Black British Shorthair Cat

Black British Shorthair

The Black British Shorthair cats are one of the rarest cats on the earth, known for their jet black coat color and golden eyes. It’s a decent choice for the people who desire to pet a rare cat breed. British Shorthair normally can be seen in bluish-gray color, but often found in some other colors, including black. People who have a black British Shorthair cat have the right to feel proud due to its attractiveness and charm. Their round faces, medium to large sized bodies and dense coats add to their charm. Loyalty, friendliness and calm behavior of these cats make them more attractive in the entire world.

People who have thrust for petting a unique cat can consider black British felines as a good option. These cats, with their human friendly attitude, are best for families, and their uniqueness adds more value to them. Their black round faces make them resemble a black teddy bear. These cats are valued by cat enthusiasts and breeders due to their silky, shiny black coat and golden eyes, matching effectively with their black coats. Some cats may exhibit a copper color in their eyes instead of golden, but it’s rare.

This color in British Shorthair breed was discovered in early 19th century, and considered as a result of mixed breeding. Some experts called it a result of genetic mutation with a high involvement of pigment melanin. Same genes lead their eye color to be gold or copper due to high melanin production. A non-agouti gene is essential for solid black color; otherwise, the kittens will get a tabby pattern. The combination of silky black coat and golden eyes looks unbelievably beautiful and alluring.

Kittens of some cat breeds, like Siamese, are born in white color and get their distinctive color after some time, but black British shorthairs are always born in black color. Some kittens may be born in silver or golden shades due to their parent’s lineage, but keep the same color throughout their whole life, instead of changing it with the passage of time. So, it’s easy to recognize and pick your ideal color at the time of purchase.

The black color in British Shorthair breed was officially accepted by Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) in 1980 with strict standards. Only a pure black cat with no shade or white hair on its coat can be registered. It means each hair on their body should be black from base to the tip.

The rarity of anything makes it expensive, and same rule applies to the cost of black British Shorthairs. You can say that these cats are easy to pet, but difficult to get. Your budget should be around $3000 to $4500 to acquire an adult British black cat and $2000 to $3500 for a kitten. If you can’t afford, make some efforts and visit different animal shelters or adoption centers to find your desired cat. You can also make advance booking to the British Shorthair breeders for a kitten in black color.

These cats are beautiful, alluring and unique with their round faces and medium to large sized bodies. Their black color shines in the sunlight, and they may exhibit different shades due to varying light density. Their nose and paw pads also have black color, but not as dark as their coat. Golden eyes on big, round faces look uniquely beautiful. These Black British Shorthair cats have muscular body supported by strong and sturdy legs, helping them to run or hunt effectively. A long tail also pays its part to enhance their beauty.

These felines are also known as “mini teddy bears” because of their appearance. Many people prefer them due to their black color, as it looks more beautiful than the others. It would not be wrong to refer them as black beauties. They appear to be a unique addition to any family.

Black British Shorthair Cat

This cat breed is generally considered as a healthy breed with medium to large size body. A slight difference between cat to cat sizes is natural because of the environment they are living in. Some genetic and other factors including diet and overall health also influence in their growth, resulting in different sizes and weights. But on average, below table shows their weight and size:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Weight9 and 17 pounds (4.1 and 7.7 kg)7 and 12 pounds (3.2 and 5.4 kg)
Height10-12 inches (25-30 cm) 9-11 inches (23-28 cm)
Length18-20 inches (46-51 cm) 16-18 inches (41-46 cm)

Kittens of a Black British Shorthair cat are born with closed eyes and folded ears, same as other cat breeds. They totally depend on mother cat for at least a seven to ten days after their birth. Feeding and providing them warmth is their mother’s primary responsibility. Later on, kittens start realizing and exploring things around them when they open their eyes. Their cuteness cannot be described in words, thanks to their innocent round faces. They look more adorable and cute than kittens of some other breeds. They are always born in black color and keep the same color for the whole life.

If we talk about their behavior, they have no competitor in terms of friendliness and affection. This breed is normally known for being calm and gentle. So, their personality development begins at their early age, when they start recognizing their owners. Humans don’t need to do much efforts to make them affectionate and loving, as they are already gifted with these qualities by nature.

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The personality traits of these cats are same as desired by their humans. These cats surprise you with their amazing and awesome personality traits. We are discussing key personality traits below:


These cats impress you with their high intelligence and quick learning abilities. They show their intelligence when you train them or teach them some tricks. Their activities and playing behavior also reflect their intelligence. You need very little effort to socialize them as they already know what is good and bad for them. If they face an issue, they try to solve it themselves, instead of asking for help from their humans.

Important thing for the owner is to provide them opportunities for mental stimulation. A bored and relaxed feline may be affected by obesity, anxiety and some other health issues. You can reduce such risks by providing them toys and games that engage them in different physical and mental activities.

