Cinnamon Point Siamese Cat

Cinnamon Point Siamese

The Cinnamon Point Siamese cat is a new type of Siamese breed that few people know about, especially those outside the breeding community. Most people pet this rare Siamese without realizing it. International cat associations don’t officially acknowledge the Cinnamon Siamese, but still these felines are part of the Siamese cat family. The recognition of this Siamese color would be worthwhile and motivating for breeders who want the Cinnamon Point Siamese to be popular and common all over the world. 

These cinnamon cats get their pretty color and size from their inherited genes as they grow up. Understanding cat genetics for special fur color is still difficult, but researchers are making efforts and experiments. Cinnamon Siamese cats, like the original Siamese cats, have light fur and bright blue eyes. These cats have a solid color, but at Siamese cat events, you may encounter the Tortie-Tabbies, Torties, and Tabbies.

Furthermore, these Cinnamon Point Siamese may look like Chocolate Point Siamese, but they both are different. Chocolate points have darker chocolate-brown markings, but cinnamon cats have more of a warm, rusty reddish brown, resembling the spice cinnamon, that’s why their name is Cinnamon Point Siamese. These cats have cute pinkish-toned paw pads, but this pink underlies a cinnamon brown color. Their eye rims and noses must also be cinnamon, their legs slightly lighter as compared to their other points, and their overall coat pale ivory.

Cinnamon Point Siamese

These cats are medium-sized with long legs and slender physique. People love them because they are smart, curious, affectionate, and friendly. They love to talk, enjoy cuddling and playing with their family members who care for them.

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats were created through selective breeding. Breeders mixed Siamese cats with other breeds to develop the cinnamon gene. Usually, Siamese cats have different colors on their bodies due to temperature, but the cinnamon gene changes this process. It makes the warm brown color of Cinnamon Siamese look even more special and unique.

Big cat clubs like Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) didn’t accept and hesitated to recognize the Cinnamon Point Siamese due to concerns and worries about the stability of the cinnamon gene. But there is still a huge community of Siamese lovers who have these cinnamon felines at their homes, and they consider the cinnamon Siamese as a part of the Siamese cat family.

Number of factors are involved in the price of Cinnamon Point Siamese. Location affects the cost of Cinnamon Siamese cats the most as it is influenced by demand in your area. Kittens can be more expensive than the big felines. Adopting an adult Cinnamon Point Siamese could be an affordable option as compared to buying an adult, ranging from $50 to $250.

Kittens with famous family backgrounds can be costly, sometimes reaching $3,000 or even higher. Coat patterns (solid or tabby), eye color (blue or green), and gender (females are expensive as compared to males) are also involved in determining the price. Effective breeders, who are highly concerned about behavior, health, and breed rules usually charge more than those just in it for money. Cost from these reliable breeders can vary, starting from $1500 and going up to $3,500.

Their creamy white bodies and warm, rich cinnamon brown markings on their face, ears, legs, ears, and tails make them attractive and beautiful. It’s like they’re wearing a unique mask. Cinnamon cats have beautiful shades of cinnamon, starting from a lighter, fawn-like color to a deeper, reddish brown. This shading makes each cat uniquely alluring. Their fur is completely soft and silky. They mostly look well-balanced and beautiful with a long, nicely shaped neck, head, and well-defined tail.

They have wonderful blue eyes that add to their captivating allure, but their eyes always have a mesmerizing depth. The almond shape of their eyes make them more special, as they look curious, spark their naughty side, and express themselves through their eyes. Petting them is an amazing part of life because they contribute to your pleasure with their appearance, personality and behavior.

Variation of Cinnamon Point Siamese

Every Cinnamon Point Siamese cat has its own mix of colors and patterns, making each one alluring and one-of-a-kind friends. These color variations make each Cinnamon Point Siamese cat special. People love to choose their favorite pattern in the cinnamon color for a pet.

Here are three patterns of these cats to consider:

  • Cinnamon Tortie Point Siamese.
  • Regular Cinnamon Point Siamese.
  • Cinnamon Tabby or Lynx Point Siamese

These unique cats are medium-sized and sleek with long necks, slender bodies, and a nicely shaped head. While there is a usual size range, some cats may be different in size with male Cinnamon Siamese are a bit bigger than females. Overall, they are always known for their elegant and stylish look. Below is the average size & weight of Cinnamon Point Siamese:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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Cinnamon’s little cuties are truly magical. These tiny kittens begin with a pure white coat, folded-down ears, and closed eyes. They completely rely on their mother, wiggling around their cozy environment using small pink paws. Cinnamon kittens require warmth, and comfort is crucial in their early days. After a few days, they start opening their eyes and start recognizing things in their surroundings.

Cinnamon Point Siamese Kittens

Their cinnamon color takes a few months to develop fully. With time, a lighter cinnamon shade appears on their paws, faces, ears, and tails, gradually darkening over time. The intensity of their color is affected by body temperature. The warmer parts normally show lighter shades, while the cooler areas show darker shades. Journey with the cinnamon kitten is fully delightful, and they are amazing companions with affectionate nature.

Siamese cats are the most curious and intelligent companions.  They have beautiful looks, while on the other hand, they have clever minds too. Mostly, they love solving puzzles, exploring each corner of their surroundings, and learning tricks. They work like a mini investigator; you might catch them investigating interesting items like shopping bags.

