Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Chocolate Point Siamese

The Chocolate Point Siamese is a beautiful, sweet cat with a cream-colored, or light brown body. They have chocolate-colored markings on their ears, tail, face, and legs. These furry friends are energetic and social, just like other Siamese cats. These attention seeker cats love to explore their surroundings with curiosity, and find ways to get attention. Sometimes, their curious personality makes them mischievous. They are easy to train and low-shedding, that’s why they are easy to pet. These cats, known as chatty, love to converse with their humans. If you are looking for an affectionate, cute cat for your family, these chocolate-pointed cuties are the perfect choice for you.

The seal point and chocolate point Siamese cats both have brown markings, but have some differences. Chocolate points have a lighter, pink-toned brow, just like a yummy milk chocolate color. On the other hand, seal points get darker as they become adults. Chocolate point furry friends keep a light ivory shade overall, and their pale fur doesn’t turn darker as they grow. 

They are like rare gems with creamy bodies, and warm brown markings, which make them different and special. Kittens of chocolate Siamese look like seal point Siamese kittens in the start, and after some time, they turn into alluring chocolatey adults. Chocolate points, like all other Siamese cats, take time to develop their true color. These cats surprise you after some time with their hidden, pretty cocoa fur. Chocolate  pointed cuties are special, unique pals with a rare chocolatey twist.

Chocolate point Siamese cats are unique with brown markings on creamy or brownish fur. For a long time, people believed that these cats were just “off-color” Seal Points. But in the late 1950s, cat lovers realized how sweet and gorgeous these chocolaty furry friends were. They gave these felines a separate identity based on their chocolaty-pointed color. Now, every Siamese cat lover demands these playful, cocoa-colored cuties.

Chocolate Point Siamese Appearance

Breeders and other fans love their gorgeous and rare charm. They work to make sure the recognition of this unique and worthy color breed. Their efforts brought fruit when Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) accepted it as a separate color of the Siamese breed.

The breeders ensure that people notice Chocolate Point Siamese felines with more unique and special appearance. These cats look different from others due to their light body with hardly any shading. The main attractive feature is their dark chocolate points, which can have patches and come in different shades. Now these chocolate-pointed cats are popular for their cuteness and attractive beauty, captivating the hearts of cat enthusiasts in the entire world.

The cost of this Siamese variant can depend on many factors. For example, kittens with unique or rare traits may be more expensive. Prices may vary from location to location. The breeder’s reputation also affects the price, and those who ensure the health and proper socialization usually charge a high cost. Normally the price of chocolate point Siamese kittens is between $500 and $2,500. An adult chocolate point Siamese cost is categorized by quality, as mentioned below:

  • Pet quality: $500 to $1,500
  • Breeder quality: $1,000 to $2,500
  • Show quality: $2,000 to $5,000

Chocolate Point Siamese cats come in small to medium-sized bodies. Individual cats  have different sizes due to their genetics, diet and some other factors. The size of a chocolate point Siamese cat is not as important as its health and personality. They are mini sweethearts and active buddies that bring a lot of happiness in human lives. Their average size is given in below table:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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Chocolate Point Siamese cats are genuinely beautiful and alluring in their appearance with a mixing of elegant gorgeous features and wonderful coloring. They have a sleek body with long legs, a flowing tail, and strong muscles, adding more charm to their presence. Chocolate-pointed cats have silky, soft and short coats in a light ivory or cream color, providing the perfect backdrop for their striking markings.

Their most attractive features include big, blue eyes, like sapphires sparkling in the light, another hallmark of their alluring look. The magic happens in their face, paw, tail, with warm chocolate markings that contrast beautifully with their light body. In Chocolate Point Siamese cats, the nose leather and paw pads normally have a chocolate or pinkish-chocolate coloration.

Each chocolate point Siamese cat has a special blend of creamy base and chocolate marking, making them unique. Keep in mind that their specific shade or pattern never affects their affectionate, sweet, playful spirit. Below are different shades of chocolate color in the Siamese breed. Each shade comes in three different patterns. 

Shades of Chocolate:

  • Dark Chocolate Shade
  • Milk Chocolate Shade (Lite)

Pattern Play:

Chocolates point Siamese kittens born in tiny size, closed eyes and folded ears. After some days, they slightly open their eyes and start walking wobbly. When they become a few months old, chocolate points on specific body parts start developing. The pointed color becomes darker with the passage of time, but not as dark as the seal points.

These kittens steal hearts with chirps and sweet meows. Chocolate Point kittens look like cute, white fur-balls, but they slowly show their true colors. They typically take time to reveal their chocolaty side, and come in two colors: rich dark chocolate and sweet milk chocolate. These kittens love to play, explore, and cuddle, keeping their humans entertained all day.

You have to prepare yourself for playful bursts of energy before bringing them to your home. They are always excited to play with toys and games, and love to cuddle on a human lap. They are most chatty, talk to their humans and other pets with their meows, chirps, and purrs. These cats crave your love, and do cute movements to grab your affection and attention. In short, these chocolaty cats are friendly and gentle with your family and other pets, playing with them nicely.


Chocolate point cats are known for their smartness and high intelligence. They are easy to train with quick learning skills, mastering simple tricks and commands. Chocolate point Siamese are always curious and well-informed about happenings in their surroundings. They love to solve puzzles and play with interactive toys. 

Furthermore, they are independent problem solvers; they can easily open and shut the windows, sit, stay, leave, and stop on the command of their humans. Overall, their smartness, engaging behavior, and activeness make them more demanding and interactive companions.


