Brown Maine Coon

Brown Maine Coon

Brown Maine coon cats are one of the most fascinating and adorable cats, they are brown in color which is the common color in the Maine coon breed, and can be found very easily. These cats are easygoing and also known to be gentle cats. They are convenient to become good family pets. The other name of these majestic cats is Brown Coonies, and usually, people select their nickname “Coonie”.

Due to the appearance and big size of these cats, you might hear that this brown cat is the cross between raccoons and cats, but that is totally wrong, in fact scientifically it cannot be possible. These felines were brought by European settlers to New England, and then they are bred with the local felines naturally.

Brown color in Maine coon is established because of eumelanin that is produced by the browning gene. There are two forms of genes, recessive, and the other one is dominant. The recessive form produces cinnamon and chocolate color in Maine coon while the dominant form produces black color.

Recognition of Brown Maine Coon:

What if someone gives you any random brown cat in the price of brown Maine coon or other breeds of brown cat instead of brown Maine coon? That’s why it is important to have information about these majestic cats to recognize them well to get their purebred version.

Apart from their appearance, you will see different color patterns of these breed of cat which might confuse you. These cats also come in black brown color pattern in which a cat has a brown base color with black banding.

These cats have muscular body shapes and their weight might be around 12 to 18 pounds, but they are not fat. Make sure to know about all things of these fascinating cats if you really want to purchase a genuine brown Maine coon cat.


Brown Maine coon cat

These brown cats are large in size, have rectangular body shapes, and have muscular bodies. These stunning cats have medium-sized heads in terms of width and high cheekbones. The coat of these cats looks shaggy and that is thick.

Body Size

The body size of the male brown cat is larger, more muscular, heavier, and lengthy than the female cat of this breed. Male cats can reach a maximum length of 40 inches from their head to tail when they become adult cats.

 MeasuresMale CatFemale Cat
  Height10 to 15 inches8 to 12 inches
  Length36 to 40 inches32 to 35 inches
  Weight12 to 18 pounds6 to 12 pounds

Brown Maine Coon Eyes:

Cat eyes are always attractive and expressive, but these cats have more beautiful eyes than any other cats in terms of shape and color. The eyes of brown cats are in oval shape, and their eyes pupils are in vertical slits. These cats also have won a reward in an award show due to their beautiful eyes.

Eye Colors

When these cats are born, they have the same blue eyes as other Maine coon cats such as blue Maine coon, white Maine coon, etc. You will see these cats in various eye colors after they become adult cats such as copper, golden, and green.

Eye Problems

Different eye problems can be found in your feline friend including eye infections, eye discharge, etc. Your pet gets affected by these eye problems due to dust, when you take them for a walk. To avoid eye problems in your cat, you can put eye goggles on their eyes.

Apart from those common problems, your pet gets some serious eye problems as well. Here are the following.

  • Weeping eyes
  • Hyperopia
  • Myopia
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Dry eye
  • Cataracts
  • Corneal disorders


These cats are expected to live up to 12 to 14 years on average. Along with that, the life expectancy of these fascinating cats more depends on their environment, what food they consume, and how their owner treats them.

They often get certain diseases that decrease their life expectancy but still, the role of these cat owners matters a lot in times of health issues of brown Maine coon cats. If they get complete care with regular veterinary checkups then these majestic cats could live for more than 14 years.

Brown Maine Coon Price:

The prices of these majestic cats are different in different places, you might see ups and down in the price of these cats, due to their color pattern. In countries where the demand for Maine coon is not high probably prices of these cats are low there. The average price of these breed kitten is between $2600 and $3400 in the United States. As we know how much popular these cats are in the United States that’s the reason for the high price in that country.

There might be differences in the price of an adult and an immature cat. People who have a low budget to purchase these fascinating cats prefer rescue centers or local shelters to buy these cats rather than breeders.

Brown Cat Type Prices
  Adult cat$1500 to $2500
  Kitten$1000 to $1500
  Mixed breed$500 to $1000

Different Patterns in Brown:

There are several colors and patterns of these majestic brown cats that every brown Maine coon enthusiast should know about that. If you are a lover of this breed of cat but know only about the solid brown color of this cat then the following list is for you.

  • Brown Spotted Maine Coon – In this color pattern, these brown cats have small spots on the different parts of the body, especially the face and legs.
  • Brown Patched Maine Coon – In a brown patched pattern, you will see some red scattered patches on the overall coat of the brown patched Maine coon cat.
  • Brown Mackerel Maine Coon – In this coat pattern, these cats have thin tabby patterns that run in stripes along the side part of their body.
  • Brown Ticked Maine Coon – There is no visible striping on this coat pattern of brown Maine coon, you may see some striping on the cat’s face and leg.
  • Brown Classic Maine Coon – In this color pattern, these astonishing cats have the tabby pattern that involves swirling patterns on the tail and side that produce the structure of a bullseye

Brown Maine Coon Kitten:

Owning a mature brown Maine coon cat might be boring for you, but it would be fascinating if you go for a beautiful brown kitten. It will be fun to play with these kittens and training them from day 1 would be enjoyable for both of you.

When you purchase these kittens, you will have the option whether to get a male or female kitten. However, both male and female kittens can be amazing pets, both genders are gentle and easygoing, but there is a slight difference in the personalities of both.

