Cream Maine Coon Cat

Cream Maine Coon

Cream color of Maine coon which comes naturally is very rare, and due to this reason, majority of the people don’t know about cream Maine coon cats. Actually, cream is not a natural color in Maine coons. A Lighter shade of red color in their white fur makes them Cream cat. These felines can be found in many colors and patterns. As we know that other Maine coon colors such as black, white, and blue are common, and can be seen everywhere. But the cream color is very rare in cats and especially in Maine coon breed.

These color cats are one of the most astonishing in the Maine coon breed, their cream color fur looks incredible and enhances their beauty more. Apart from their looks, they are well-socialized cats as well. Cream coon cats could be very good family pets because of their nature. This color is accepted by Cat Fanciers Association.

Growth Rate:

Cream Maine coons are one of the largest cat breeds, but their growth rate is very slow as compared to other cats. If you have a cream Maine coon kitten then you will see how they grow. They can take up to 4 to 5 years to reach their maximum level of growth. If we talked about other cats’ growth periods, they reach their full size in 2 to 3 years which is the less time than cream coon cat.

Color Patterns of Cream Maine Coon:

The main color of this Maine coon cat is cream but along with their main color, these cats come in many patterns, and they are available in different color classes. Cream coon cats have 25 different color patterns which you can see in the following list.

  • Tabby
  • Tricolor
  • Bicolor and parti-color
  • Solid

Tabby Pattern:

Five colors come in tabby color classes including blue patched tabby, cream tabby, silver patched tabby, cream silver tabby, and blue-silver patched tabby.

Tricolor Pattern:

Tricolor means three colors in a cat. Dilute calico, shaded blue cream and white, blue cream smoke and white, shell dilute calico, blue cream and white, and shell blue cream and white are comes in tricolor.

Bicolor and Parti-Color

Bicolor and parti-color are shell blue cream, blue cream smoke, shell cream and white, cream smoke and white, blue cream, shaded blue cream, cream and white, and shaded cream and white.


Cream Maine coon solid colors such as shell cream, cream smoke, cream solid, and shaded cream.


These creamy cats have a wonderful appearance due to which, they are stunning in looks. These cream cats have pink rims around their eyes, their nose is pink, and they have paw pads. The cream is a dilute version of red, so these cats have fur that is pale to light red.


Cream Maine coon cats is the largest cats in terms of size. The female cream Maine coon is smaller in height, length, and weight as compared to the male cream coon cat. You can check the difference here:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Length35 to 40 Inches30 to 35 Inches
Weight12 to 18 Pounds8 to 14 Pounds
Height10 to 16 Inches8 to 14 Inches

Body Shape

Cream colored Maine coon cats have muscular body shapes with wide chests. They also have a furry tail and smooth coat, which is longer around cream coon cat legs and shorter around their shoulder. Their ears are well-tufted and in triangular shape.

Cream Maine Eoon Eyes

If we talked about the shape of cream coon cat eyes, their eyes are large and oval shaped. The eyes pupils of Cream Maine coon eye are in vertical slits. Cream colored Maine coons are found in different eye colors such as:

  • Blue
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Odd-eye

You will see them with blue eyes when they are born after that their eye color can be copper, gold, green, or yellow, or they would have odd eyes which means cream cats’ one eye will be blue, and the other can be green, gold, etc.

Eye Problems

Cream Maine coon cats can be affected by several eye problems. Due to dust, they can get eye infections, you might see their weeping eyes, and discharge coming out. Apart from that, they can have some eye diseases such as hyperopia, strabismus, etc.

If you feel any kind of symptoms related to your cat’s eye problems, don’t take too much time taking them to the eye specialist otherwise these problems can lead to more complicated eye issues.


As you know about the majestic and stunning looks of cream Maine coon, after reading about their personality, you will surely become a fan of cream coon cats. Here we have discussed the personality traits of these amazing cats.


These cats are known as loyal cats that will never leave the home where they were raised. They love kids, they love their owners, and other pets of their owners as well. If you want a loyal pet, and you are going for a cat then cream Maine coon cat would be a perfect choice.


As we know these cats are companion cats which means they can’t stay for a long time without their owner. Along with that, they also have the quality to live independently. That’s why, cream cats of Maine coon breed can be a convenient family pet.


These cream cats are intelligent and smart cats who know how to deal with different kinds of situations. Due to their intelligence, they can perform various task which make them a convenient pet.

Cream Maine Coon Kitten:

Maine Coon Kitten in Cream Color

Cream Maine coon kittens are adorable and cute. Many people want to get them rather than purchase an adult cream Maine coon. If you are used to owning cats and especially kittens then you would know how fascinating is to keep a kitten and care for them throughout its growth period.

