Maine coon kitten growth

Maine Coon Growth Chart

Maine coon cats are standing as the second-largest cat breed in the world. They are large and when we see them it seems like they are small dogs due to their big size. It is important to watch and follow a Maine coon growth chart to ensure they are growing healthy. Maine coons are one of the most intelligent and playful cat breeds. They are very sociable and love to play with their humans and other pets.

If you train Maine coon kittens well, they are very quick learners and can learn any tricks in less time. These cats are also companion cats, be sure to give them full attention otherwise, they might feel anxiety and sadness. As we know they are loveable cats, so they want to get love too.

These kittens are not mature and conscious before they become adult Maine coon cats. To be known as adult cats, they need around 4 to 5 years. Maine coon kittens’ grooming is very essential at the beginning of their life. They will surely become well-mannered cats and convenient pets for your family if you give them full attention and take good care of them.

As we mentioned, Maine coon kittens are very smart and intelligent, they always allow their owner to keep them clean, and so their grooming would not be difficult for you. They do corporate work with their owner during tooth brushing, bathing, and hair brushing.

When you are willing to buy or adopt a Maine coon, make sure to get information about its growth period, health issues, birth stages, etc. Especially, if you are going to purchase a Maine coon kitten, you have to be more conscious about the growth period from day 1 to 12 months of their life. Having a growth chart of a Maine coon kitten would allow you to stay focused on your kitten’s growth. Try to note everything on the Maine coon growth chart about their everyday growth such as weight, height, length, etc.

Maine Coon Kitten Growth VS Normal Kitten Growth:

As we know, Maine coon are a larger cat breed as compared to normal cats. Guinness Book of World Record registered a 48.5 inches long Stewie named male Maine coon as biggest cat in 2010. in Guinness Book of World Record. There is a big difference in the growth of both. People kept Maine coon kittens as their pets, so they give full attention and care to them. Maine coon kittens get good and healthy food as well from their owners. On the other hand, normal cats usually can’t get enough food, and most of the time they have to eat unhealthy and bad food which is not good for their overall health.

Grooming is also crucial in kitten life, Maine coon kitten often gets bathing, tooth brushing and Hair brushing from their owner while there would be no grooming for normal cats. To grow well, both need to love and care, but we know only Maine coon kittens can get love and care.

Here is the growth comparison of Maine coon kittens and normal kittens. Don’t forget to check out.

Body size (Averages)Maine Coon Kitten Normal Kitten
Length 18 inches (45 cm)15 Inches (38 cm)
Weight (at birth)150 g (5.50 Oz)100 g (3.50 Oz)
Height6-9 Inches (15-23 cm)5-8 Inches (13-20 cm)
Tail Length11-15 Inches (29 to 38 cm) 8.50-10 Inches (22-25 cm)

After checking the table, now you surely know about the growth difference between both kittens. Their diet, grooming, good care, training, and more things like these, play a huge role in the growth of both Maine coon kittens and normal kittens.

Maine Coon Growth Chart:

Here is the Maine coon growth chart from their birth to 5 years. We have mentioned the comparison weight of both genders. Compare their weight at least once in a month with Maine coon growth chart. Check that out.

Maine Coon AgeMale Maine CoonFemale Maine Coon
New born80-170 g (2.82-5.99 Oz)80-150 g (2.82-5.29 Oz)
1 week180-290 g (6.35-10.22 Oz)150-260 g (5.29-9.17 Oz)
2 weeks 290-420 g (10.22-14.81 Oz)270-410 g (9.52-14.46 Oz)
3 weeks 420-600 g (14.81-21.16 Oz)410-550 g (14.46-19.40 Oz)
1 month610-820 g (21.51-28.92 Oz)560-740 g (19.75-26.10 Oz)
2 months 1-1.6 kg (2.20-3.52 lbs.)1-1.4 kg (2.20-3.08 lbs.)
3 months1.7-2.4 kg (3.74-5.29 lbs.)1.4-2.3 kg (3.08-5.07 lbs.)
4 months2.5-3.8 kg (5.51-8.37 lbs.)2.4-3.5 kg (5.29-7.72 lbs.)
5 months3.9-5.5 kg (8.59-12.12 lbs.)3.6-4.2 kg (7.94-9.26 lbs.)
6 months5.5-6.1 kg (12.12-13.45 lbs.)4.2-4.3 kg (9.26-9.48 lbs.)
7 months6.1-6.5 kg (13.45-14.33 lbs.)4.4-4.6 kg (970-10.14 lbs.)
8 months6.5-6.9 kg (14.33-15.21 lbs.)4.6-5.1 kg (10.14-11.24 lbs.)
9 months6.9-7 kg (15.21-15.43 lbs.)5.1-5.2 kg (11.24-11.46 lbs.)
10 months7.1-7.8 kg (15.65-17.20 lbs.)5.3-5.5 kg (11.68-12.12 lbs.)
11 months7.8-8 kg (17.20-17.64 lbs.)5.6-6 kg (12.34-13.23 lbs.)
1 Year8.1-9 kg (17.85-19.84 lbs.)6.1-6.5 kg (13.45-14.33 lbs.)
5 Years9.1-11.3 kg (20-24.91 lbs.)6.7-8.2 kg (14.77-18.07 lbs.)

