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Flame Point Siamese

Flame Point Siamese cats are the same cats that are called as Red Point Siamese, and it is the most rare and unique color in the Siamese breed. These cats got popularity due to their unique and rare color. Although these felines are rare and not as available as other Siamese cats, still can be found all around the world. People never reject these cats if they found an opportunity to pet this breed.

These cats have a unique charm and an attractive look that catches the attention of the people. These beautiful cats are known by different names in the world; in England, these cats are called Red Point Siamese, and in some parts of USA, these felines are known as Color Point shorthair. But majority of people call them as Flame Point Siamese. Whatever the name is, they always attract people towards themselves, as they are known for their appearance, not for name.

Flame Point Siamese cat

Development and Recognition of Flame Point Siamese:

Nobody was familiar to red color pointed colors in Siamese breed before 1930s. These cats were developed in UK, and represent a relatively new type of Siamese breed

. Their development is still a mystery, but it is said that red color in Siamese was acquired from the Himalayan breed. Probably, specialized Siamese breeders did selective pairing and breeding of cats that result in the red color in Siamese. A special change in the genes may also have occurred to create a red Siamese. Whatever they did to create it, we have a unique and special color in this breed to see.

Different cat registration organizations are divided in the recognition of this color in Siamese breed. Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) recognized it as a separate breed named “Color-Point Shorthair”, while the other bodies describe it as a color variant of Siamese breed. Australian Cat Federation call them Red-Point cats. All the organizations use the term “red point” rather than “flame point”.

Price of a Flame Point Siamese:

Rarity of these felines makes them expensive and difficult to find. You have to spend around $2500 to $5000 to own it. Although it’s a huge amount, but still many people are crazy to own at least one of them. You would be the luckiest person if you find a Red Siamese in an animal shelter or adoption center, from where you can own it within $500.

Size of Red Point Siamese:

Size may vary from individual to individual, but generally, their size is similar to all the other Siamese cats. They grow fast as compared to other breeds, and normally become an adult after one year of their birth. They also reach their full size within a year. Below table shows the average size of Red Point Siamese:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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Red Siamese cats have the same pointed colors on their face, paws, tail, and ears as other Siamese, but in red color. Sometimes, this pointed color can also be seen as orange or gold. All the other body parts have creamy or white color coat. Their striking blue eyes make them more attractive and beautiful, and their shorter fur makes them easy to groom. The color of their nose, paw pads and eye rims would be pink, and also, you may also see some striping on their face, especially in Lynx Point cats. The Lynx Point in red is the rarest pattern in Red Siamese cats.

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Variation of Red Color in Siamese:

Red or flame color can be seen in different patterns in Siamese. All patterns give them a beautiful and attractive appearance. People prefer their favorite pattern in red color to pet, but usually, they need a lot of efforts to find their desired pattern in red due to its rarity. Below are three different variants of Flame point Siamese.

  • Normal Red Point Siamese
  • Red Tabby or Lynx Point Siamese
  • Red Tortie Point Siamese

Please note that all the above mentioned Red variants are also known as Flame.

Flame Point Siamese Kitten:

The kittens of a Red Point Siamese are always born with complete white body. Their ears and eyes are closed and they fully depend on their mother. It is necessary to keep them warm and in a comfortable, calm place. They open their eyes a few days after their birth, and start exploring their surroundings, but their red pointed color takes several months to develop.

Red Point Siamese kitten

Initially, the lighter red color appears on their face, paws, ears and tail, and turns into dark with the passage of time. The body temperature also affects their color intensity; the warmer body parts have lighter, while the other body parts show darker colors. It means it would be a fun to have a Siamese pet.

Interesting Facts:

These felines are favorite choice of the people throughout the world, and it is necessary to discuss the interesting facts about these cats to highlight their importance. Some fact about them differentiate them from the other breeds. Some interesting factors influencing their popularity are as below:

They are born White

The newborn kittens are fully white in color, and there are no color points on their bodies. The pointed color appears after some time. Due to this feature, it’s not possible to recognize their color and pattern at the time of their birth. So, if you want to buy a Siamese in Red, consider to get a 3 to 4 months old kitten instead of a newborn.

They Change their Color

Within a few weeks of their birth, the kittens start to show a distinct color-point pattern because their bodies start to produce melanin on the cooler body parts. Initially, the pointed color is lighter that becomes darker as their age increase. Furthermore, their body temperature also affects their color, resulting in darker colors on cooler body parts and lighter colors on warmer body parts.

They are Rare

This color is extremely rare in Siamese among all the color variants. Even some people still doubt about their existence. If anyone wants to get one, they have to do a lot of struggle to find a red Siamese. Some breeders may request you to wait for a long time to buy one from them because people make advance bookings of the kittens.

