Maine coon behavior

Maine Coon Behavior

We really need to know the Maine Coon’s behavior in all situations before bringing them into our life and home. You must understand how they react and feel in different situations, as well as how they behave and respond to you and under different conditions. Maine Coons are usually called “gentle giants” of cats due to their unique, loveable, and endearing personalities.

In this article, we discuss some main Maine Coon behaviors, highlighting their gentle behavior and love for affection. They are recognized for their ideal bonds with their humans and their enjoyment of cuddling. These cats love to play and hang out with their humans, looking like fluffy, steady bears with purring motors. Even though their size is big, they still stay playful and physically active. They make joy by fetching and chasing toys, climbing trees and walls, and exploring their surroundings with endless curiosity. This furry comedian brings entertainment and joy to your life.

They do not require brushing their fur every day. If you remove loose hair and prevent tangles, they look at you with a thankful expression and sparkly eyes. Their fluffy coats hide the need for frequent brushing. They learn easy tricks and are eager to please their humans. They smartly learn the tricks for their human happiness and quickly respond to their command. These gentle giants quickly learn routines and follow the orders of their humans cleverly. They can learn funny things like friendly wrestling and cuddling with other cats or pets.

They are quite chatty, and make different sounds like trills, chirps, and mostly meows. These felines easily learn how to greet with a gentle meow by using their paws. After learning little things they become happy and repeat newly learned activities continuously. They are one of the most talkative cats you will find; consider them a chatterbox furry friend for you. These special and unique cats love water and play with faucets when water flows in dropping form. They are curious explorers and play with water full of joy and excitement. They touch the water with their claws repeatedly with a lot of happiness.

Maine coon Behavior

Does Maine Coon mood swing a lot?

They are usually laid-back and have mood-changing personalities like other cats. But don’t worry, these felines are usually not big dramatic or unpredictable. They can play and relax throughout the whole day, as it’s their way of balancing being energetic and calm. A happy purr and relaxed pose mean they are content, but flattered ears or hissing mean they are upset or frightened. Just learn their movements and don’t be confused about their mood.

Each Maine Coon is unique and behaves differently from others, showing different mood swings. Most of them love to play and have fun. As they get older, they may become more chill. Maine Coon behavior might change due to changes in their surroundings like the presence of guests and loud noises. They may become quieter and more nervous in those situations. You have to make a routine for them and stick to it, including cuddle time, playtime and feeding time. Provide these cats with a lot of toys to entertain and avoid boredom.

Mood swings are normal and usually tied to their energy levels or surroundings. You have to watch how they behave, act, and communicate, and treat them according to their moods. It will make both of your connections strong.

Maine Coon Behavior Early in the Morning:

Maine Coon behavior in the morning is alarming for you, they wake you up with sweet meows and purrs or with licking you. This alarm is a reminder for you to provide them with breakfast and a sweet cuddle. They might follow you around the kitchen like a hungry fluffy friend. Some excited meows might greet you when you serve their food. After having the great morning food, they celebrate it with a happy dance.

They warm your heart with head nudges in the morning, like a cuddle buddy at your legs. You do not need alarm clocks because in the morning, they bounce around you, making ninja jumps on you. They jump, causing playful chaos in the house in a wild way, as if it’s their zoomie time.

Maine Coon Behavior at Night:

After the lights go off, the Maine coon’s mood is on. They play hide and seek in the dark with you. Their claws pounce on invisible toys, and they might suddenly pounce on you. During nighttime sleep, they cuddle with you and start their little soft snoring. They always require cuddling, warming you up with sweet purrs and providing comfortable companionship.

Maine Coon behavior at night is not so calm or silent; you can hear their sweet whisper after bringing them. You have to listen to them with a sweet cuddle at night. If they don’t cuddle with you, they might sleep on your legs or behind you on your bed at night.

Maine Coon Behavior during Eating:

Maine coon behavior is often characterized by excitement, and wagging their tails when they see their food coming. They start meowing with excitement, and sometimes, they might paw on the counter in a gentle way. They get excited about their mealtime, and if you do not provide food on time, they may become a little sad and unhappy.

When they see their favorite food, they start dancing with lots of excited mewing. But some cats take their time after the meal is served, sniffing and inspecting the food. After ensuring that every bite will be perfect for them, they dive into the food bowl and eat wildly, with happy purrs. After finishing the meal, they rub their heads against you, as if saying thank you my human.

Maine coon waiting for food

Maine Coon Behavior when Playing:

They are just like zoomy rockets full of naughtiness, running around the house with full energy. You must be ready for their bouncing, wiggling and leaping. Their playtime is full of thrill and excitement; it’s mostly serious fun for your furry friend. They take your home as a personal adventure playground. They jump on the shelves and climb on the curtains like fuzzy spider cats.

