Gray Maine Coon cat

Gray Maine Coon

Gray Maine coon is referred to as blue Maine coon. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, a gray Maine coon cannot be recognized as a gray type of Maine coon because it comes under the category of color “blue”. Instead of blue and gray, they exist in various colors and patterns. These cats are simply amazing in looks as well as personality. Gray Maine coons come with sparkling silver fur.

These cats are also known as sociable and affectionate cats by their personality. These cats are one of the most fascinating cat breeds that everyone wants to own them. They can be both common and rare cats because it takes time to breed them but with some advanced breeding techniques they might take less time to breed, so you may or may not find these stunning cats.

Recognition of Gray Maine Coon:

Gray coon cats has many colors and patterns that you have to look up while identifying them. We often see several cats which are gray, but they all are not gray Maine coon. There are some essential factors that you have to consider when you need to recognize them such as their fur color, size, shape, and eyes.

A Maine coon in gray doesn’t mean that you will see them in any genre of gray color, you need to know about their different shades and combinations of colors. These gray cats are available in many color classes which you can see in the below list.

  • Shaded and smoke color
  • Tabby color
  • Smoke and white color
  • Parti-color
  • Solid color

Shaded and Smoke Colors

The colors that come in shaded and smoke include shell blue cream, blue smoke, shaded blue silver, and blue cream smoke.

Tabby Colors

The tabby colors are blue-tabby, blue silver-patched tabby, and blue patchy tabby.

Smoke and White Colors

Shaded blue cream and white, shaded blue silver and white, and shell blue cream & white are the color classes of smoke and white.


Grey Maine coon parti-color classes such as blue cream and white, dilute calico, and blue cream.

Solid Color

Solid colors include only blue, those cats have paw leather and blue nose.

The Appearance of Gray Maine Coon:

These cats has different kinds of gray colors and patterns. The appearance of a gray Maine coon is stunning and luxurious as compared to other cat breeds. Their coats are longer, their eyes are in multiple colors, and they come in bigger sizes as well.

Gray Maine Coon Cat


As we already mentioned, Maine coon cats exist in a bigger size. Their height, weight, and length of the body are quite similar to other Maine coon cats. In terms of size, this breed of cat is one of the biggest as compared to other typical cats. If you get a chance to own them, you would feel like you have a dog instead of a cat due to their big size.

MeasuresMale CatFemale Cat
Height8 to 16 inches6 to 14 inches
Length40 to 45 inches30 to 35 inches
Weight13 to 25 pounds8 to16 pounds

The Shape of a Gray Maine Coon

Here we are going to discuss the body shape of a gray coon cat:

  • Body shape: They also have rectangular body shapes like other Maine coon felines.
  • Ears: The ears of gray coon cat are triangular shaped.
  • Tails: These gray cats have a long bushy tail.

Grey Maine Coon Eyes:

The eyes of gray coon cat are large as compared to normal cats, the shape of their eyes is oval. As we know, the eye pupils of humans are circular but if we talked about their eye pupils, they are in vertical slits. Like other Maine coon cats, the eyes of gray cats are attractive and expressive.

Eye Colors of Gray Maine Coon

You will see a variety of eye colors in a gray coon cat. They change their eye color when these cats become mature because gray Maine coon kittens are born with blue eyes. Here are the common eye colors of gray coon cats.

  • Copper
  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Green

Gray Maine Coon Eye Issues

There are certain eye problems that your gray Maine coon gets such as eye infections, weeping eyes, eye discharge, etc. if your gray Maine coon has dilated pupils, squinting eyes or eye color changes its means they have an eye infection, make sure to ask a veterinarian about your cat eye issues.


These cats are one of the best loyal cat breeds, their personality traits add more value to gray Maine coon demand. Personality traits of gray coon cat include friendliness, playfulness, sociability, and laid back. Apart from that, these cats have all amazing personality traits which make them ideal pets for any family.


One of the things which make a gray Maine coon an interesting cat is their sociability. They love to interact with owner’s relatives and other pets already living in the same house. These cats can easily gel with anyone that’s why they are friendly cats. It would be fascinating to keep them as your pet if you have the same personality traits as them.


Want to own cats who stay with you till their last breath? Look no further, you can’t find a loyal cat than a gray Maine coon. You would know about dog loyalty but after owning a Maine coon, you will observe how loyal these cats are. They might live with you forever and will be a vital piece of your life.


Maine coon cat is a well-mannered cat that behaves incredibly well in front of its owner. These cats are very obedient to their owners and will never ignore your order. You can also prepare them according to your requirements.

Gray Maine Coon Kitten:

Kittens are always cute, their breed doesn’t matter but a gray Maine coon kitten might get your attention every time whenever you see them. Owning a gray coon cat when they are kittens would be a delightful experience for you. As a pet owner, you will surely enjoy grooming and train a gray Maine coon kitten.


