Maine coon kittens

Maine Coon Kitten

Maine coon kittens are one of the most popular kittens in the United States which used to ranked 3rd in overall cat breeds. They are intelligent, cute and funny cats. They are playful by their nature, and they love to play with their owner.

They are also unique and different from normal cats that we often see. They are companion kittens, if you leave them alone for 3 to 4 hours, they might feel anxiety and sadness. Try to spend a lot of time with them because they need your love and care for their better development.

Maine coon kittens are not mature like adult cats, you have to be conscious about their grooming and nourishment. They became adult cats after 4 to 5 years. They may establish uncertain behaviors, if these kittens don’t get your attention and love. They can be easily identified by their looks, they have tufted chest, tails and pointed ears. You can easily train them because they are quick learners and could learn anything, if they get trained in a good way.

Appearance of Maine Coon Kitten:

Red Maine Coon Kitten
Maine Coon Kitten

Maine coon kittens have long hair and their body is in rectangular shape. Their hair around their neck are longer than other body parts. These cats are large, their age doesn’t matter, both kitten and adult cats are large. As we already mentioned, they have tufted chest, tails, pointed ears and large paws. Maine coon kitten eyes are rounded in shape and large as well. When they are born, their eye color is blue but after some weeks, Maine coon kitten eye color changes from blue to their actual eye color.


You will find Maine coon kittens in several colors including blue, cream, white and black. Those are the common colors that you often see in Maine coon kittens but gold and silver are the rarest colors in that breed.

When the kitten gets older, they change their coat color. Usually after 7 to 8 weeks, Maine coon kittens become lighter or darker. There are some Maine coon kittens which have solid color, they have only one color coat. Solid colored Maine coon kittens look different from other Maine coon kittens which have multicolor coats.


They are larger than other cat breeds kitten. When you own a kitten, you might think that you have bought an adult Maine coon because of their big size. The average height of Maine coon kitten is around 6 to 9 inches, and their length would be around 16 to 19 inches. The average weight can be between 2.5 kg and 3.5 kg.

We can better explain their size in a table. Or click here to view a detailed article on their growth.

Measurements Size
Height 6-9 Inches (15-23 cm)
Length 15-19 Inches (38-48 cm)
Weight 5.50-7.50 lbs. (2.50-3.5 kg)


Their bodies are big and in rectangular shape due to their unique musculature. Their body shape can also be known as foreign body type. They are also known as muscular kittens. Due to their large size, sometimes they seem like small dogs.

Personality of Maine Coon Kittens:

Kittens have some unique personalities than adult cats.

Maine Coon Kittens


They are a very gentle, sweet and well-mannered breed of cat. They love their owners and other pets. These kittens are adjustable and could adjust with every family in every space. These kittens are very obedient to their owners, when you call them, they will surely come to you.


Maine coon kittens are very smart and intelligent. They are able to perform different tasks and could learn many tricks in a short period of time, if you train them well. These kittens can also respond to your commands and orders.

They are also good at hunting, they have the ability to find food for them such as mice and rats. Due to their intelligence, most people train them according to their purposes. It would be helpful for you, if you could train them to find your lost things, they will surely find those things for you.


Due to their playful nature, they would love to play different games with you such as chasing toys and laser lights. Throw any toys away from your kitten and ask them to bring that toy to you or show laser light on the wall, your kitten will surely try to chase that light, and you would enjoy it as well.


If we talk about the temperament of the Maine coon kitten, they are very calm and well-mannered kittens. They are very gentle and loving by nature. Most cats don’t like cuddling with their owner or anyone else, but Maine coon kittens love to do cuddling with their owners and kids as well. They know how to stay calm in different situations, they may not show aggressiveness in front of you even if you shout at them. These kittens are the best option, if you are looking for a cool and calm pet.

Diet for Maine Coon Kitten:

Good food diet is essential for Maine coon kittens to grow healthy. Make sure to avoid bad and unhealthy food in your kitten diet. You must add all nutrients in their diet. Every nutrient performs many roles in the body.

  •  You should add food which contains high amounts of protein such as turkey, whitefish and chicken. These are common foods that you can get easily for your kitten. Sometimes kittens establish reactions after consuming those foods, if your kitten gets the same problem, you might look for some other protein sources including trout fish, venison and salmon fish. These foods may not commonly be used in kitten diets but to avoid your Maine coon kitten from reactions, you should try those foods in your kitten diet.
  • Apart from protein, carbohydrates are also required in your main coon kitten diet. Carbohydrates help to provide energy to your Maine coon kitten, and it also enhances the growth level. Be sure to add carbohydrates foods in your kitten diet such as yuca, spinach and asparagus. These foods are also found everywhere which would cost less than some other foods.
  • With protein and carbohydrates, Vitamins are also necessary in your kitten’s diet. Vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and vitamin B12 and vitamin A. vitamin A can be found in Fish, Eggs tomatoes and Oil. You will get vitamin B12 in cheese, kitten milk and yogurt. Vitamin D foods are beef, fish and liver. Foods that contain vitamin E are salmon fish, soybean oil and safflower oil.
  • Omega-3 and omega-6 are the two essential fatty acids that are needed along with protein, carbs and vitamins in kitten diet. These fatty acids are vital for their structure, coat colors and skin. You can avail omega-3 fatty acids from flax and canola. While omega-6 contain foods are corn and chicken.

