Siamese kitten

Siamese Kitten

Siamese kittens are known for their adorable and unique personality. They are slim with a short coat and darker markings on their face, paws, ears, and tail. They are famous for their striking blue eyes which are shaped like almonds and for their chatty nature. They often meow loudly to gain the attention of their human and to express themselves. These kittens create beautiful strong bonds with their people, they enjoy when the people are around them. They are an intelligent, social, curious, and playful breed.

Siamese cats are also loyal to their humans, and quick to respond to their human emotions. They love to relax in warm and comfy places. These affectionate cat breeds were first shown in England in the 1870s. The United States first showed these cute kittens in the early 1900s.

If you want to know the facts about Siamese kittens, and how they are different from other cat breeds.? What is their behavior? How much do they live?  How can they be trained? Their nature and their demands, you will get all the basic guides about the kitten of a Siamese cat in this article. After reading this article you will be able to grow your kitten into a good-mannered, and trained cat.

What to Expect from a Siamese Kitten:

kittens of Siamese cat

First, you will have an intelligent friend, curious, and might be vocal because they can express themselves by meowing and making noise. They are also known as talkative cats. They are playful, energetic and love to explore their surroundings. They learn very quickly and are easy to prepare and socialize. These kittens bring lots of happiness, entertainment, and joy to your home. After petting them, they will be anti-depression for you with their cute movements and naughtiness. When they grow, they need mental and physical stimulation and social interaction to stay excited.  Before bringing them fulfill their basic needs like providing a safe, loving, comfortable environment for them to live at your place.

1. Temperament

Siamese cats and kittens have special temperaments. These cats are extremely adoring, and connected to their humans. They love to embrace their family members, and are active, smart and playful. They are good at learning tricks. In the time of childhood, they require full attention, playtime, and socialization. They are the best pets to keep indoors for their protection. They are known for being quite vocal and chat with their humans. They need proper attention and care to grow. They love to play and spend their time with their owner. They feel anxious when they are left alone for a long time.

If they feel neglected, they will act like attention-seeking behavior. Sometimes they might be aggressive with other pets. Sometimes they can be “feed aggressive” if they are not provided pet feed. If you have multiple cats or pets make a perfect schedule for giving them food. If they are attached to their human, then they can be sensitive after changing their environment. They feel secure with their humans and overly attached to their humans, if they separate from their humans they might be aggressive or scared.

2. Trainability

3. Growth Rate

Siamese kittens grow very fast, reaching their full size of about 8 to 12 pounds by the age of 1 year. They are relatively known for being the fastest-growing cat breed. Each cat is different; some kittens grow fast while the others grow slowly. However, the weight of kittens is significantly influenced by factors such as overall health, genetics, age and diet. Here we provide a table below to give a general idea about expected weight at each age.

2-4 Weeks2 Ounces and are about 3 inches long
6-8 Weeks1 Pound and are about 6 inches long
12-14 Weeks3 Pounds and are about 9 inches long
16-20 Weeks5 Pounds and are about 12 inches long
24-26 Weeks7 Pounds and are about 15 inches long

4. Grooming

Siamese kittens have short silky fur, and need moderate grooming. Brushing their coats must be done once a week to prevent their fur from tangling and to reduce hair loss. For the Siamese, the brush must be soft.  Clean their nails regularly and after one week trim their nails with a cat nail clipper. Be aware not to cut the nail too short, this can be painful and irritating for them. Clean their ears with cotton balls or cotton buds to get rid of ear wax. The cotton must be dipped in a medicated pet ear-cleaning solution.

Bathing regularly is not a must for Siamese kittens, they are generally good at self-bathing. If you feel they are dirty, then you bathe them once a month. For their overall health, it is important to brush their teeth, pay attention to their eyes by cleaning them and using eye drops, ensuring their comprehensive well-being.

Siamese kittens require less grooming due to their short fur, and they can keep themselves neat and clean. However, You should still keep an eye on their cleanliness, and generally, they will not disturb you during grooming.

5. Playfulness

Siamese kittens are known for their activeness and playfulness. Their playfulness and naughty nature bring happiness and joy to both the cat and its human. They are always ready to play with full energy. They love to play with toys, and puzzles that engage their minds. When you bring a Siamese cat or kitten into your home, you have to bring their toys and balls for them.

You need to furnish them with plenty of opportunities to play and keep them busy. This will maintain them intellectually and physically fit, making them happy. They love games like playing fetch, interacting with toys, wrestling with other pets, chasing balls and strings, and climbing cat trees or scratching posts.

6. Good With Other Pets

They have relatively good behavior with other pets, including dogs. They love to socialize and make fun of having company. It must be important to introduce new pets to this kitten slowly, and always keep an eye on them when they are with each other. With a perfect introduction and gradual socialization, positive and cute relationships with other pets can be beneficial for them.

