White British Shorthair Cat

White British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is an amazing and wonderful cat breed appreciated for its distinctive features and personality traits, and white is the most attractive color this breed. White British Shorthair is highly regarded by cat enthusiasts due to its attractiveness and charming personality. These cats have a rich history, showing that they have been loved by people for a long time. These white beauties enhance beauty of your house by sitting anywhere in your house, like cute decoration pieces. They are adorable, cute and look like an innocent companion doing little playful activities for your pleasure inside your home.

The calm and friendly behavior of White British Shorthairs, without being so touchy, adds more value to their popularity. These cats don’t like sitting on their human’s lap or being always around them, making them perfect for busy persons. They do not interfere in your routine and restrict themselves to live in their own. But still, you can cuddle and love them when you need because of their high intelligence levels and calm, friendly nature. These cats never mind living with other pets at home, and also remain calm with kids and toddlers, another of their best personality trait.

White British Shorthair Cat and Kittens

As we know, British Shorthair breed has an old history “probably 2000 years old” in existence, but people became familiar with them in the 18th century. These cats were found only in gray or blue coat colors. After World War (II), this breed was near to extinction, and people bred the remaining British Shorthairs with other cat breeds including Persians, French Chartreux, and Russian Blues. Probably, other colors including white, were a result of this successful breeding. Nowadays, these cats are available in a variety of colors due to selective breeding and genetic mutation.

Although it’s one of the oldest cat breed, cat registration bodies took much time to officially recognize it. The official recognition of this breed started with the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) in 1967. Later on, The International Cat Association (TICA) recognized it in 1979, and Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) did so in 1980. White is an officially accepted color in this breed with strictly described standards. Big cat organizations register only those cats that meet their described standards.

Below are two basic requirements to register your White British Shorthair with cat registration bodies:

  • Coat color should be pure white (any other shade in their coat color will not be accepted)
  • Eye color should be deep blue, gold or copper

The White British Shorthair price is variable, and depends on different factors like cat’s age, appearance, pedigree and overall health. Breeder’s location and reputation play vital role in determining the price. Another factor increasing their price is their rarity. Normally, $2500 to $3500 for an adult and $1500 to $3000 would be enough amount to get a White British feline. If you find a White British cat in an animal shelter or adoption center, you would be lucky to get it within $50 to $400, but it’s a rare chance.

These cats can capture your attention from a distance because of their graceful and alluring appearance. Their white coat color itself attracts you towards them, and other charming features further enhance their attraction. These smart cats have medium to large sized bodies with short fur, big and round faces, and long tails. Its body can be described as “muscular” due to its big size and strength. Their strong legs support them to hunt effectively. Their noses and paw pads always come in pinkish tone, which beautifully contrast with their coat color.

These cats have round eyes bigger than some other cat breeds. The eye color can be different from individual to individual. Normally, they have blue, copper, or golden colored eyes. You may also find a white cat with different eye colors in both eyes. Having different colors in both eyes is quite normal in White British Shorthairs. Their white, silky fur shines in the sunlight and grabs attention of the people around them. But don’t allow them to stay in sunlight for too long, as it may lead them to some skin issues.

Size & Weight

The British Shorthair breed is a healthy and muscular breed, which means it can gain more weight than normal breeds like Siamese. There could be a small difference in the size and weight of two cats of same age. Such differences can be caused by factors like their living environment, diet, activeness, and pedigree. The average size is mentioned in the below table:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Weight9-17 pounds (4.1-7.7 kg)7-12 pounds (3.2-5.4 kg)
Height10-12 inches (25-30 cm) 9-11 inches (23-28 cm)
Length18-20 inches (46-51 cm) 16-18 inches (41-46 cm)

The White British Shorthair kittens are more cute and attractive than the adult cats. These kittens come into the world with folded ears and closed eyes. Their mother and humans are responsible for their care in initial days. The kittens need warmth after their birth witch their mother provides, and humans use incubator for this purpose. The real charm and fun begin with their exploration of surroundings after 1st week, when they open their eyes. Their eye color could change with age, but fur remains white.

White British Shorthair Kitten

It would be the best choice to get a kitten instead of an adult White British Shorthair. Establishing ideal and strong bonds is much easier with kittens as compared to adult cats. Furthermore, you can teach your kitten anything according to your needs. White British Shorthair kittens are more playful than adult felines, so, you will always find them doing some activities to entertain you. Overall, these kittens can become an important part of your family, creating unforgettable memories.

The personality of these cats can be described as calm, gentle and friendly without being so touchy. Unlike some other breeds, the British Shorthair cats live on their own, and don’t interfere in their owner’s matters. They are loved for their calmness and gentle behavior. Below are some of their common personality traits:


The intelligence level of these white cats is impressive, making them easy to train. These cats entertain their humans with learning tricks, and their high intelligence skills enable them to learn quickly. These cats can save your time with quickly learning things you want.

Affectionate Nature

Despite their independent demeanor, these cats are affectionate and friendly too. They allow you to love and cuddle them whenever you want. They don’t sit on your lap or anywhere around you, but they also don’t resist when you pick them up in your hands, and remain calm. Their affection is also for the little kid in your home. These cats show their love for your kids through licking and caring for them.


