Cute Ragdoll Kittens

Ragdoll Kittens

The Ragdoll kitten is a famous domestic breed, known for its striking blue eyes, and the darker fur on the face, tail, ears, and paws. They come with semi-longhair coats and lighter-colored bodies. Their fur is mostly soft and silky. These are calm and gentle, full of chill and relaxed nature. They love their humans a lot and feel fantastic with their humans around the house. They are kind and gentle with kids and other pets and popular for their cuddling nature.

Furthermore, they are low-shedding kittens, and easy to look after. Their fluffy fur does not require brushing daily. They are healthy kittens if humans give them a healthy and balanced diet as required. A Ragdoll kitten can become an ideal companion for you in the future. They remember treats and rewards, and will return you with love and affection.

In this article, we discuss the expectations from these kittens after bringing them home. We discuss their behavior, emotion, and the basic needs they require from you. Most importantly, after reading this article, you will be able to handle your Ragdoll kitten effectively and care for them, turning them into polite, gentle-behaved kittens.

You will get the answers to the below questions after going through this article. 

  • How can they be trained?
  • Why should we choose to pet a Ragdoll kitten?
  • How to pet a Ragdoll kitten?
  • What is their nature?
  • How different are they from other cat breeds?
  • Are they the best choice for a first time pet?
  • How can you train them?
  • What are their grooming requirements?

What to Expect from a Ragdoll Kitten:

Curious Ragdoll kittens

Owning a ragdoll kitten as a pet will be a beautiful amazing journey, full of love and strong bonds for humans and their family members. They are recognized for their semi-long, silky fur, making them low-maintenance. These kittens are friendly, cuddly, affectionate, social, and easy-to-groom kittens. With all these traits, they are highly demanded kittens among feline lovers. 

They come into your life as a chatty and clever friend. They are such active kittens that, after they arrive, you can see how much they explore their surroundings and your entire house. These kittens work in your life like anti-stress and anti-depression pills. You feel less stressed with their affectionate and playful nature. Before bringing them home, bring all their basic needs and create a cozy space for them. Expect a strong and cuddly bond with this kitten. 

What things do you expect or face when you pet a ragdoll kitten?  We have mentioned in detail 12 things you will face and expect from your Ragdoll kitten.

1- Sweet Temperament:

These kittens are highly intelligent, quick learners, easily trained to perform tricks on command. They demand attention, and if not given enough, they will be sad and a little bit angry. These kittens tend to follow their humans around the house and thrive on human interaction. They are loyal to their humans, but they may become bored and lonely if left alone at home or ignored for a long time.

Ragdoll kittens are expressive with their facial expression and body language. They express their emotion through their eyes and body language. Unlike the adult ones, these little companions are somewhat noisy, but not highly loud; they express themselves through soft sounds and meows. They love exploring; mostly investigate their surroundings and each corner of their house.

Sometimes, they become sad and jealous when their humans get close to other pets. If humans change their environment, they might be a little frightened of the new atmosphere. If they do not get exact food, they might become a little aggressive in hunger. They love to go out with their humans and also play with them in parks. They love to cuddle, and sleep in bed with their humans, and their favorite space to sleep is their human’s bed.

Scared Ragdoll Kittens

2- Playful Nature:

These kittens are highly energetic and playful with a calm nature. They enjoy playing interactive games, chasing toys, and enjoy interactive games with their humans. They enjoy punching on feathers and engaging in chasing activities. Their favorite habit is climbing heights, and are always curious to explore. Their joyful and naughty nature brings a lot of entertainment to your life. They love to play puzzles, which is good exercise for their mental sharpness.

You have to bring a lot of toys for them, which make them busy and help them to stay mentally and physically fit. Their favorite activity is fake wrestling with other pets, and they look so cute when they act like wrestlers. Their cute movement and naughty personalities win the hearts of humans, making them start loving kittens without any reason. These kittens, with their calm and quiet nature, became the best choice for luxury households.

3- Grooming Requirements:

At a young age, you need to introduce the grooming process to your kitten. As they grow up, they feel fine in the grooming process, because they are already used to this process. Be gentle during the grooming process to ensure they feel comfortable. When you groom them with bathing and brushing with proper care, they feel thankful. The grooming process strengthens the bond between a kitten and a human.

Whenever you brush and clean their litter box they look at you with sparkly eyes, like they want to say “thank you man”. Just brush their fur to get rid of mats and tangles. Always use a soft comb or slicker brush for brushing their fur smoothly. Give them extra attention when brushing the belly and underarm area. They do not require much bathing because they clean themselves by licking. Bath them with specific kittens’ mild shampoo. After bathing, dry them with a towel to maintain a fine temperature.

Brush their teeth, trim nails regularly, clean their ears and remove all the ear wax with cotton buds or cotton balls. When you groom them with full attention and gentleness, your kitten becomes more attractive and attached to you. When you shower them with a lot of love, in return, they become more emotionally close to you.  In short, they just gather the love and attention of their humans.

4- Growth Rate:

Ragdoll kittens are slow in growth. Their growth is somewhat similar to the growth of Maine coon cats, but not as slow as the Maine coons. They are considered young at first year old but can continue growing until 4 years old. At 12 weeks, their weight could be 1.2 kg, and by 6 months, they will grow, and their weight is expected to reach 3.5 kg. At one-year-old, they gain weight of around 5 kg. By the age of four years, males gain weight of around 7 kg, while females gain around 5.5 kg. In short words, you have to wait for four years to see your ragdoll kitten fully grown.