Your furry friend can be a good friend to other pets. Sometimes, they wrestle with other pets, but only for fun and joy. They don’t hurt them due to their physically active nature.

7. Family Friendly

Siamese cats are super cool and great for families. They love to invest their energy with their owners and other family members. They are loyal, affectionate and make great friends with both kids and adults alike. They receive love, attention, and care from the entire family. They know how to get attention and love from all family members. Not only that, but they become like family, not just pets; Siamese kittens love being part of a loving family.

Furthermore, they will respond to your love with affection, and entertain you with their mischief. In short, a Siamese kitten would be a wonderful and pretty addition to your family.

8. Eating Habits

They require a healthy and high-quality feed. They need regular expert cat food, but a good quality, balanced diet is necessary to keep them healthy.  Follow the food guidelines exactly, and provide them feed according to the guidelines, and also avoid overfeeding. They need two to three times food per day, so provide them a little amount of food each time.

Provide them with fresh water which is essential for every livelihood.  They also need some other variety of feeds like; dry fruits, raw foods, and wet foods. They Require protein like; chicken or fish, beef, lamb, and dairy products (such as yogurt and cheese).

In general, Siamese kittens are food lovers. They eat a lot if allowed. So feed them the perfect quantity of food each time, and don’t be surprised if they eat very fast.

9. Declawing

It is the situation in which a cat’s claws are removed. Declawing is the most painful procedure which is done to get rid of scratching of furniture or people, and climbing the walls. There are many humane alternatives to removing the claws: such as trimming your cat’s nails on a daily basis or providing them with scratching surfaces. Consult your vet for secure painless ways to handle the scratching behavior.

Siamese kittens, like all other kittens, naturally have an instinct to scratch. Your kitten can scratch your furniture or any other thing. So take measures to address your kitten’s natural instinct of scratching in a safe and painless way.

10. Vaccination

For keeping your cat healthy, vaccination is the most important part to do. It protects them from various diseases that can be unhealthy to your pet.  Vaccination protects your pet from different dangerous diseases. They need to be vaccinated against rabies, FVRCP, and FeLV. Kittens must be vaccinated at 6-8 weeks old, and the young must be vaccinated every 1-3 years.

Behavior of a Siamese kitten varies from individual to individual during vaccination. Some kittens show their curiosity and consider a veterinary visit as a way of exploration. While the others feel stressed and anxious during the vaccination process. Such kittens resist during the vaccination process and vocally protest to express their discomfort.

11. Chatty

The Siamese breed, as mentioned earlier, is very vocal. They are popular for their talkative nature and enjoy having “chats” with their owner. They do not hesitate to express themselves by making meows and noise. Their communicating nature makes them more charming. They respond to their humans when they communicate with them. They can be vocal when they feel scared or feel something wrong happening around them or their human.

If you prefer a quiet environment and are sensitive to noise, Siamese cats and kittens may not be suitable for you. And if you like a charming pet in your house, then there is no better cat than Siamese.

Siamese Kitten

12. Demanding

They are demanding because they love attention. They can be annoying to get their human’s attention or love. They may beg for food at the dining tables, so establish boundaries and stick to them when you are eating. Offer your feline a lot of love and attention to make them happy. Gently and calmly, you can manage the demanding nature of your Siamese kitten and build a strong bond with them.

These kittens always become happy when you do something that they expect from you. They want love, so give them love, they ask for food, give them some food. They want to play, give them some time to play with you. But be sure to prevent their habits from deteriorating.


Yes, they are considered lucky in different cultures. In most Asian countries, they believe that the Siamese cat is lucky for them to bring wealth, good luck, and protection. In the Thai language, they are called “Moon Diamonds”. They are also known for good luck in Thai culture.

They do not require special treatment, but they are attention seekers; they enjoy attention and playtime due to their social, curious, and playful nature. They enjoy their strong bond with their humans.

Some Siamese kittens might act possessive and touchy when they feel other pets can snatch their bond with humans. But they are not a naturally jealous breed.

Yes, they cry at night, when they feel scared or lonely, seek attention, are stressed, or have some medical issues. To determine why they are crying, engage in play with them, create a cozy sleep space, and check their health.

To stop excessive meowing in your Siamese kitten: adhere to a feeding schedule, use interactive toys, play with them for more time during the day and create a comfortable sleeping spot.


So, now we know that when we bring the Siamese kitten to our home, what we expect to face, their habits, and their grooming nature. We have explained the nature of the Siamese kitten. What they love or what they don’t. How they can be trained and what is their trainability level. When and why they cry, and the determining the reason like hunger, pain or loneliness.

It is clear how to groom them by brushing their hair, teeth and cleaning their ears and nails. Declawing is a painful procedure; however, there are other procedures like trimming the nails. Vaccination is essential for their good health and how they behave during the vaccination process. We can consider owning a Siamese kitten with the expectations explained in this article.

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