Majority of them are Male

The most interesting fact about them is that more than 75% of Flame Point Siamese are male. This color is already rare and it is almost impossible to find a female red Siamese cat. Their availability in male gender is relatively easier than finding the female.

Personality of Red Point Siamese:

Luckily, these feline are noticed as more friendly than the other breeds. They are also called dog-like felines due to their following instinct in the entire house. They like human companionship more than other types of Siamese breed. If they don’t find their human around them, they may become vocal and anxious, and roam here and there to find them. Below are some key personality features.


These felines are very intelligent, and can sense their humans’ mood to act accordingly. They behave with you according to your mood, and please you with their sweet meows. They immediately follow your orders and won’t disappoint you. Their intelligence can be seen in their every move and activity, even in playing with toys.


The Siamese breed is known for its curiosity, and therefore, Red Point Siamese are also considered as one of the most curious cats. When something happens in front of them, you will notice curiosity on their face like they are thinking “how it happens”. Exploring instinct also shows their curiosity. You must bring some toys and games, keeping in mind their curiosity.

Behavior with Other Pets

Overall, the behavior of these felines with other pets at home is good, and they enjoy their time playing with other pets. But sometimes, they may show their superiority to them, seems like they are telling them “you are living in my house; I’m not living in your house”. To maintain their superiority, they may behave aggressively even in front of dogs.


Training an intelligent cat breed is always easy, and flame point Siamese is one of them. Their training starts mostly after the 1st month of their birth and continues until they reach adulthood. Basic things like, usage of litterbox, obeying their human’s commands should be taught to them first. Some things they learn on their own, and others you have to teach them. But it is easier to train them, so don’t be worried about it.

Red Siamese cat

Important thing is to use a positive approach when training them. As discussed earlier, they learn somethings from you on their own. So, always behave positively in front of them, treat them with love and don’t punish them if they do something wrong. If you adopt negative approach to train them, you may face difficulties regarding their behavior in the future.


A protein rich diet is essential for their good health, but vitamins and minerals should also be included in a specific amount. The diet must contain at least 25% protein in it. Provide them a small piece of meat like turkey, tuna, chicken or beef. A healthy diet guarantees the health of your feline and keeps them active. Always use a food that is specifically formulated for the Siamese breed.

Furthermore, provide them both, wet and dry food. Wet food can help your cat to get rid of dandruff and constipation. It adds moisture to their bodies and play a significant role in their healthcare. Dry food is also essential for your feline as it helps them in diarrhea and loose stools.


Grooming is always important, but it’s not difficult for Red Point Siamese. These are shorthair cats, and don’t require combing, brushing or cutting on a daily basis. You just brush their hair whenever you have a free time to remove dead hairs from their bodies. There is very little chance of hairballs creation on their bodies due to their short fur.

Other things in grooming like, bathing, teeth brushing, and nail trimming should be done in routine. These things are also not much difficult for Red Point Siamese as compared to some other breeds. Their friendly nature keeps them calm during grooming, so, it’s much easier to groom them.


Flame Point Siamese have an athletic body structure that makes the physically active. Daily routine exercising can help to reduce potential health issues in them. Climbing trees and curtains, chasing laser light and running behind their prey are joyful activities for them. You should bring cat trees and chasing toys for their exercise purpose. Also, ensure a 30 minutes outdoor walk daily under your supervision.


These cats may face some health issues just like other cat breeds, but have a higher risk of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). They may lose their eye-sight gradually due to this inherent problem.

Some blue-eyed cat breeds may have a less hearing ability than other, but Red Siamese don’t. Their hearing ability is awesome, and these cats cannot be called a deaf.

Yes, these cats change their colors. They are born in white color and pointed colors on their tail, paws, ears and face appear after some time, and gradually become darker with their age. Body temperature also affects their coloration.

These cats are recognized as chatty cats and it won’t be a surprise if they meow a lot. They are one of the most talkative cat breeds and meow frequently to get attention or communicate with their humans.

Yes, all the Flame Point Siamese have blue eyes. Actually, the Siamese breed has two unique features, their pointed colors and striking blue eyes.


Siamese cats are available in many colors, but red is a unique and rarest among all of them. It is challenging to get one of them, but not impossible. Their unique appearance attracts people towards them, and they become popular due to their blue eyes. They are known as chatty cats because they meow more than many other cat breeds. Their quick learning ability makes them easy to train and grooming is also not very difficult due to their short hair. These Flame Point Siamese are rare and expensive, but high in demand. Generally, they are one of the most popular cats worldwide.

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