Siamese kitten growth

Siamese Cat Growth Chart

Siamese cats are affectionate, friendly and loving companion of humans, and many people pet them in their homes. A Siamese cat growth duration is a joyful journey. These cats mean a lot to people, especially from the East Asian region. Many people buy a Siamese kitten, and raise it in their homes to develop an ideal relationship with their pet companion. They train their kitten as they desire and take the best care of it. It is necessary for them to understand the growth stages of the Siamese breed to ensure their kitten’s healthy growth. This article helps those who pet Siamese kittens in their homes.

A Siamese kitten can grow faster than many long-haired feline breeds, such as Persian and Maine Coon. Their growth is also much faster than the Ragdoll growth, which also have points similar to the Siamese. These breeds take 4 to 5 years to reach their full size, but a Siamese kitten turns into an adult feline within one year. Some Siamese cats can grow for two years, depending on their genetics and overall health. People who want their kitten to grow fast must choose the Siamese breed to pet.

These kittens are born white and creamy, without any pointed marks on their body parts. Their ears remain folded for almost a week, and eyes also remain sealed for the same time. They come into the world with a tiny size, weighing only around 3 to 5 Oz (90-140 gm). These kittens are unable to maintain their body temperatures when born, and need their mother to survive. Their mother does not go far from them, and provides them warmth when needed. She responsibly takes well care of her kittens and feeds them on time.

If your Siamese cat gave birth to kittens at your home, you are also responsible for their care along with their mother. Specialized breeders have equipment and incubators to handle newborn kittens, but at home, you have to monitor the kittens and help their mother in taking care of them. You and mother cat are responsible for the below things for the Siamese kitten’s survival:

Mother Cat Responsibilities:

  • Keep the kittens warm
  • Feed them
  • Clean them by licking

Owner’s Responsibilities:

  • Ensure an enriching, relaxing environment
  • Clean their living area
  • Feed the mother cat on time with healthy diet

Siamese cats have normal-sized bodies that are also categorized as slim, athletic type bodies. They can reach sexual maturity after 6 months of their birth, but continue to gain weight until two years of age. Female cats slightly differ from male cats in size and weight. Below is a detailed growth chart for your guidance:

AgeMale Siamese CatFemale Siamese Cat
Newborn3-5 Oz (90-140 gm)3-5 Oz (90-140 gm)
3 Months2-4 lbs. (0.9-1.8 kg)2-3 lbs. (0.9-1.35 kg)
6 Months3-5 lbs. (1.35-2.25 kg)3-4 lbs. (1.35-1.8 kg)
9 Months5-7 lbs. (2.25-3.15 kg)4-6 lbs. (1.8-2.70 kg)
1 Year7-8 lbs. (3.15-3.60 kg)6-7 lbs. (1.8-3.15 kg)
2 Years8-12 lbs. (4-6 kg)7-9.50 lbs. (3.15-4.5 kg)

Siamese kitten growth can be noticed very fast in this period. First 3 months of a Siamese kitten are crucial for their survival. They require a lot of care and attention in their earlier age. Their mother, along with owner, is responsible for their care taking and fulfilling their needs. You have to keep an eye on all their activities because they put everything in their mouth and try to chew it. They can put themselves at risks due to their immaturity.

Many growth stages come in this period that mean a lot for a Siamese cat. Below table shows milestones achieved by a Siamese kitten in the first three months of its life.

NumberMilestoneTime Period
1Eyes opening2 Weeks
2Ears opening2 Weeks
3Teeth appearance2 Weeks
4Start walking around and exploring4 Weeks
5Start eating solid food4-5 Weeks
6Start learning new things and use of litterbox4-5 Weeks
7Time to go new homes4-6 Weeks
8Kitten proof you home in case you are buying it4-6 Weeks
9Markings become prominent8 Weeks
10Visit to veterinarian for immunizations8-13 Weeks
11Start climbing furnitureAfter 1.5 Months
12Start getting confidence and become playfulAfter 2 Months
13Start making sweet meows and other voicesAfter 2 Months

At this age, the kitten starts showing its activities full of energy and playfulness. The owners should focus on training their kitten during this period. Their behavioral development starts, and humans should put some effort in making them well-mannered. They will learn all tricks and things you teach to them. So, we can say that this period is crucial for their behavioral development and training.

The kitten continues its journey to become mature. Most of the Siamese kittens reach to sexual maturity after six months, but they continue to grow. They become fully independent and start hunting their prey on their own. Your kitten becomes your family member, and receives love and affection from every member of your family. These kittens please you with their chirps and meows and entertain you with their playful activities. It’s time to enjoy the friendship with your feline friend.

Siamese kitten

At this age, the kitten turns into an adult feline and becomes mature, knowing every good and bad thing for them. These kittens spend most of their day in playing and receiving love from their humans. They show their curiosity for every new thing they see, and tend to explore it by sniffing and touching. They show their curiosity about what this is, and how it works. The kittens get their 90% growth within 12 months, and continue to gain more weight for one more year. In short, the kitten is now no longer a kitten and has become an adult cat.