After reading the whole chart, now you would have clarity about the weight of your Maine coon kitten after weeks, months, and years. They are one of the heaviest cat breeds in terms of their weight. Female Maine coon weighs might be a bit lower than male Maine coon kitten but still female Maine coon is heavier than most of the other cats.

Growth Stages of Maine Coon Kitten:

After getting a Maine coon kitten, everyone gets excited about their kitten growth but not everyone monitors their growth stages. When they look at their kitten after a year or two, they think their Maine coon is still a kitten and did not grow well. Keep Remember, Maine coon kittens take time to become an adult cat, you might see no difference or very less difference in your Maine coon kitten till 1 year. You have to be patient about your Maine coon kitten growth. To make you more conscious and relaxed about your kitten growth, we have discussed the main points of Maine coon kitten growth stages.

Maine Coon Between Newly Born to 2 Weeks:

2 weeks old Maine Coon kitten

Newly born kittens are very sensitive, you have to take care of them consciously. At this stage, they can’t groom themselves, you need to give full attention to your kitten. Maine coon kittens would have eyes open and might be able to walk at the end of 2nd week. Make sure to feed them with their mother’s milk during the first 2 weeks. Give them a warm and safe environment as well. Along with that, less interaction with people and other pets would be required to groom them safely.

Maine Coon Between 3 and 8 Weeks:

After 2 weeks, your Maine coon kitten will surely start a proper walk, and they might run as well. It’s time to feed them with healthy and nutritious food. During this period, they can learn a lot of things from their owner with ease.

Now, your kitten also interacts with people and other pets. After the 3 weeks, Maine coon kitten teeth will start to grow, so it’s time for you to start their grooming with tooth brushing. Kittens between 3 and 8 weeks of age can pick things very easily, at this time you could train them well. They develop good behavior if you provide them with a better environment at this stage of life.

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8 Weeks old Maine Coon Kitten

Maine Coon Between 2 and 4 Months:

4 Months old Maine Coon kitten

Age between 2 and 4 months of Maine coon is very crucial, they will own things better than before. Maine coon would love to play with their owner and other pets. They will try to explore new things during the age of 2 to 4 months.

At this time, Make sure to establish your kitten as a sociable cat otherwise, they will have fear of people and animals when they become an adult cat. At this stage, Maine coon are also able to climb so give them a cat tree to let them climb.

Maine Coon Between 5 Months to 1 Year:

Growth of Maine coon will decrease when they are 8 to 10 months old but after that, you will see too many changes in your Maine coon cat. During this period, their weight will increase to 9 kg. Their grooming and training are very essential at this stage of Maine coon life. They may develop emotions and feelings and could get attached to you and if you don’t give attention and love to them, Maine coon may feel anxiety and sadness.

1 Year Old Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon Between 1 and 5 Year:

5 Years old Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon will reach the adult level between 1 and 5 years of age. At this time, they are getting mature, you will see less playtime in them. Now it’s time to make a conscious effort in their grooming and training. Maine coon cats might become lazy if you don’t take them for a walk or to a park where they can play in an open environment.

Their diet is also key at this point in their life, they would gain weight, if you don’t feed them with a proper diet plan. They may get some health issues too, don’t forget to give them vaccinations according to their age.

Maine Coon Between 6 Years and Older:

Now, the Maine coon cat has become an adult and mature cat. You will see a lot of variations in your cat’s appearance, body size, and color. Their habits and activities would change too when they become adult cats. You can also see too much hair in their body so be sure to give them proper hair brushing with a good hairbrush.

