Grooming tips for a Maine coon cat

Maine Coon Grooming

Maine Coon grooming is most important to make their appearance attractive and charming. These majestic felines are loved for their large size, royal appearance, and friendly demeanor. These cats are intelligent, loyal, affectionate, playful, and love to explore. They are beloved among all the cat enthusiasts for their thick long fur, including their fluffy tail. For the long thick coats, they required grooming on a daily basis. They required bathing, cleaning, brushing, and removing dirt from their eyes and ears, clipping their nails.

Maine coon grooming is a big responsibility that humans undertake to fulfill for their felines. Maine coon grooming is as important as human children need care, grooming, and attention. If you can not groom them, then you have no right to pet them. They require cleanliness when they get dirt on their fur, not just once a month.

Most people think that brushing once a week and bathing once a month is enough, However, it’s not enough to care for them properly. If you are confused and feeling troubled about your Maine coon grooming, then this article will help you a lot. After going through this article, you get to know the best ways to care for your Maine Coon cats. Just find out solutions from our grooming Maine Coon suggestions.

How People do Maine Coon Grooming:

Maine Coon grooming

Maine coon grooming is very important for their overall health, long thick coat, and fluffy tail. If you do not take their grooming seriously, then your Maine Coon cat will not be as perfectly graceful and gorgeous. If you do not care for your cat regularly, then their fur may become matted, its beauty may decrease, and it may experience health issues, skin problems, hair loss, and some painful situations.

Maine coon grooming is always a relaxing and interesting part; it makes your Maine Coon fit, happy, and energetic. Grooming your pet is a very cute period for owners and also for the pets. Following are the easiest Maine coon grooming tips, that will make you more responsible for your cat, allowing you to focus on each aspect of their life. It makes you happy when you do little things for your cat, and in return, they look at you with sparkling eyes, expressing their gratitude.

1- Start Grooming at Young

Start Maine coon grooming at a young age. It will be enjoyable for both you and your cat, and it is a significant reason for creating a strong and helpful bond between humans and cats. Maine coon Kittens are easy to handle and accept touch, making it a positive start of grooming that sets the foundation for the long term. It will be a good experience for your cat and will make it easier for them to get attached to you at a young age. They will feel comfortable with you and develop a good strong relationship with you through the procedure of grooming.

Not every Maine Coon likes grooming or being touched, if you start grooming a kitten, it becomes easier for you to develop a friendly nature in them, not a reserved behavior. Take a shield as you want at the start, and it will be helpful for your entire life.

Maine coon kitten grooming is like a parent and baby relationship which benefits both of you. Grooming creates a trusting and cozy relationship for both of you. They feel relaxed with you, not scared of you or their surroundings, because, after some time, they become accustomed and dependent on you. When you bring them home for the first time, they may take some time to adjust, but grooming helps alleviate their hesitation and fear.

2- Foster A Positive Environment

For your cat, create a quiet area, rather than a noisy and distracting environment, because they feel scared and tend to hide when exposed to loud noises in their surroundings. In the grooming process, you need to observe your cat and note their body language. If they feel uncomfortable and scared, then stop the grooming and just calm them. Do not use forceful behavior, if they feel relaxed and cozy then continue grooming them.

You must allocate enough time to do quality grooming for your cat, do not be in a hurry. It is very important to calm and relax your cat before grooming. After your Maine coon grooming, shower love on them, gently pet them, and play with them. Reward them after the positive grooming experience with their favorite treat. Avoid harsh and punishing behavior with your cat because they feel fear, as a result, they do not feel comfortable and become resistant to grooming.

3- Establish A Routine

Set a perfect grooming schedule for your cat, because when you start grooming they won’t hassle, it will be expected from you as a routine. Regular grooming makes your cat more accepting of grooming and touch; they do not feel awkward and uncomfortable.

