave their owner. Black Maine coon love to play games with their owner, even after becoming an adult cat.


Black Maine coon cats are known as well-mannered cats. These cats are very adjustable, so they can adjust in every environment where their owner keeps them.  They feel happy to spend time in playing with kids and other pets. You should consider them when you are willing to adopt a cat because these cats are loyal by their nature. Black coon cats will never misbehave with their owners if they get good care and grooming. When you call them, black Maine coon cats will immediately come to you.


Black coon cats are very smart and intelligent. They are quick learners too, it would be convenient if you train black Maine coon cats according to your needs. These cats are family pets, but they can perform most of the other activities as well.

Black Maine coon cats are smart enough to take care of your home while you are not at home. They are also good at hunting, sometimes they find food for themselves. If you have lost any important thing in your home, give them a chance to find your things, they will surely find your important things.


Black Maine coon cats have very high temperament, they are always calm and composed. All they want is to get your love and attention. Sometimes people are angry and start shouting at them, but their quality is that they remain calm and relaxed even in bad situations. These cats are very sensible and gentle by their nature. Due to their calm and composed nature, most people are willing to keep these cats as their pets.

Training of Black Maine Coon:

Training is very important for every pet and if you are the owner of a black coon cat then it’s your responsibility to train them. There are different methods of training, it depends on you how you train your cat. Make sure to give them training according to your purposes and their intelligence level.

Most of the time people force their cat to train when they don’t want to get training. Your attitude matters a lot in black Maine coon training. They might feel exhausted during the training process so don’t forget to give them a break.

Be sure to train your cat with positive reinforcement methods and avoid negative reinforcement methods such as punishment. Try to give your black cat a reward when they do something amazing in training. This reward will surely boost their energy level, and they might continue training for a longer time.

Grooming of Black Maine Coon:

Grooming of black Maine coon cats such as their teeth brushing, bathing after every week and hair brushing of silky and amazing hair of your cat is very essential to keep them neat and clean. These cats also want to live clean and black Maine coon might get aggressive if you become lazy in their day-to-day grooming. You have to be conscious about their coat hair, you can’t give them any used brush, bring a good hairbrush for their hair brushing.

Professional groomers are there to groom your black Maine coon cat, but you also can groom them by yourself. Bring all branded and quality products that professional groomers use for grooming cats including nail cutters for trimming their nails, hair shampoo, conditioner, hairbrush, cat toothpaste, and a toothbrush. After getting these all products, you don’t need a professional groomer for your black Maine coon cat, you can do that by yourself.

Price of Black Maine Coon:

As we know, the black color of Maine coon is highly demanded by cats. If anyone gets a chance to buy a black Maine coon, they would be ready to buy at an expensive price. Meanwhile, the price of a black Maine coon highly depends on many factors like their age, health and shapes etc. The price of Maine coon can go up and down because it highly depends on breeders.

If you are good at negotiating, you might get a black Maine coon at a lower price using your skills during negotiation. There are some factors that you must have to consider when you are going to buy a black Maine coon.

Price of Black Kitten

The price of a black kitten should be between $1500 and $3000. Black Maine coon kitten prices are cheaper because they are around 5 to 10 weeks or newly born. They are also not trained well, breeders didn’t invest a lot of money in their diet so that’s why you could buy these kittens in less amount.

Price of Adult Black Cat

The cost of an adult cat can be between $1200 and $3500 in online cat markets. It may be expensive as compared to black kitten, but you will get a properly groomed and well-trained cat. You just have to maintain their training and grooming because they are already familiar with all these things.

Price of Mixed Breed Black Cat

You can get a mixed breed of black Maine coon for a very low price, it can be around $300 to $1000 which is way cheaper than other black Maine coon cats. It might cost less, if you adopt these cats rather than buying from breeders.

How to Buy a Black Maine Coon:

If you are going to buy or adopt a black coon cat, make sure to get it from a well-known breeder. Some people just sell their cats without having any information about them. These kinds of people might fool you by giving another cat breed to you. There are also many online cat markets where you can buy a genuine black Maine coon cat. You can adopt black Maine coon cats from other owners who don’t have time to take care of their cats.

If you have decided to get a coon cat then you must read about the questions to ask before buying a Maine coon. It is also suggested to get a Maine coon only from a breeder with good reputation and registered with CFA or TICA.


Although black coon cats are attractive and charming cats, they are one of the most famous and easy-to-find cats.

The black Maine coon can grow up to 16 inches tall and their maximum length would be 40 inches. They have a muscular body and their maximum weight can go up to 18 pounds.

It’s very easy to identify black Maine coon cats, their size will be large, they have black coats and fur, and their eyes are shiny and blue when they are newly born. You can check their ears and neck to recognize them.

Black Maine coon are very smart and intelligent cats as compared to normal cats. They can play different games and could open the door for their owner’s guests.

When black Maine coon is born, their eyes are blue but after some, their eyes color changes. It’s very rare to see an adult black Maine coon cat with blue eyes.


So here we discussed the black Maine coon cat in detail. We discussed all their color variations, personality and their price in detail. They capture every body’s attention due to their attractive look. Solid black cat is more shining and beautiful. We hope that you are now fall in love with black Maine Coons and will definitely go to get one.

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