Male brown kitten is more sociable than female kitten and male kitten may demand more attention than female one. Now it depends on you which type of personality you want in your pet when selecting these majestic cats.

Tabby brown Maine coon kitten

The Personality of Brown Maine Coon:

Most people are conscious of the personality traits of their pets, and they choose wisely while searching for these brown cats. Personality plays an important role in the demand of these cats, there are several personality types that you will find in these amazing cats such as laid-back, friendly, and sociable.


In this personality trait, your pet will always remain calm and easygoing, he might not care what’s happening around him. Mostly introvert cats have this personality type and people love them.


Cats seem boring as compared to dogs, but this breed of cat is different from normal cats, they are fascinating and friendly. These cats love to cuddle with kids and their owners too. These astonishing cats enjoy a lot while playing games.


Male cats are friendlier than female cats, they always want to interact with people due to their extrovert personality type. These cats don’t shy away from anyone and always be there to welcome new guests.


The grooming routine of these cats is different from normal cats because they are long-haired cats. You might need a professional groomer for the cleaning of these cats but if you can’t afford a groomer, you can perform all those things by yourself. Here is the complete guide about grooming a brown Maine coon cat.

Teeth Brushing

Regular teeth cleaning can help secure your cat from dental diseases. Make sure to bring a slim toothbrush that is convenient for your cat, and we recommend the use of enzymatic toothpaste because that is convenient for your cat.


Cats often clean their coat and skin by using their tongue which means they can’t stand living dirty and want to get a bath when they feel filthy. It’s your job to give them a bath with shampoo that is only made from cats and some other ingredients to clean their coat.

Fur Brushing

Coat fur brushing is required when your feline friend looks messy after taking a bath. Be sure to use optimal combs and fur brushes to keep their coat clean and shiny. To soften stubborn mats, you can use different detangling spray products.

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming of your feline friend is as important as her teeth brushing and bathing. The growth of their nails is fast which is why these cats’ nails require daily attention to avoid damaging your home furniture and scratching your own skin. Make sure to cut their nails slowly from the nail clipper to avoid any bleeding.

Ear and Eye Cleaning

You can easily clean your feline friend’s eyes and ears by using moist cotton balls or earbuds. Cleaning of eyes and ears also helps to avoid infection in your feline friend. Don’t forget to perform this job at the end of your feline friend grooming.

 Teeth brushing 3 to 4 times a week
 Bathing 1 to 2 times a month
 Fur brushing 4 to 5 times a month
 Nail trimming 2 to 3 times a month
 Ear/Eye cleaning Every week


Your feline friends need training to get mentally and physically strong and smart. Giving them training also helps to make a good bond with your feline friend. As we know these cats are intelligent and smart, so training them would be an easy job. Training of these cats can be done with different processes and methods.

  • Positive reinforcement is the most convenient way to train your feline friend. In this method, you have to give a treat as a reward to your pet after the training session. It will boost her confidence to do even better next time.
  • Negative reinforcement, when someone removes something unpleasant after a cat does the behavior, and as a result, the behavior increases. People also use this method for their children but here we recommend using only reinforcement method and not negative reinforcement.

Balanced Diet:

You have to spend a good amount of money to feed your feline friends. Make sure to add protein foods to your pet’s diet such as fish, chicken, beef, and liver. Along with that, fruits and vegetables including spinach which is rich in iron, and fruits like apples and cranberries.

Wet or canned food can also be given to your pet cats and don’t forget to bring high-quality cat food. The diet of your feline friend might be expensive but if you want to maintain your cat’s health and avoid certain diseases in them then be sure to spend enough amount of money on their diet.

Health Problems:

This cat breed is one of the healthy ones but still you may find various diseases in your feline friend. Most of the health issues caused in these cats are due to their genetics, that’s why ethical breeders do DNA tests of these majestic cats before breeding them. Following are the medical issues that can be found in your feline friend.

Hip Dysplasia

This disease is commonly found in this cat breed. Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects the hip joints of these cats. In this condition, parts of the hip joint such as the socket and ball fail to grow.


Stomatitis is an oral problem of cats, but mostly Maine coon breed gets affected by this disease. When gingivitis spreads in your feline friend’s mouth then this oral problem is developed.

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

This health issue is caused in the Maine coon breed due to a genetic disorder. This problem leads to the loss of spinal nerves that control limb muscles and your feline friend may get muscle weakness.

Polycystic Kidney Disease

This disease of the kidney is caused in cats due to their genetics. This health issue happens when cats are born with small cysts on the kidney.


Brown Maine coon is one of the cats of the Maine coon breed, they come in a solid brown color and have a tabby pattern.

There are many colors that are easy to get, but brown tabby is the most common color of the Maine coon breed.

The brown Maine coon cat is not rare but the pure brown color that comes in this cat is very rare and hard to get.

These cats can live both indoors and outdoors since they are intelligent and can live independently. However, due to their high price, owners of these cats always keep them indoors.

They have a water-resistant coat which makes these cats less fearful of water. Sometimes, they dread while taking a bath.


Brown Maine coon is the perfect choice for every family and individual but only when a person can be available for these majestic cats all the time. They required attention every time and a complete care routine for their food, health, grooming, and training. Several diseases can be found in your feline friend, so be sure to take them for a vet checkup once a month to avoid any complications in your pet’s health. They can be great companion pets since these cats are loyal and highly affectionate cat breeds.

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