The White British Shorthair cats are always curious for their surroundings, and keep themselves updated with happenings around them. Their curiosity starts when they open their eyes after birth, and continues until their death. If you bring a new toy for them, they start watching it with curious eyes, explore it, and then start playing with it after their satisfaction. Their outdoor walks are also full of explorations with curiosity, and may entertain you by exploring trees, birds and other new things in parks.

Behavior with Other Pets & Kids

The White British Shorthair cats are wonderful companions of other pets at home. In fact, if you already have a cat, dog or even chickens in your backyard, British Shorthair is the best feline to get along with them. These cats feel okay with all other pets, and enjoy their company in a nice way. You should be comfortable to leave them alone with your other pets, but it’s better to keep an eye on them to handle any potential dispute between them.

If there are some interesting things and facts associated with a specific breed, then these facts play a key role in the popularity and success of that breed. Luckily, there are many facts attached with the White British Shorthair. Some major interesting facts are discussed below:

They are extremely rare

Petting a rare cat type is a symbol of royalty and wealth. All colors in British Shorthair breed, except blue or gray, are rare. If you get a chance to pet a White British Shorthair, never miss it. These cats are available only in few numbers. Their rarity is explained by experts, telling us that only 5% of British Shorthairs are white.

Popularity in the United Kingdom

This breed is quite popular throughout the world, but its popularity in UK is undefinable. According to Cat Fanciers’, most cat enthusiasts in UK prefer to pet a British Shorthair in their homes. And truly, there is no reason not to pet a British Shorthair. These charming and wonderful cats earned a special place in the heart of the residents of Britain with their ideal personality and teddy bear-like appearance.

Special Status in Culture

This breed is highly appreciated in cultural and social events. Many blockbuster movies and TV Shows have featured this cat breed. “The Cheshire Cat” character in the movie “Alice in Wonderland” was played by a British Shorthair. Fictional character “Puss and boots” is also based on British Shorthair. These cats are discussed in many other stories and movies, highlighting their importance in culture.

World Record Holder

The most amazing and interesting fact is that this breed holds a World Record of the loudest purr. Smoky, a British Shorthair achieved this milestone in 2011, and held this record until 2015. The purr was recorded at 67.7 decibels.

White British Shorthair Bathing

A British Shorthair cat is always easy to groom, but if it’s a white cat, it needs more attention in grooming due to its silky, white fur. White cats tend to get dirty sooner than cats of other colors. Therefore, their grooming requirements are also high, but not as much as the other long-haired cats. Give your white British Shorthair a bath if it looks dirty, and clean it using cat-friendly shampoo. These cats love water and would not disturb you during bathing. Handle your cat gently with soft hands, clean it with towel and dry its fur with hairdryer.

Take special care of their beautiful eyes by cleaning them with soft and sanitized cloth or cotton ball. Ears should also be cleaned by removing wax. Brush their teeth regularly to reduce any potential dental disease in your cat. These cats are easy-going and enjoy grooming, but nail trimming can be challenging, as some cats don’t like it. But it’s necessary to save your furniture from scratches. Be polite and give your cat some time to relax if it is resisting against nail trimming.

A healthy and well-prepared food in exact amount is basic right of your cat. The White British Shorthair cats are generally healthy and strong cats who need more protein and other nutrients. A branded food should be preferred that is specially made for the British Shorthair breed. If you can’t afford, use chicken, beef, fish or turkey meat to make their food at home. Small treats also encourage them to eat, which is good for their health.

Wet and dry foods are equally important, and should be provided regularly. Wet food plays its role in keeping them hydrated and maintaining you cat’s skin moisture. Dry food also plays its role in maintaining your cat’s dental health. These cats always wait for their mealtime, and become happy when they see their meal coming. So, never disappoint them by providing them food they don’t like.

These cats remain calm and relaxed most of the time, which can lead them to obesity. So, keep your cat active and healthy by bringing some games and toys for them. Encourage them when they engage in different physical activities. Try to play with them for some time as it will motivate them to do something new. Take them to a pet park on weekends and allow them to climb, jump on trees and run behind birds. Many physical problems can be reduced by keeping them physically active.

Yes, it’s extremely rare color in British shorthair, and it would be a challenging task to find them. Only 5% of British Shorthairs come in white color. There are a few breeders breeding white British cats.

Yes, White British Shorthair cats are the most beautiful and attractive on earth. Their eyes beautifully contrast with their coats and enhance their beauty. These cats are famous for their round faces, resembling teddy bears.

The White British Shorthair cats spend most of their day in relaxing. It’s normal for them to sleep around 12 to 16 hours. They may sleep more than average, but these cats shouldn’t be allowed to do this.

White British Shorthairs are generally quiet and remain calm most of the day. But if they need something or want your attention, they use their sweet and soft meows to communicate their message.

Yes, White British Shorthair cats are excellent hunters. In fact, they were kept only for hunting purpose in farmhouses in 19th century. They enjoy hunting mice and other small animals, and their strong, muscular bodies help them to hunt effectively.

White color in British Shorthair cats is the most beautiful and amazing addition to this breed. Nobody knows when these cats were created, but they are highly appreciated nowadays. People pet them in their stores and farmhouses because of their impressive hunting skills to get rid of mice. These cats attract everyone with their big, round eyes in attractive colors. They are not common, and rarely seen in the world. In short, petting a White British Shorthair would be an unforgettable experience full of excitement.

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