The start of the grooming period should be short and increase the span with the passage of time. Make a perfect time schedule to groom them, when they feel cozy and relaxed. Groom them at least once a week. Observe their behavior and adjust your Maine coon grooming schedule according to it. Maintain consistency, positivity and patience when facing challenges during the Maine Coon grooming.

4- Removing Matted Fur

Mats in the cat fur can be developed anywhere, especially in the sensitive areas. It causes trouble when loose fur gets stuck in the tangle, making it a challenge to detangle. First, try to use your fingers smoothly to detangle and loosen it. Do not work hard with their tangled hair. Use a smooth slicker brush to detangle the loose fur. You can also use an untangle conditioner, which is beneficial for their tangled fur. 

When you detangle the fur, you must make a small section and then brush their fur, and avoid pulling the mats. If mats are too tangled to be removed then use scissors or mat breakers. Sometimes, the mats are very severe and can be detangled with blunt-tip grooming scissors; they should be used only as a last resort. During the removal of mats, if the cat gets scared, then stop the process and try again after some time, and do not make these sessions too long.

5- Bathing Maine Coon Cats

Bathing a Maine coon cat is a really difficult task in Maine coon grooming, especially for the first time. But these cats are good at cleaning themselves by licking, so you don’t have to worry about bathing them regularly to keep them clean. If they get dirty while playing outside in the mud, then you can give them a bath. It also helps in removing loose hair. Bath them just once or twice a month consistently, otherwise excessive bathing makes them sick. Using too much shampoo can remove natural oils, leading to skin irritation and affect their soft, smooth, long fur of Maine coons.

Ensure that the place of bathing is quiet, like bathrooms. Bath them with normal water (not too hot or too cold). Use specific shampoo designed for Maine Coons. After bathing, dry them with a towel immediately. After drying them, brush their long coat.

6- Diet Impacts Maine Coon Grooming Needs

Humans should feed their Maine Coon feline a balanced diet that includes the perfect amount of minerals and vitamins, to keep their cat body perfectly healthy. They require more protein as compared to normal cats because they are large and highly energetic. Grooming Maine Coon is also related to their diet, their diet must be full of protein, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids.

Protein is good for cats’ skin and hair to grow strong. The minerals are beneficial for their coat and skin, and help to reduce hair loss. Vitamins are good for keeping a cat healthy. Fatty acids are best for addressing dry skin. If you do not provide them with the right amount of food, they may become weak or sick, and may have issues such as hair loss, weak muscles, and thin fur.

7- Flea And Worm Treatment

Fleas are tiny bugs that live on a cats’ skin, and survive on cat blood for life, causing cats to lose hair and skin infection. Flea and Worms are parasites that can infest cats, causing irritation, health issues, and discomfort. It is important to treat them to ensure your Maine Coon stays comfortable and fit. In fact, Maine Coons live indoors; also require treats for fleas and worms. If you notice fleas on your Maine Coon cat, use a flea removal shampoo and brush their fur with a flea comb.

8- Clean Your Maine Coon Cat’s Ears

Maine Coon grooming also require ear cleaning every one or two weeks, because the dirt in their ears can cause a smell and make them itchy and uncomfortable. For ear cleaning, gather all supplies you may need, like medicated ear cleaning solution, cotton balls or cotton buds, and a neat soft piece of cloth. You have to do ear cleaning in a very gentle way. Dip the cotton or cotton buds in solution and then remove dirt from their ears, but do it slowly.

9- Clean Your Maine Coon Cat’s Eyes

Eye cleaning is also an important part in Maine coon grooming. The dirt tends to gather in the corners of the eyes, causing various problems for the cats. So, bring all the supplies like cotton balls and medicated eye drops. Pick up your cat gently, clean the eye corners, apply the eye drops in their eyes and clean with cotton balls. Shower your love on them while cleaning their eyes.