These cats engage in gymnastics with wooden furniture and doors like their jungle gym. They do the ninja’s moves exactly like disappearing from one place and appearing in another place with a fast and energetic jump. Sometimes, their toys become their microphones; they turn feather wands into mice and sing with them. Be ready for their playful twists and turns with their tiny meows and joyful purrs.

How Maine Coons Behave during Grooming:

Grooming is essential, even though it may sometimes involve stressful and upsetting grooming procedures. Now we discuss the Maine coon behavior during grooming.

Maine Coon Behavior during Bathing

These water lover cats feel happy while bathing, and their tails wag full of excited meows, and sometimes, they playfully dip their paws. After bathing, they become wet zombies, and may chase water drops from the tap, turning the bathing time into a water park picnic. Try not to be amazed if you hear their happy purrs in the bathroom. They dip their paws into the water and explore the soapy bath like a mystery. Their wide eyes inspect all the process. They also groom themselves by licking their fur with precision.

Some Maine coons do not feel good during bathing, so be prepared for their disapproving looks. They could meow constantly, try to escape from the tub, and sometimes hide in the sink due to their watery destiny.

Maine Coon Behavior during Fur Brushing

Maine Coon behavior while brushing is full of drama. Maine coons love being brushed because it’s a way to get the attention of their humans. Usually, brushing turns into a purring message, full of love and attention from their humans. When you brush their fur, they also start their self-grooming by licking.

The first thing a Maine Coon does is sniff the brush and thoroughly inspect it. They can be a little nervous when being brushed for the first time. In the brushing procedure, they take a break and rest under the couch, after some time, they come back for a cuddle and another brushing session.

Behavior When Going Outside:

Maine Coon behavior in parks and playgrounds while walking targets the birds, as your furry ninja navigates branches. They follow the shadow outside and engage in curious sniffing throughout the walk. They turn leaves into crunch while playing, and rain is amazing playtime for them. These cats play the game of tapping at raindrops. Outside, they become furry adventurers exploring with amazing looks and curiosity. But in the beginning, they feel fear of going outside in parks and grounds.

In the wild, Maine coon behavior is like turning into a furry detector. They follow you through the leaves like a mini tiger on the prowl, whiskers twitching with a cute detective look. These big cats become furry climbers outdoors and start jumping on the ground. They explore the outside with their tiny paws full of thrill.

Behavior When they are Angry:

Maine coon behavior may include aggression; their tail puffs up like an explosion. This is their way of saying “I am not happy”, with ears flat against their head and a hiss. If their sweet meow turns into aggressive hisses, it means they are warning you to back off. These signals mean your Maine coon is saying “leave me alone”. Sometimes, they lift their paw as if boxing, which also means they are not in a cool mood. They may bite you in a frustrated mood, and maybe sometimes a little slap on your legs when passing by them.

Behavior When they are Upset:

Then they are upset, they try to hide themselves in a cozy corner, sometimes, they hide under furniture, and their tail puffs up like a warning flag. They take some time to stabilize themselves with calmness. The ear might be flattened against their head showing their frustration. Excessive grooming is also one of the reasons for stress. Their meow changes into harsher and higher pitches, and they may refuse to eat and drink in upset and anxious situations.


Yes, Maine coons are gentle and affectionate with kids and other pets. They love to be playful with kids and cuddle them. They become best friends with them, and after becoming best friends, they play, eat meals, and sleep together.

Not all, but the majority of Maine coons are fascinated with water and play with it, while others prefer dry land adventures. It all comes down to their personality, likes, and dislikes.

Maine coons are quick to learn, easy to train, and mostly eager to please their humans. To make their humans happy, they learn small tricks and obey commands.

They are known as family cats because they are gentle and affectionate with kids and pets, chatty, and love to cuddle. They are sweet and gentle by nature.

Siamese kitten can become an adult in the age of one to two years. It is little bit more than some cat breeds but many big cat breeds like Maine Coon grow slower than Siamese.

Maine coon are known as chatty boxes; they like to chirp and meow with joy. Sometimes, these furry friends sing songs in their meow tune or chirp. They are talkative with tiny voices full of sweetness.


Maine Coons are amazing family pets and are known for their gentle behavior with kids and other pets. They love to be cuddled by their humans on the couch, and are naughty yet being sweet by nature. Maine coon behavior and attitude bring a lot of fun and happiness into your life. After understanding their behavior and bonding with them, you make a strong connection with your furry friend.

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