Numerous factors can influence in a Siamese cat growth, resulting in uncertain growth of them. Countering these factors can slow down, or fasten the growth of your kitten. It is essential to consider such factors, and take necessary measurements for their steady and healthy growth. Below are some common factors that have a significant influence in their growth:


First and very important factor that affect a Siamese kitten’s growth is its genetics. Their growth patterns come from their parents. The growth rate, size and weight at the time of birth are decided by the genes, and these variables show their influence throughout their growth period.

Living Environment

Healthy and enriching environment has a great and positive effect on the growth of Siamese kitten. The growth of a Siamese kitten can be enhanced by maintaining the indoor temperature and promoting healthy and clean environment. An unsuitable and unhealthy environment badly affects their growth, resulting many health issues for them.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition also has a big role in determining the growth rate of a Siamese kitten. Ensure a balanced diet with the right amount of each nutrient for their healthy growth. Perfect combination of vitamins, fats and minerals makes them strong and fasten their growth. A bad and unhealthy diet slows down their growth, and they become weak due to the lack of healthy nutrients.

Owner’s Care and Attention

Being a pet companion, the kitten seeks attention and care from its owner and his family. Kittens feel happiness when they receive love from their family, and become sad if they are ignored or not cared properly. This happiness and sadness play a crucial role in their growth.

Monitoring your Siamese kitten growth is very helpful in ensuring its health. Their needs and nutrient requirements can also be determined by keeping an eye on their growth. Owners can easily track their progress and recognize health problems at early stage. Early recognition of health problems helps you to tackle such issues effectively. Their diet and feeding schedule can also be adjusted to meet their needs.

Monitoring your Siamese cat growth also helps you in establishing an ideal bond. Your cat or kitten realize how much you care for them if you monitor their size and weight regularly. If you notice any irregularity in their growth, you can make adjustments to their diet and take other necessary step to maintain their growth rate. In Short, a Siamese cat growth can be efficiently controlled by monitoring on a regular basis.

Measuring size is helpful for understanding your Siamese cat growth. Many people feel difficulty in measuring their cat or kitten’s size because it resists against it. In this situation, you have to be polite and be handle your kitten with love. Pick your kitten up with soft hands and relax him with cuddles full of love. You can use small treats to feel your kitten happy. After relaxing your kitten, measure it with a soft measuring tape from the tip of their tiny nose to the foundation of their tail. Do not include their tail in measuring their length. Their height should also be measured from their paw to their back, and exclude their head in measuring their height.

The weight measuring is relatively easier than compared to measuring their height and length. You don’t have to worry if you notice a slight difference in their height and length, but be conscious about their weight. Their weight management is much important than their length and height. Being Overweight can lead them to obesity and weighing less according to their age shows their weakness, and puts them at risk of many other health issues.

Siamese cat growth

Some people pet kittens at their home, but do not care for their Siamese kitten’s growth. It can result in uncertain and unnatural Siamese cat growth. There are many benefits that can be gained by regularly measuring your Siamese kitten’s size and weight, which are as below:

  • Awareness: A basic benefit of measuring your kitten is that you become aware of your Siamese cat growth. You can easily tell your veterinarian the size of your pet companion at the time of check-ups.
  • Right Nutrition: You can create a balanced diet after knowing about your Siamese cat growth. You become aware of their nutritional needs and easily manage their feeding schedule.
  • Prevention of Obesity and Diabetes: Overweight of your Siamese cat puts him at risk of obesity and diabetes. You can handle these health issues efficiently by taking right measures. A normal and steady Siamese cat growth ensures its healthy and active life.
  • Growth Assessment: By measuring size and weight of your Siamese cat, you can track you Siamese cat growth. It helps you in understanding the development of their muscles. You can also ensure their strong and active body by taking necessary steps after measuring them.

A Siamese cat can grow until two years of age, and their body size can be described as normal rather than big. Siamese cat’s slim and athletic body has strong muscles that enhance their activity levels.

Siamese cats can gain weight faster than many other cat breeds. These cats reach their full size within two years, while many other popular cat breeds take four to five years to reach their full size.

A cat with creamy or white fur, having points in darker colors on its face, paws, tail and ears, means a Siamese cat. You can measure your cat’s weight and size to know if it is fully grown or not. Compare the measurements with above given Siamese cat growth chart to get an idea about your cat’s age.

Siamese cats live like family members in their homes, but they are always attached to one person who care for them the most, and always like to be around him. But it doesn’t mean that these cats do not shower their love and affection to other family members.

Siamese cats are very protective for their owners, especially for kids. They act like a security guard, and very conscious for their human’s safety.

The period of a Siamese cat growth is full of love, excitement and happiness. These cats learn many things during their growth period, and create ideal, strong bonds with their humans. First three months are very important for their survival, being fully dependent on their humans. Measuring and comparing their size and weight is very helpful to ensure their healthy and steady growth. This article has all the necessary information you need to get knowledge about your Siamese cat growth.

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