Lilac Point Siamese Cat

Lilac Point Siamese

A few cat breeds have lilac color, and Siamese is one of them, known as Lilac Point Siamese. These cats are most amazing and unique due to their color combinations. This color of Siamese cannot be seen commonly, but not as extremely rare as some other colors are. A few efforts are needed to find this unique companion for your family. These cats would be an interesting gift for your loved ones.

These felines always enjoy play sessions with their owners and families. Their affection and playful nature allows them to stay happy and friendly with humans. That’s why they are easy to cuddle and pick up in your arms. Nobody can resist to kiss or love them when they sit on their lap. These attention seeker cats always follow you, and love to stay with you wherever you are. You are welcomed with sweet and soft meows when you return home from your work.

Recognition and Development:

Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point Siamese are considered as a paler version of the Blue Point Siamese. Initially, the Lilac Siamese cats were rejected by cat enthusiasts who considered them as a poor version of Blue Point Siamese. But these cats gained popularity after their recognition as a separate color by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). These cats are also called as “Frost Point” in the US. The rarity of this color makes them highly valuable and best as a gift for your loved ones.

Lilac is one of the four officially accepted Siamese colors, and probably the lightest one among all four of them. They are appreciated by cat enthusiasts due to their appearance and friendly personality traits. From their pointed colors on paws, face, tail and ears to all other body parts, everything has lighter color shade. Some experts believe that these cats developed due to blue Russian cat’s genes, but it is not sure.

Lilac Point Siamese Cat Price:

As we know, these cats are rare, so you would need more money to bring a lilac Siamese than any other Siamese. Some factors like cat’s age, bloodline, location and breeder’s reputation may affect the price. Normally, these cats can be taken within an amount of $1000 to $2500. The price may go up and down due to some reasons, mostly mentioned earlier. A Lilac Point Siamese kitten can cost you around $500 to $1500, which is a little bit more than other color variants of the Siamese breed. It’s normal because of their rarity.


The appearance of these felines is similar to the Blue Point Siamese; a slight difference makes them distinct from the blue Siamese. In fact, these cats were renowned as lighter version of the Blue Point Siamese before their separate recognition. Everything in these cats is light, including their pointed color, blue eye color and coat color. These cats normally have white coat color, but it’s not compulsory.

Lilac Point Siamese VS Blue Point Siamese

Eye color of these cats is also blue, but lighter than other Siamese variants. They have long and slim tails that enhance their beauty. Their paws, with pointed lilac color, also look amazing. Over all, these cats resemble animated creatures, but fortunately, they are real. These cats could be perfect choice for those who like light colors.

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Size and Weight:

The size and weight of a cat may also vary from cat to cat because it’s highly dependent on their diet and environment. The age and bloodline also affect their size and weight. You should focus on their personality, activeness and overall health when purchasing one. If you are raising a Lilac Point Siamese kitten, then measure their size and weight regularly after some time to ensure their healthy growth. The average size and weight is given in below table:

MeasurementsMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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The personality of Lilac Point Siamese cats is similar to other Siamese cats, but it’s necessary to mention a few main personality traits here to explain this cat type in detail. Must read before purchasing one to know if their personality suits you or not.


The Siamese breed is highly affectionate, and that’s why the Lilac Point Siamese are also considered as one of the most loving cats. Their affection can be noticed whenever you spend time with them. Their high affectionate level make them easy to cuddle, hug or kiss.


Intelligence level of these cats is also high, which makes them easy to pet and train. These felines can learn things from you and your family even if you don’t teach them. Their intelligence level allows them to observe and pick up on acts you do. It’s not difficult to teach them basic tricks like stand, sit, run, come etc.

Good Family Companions

The Lilac Point Siamese cats are great for families, especially for those having both seniors and children. These cats can easily adjust themselves in families because there is someone always available to give them attention and play with them. These cats follow humans all around the house and feel secure being with them.


Like other Siamese cats, these cats are also more vocal than other cat breeds. Their voice is sweet and melodious, but sometimes, they may become annoying. They make strong voices when they feel sick or need something. Otherwise, they make sweet and soft meows in normal routine.

Lilac Point Siamese Kitten:

Lilac Point Siamese Kitten

You can’t differentiate a lilac point Siamese kitten from the other Siamese kittens due to its fully white body. Kittens may be more vocal than adults because they need more attention from their owners. But it is highly suggested to adopt a kitten instead of adult cat to ensure a lovely and unforgettable bond with them in future. Furthermore, you can train your kitten as you desire.