5- Affectionate Bond:

They are popular for their affectionate nature, for making strong bonds with their humans, and for showering love in different ways. They love to sit in humans’ laps and enjoy couches and even beds with their humans. Ragdoll kittens are a little chatty and communicate with their human soft and sweet meows. They usually follow their humans around the house and do cute things to grab their attention. These kittens love to share a human bed, but sometimes, they want to be alone to have some time for themselves. They have some mood swings, so treat them according to their moods.

6- Litter Training:

Choose an open square litter box that is easy to clean, and make sure not to be placed near food or water. When you bring a litter box at home for your kitten, let the kitten sniff and explore the box. Keep the litter box easily accessible for kittens in a private area. Gently teach them about the litter box; after 3 to 4 attempts, they usually learn how to pee and poop in it.

Reward them when they learn to pee or poop in the litter box. Clean the box regularly and refill it after every 2 days. When the little box is not clean, and the litter has not been changed for a few days, the ragdoll kitten does not feel comfortable, and may avoid using it again. So, ensure the litter box is cleaned and change the litter before it starts to get smelly.

7- Intelligent Behavior:

Ragdoll kittens are intelligent and smart, and learn quickly. They are also independent, problem solvers when they are stuck in some problem. They enjoy challenges and play with toys and games. These kittens quickly learn small tricks like coming in, out, sitting, standing, and staying. They just take some time to adjust to a new environment.

Furthermore, they look very cute and smart when they open the door with their cute paws. They understand your emotions and respond to you according to your mood and emotions. They communicate through their body language, physical activities and facial expressions. These adorable kittens are also capable of telling you their desires and needs through vocalization. They know how to butter their human, so that they learn fast and surprise their human.

8- Nutritional Needs:

These kittens need perfect and exact nutritional needs which are specified for ragdoll kittens, due to their large size and semi-long fur. They require 30% protein for muscle development, and you can provide this through chicken and fish. For their healthy skin and coat, they require 20% fats, and their diet should include 10% Carbohydrates, that can be sourced from grains and vegetables.

Vitamins and Minerals are essential for supporting bodily functions. Providing them with clean, pure water is necessary for maintaining their overall health and to keep them hydrated. With perfect food, they can live a healthy, long and happy life. When they take a perfect diet, they stay fit and look more alluring to you. When you give all their favorite food to them, they love you more, and the bond they create is so loveable.

9- Training Potential:

They always want to please their human, which is why they always respond to the commands and obey all the orders of their human. They are quick and effective learners. After learning, they perform all small tricks and can even solve simple puzzles. When you train them, and they learn and act on those things then make sure to reward them. This will be a motivation for them, just as school-going kids are motivated by rewards. They are also eager to learn more things after receiving such rewards.

Sometimes, their playful and naughty nature distracts the training session. You should ignore it and have to be patient and treat them humbly in such a situation. They can learn how you behave and can adopt the same behavior. So, don’t encourage undesirable behaviors, and keep moving forward to gently teach them. Ragdoll kittens will quickly learn their cat names you choose for them.

10- Scratching Preferences:

They need to scratch; as it is natural for ragdoll kittens, and it is good for their paws to stay healthy. Scratching is good for relieving stress in them. The best choices for scratching for them are pads and posts. Your kitten will enjoy scratching cardboard boxes with its paws if you have any around. If you want to secure your wood-made furniture from scratches, you should provide them with some scratching posts.

11- Vocal Expressions:

They are not loud vocals; they have a unique vocal behavior. Their soft and sweet meow carries a lot of emotion and expresses intention, creating a connection between both of you. Soft and short meows are expressions of their greetings with rubbing heads, promising lots of cuteness in future interactions. When they no longer meow, it means that they require attention or something like food. You need to interact with your kitten and ask, “what’s wrong with them?” Meows with a questioning tone, curious eyes, and a tilted head means they are confused or uncertain with a pretty expression.

12- Lifetime Companion:

After time passes, the initial small attachment of the ragdoll kitten to humans turns into a strong friendship, and they become a loyal friend. These kittens form long-lasting bonds and attachments to humans. You will see with the passage of time, they become stronger companions for you, and more depending on you. When the human is not at home, they feel alone and miss their human. Upon the human’s arrival, they welcome them at the main door with affectionate, sparky eyes.


Several factors affect the worth of Ragdoll kittens like genetics, health, age, and the reputation of breeders. In general, these kittens are considered one of the most expensive kittens in the entire world.

Ragdoll kittens are happy indoor felines. These gentle kittens feel safe inside. Ensure their safety by protecting them from unsafe windows and balconies. Before bringing them home, make sure your roofs, windows, and balconies are safe for them.

Ragdoll kittens are popular for their calmness and relaxed nature, but they are not necessarily lazy. They are playful at a younger age, enjoy their surroundings and playtime keeps them happy, healthy and active.

Yes, ragdoll kittens are famous for their friendly nature. They are recognized for their calm, less demanding, affectionate, and gentle nature. They make remarkably strong bonds with their humans and other family members.

Yes, ragdoll kittens can feel sad, and sometimes they want to be alone. This may occur due to some changes in the environment, health issues, or sadness and stress.


Ragdoll kittens are gentle, affectionate, and friendly,  creating a strong bond with their humans. They need grooming in the form of social interactions, physical care and emotional attachments. Keep them busy playing games in a loving environment. These kittens do not require much attention compared to some other cat breeds. They are chatty and not very vocal. Furthermore, they come into a human’s life with a lot of joy and entertainment.

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