Try to change their diet as well, and add more healthy and nutritious food to their diet. Proper training and grooming is required at this stage of their life. After getting older, they might face a lot of health issues. To keep them safe from disease, take them to the veterinarian after every month to 2 months.

Factors that Fast the Growth Rate of Maine Coon:

Maine coon is known as the largest cat breed, so everyone wants to know how to grow them fast. If you are the owner of a Maine coon kitten, or you are planning to adopt a Maine coon kitten then that question would also be circulating in your mind. There are some factors could play role in the growth rate of your Maine coon kitten. Some factors are natural such as genetics, parent size, gender, etc. Other factors include healthy food, exercise, spaying, and neutering which you can provide to boost your Maine coon growth.


Exercise is good for both humans and animals, and it makes a huge impact on the growth of both. As we know, exercise increases the level of testosterone in the human body and their growth, it also plays a huge role in Maine coon growth and health. After feeding your Maine coon with healthy food and enough nutrients, make sure to give them proper exercise.

You should take them for a walk on daily basis. Bring a cat tree for your Maine coon and let them climb a tree. They can also perform exercises while playing games such as chasing toys and laser light. Be sure that your Maine coon does sprints at least one time in a week.

Spay and Neuter

Spaying and neutering is the important factor that can boost your Maine coon growth. When your cat reaches the level of sexual maturity, they spend most of its time and energy getting a partner formatting. To save their energy, spaying, and neutering is required. At an early age of your Maine coon life, getting your pet spayed and neutered would help them to grow faster. After that, you will see many changes in your Maine coon height and weight.

Factors that Slow the Growth Rate of Maine Coon:

Maine’s coon growth rate mostly depends on their genetics and genders, if Maine coon kitten parents are large and healthy it probably means that the kitten will grow larger and healthy too. Most of the time these natural factors are not only responsible for affecting or slowing the growth rate of your Maine coon. Being a Maine coon owner, your irresponsibility towards your pet might also cause a slow growth rate in your Maine coon such as a bad diet, no grooming, and training of your Maine coon kitten.

No Grooming and Training

If you are the owner of a Maine coon cat, it’s your responsibility to groom and train your pet well. You have to be conscious of these factors, or you may see a slow growth rate in your Maine coon growth. Make sure to groom them such as giving bathing, tooth brushing, hair brushing, and trimming nails. Give proper training and try to make them a well sociable cat to avoid fear of people and animals. As we know they are quick learners, so provide them with good training methods and tricks in their early stage of life.

Bad Diet

Food can boost or destroy your Maine coon growth rate. A nutritious and healthy diet is most important to enhance their growth level. You have to know about the growth stage of the Maine coon, they might grow slower than other cat breeds, but Maine coon continues their growth even after 1 to 2 years. At the early stage of their life, feed them with their mother’s milk and after that till 1 year, provide them kitten diet because it consists of dry kibble food. If they get a healthy diet with proper nutrition, there is no chance of slowing Maine’s coon growth rate.

When Maine Coon Becomes an Adult Cat?

Most of the normal cats have only 2 years of growth period, and then they stop growing. Maine coon grow till 5 years of their life and that is the time when they become an adult and mature cat. These cat breeds might grow slowly, but they continue their growth after 2 years. It is also the main reason for Maine coon larger size that their growth period is longer than any other cat breeds.

The lifespan of Maine coon is around 14 to 15 years and when Maine coon are 5 years of age, they become an adult cat. These cat breeds also can live up to 20 years, if they get good care. They reach 10 to 16 height and 40 inches in length when they become adult cats. Maine coon breeds would weigh between 9 and 11 kg when they are 5 years old. You can easily identify the adultness and maturity in your Maine coon by observing their behavior and personality. At the stage of adulthood, they might play less than before and would be less sociable.


Hopefully, after reading the full article, you will get a lot of information about the growth period of Maine coon kittens. Now, you will surely know how to take care of your Maine coon in every stage of your life. Just be patient about your Maine coon growth because they grow slowly as compared to other cat breeds but remember, these cats will grow till their 5 years of age and will become the largest cat than any other normal cat. It is important to compare their weight with Maine coon growth chart. Essential things in Maine’s coon growth period are grooming, food and training, etc.

Some factors that slow the growth rate of your Maine coon kittens are bad diet, ignoring them for a long time, and not giving them proper exercise. It’s time for you to adopt or buy a Maine coon kitten and grow them well.

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