The weight of a male gray Maine coon kitten is around 3 to 5 pounds when they are between 2 and 3 months old. Meanwhile, female gray coon cat weighs between 2 and 4 pounds.

Click here to view their full growth chart.


Grooming of gray Maine coon cats must be done by their owners. You have to start grooming of your gray cat from the age of 1 to 2 months when they are kittens. Make sure that your cat feels comfortable during grooming time otherwise, they might get wild at their grooming time. Their grooming includes bathing, nail trimming, tooth brushing, and fur brushing.


Being a pet owner, you always want to see your cat neat and clean. If they look dirty, their attraction will automatically lose. No one will stay near them even your kids and family members would start to hate them. That’s why it’s necessary to give your cat a weekly bath to keep their whole body clean.

Nail Trimming

What if any person gets hurt while playing with your cat? It can happen due to your cat’s long and sharp nails. Obviously, you don’t want your gray coon cat to look wild in front of your friends and family so don’t forget to trim the nails of your cat on time or their nails will grow bigger due to their fast growth.

Tooth Brushing

Grooming of gray Maine coon is not only about their body, tooth brushing is also important as their bathing. If you don’t want that your cat gets dental problems, make sure that your gray coon cat has tooth brushing 2 times every day.

Brush Gray Maine Coon Fur

After giving a bath to your gray cat, give them fur brushing too. Their body fur should not look messy. The majestic look of a gray Maine coon would be incomplete if their fur is not brushed. Be sure to choose a smooth brush that doesn’t hurt your pet’s body.


Training of a gray Maine coon could be both a fun and boring thing to do. It all depends on the strategy of a coach and how he makes a cat feel comfortable in training. Several training methods can apply to get better results. Some are negative, and some methods are positive, be sure to avoid all negative training methods and go for positive training methods which we have discussed in the following:

Let Your Cat Follow You

It can be the start of the training process of your beautiful gray cat when they try to follow you. At first, you have to do some actions and then ask your cat to do the same.

Play Training Games

It may be the best way to train your cat by playing games. In this training method, you and your cat will not get bored. Make sure to play games such as fetch. Throw a toy and let your cat bring it to you.


The average price of a gray cat varies on some factors, but normally it is between $800 and $2000. As we know gray Maine coon has many variants and colors, so you will see different price ranges for each color variant.

Adult Gray Maine Coon Price

When a kitten becomes mature, they are known as an adult cat the price of an adult gray coon cat might be more expensive than other gray Maine coon. If we talked about their average price then it would be around $1500 to $2000.

Gray Maine Coon Kitten Price

The normal price of a gray Maine coon kitten would be between $1000 and $1500. You can also get these kittens for only $100 to $400 from rescue centers and cat shelters.

Cat TypePrice
Adult Gray Maine Coon$1500 to $2000
Gray Maine coon Kitten$800 to $1500
Mixed Gray Maine Coon$700 to $1500

How to Buy a Gray Maine Coon:

Before going to purchase a gray Maine coon cat or kitten, make sure to know all about this cat breed to ensure that you could get a genuine one from a breeder. Get all information about their appearance such as body size, color, body shape, etc. Along with that, you should know about the prices of all types of gray coon cats. If you don’t get enough information about this cat breed, any breeder can sell their fake cat to you.

Click here to read some questions related to buy a Maine coon cat.

After taking decision of petting a gray coon cat, 1st we should decide where to buy a gray Maine coon. There are many ways to get a gray Maine coon like:

  • CFA or TICA registered breeders
  • Facebook groups
  • Pet shops
  • Backyard breeders or families selling their cats or kittens
  • Rescue centers and animal shelters

We have discussed almost everything in our article about gray Maine coon, Make sure to read our whole article again and again to clear all doubts and if you still feel that you need more information, you can check some other sources as well.


The gray color of Maine coon cats is commonly found everywhere, we can’t consider them as rare color cats. But they could be rare in some color classes and patterns.

The growth rate of gray Maine coon is very slow like other colors of Maine coon cat. They require 4 to 5 years to their full size growth.

You can adopt or purchase a gray Maine coon cat from various ways such as breeders, local cat shelters, rescue centers, pet shops, and Facebook groups.

Gray Maine coon eyes are large and rounded, If we talked about their eye pupils, they are in vertical slits.

There are many training methods that you can apply for your gray Maine coon cat such as the positive reinforcement method, playing fetch, and easy commands training, advanced tricks training etc.


We have discussed each and every thing about gray Maine coons. There are many color variations in them and many people get confused in gray and blue Maine coon. But they are little bit different from each other. This article is helpful for recognizing a gray Maine coon. Other features like their eye colors and body shape is also discussed. Some of their caring and training tips are also mentioned so that you can easily keep your cat happy and healthy.

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