Behavior with Kids and Other Pets

The cool and calm behavior of black British Shorthairs makes them excellent companions for kids and other pets. They surprisingly adjust themselves with dogs and other pets at home. Anyway, these felines may need enough space to maintain their noble and gentle attitude. Also, gradually introduce them to other pets and observe behavior of both to avoid any negative issue between them. Overall, they are easy-going and noble with other cats and dogs.


These cats prefer to be calm and do not talk a lot. So, these felines could be an excellent choice for those who dislike noisy and talkative felines. They generally live in their own and do not disturb their owners with their voices.

High Adaptability

The Black British Shorthair cats can also surprise you with their high adaptability to any environment and conditions. They are easy to live with any family member and thrive in any conditions. But it doesn’t mean that a suitable environment is not necessary for them. You should focus on providing them an enriched and safe environment where all of their basic needs are fulfilled.

Black British Shorthair felines are one of the most attractive and beloved throughout the world. They have a long history of existence, and some interesting facts are also associated with them. Some interesting facts are listed below:

They can easily hide in the dark

Due to their solid black color, these felines can easily hide in the darkness. Sometimes, you may become afraid when you see only their shiny eyes in the dark, resembling a supernatural object. So, it’s a unique and interesting fact that is attached with these cats.

They shine in the sunlight

If you notice them sitting in the sunlight, their black coats shine amazingly and look awesome. It’s probably due to their jet-black color on a silky coat. But don’t allow them to sit for a long in sunlight as it may lead them to different skin issues.

Available in smoke variant

These cats are also available in smoke color pattern. The base color of the fur would white and the tip would black, giving them a special smoky look. These cats look similar to black cats, but their white base color also appear when they walk.

They are rare

It would be a challenging task to find a black British Shorthair feline for you. They cannot be bred easily, and only some expert breeders can breed them. You may consume some time in searching for them. Advance booking could be a good option to avoid struggling to find them.

Black British Shorthair cats are always easy to groom, and no doubt, they enjoy the whole grooming process. They keep themselves clean by licking, and avoid sitting in dusty places. It’s enough to brush their fur once a week to remove dead hairs from the body. They feel relaxed and calm when you brush them. Nail trimming can be a little bit difficult task because some cats resist when their nails are being trimmed. You should introduce grooming to them in their early age to make them used to this process.

Bathing is also necessary but not more than two times a month. Must clean their eyes and remove wax from their ears with cotton balls or a soft cloth. Only a clean and well-groomed cat is liked by people because it gives them more alluring and attractive look. So, pay special attention to their grooming and keep them clean.

Black British Shorthair Feline

The British Shorthair breed is generally considered as a healthy and strong breed with fewer chances of getting sick. However, a healthy and balanced diet provide them more energy to stay strong. As a black British Shorthair owner, you should choose a branded food that is specifically made only for this breed. A mix of vitamins, minerals and fats is essential, which you can get from various sources like, meat, vegetables and supplements.

A schedule for feeding them should be made, and provide them food on exact time as per schedule. These gentle Black British Shorthair cats can remember their feeding time and may ask for food if you delay. Sometimes, these cats can ask you for more food after finishing their bowl. Do not provide excessive food to them because it may lead to obesity. Small treats can also be given to them during their training process to encourage them.

Exercise is a basic need to keep your Black British Shorthair feline healthy and physically fit. As discussed earlier, this breed is healthy and strong as compare to other breeds, but still they need exercise to avoid obesity. These cats are more prone to obesity due to their healthy and muscular physical characteristics. Bringing them to a pet park on weekends would be a good idea to engage them in running or walking. For indoors, you can buy different accessories that keep them physically busy. Don’t allow them to be lazy except during their sleeping time.

Yes, these cats are extremely rare and cannot be found easily. Other types including smoky or bi-color in black are relatively easy to find. But solid black cats are difficult to find and purchase.

No, these Black British Shorthair cats are calm, and do not show aggressive behavior to their humans and other pets. This personality trait makes them perfect pet for families with toddlers and kids.

Black British Shorthair felines are less talkative as compare to some other cat breeds. They are very gentle, calm and silent, tending not to disturb their owners. They may approach you if they need something, otherwise, they live in their own.

These cats generally live happily with their family and do not make noises. But if they feel sick, or have an issue, they may cry to convey their message or express their feelings.

These felines love water and their excitement can be seen during their bathing time. If you bring them to a lake or beach, they will enjoy swimming with a lot of excitement.

The black color in British Shorthair breed is unique and rare, loved for its alluring appearance. They are perfect to pet for the first time owners due to calm and easy-going personalities. These felines live on their own and do not disturb their humans. These mini teddy bears are amazing pets for families. Their eye color is also amazing that perfectly matches with their coats, giving them impressive look. At first sight, people fall in love with these black beauties, and wish to get them. This article will help you a lot in understanding Black British Shorthair cats, which is better before getting one.

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