Chocolate Point Siamese cats like mini spies exploring our homes. They are investigators and smart in a unique way. These felines are sharp observers who pay full attention to every small thing, sniffing around and keeping an eye on their surroundings. It’s just their natural instinct to understand the environment. Chocolate Siamese cats are special problem solvers, love mental challenges, work on human commands, and even figure out how to open doors for treats. These are constant companions, always following you around the entire house. 

They are not just curious; they actively gather information in their surroundings. They don’t stay calm and get bored; naughtiness and activeness is in their vocabulary, and they are always innovative players. Furthermore, they create their own fun; their curiosity makes them endlessly entertaining.

Behavior with Other Pets

Chocolate siamese cats are always known for being social and making fun with their human and other pets. They are gentle and tolerant towards other pets like innocent rabbits, chickens, and dogs. Furthermore, they can easily be trained to be gentle and calm with other pets through positive reinforcement. Their high energy and vocal trait with playful nature must be overwhelming for calm animals, so making sure each pet has its own space and calmness and quiet time is most important. This breed is mostly often jealous; regular attention and affection are essential to prevent any issues.

These Chocolate Point Siamese cats are the most beloved cats all over the world, and it’s important to discuss their interesting facts. Some facts completely highlight that these cats are different from the others while others enhance their popularity.

The Science of Chocolate

The wonderful chocolate points on Chocolate Point Siamese cats come from a special gene, TRP1. This gene produces melanin, and its limited reaction in cooler areas like the  paws, face, ears, and tail, results in the unique chocolate color. So, their amazing look is all thanks to the magic result of genetics.

Similarity With Seal Point Siamese Cats

Certainly Chocolate Point Siamese cats can easily be mistaken for Seal Point Siamese when they are newborn. Distinguishing between Chocolate Point and Seal Point Siamese cats can be difficult. However, there are clear differences if noticed. Chocolate Points come with tiny pink noses and paw pads, unlike Seal Points. Chocolate Siamese cats normally have lighter coats as compared to the darker fur of Seal Point. If you see  pink noses, a lighter coat, and pink paw pads, it’s a Chocolate Point Siamese.

Chocolate Point Siamese VS Seal Point Siamese

They Have Nicknames

Choosing a cat name for these cats is not difficult. These cats have some cute nicknames like Choccie, Choccie Point, and Choco Point that their owners and fans often use.

They tend to Talk

Chocolate Point Siamese cats are known for being quite talkative. They may have a chat with their humans, especially if they see something interesting outside. They even chat in the middle of the night if they feel bored and scared.

Chocolate point siamese cats are wonderful learners. These chocolaty cats have sharp minds, allowing them to quickly learn and obey human commands. Their quick problem-solving skills make their training sessions effective and enjoyable. Furthermore, their training sessions turn training into a bonding experience with humans. Their naughty and curious nature make training feel like a fun game or challenge. Using interactive techniques keeps them enthusiastic throughout the process.

A perfect quality and the exact amount of nutrition for Chocolate Point Siamese cats is essential for their good health. Protein is quite important to add to their diet, good for their immune functions, and can be obtained from meat and fish. Carbohydrates provide energy and add fiber to the cats which can be obtained from fruits, grains and vegetables. Fats always provide energy, and support skin and coats, keeping them healthy, shiny and strong.

First we groom their coat, because it mostly requires grooming. Brushing their coat weekly with a fine-toothed comb or a gentle brush is enough. For bathing, it’s necessary to use a mild cat shampoo. Use a sharp nail clipper to cut their nails after every two weeks. Brush their teeth regularly with cat-safe toothpaste and a feline toothbrush.

For their additional dental care, provide them chew toys and dental treats. Ear cleaning is also important for their attractiveness. Just check for wax buildup or signs of infection, and clean with a damp cloth or cotton. With smooth hands, gently wipe away tear stains or debris around their eyes with a soft cloth. To maintain hygiene, just keep their litter box clean and refill litter scoop after two days.

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For the well-being of Chocolate Point Siamese, exercise is most important for them. Keep them busy with wand toys or laser pointers to stimulate their hunting instincts during interactive play. Puzzle feeder is a mental game good for mental stimulation.. Provide them vertical spaces like cat trees and perches for climbing and exploring for improving their health. Playing games and walking are good for their health; it works like exercise for them.

Chocolate Point Siamese felines are extremely rare and not easily available for purchase. People feel proud owning a chocolate Siamese due to its rarity. You should make an advance booking to a well-reputed Siamese breeder to buy a Chocolate point Siamese.

At least 60 minutes of exercise, including climbing heights and chasing toys, allows them all kinds of fun. They love playtime, and it serves as a way of exercise for them.

These cats have short and fine fur, making grooming usually low-maintenance. On a regular basis, brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, and dental care are essential.

Chocolaty cats normally have pink paw pads and noses, while seal point cats do not. Chocolate point felines generally have lighter coats as compared to the darker coats of seal point felines.

These cats have short fur and don’t shed too much. Brushing their fur regularly keeps their coat healthy, reduces loose hair and makes their fur shiny and smooth.

Chocolate Point Siamese cats are unique, smart, affectionate and naughty pets with a striking chocolate color pattern. Their beauty comes from special genes, and they’re known for being smart, low shedding and easy to train. For their well-being, taking care of them involves simple grooming and ensuring a protein-rich diet. With love, your Chocolate Point Siamese will be a happy and amazing furry friend for lifetime.

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