They are full of energy and natural entertainers, keeping themselves busy in chasing games and playful jumps. These cats are talkative and love to express themselves, through a variety of chirps, thrills, and meows. They convey their need through their unique “meow language”. Beyond their chattiness, they also make a strong bond with their humans with cuddles and head bumps.


Cinnamon Point Siamese cats are born explorers, they investigate every corner, and they eagerly uncover the mysteries of their surroundings. Everything around them, from sounds to objects, is like an interesting puzzle for them to solve. These clever felines are problem solvers, approaching challenges. They easily open doors and cabinets, and their curiosity fuels their skills of solving problems. They love to understand how things work.


Smart Cinnamon Point Siamese are superb at figuring things out. They easily learn small tricks like sit, stay, run, leave, and come. They play with things, use their voices to learn what happens, and investigate the switches. These cats learn routines with their awesome memory skills, and easily recognize past experiences. They even remember people they haven’t seen for a long time. These beauties easily understand the emotions of humans because they are emotionally smart. They can observe when you are sad or happy, offering comfort when needed.


Cinnamon Point Siamese curiosity is perfect for training because they easily figure out what you’re asking them to do. They perfectly understand new things once they connect a command with getting treats. These felines will be eager to do it again and again to get treats. They are perfect problem solvers, and can learn fancy tricks with lots of steps. They are always eager to satisfy their owners by learning tricks.

Behavior with Other Pets

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats are popular for their sociable nature, enjoying joyful moments with their human companions as well as other pets like dogs, rabbits, and other cats. They are gentle and kind even around innocent chicks. Hanging out with other pets is joyful for them. You might see them engaging in playful chasing, toys-sharing, and friendly wrestling with other pets.

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats hold a special place in the people’s heart around the world due to some wonderful reasons. Here are some of the captivating qualities that have made them a favorite breed, and that make them so special and awesome.

Color Chameleon

Cinnamon Point Siamese kittens have a cool color magic. They are born all white, and as they grow, their fur gradually turns into a warm cinnamon shade. It’s like a magic show that is influenced by their body temperature. Their paws and ears get darken first, creating a neat contrast.

Loyal Companions

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats are not just playful; they are also sweet protectors. They’re big-hearted too and love their humans. Usually, they shower their love on their human by snuggling, giving head bumps, and cuddling. Like protective pals, they even alert their humans to strange sounds, and show their loyalty with them.

Pawsome Powers

Cinnamon Siamese cats have claws that are not just for walking. They even open cabinets, play fetch, and unscrew lids. Their wonderful balance and coordination might make you think how amazing they are.

Super Senses

These cats have super eyesight. Mostly, they can see well in almost total darkness, and feel the tiniest movements and wrong happenings. This trait makes them wonderful hunters and super good at finding their way around, even in dimly lit rooms. Be ready for surprises because most of the time, they might see you before you see them.

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats have a short coat, meaning less shedding as compared to long-haired breeds. They don’t need as much brushing as the other long-haired breeds require. Brushing their coat 1 or 2 times a week is a nice way to keep it smooth and tangle-free. They clean themselves mostly by licking, and baths are rarely needed. If you feel they get extra dirty, then bathing them with cat-friendly shampoo is okay once in a week.

Trimming is required because of their sharp nail scratches and potential furniture damage. Cut their nails with high quality nail clippers specifically made for pets. Look into their ears for wax or debris, if found, then remove it with vet-approved ear cleaner and a soft cloth.

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For happy and healthy Cinnamon Point Siamese give them a protein boost with a lot of meat. Make sure their food has a mix of essential things like carbs, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Just give them the perfect cat food that is complete and balanced. Wet and dry, both foods are beneficial for cinnamon Siamese. Wet food keeps them hydrated, and dry food is beneficial for their dental care. Use a mix of both to keep them physically fit and healthy.

Keep them moving and play with your Cinnamon Point Siamese daily, using feather toys, balls, or laser pointers. Playing with them is a kind of exercise. Make their mealtime exciting by hiding treats or using puzzle feeders to enhance their physical activities. Set up simple obstacle courses or tunnels for indoor adventures, and encourage them to run and play. If your cat loves the outdoors, try walking your cat on a leash in a pet park or any other secure place.

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats exhibit a medium level of shedding. Making a routine grooming schedule, with a high-quality balanced diet, contributes to the effective management of shedding in this breed.

Yes, these kittens are born all white. Their wonderful cinnamon markings develop gradually over several months, influenced by factors like body temperature. Once fully developed, they reach their final color after a few months.

Yes, Cinnamon Point Siamese cats mostly love to cuddle with their humans. They are affectionate and enjoy strong bonds, full of love, with their humans.

They’re happy indoors where they can play and explore safely. But sometimes, they might want to feel the breeze under their paws, and outdoor experiences like walks on a leash or in a secure outdoor enclosure.

Cinnamon-colored Siamese cats have short coats that require less grooming. Brush their coat gently 1 or 2 times a week to keep their fur silky, shiny and healthy.

Cinnamon Point Siamese cats stand out with their alluring cinnamon color points and naughty and playful personalities. They adapt to indoor and outdoor environments with proper care and safety. With their low shedding and low-maintenance grooming needs, these felines become amazing and easy-going companions. They bring fun and charm to the hearts of those who welcome them into their homes with love and excitement.

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