Try to add these all nutrients in every meal of your kitten diet. Make sure that you add your kitten’s favorite food or ingredients too in your nutritional dish. So that your kitten would enjoy the nutritional dish as well.

Grooming of Maine Coon Kittens:

Maine coon kittens are charming and adorable cat breeds, make sure to groom and maintain their looks and body shape consistently. Don’t forget to give them brushing 1 to 2 times after every week. Make sure to find a convenient brush to remove unwanted hair from your cat’s body and keep them neat & clean. As we know Maine coon kittens shed less, so you have to be conscious about their grooming. They often hate when their coat is not clean.

Along with their coat maintenance, daily tooth brushing is also essential for your kitten. If you don’t give them daily tooth brushing, it might cause some dental diseases to your kitten. Bacteria from their mouth could spread to kidneys and heart, and it can lead to kidney and heart diseases. Try to feed them with good quality foods to prevent them from such kinds of diseases.

Bathing every month would also be important to keep your kitten body clean. Some cats hate to take baths, but Maine coon kittens always enjoy bathing. When you give them a bath, remember to don’t use shampoos and soaps which normally humans use for bathing. Those products may be harmful for your kitten, try to use formulated feline shampoo and soaps which would be convenient for their bodies.

At the beginning, it might be difficult for you to groom your kitten, tooth brushing and bathing would not be easy for you. Just make sure to stick to a schedule, once they are used to all these things, grooming and maintaining them will be a simple task for you. As we know, they also love to stay neat & clean, so try to make them comfortable with you during brushing and bathing, then they will surely enjoy their grooming too.

Checklist for Kitten Grooming

  • Teeth Brushing
  • Bathing
  • Hair Brushing or Combing
  • Hair Cutting (If needed)
  • Nail trimming
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Eyes cleaning

Training of Maine Coon Kitten:

There are many ways to train your Maine coon kitten, according to their intelligence level.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Make sure to train your kitten with a positive reinforcement method and avoid negative reinforcement methods.
  • Be Consistent: Try to be consistent in training, take breaks only on Sunday and go according to plan.
  • Set Goals: Set goals for daily training, be sure to start with small goals then go for hard tasks.
  • Avoid Punishment: Train your kittens in a good manner, they might develop unwanted behaviors, if you give them punishment.
  • Play Training Games: Kittens love to play games with their owner, you can throw a toy and your kitten will bring it to you or let your kitten chase a laser light on the wall.
  • Give Reward: To make this training interesting for your kittens, give them a reward at the end of the training session. This reward can be anything such as your kitten favorite food.

Vaccinations for Maine Coon Kitten:

It’s normal for your kitten to get affected by certain diseases including kidney diseases, leukemia, enteritis and most common cat flu. Vaccination helps them to fight against diseases. Maine coon kittens require their first vaccination in the age of 6 to 8 weeks. They need a second dose of vaccine after 1 year.

After that Maine coon kittens needed vaccination between 1.5 to 3 years of age. To keep your kitten healthy and safe, these vaccinations are necessary to keep Maine coon kittens healthy and safe from different kinds of common diseases that your kitten might get, when you take them outside for walk.

Price of Maine Coon Kitten:

Cost of Maine coon kittens usually depends on various things such as their size, shape, color, age etc.  Average price of a kitten of Maine coon is around $1500 to $2500. You can get Maine coon kittens in cheaper rates, if you buy these kittens from any other owner rather than pet markets. If your budget is around $1400 to $1600 then you can get a male coon kitten which will be in blue color, their age would be 8 to 10 weeks.

Adopting a Maine coon kitten can be a better option, you will get a well-trained kitten, they would surely know about how to live with family and other pets. Those kittens will not bother you, when you are going to give them tooth brushing, hair brushing and bathing.

Be aware of the scammers, if someone offers you a Maine coon kitten in less than the market price. It means the kitten is mix breed or may be effected from some disease.

Click here to read about some questions you must ask before buying a Maine coon.

There are some factors that can affect a kitten price which are:

  • Supply and demand
  • Color and pattern
  • Kitten age
  • Intelligence and training
  • Vaccination
  • Spay/ Neuter Status
  • Physical Appearance


To recognize a Maine coon kitten, it’s important to know about their size, body shape and common colors. They have long hair and their body is in rectangular shape. They are large, and their common colors are White, red, black and blue.

Maine coon kittens used to be rare when they were newly found in 1950. After some years, when these Maine coon kittens became one of the most popular kittens, they are easy to find and no more rare.

Some rarest colors of these kittens include gold and silver. These two colors are difficult to find in Maine coon kitten breeds. You would be lucky if you get these colors in this breed.

They are larger than other normal cats. The average weight of Maine coon kittens is around 2.5 to 3.5 kg and their length could be around 15 to 19 inches.

The price of Maine coon kittens usually depends on the physical appearance of the kittens. You might get cheaper than the market rates but the average and cheapest cost of a pure Maine Coon Kitten is approximately between $1000 and $2000.

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In this article, we get a knowledge about the Maine coon kittens. We know that Maine coon is a big sized, social cat, but their personality as a kitten is little bit different. So we discussed Maine coon kitten’s personality and behavior. Their diet is also briefly discussed because kitten diet is different from the adult one. And the important thing, training of a kitten. We mentioned various steps to train our kitten. We hope this article provide you best guide for your Maine coon kitten.

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