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Ragdoll Growth Chart

Ragdolls are the most beloved, beautiful, and luxurious cats ever in the world. Many people desire to own a Ragdoll and prefer to get a kitten from a breeder. Understanding Ragdoll growth stages is important, as these kittens grow over time and turn into adult cats. Several behavioral and physical changes can be noticed in them. Being a responsible owner, you have to fulfil their needs and treat them according to their requirement.

These felines are generally considered as medium to large sized cats, and take almost 4 years to become adult. They are born with a tiny size and closed eyes that normally open after 6 to 10 days of their birth. You will notice a lot of changes and developments during their growth, but their cuteness and attractiveness never change. Their care and health can be maintained well if the owner has comprehensive knowledge about them. So, you will find this article very helpful for your Ragdoll kitten growth.

After the development of Ragdoll breed, the International Ragdoll Cat Association was established in 1971 by the founder of this breed “Ann Baker”. The purpose was to describe the standards and encourage people to adopt this breed. Research on Ragdoll kitten growth was also done and explained by this organization.

Ragdoll Kitten Growth VS Norman Kitten Growth:

Ragdoll cats show a slower growth rate as compare to normal cats. Female Ragdolls are slightly smaller than the male ones. Owners of Ragdoll kittens have to wait for 4 years to see them a fully grown into adult cat, while the normal cats complete this development in just 1 year. Ragdoll growth period is full of joy, excitement, and entertainment. Their growth is somewhat similar to the growth of Maine coons, but Maine coons take more time than Ragdolls. A Ragdoll kitten is born in a tiny size, but it is slightly larger than the kitten of a normal cat. It is natural because Ragdolls are big-sized cats than the normal cats.

Additionally, a Ragdoll kitten behaves calmly and show relaxed personality as compared to a normal kitten during the growth period. It means you can put less efforts to train a Ragdoll kitten as compare to normal kitten. Ragdoll kittens show their intelligence and good manners with their movements and activities. It can also be said that Ragdoll kittens start showing maturity before it becomes an adult.

Factors affecting a Ragdoll Growth:

Several factors influence in the Ragdoll kitten growth. Understanding these factors may help you to improve your kitten’s growth. For the well-being of your Ragdoll kitten, keep in mind the below discussed factors when you raise them.


Genetics play an important role in Ragdoll growth, determining not only the coat color and physical appearance, but also the size and health of the kitten. Growth rate of a kitten is also dependent on genetics, but humans can’t do anything if the kitten’s growth is affected by its genetic problems. Some health issues may come inherently in the kitten, which slow down the growth of the kitten. In such cases, the only thing a human can do for their kitten is to provide supportive care with love.


Always provide a well-balanced and healthy diet to your kitten, as it also contributes to their growth. A mix of vitamins, minerals and proteins is best for Ragdoll kittens to grow fast. Prefer food that is specifically made for the Ragdoll breed. It will support your kitten in bone and muscle development, as well as overall structural growth. A schedule should be made to provide them food, and avoid overfeeding them.

Environmental Factors

The environmental conditions are crucial for them to grow. These cats generally like clean and enriched environments, and love to relax in calm places. A stress-free and relaxed atmosphere has a positive impact on their growth. But if you provide them a noisy and dirty environment, they may feed stressed and anxious, which could slow down their growth. A happy and healthy environment guarantees their healthy growth.

Health Care

Overall health care also contributes to Ragdoll growth. It includes regular veterinary check-ups, medication if they are ill, and, most importantly, vaccinations. Vaccination ensures a reduction in their chances of getting ill, and automatically, contributes to the kitten’s steady growth.

Ragdoll Growth Chart:

Ragdoll Cat AgeMale Ragdoll CatFemale Ragdoll Cat
New Born85-170 gm (3.0-6.0 Oz)75-150 gm (2.65-5.29 Oz)
1 Month0.5-1.0 kg (1.1-2.2 lbs.)0.4-0.8 kg (0.88-1.8 lbs.)
2 Months1.0-1.5 kg (2.2-3.3 lbs.)0.8-1.3 kg (1.8-2.9 lbs.)
3 Months1.5-2.5 kg (3.3-5.5 lbs.)1.3-2.0 kg (2.9-4.4 lbs.)
4 Months2.5-3.6 kg (5.5-7.9 lbs.)2.0-2.8 kg (4.4-6.2 lbs.)
5 Months3.6-4.5 kg (7.9-9.9 lbs.)2.8-3.5 kg (6.2-7.7 lbs.)
6 Months4.5-5.4 kg (9.9-11.9 lbs.)3.5-4.2 kg (7.7-9.3 lbs.)
7 Months5.4-6.0 kg (11.9-13.2 lbs.)4.2-4.8 kg (9.3-10.6 lbs.)
8 Months6.0-6.5 kg (13.2-14.3 lbs.)4.8-5.3 kg (10.6-11.7 lbs.)
9 Months6.5-7.0 kg (14.3-15.4 lbs.)5.3-5.8 kg (11.7-12.8 lbs.)
10 Months7.0-7.5 kg (15.4-16.5 lbs.)5.8-6.3 kg (12.8-13.9 lbs.)
11 Months7.5-8.0 kg (16.5-17.6 lbs.)6.3-6.7 kg (13.9-14.8 lbs.)
12 Months8.0-8.5 kg (17.6-18.7 lbs.)6.7-7.2 kg (14.8-15.4 lbs.)
2 Years8.5-9.0 kg (18.7-19.8 lbs.)7.2-7.5 kg (15.4-16.5 lbs.)
4 Years9.0-10.0 kg (19.8-22.0 lbs.)7.5-8.0 kg (16.5-17.6 lbs.)