10- Brush Your Maine Coon’s Teeth

On a daily basis, Maine coon cats require teeth brushing to protect them from many diseases. Bring a soft toothbrush and expert cat toothpaste for them. Start brushing your Maine coon at a young age to avoid some diseases. Humans should regularly brush cats’ teeth as part of their responsibility. Some cats may irritate you while brushing, but be patient and finish your work.

11- Trimming Maine Coon Fur

Maine Coon is known for their long, thick, fluffy coat, and sometimes, its luxurious fur can pose problems for them. The solution for that problem is to trim your Maine Coon’s long, fluffy coat if they have trouble cleaning it themselves. Keep in mind that their fur helps keep them cool in the hot weather, so do not trim their fur during the summer. For their trimming, arrange sharp scissors with rounded tips and a soft brush. While trimming the fur, treat them with positive, gentle and calm behavior. Begin by trimming their tail, ears, feet, and belly fur. Do not trim around their eyes, mouth, body and legs. Before starting, timing any mats.

12- Claw Clipping

This cat breed has sharp claws that they use for hunting, bouncing, playing, climbing, balancing, and protecting themselves. They usually scratch to make their claws and muscles healthy. Outdoor cats are independent in trimming their own claws, while indoor cats are dependent on trimming their claws, and it has to be done by their humans. Give your beloved feline a scratching post to make their claws strong and healthy. If you feel trouble from their sharp nails, then only trim their claw tips with sharp nail clippers. Do not do it in a hurry. Be gentle and shower your love during this procedure to make them calm.

Claw clipping

13- Brush Your Maine Coon’s Coat

As discussed earlier, these cats have long, fluffy coats and require brushing 2 or 3 times in a week to remove any dead or loose hairs. For brushing Maine coon hair, use a soft brush or wide-toothed comb using gentle and soft strokes. Divide the brushing into small sections, starting from the base of the tail and gradually moving up to the neck. If you brush too hard, it could irritate your Maine coon’s skin.

Brushing Maine coon fur

14- Skin Problems

Many Maine Coon owners do not know about the sensitiveness of a Maine coon’s skin. If your cat has a skin issue, you should contact your cat’s vet and figure out the problem. Some humans use specialized shampoos when bathing cats for their fur and skin. For skin issues, some humans use shampoo. Instead of using shampoo, it’s better to ask your vet to determine if it would be beneficial and less risky. If you confirm your cat has a skin issue then, be careful when brushing their fur, as it may be painful for their skin.

15- Tail Care

Tail care is also a part of Maine coon grooming. Maine coon owns a luxurious, bushy tail that looks beautiful if cared well. Brush their tail regularly to prevent tangles and remove stubborn mats. To make the brush easier, use detangle spray and conditioner, it will be easy for both you and your cat. When you give a bath to a Maine coon, Make sure to clean its tail to remove dirt.


Usually, Maine coons do not have their fur shaved, because it provides protection from heat and cold. Only shave when necessary, such as for stubborn mats or skin problems. A slight hair-cut can be done to enhance their attractiveness and beauty.

Yes, this cat breed is very clean among all the breeds. They love to groom themselves, and they rarely need baths. They clean themselves by licking.

You can make a Maine coon cat happy with love and proper attention, best diet, safe and comfy environment, exercise or playtime, regular grooming, and veterinary care.

Every pet, including Maine coon, requires grooming. The amount of grooming depends on the breed, and in the case of Maine coon, grooming requirements are considered high.

They love to eat meat, wet food, fish-flavored cat food, and high protein cat food. However, provide them with a specific amount of food twice a day, and avoid giving them excessive food or extra treats, as it can lead them to gain weight.


Maine coon grooming is very important for their health, life and beautiful appearance. Grooming a Maine coon is the responsibility of their humans as a parent. When humans groom a Maine coon with love, the cat looks up at their human with thankful and sparkly eyes. Maine coon grooming covers the full part of care. When you groom your cat, it not only contributes to their long life and enhanced beauty, but also helps to strengthen the bond between you and your cat.

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