The Siamese kittens wake up early in the morning, surely before you, and start playing by themselves. It’s good for their physical and mental health, but they may disturb you by biting or jumping on you. If you are having a kitten, prepare yourself for such kinds of little hurdles. To tackle these hurdles, it’s best to pet a pair of Lilac Point Siamese kitten instead of one.

Interesting Facts:

A few interesting facts are attached with Lilac Point Siamese cats, which are necessary to mention here to attract you to this pretty cat type. These facts are liked by cat enthusiasts and make these cats more valuable.

Similarity with Blue Point Siamese

The lilac Point Siamese look similar to Blue Point Siamese, but they are not same. Initially the lilac cats were rejected by judges in cat shows because they were considered a poor version of blue Siamese cats. These cats can be recognized as lilac because of their lighter color than the blue cats.

World Record Holder

Normally, the Siamese cats give birth to four to six kittens, but a world record was set in 1970 when a cross between Siamese and Burmese resulted in the birth of 19 kittens. Nobody can imagine the birth of 19 kittens at a time, but this remarkable milestone is associated with the Siamese breed.

Follow like a Shadow

The Siamese breed has an interesting instinct of following their owners. Some Siamese cats are always attached to you, just like your shadow, and go with you wherever you go. Sometimes, you may become annoyed due to their following instinct, but don’t behave strictly with them to prevent negative impression.

Official Recognition in 1955

As discussed earlier that these cats were considered as a lighter version of Blue Point Siamese cats, but were officially recognized as a separate color variant of this breed in the US in 1955. Later on, the lilac color in Siamese breed was also accepted in the UK in 1960. After official recognition, the Lilac Point Siamese got popularity throughout the world.

Food and Diet Requirements:

Like other Siamese cats, these cats also require animal based diet, rich in protein with enough vitamins and minerals in it. A healthy diet is the most important to maintain their energy level. Provide them food that consists of meat, including beef, turkey, chicken or fish. Nutrients like amino acids are also important for their eyes and heart, and they can be found in meat.

You may give them treats in the form of dry kibbles because it has all the necessary nutrients your cat needs to stay healthy. The healthy fats can also be sourced from meat, especially from the beef. Serve them both wet and dry food to meet all their nutrient requirements. It would be best to use branded food specifically made for the Siamese breed, but you can also serve homemade food. Keep an eye on the quantity because overfeeding can lead them to obesity.


Grooming of these short-haired felines is very simple and easy. Brushing their fur two times a week is enough to prevent creation of hairballs and remove dead hairs. Nail trimming is important in their grooming as they can misuse their nails in unlikely conditions. These cats keep themselves clean by licking, but give them a bath when needed. Other grooming practices like eye cleaning, ear cleaning and teeth brushing can also be done on a weekly basis.


These cats can be trained in a nice way by creating a strong bond with them. Make your cat to obey you with love and gentleness. Give them small treats in reward when they follow your commands to encourage them. These cats are prone to please their owners by doing little things such as cuddling, following and making voices. It is better to buy a kitten instead of an adult cat, because it will allow you to train your future companion as your own.


The Lilac Point Siamese have an athletic body structure full of energy. They love to do physical activities like climbing, walking and chasing something like their prey. Their physical fitness is due to their activities, and that’s why exercising is most important for them, especially in their growth period. Ensure their daily exercise for the healthy development of their muscles.

It is suggested by experts to bring your cat outdoors regularly for their physical and mental stimulation. Most people keep their cats indoors; they need to be conscious about their physical health by bringing toys and games that engage them in physical activities.


The lilac color is among the rarest colors of the Siamese breed, but not impossible to find. You need to make some efforts to find a Lilac Point Siamese cat, or make advance booking for your kitten from a reputable Siamese breeder.

The Lilac Point Siamese have lighter color than the Blue Point Siamese. In simple words, we differentiate them as lilac Siamese having silvery-gray color, while the blue Siamese have slate gray pointed colors.

The Siamese breed is itself considered special in many cultures whatever the color is. They are highly regarded in Thailand as they believe them in bringing good luck and peace to their homes.

These cats may show their love for you in many ways, usually through cuddling and sitting around you. These affectionate cats are intelligent also, so they can easily find ways to shower their love on you.

The Lilac Point Siamese also have blue eyes, but it must be lighter than the other Siamese cats. The lighter coloration in these cats differentiates them from the other cats.


It is better to learn about the cat type you are interested in, and this article provides you detailed information about the Lilac Point Siamese. These cats belong to the Siamese breed that come from the state of Thailand. No doubt, these cats are favorable for families having kids and seniors. Their affectionate and pure loving nature brings happiness to your family and makes you smile. These felines prove to be the best companions in your life.

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