While there might be a slight difference between your kitten’s actual growth and this table, it is natural, as real life situations can vary. You can use this Ragdoll kitten growth chart to get an idea of how to grow your kitten healthy.

Ragdoll Kitten Development Phases:

Ragdoll kittens go through different phases during their growth period. They experience different positive and negative things and learn different things during their growth. Owners help them to become a socialized and well-mannered cat in the future. The Ragdoll growth period can be divided into different phases.

Initial Phase

This phase consists of 1st 2 months. The Ragdoll kittens born helpless with closed eyes. They can’t walk and even open their eyes and fully depend on their mother. They need much care from their mother and owner. These little kittens open their eyes after 1st week of their birth and explore their surroundings. They start socializing with their siblings in the 2nd month and their fur become fluffy.

Newborn Ragdoll kitten growth

Socialization Phase

This phase starts at the end of second month and continues until the fourth month. In this phase, the kitten starts recognizing you, your family, and its siblings and other pets if you have any. The kitten starts roaming and exploring your house. You have to introduce yourself as their guardian. Your positive and loving first impression can have a wonderful effect on your kitten for the whole life.

4 Months old Ragdoll

Training Phase

Training can be started from the third month, and it can continue until the first year. Always use the positive approaches to train your cute kitten. Avoid punishments and aggressive behavior to make a loving relationship with your kitten. You must teach them the following things during training:

10 months old ragdoll growth
  • Basic commands like Sit, Stand, Come, Go
  • Use of litterbox
  • Eating manners
  • Use of scratching post
  • Manners in front of guests
  • Playing routine

Young-Adulthood Phase

You can consider your Ragdoll kitten a young adult after one year of age, but full maturity continues to develop. The kitten is now socialized, trained, well-mannered and attached to you. Its playful activities are a way of fun and joy for you and your family. The body structure and muscles are developed and will continue to grow until the age of 4 years. You will notice the playful activities of your kitten with its natural calm demeanor.

Mature-Adulthood Phase

After the age of 4 years, the kitten has now become a mature adult. Its maturity can be noticed in its daily routine. All of its muscles and physical parts are fully grown, and its appearance is finalized. Its luxurious fur has also fully grown and looks astonishing. Your cat shows well-mannered and impressive behavior at this age. Your kitten has now become an independent feline, having a loving and wonderful relationship with you.

How to measure a Ragdoll Cat o Kitten?

Measuring a cat or kitten is not a difficult job. You must measure your kitten to ensure accurate growth according to its age. Use a soft measuring tape in a calm and balanced place to measure your kitten. Length should be measured from the tip of the nose to the foundation of the tail, and height should be measured from the paws to the neck. Don’t include the head and tail in the measurement. Chest can also be measured to identify the obesity or any other health issues in your feline.

Make sure your cat or kitten is standing on all four paws when you measure. Also, prefer to measure in inches instead of Centimeters to make the data more easily usable for you.

Can you control your Ragdoll Growth?

It is possible to control your ragdoll growth, but only in terms of weight, not size. If you notice that your kitten is getting heavier than expected, it’s essential to control its weight to keep it attractive and prevent obesity in your pet companion. Keep in mind, always a smart and healthy cat looks attractive and beautiful, not an over-weighing cat. So, if your cat is having issue with weight, follow the following instructions to control its weight:

  • Increase physical activities
  • Regular exercise
  • Change in diet frequency (Small meals several times a day, instead of one or 2 big meals)
  • Increase hunting instinct in your cat or kitten
  • Make them running


Many people think that Ragdoll cats do not shed, it’s not true. These cats shed their fur, but in less amount. Combing them twice a week can help you to remove hair from their bodies and give them attractive look.

These cats may spend 12 to 16 hours a day in sleeping. Their calm and laid-back personalities make them comfortable sleepers. They don’t like if you disturb them while sleeping and may show their anger to you.

Their calmness and independent personality don’t mean that it’s a lazy cat breed. But if you don’t give them proper attention or don’t play with them, they may become lazy cats due to their independent behavior.

Yes, these cats grow slower than many other cat breeds. They can take 4 years to achieve their full weight and size. Even their fur may not fully grow until their 2nd birthday.

Yes, these felines are considered as one of the prettiest, friendliest and the most loving cat breed. Their luxurious fur and gentle, calm nature make them favorite pets for luxurious houses.


Growing a Ragdoll kitten is much easier than many other cat breeds. They need special attention and care when they are born with closed eyes and ears, and are fully dependent on their mother and human guardian for warmth and feed. For the first time owners, it is important to learn about Ragdoll growth, as it enables you to take well care of your kitten. You can compare your kitten size with the above mentioned Ragdoll kitten growth chart to ensure their healthy growth.

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