It might be challenging to own a cream Maine coon kitten for a person who never had a kitten before. It’s a huge responsibility for an owner because there are many things that he has to look up to while keeping a cream Maine coon kitten. Apart from their grooming and training, you have to give them quality food and also their vaccination should be done.


If you decide to buy a cream coon cat, be sure to make a plan for their grooming. If you don’t know how to groom a cat then it is necessary to get all information from the following list as we are going to discuss their grooming.

  • Age to start grooming: grooming of cream Maine coon should be started at an early age when they are around 3 to 4 weeks. If you own an adult cream Maine coon cat, you just have to maintain its looks and body.
  • Bathing: bathing every week needs to be done to clean their body and fur. Make sure to give them a bath with quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • Tooth brushing: to keep your cream Maine coon teeth clean and free from bad breath, keep remember to provide them daily brushing, it will also save them from dental problems.
  • Nail trimming: along with all grooming, nail trimming is also important. If you don’t cut their nails, you might get hurt while playing with them.
  • Fur brushing: brush your cream Maine coon fur with a good quality brush. By doing this, cream Maine coon body will be free from their weak and thin fur which makes a bad impact on their looks.

Training of Cream Maine Coon:

After grooming your Cream Maine coon, it’s time to give some training to your cat. You can provide any kind of training to cream Maine coon which would be beneficial for you and your pet as well. You don’t have to worry about them, they will learn easily, but it depends a lot on you, how you train them. If you are confused about the training methods of cream coon cats, you can check the following list to get some ideas.

Where to Start Training

Suppose you are the owner of a cream coon cat, you are doing pretty well in their grooming now you have to train them. First, make sure to start with a simple and basic training method, daily 10 to 15 minutes of training would be enough for them.

Positive Reinforcement

After giving them basic training, take their training to a medium level, and now you have to reward your cat with gifts or their favorite dish to boost their energy level when they perform well.

Training Games

You and your cat would enjoy training day if you train them while playing games. There are many games that are convenient and could play during training sessions.

Hard Training

To make your cat stronger, you need to give them advanced and hard training. If your cream Maine coon cat has been training for 3 to 4 months, it is the perfect time to bring them to the advanced training process.

Hopefully, you get different ideas from our mentioned training list, and now you would surely be able to train your pet. Keep in mind one thing that you have to avoid all negative training methods. Cats are innocent pets but if you train them wrongly they can become wild pets.

Price of Cream Maine Coon

Here we are going to mention prices of different types of cream coon cats such as cream Maine coon kitten, adult cream Maine coon, and purebred cream Maine coon. You will see some differences among all cream Maine coon prices. You can get a cream Maine coon between $100 and $2000, yes you heard that right, you can get a cream Maine coon for $100. It can happen only when you adopt it from a rescue center.

Cat TypePrices
Adult Cream Maine Coon$1000 to $2000
Cream Maine Coon Kitten$800 to $2000
Mixed Breed Maine coon$600 to $1200

If you negotiate well with a breeder, you would get these cats at a low price. As you see the price of the cream Maine coon kitten on the table is between $800 and $2000, which means you can easily buy them for $1300 to $1500, if you know the art of negotiation.

How to Buy a Cream Maine Coon:

If you have zero experience of buying any genre of cat from any place then this buying guide is for you.

  • After deciding to own a cream Maine coon cat, get engage yourself with people who already have a Maine coon cat. By doing this you would have knowledge about these cats.
  • Check prices of cream Maine coon from all sources such as online marketplace, Facebook pages, breeders, cat shelters, etc.
  • Look into vaccination history, cat registration paper, and other important factors of cream coon cat.

When you are going to purchase a Maine coon, take a person who is already an owner of this cat breed, it will help you to get a genuine cream Maine coon.


These cats are intelligent, could live with other pets, and are very affectionate, while the bad thing about these cats is they are expensive, not hypoallergenic, and have high vocal sounds.

The cream Maine coon cat lives up to 12 to 14 years. If you keep them well, they might live more than that.

Cream Maine coon are quick learners, that’s why it is very easy to train them.

Cream Maine coon are meant to live indoors because they are family cats and due to their high cost, you should keep them at home. These cats also love to live inside the home.

Cream Maine coon are known as friendly cats, they love to stay around people and always want to interact with other pets.


We have discussed cream Maine coon cat in detail, and now we are able to recognize them easily. These cats are beautiful, elegant and look stunning. Many people desire to get a cream Maine coon. Many patterns in cream color are available in the market. They grow till the age of 5 years and known as big sized cats. Their own a social and playful personality and can be a best friend of their owner.

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