Blue Point Siamese

Blue Point Siamese

The blue point Siamese is an amazing variant of the Siamese breed in blue color and appreciated all around the world. Their beauty, appearance and charming personality set them apart from the other felines. Their talkative nature forces them to engage in conversations with their humans all the day. They like being around their owners and prone to spend all the day with them. You won’t ever get bored if you have one of them at your home.

These cats are loved for their intelligence, unique and alluring appearance and human-friendly demeanor. Their personality traits are not different from the other Siamese cats. These cats always welcome your friends and other guests to your home, and are never shy to enjoy their company. Having a Blue Siamese cats will be a unique and beautiful addition to your beloved family. You can’t leave or ignore them for long due to their natural instinct of being with their humans.

Development and Recognition:

The Blue Point Siamese genetically belong to Seal Point Siamese and known as blue due to paler variant of seal point. Only seal color was available in this breed before 1930, a few blue and lilac cats were born due to change in genes, but they didn’t get attention from people initially. Later on, people started recognizing them and realized how beautiful they are.

In fact, they look more like a gray cat than blue; a lighter shade of blue makes them blue pointed cats. There are only four officially accepted colors of Siamese breed by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, and blue is one of them. These gentle cats are slim, smart and will act to be your best friend. They have same pointed colors on their paws, tails, ears and face as the other Siamese have. Their recognition could be a little difficult due to their completely white fur at early age. So, try to find a few months old kitten to reduce chances of a scam.

Blue Point Siamese Cat

Price of a Blue Point Siamese:

The price of a Blue Point Siamese may vary on factors like their age, size, location, and the breeder’s reputation. But on average, the amount of $500 to $2000 is fair enough to buy a blue Siamese cat. They are neither rare nor common, and can be found easily with a little effort. Their pedigree or lineage may cause their cost to go up or down. Don’t rush to finalize a deal; conduct a thorough research on the cat or kitten you are interested in.


These cats have a slim, smart and athletic body structure with creamy or white fur. The pointed color looks like grayish-blue on their body parts such as tail, face, paws and ears. They look amazing and unique with their pointed color pattern as compared to other cat breeds. Their athletic body structure helps them to climb walls and other heights easily, and keeps them physically active.

Blue Point Siamese have a long, but slim tail with same grayish blue pointed color as on their face and paws. These cats may use their tail as a communication tool to express their stress, fear or loyalty. It means that understanding their body language can lead you to recognize their feelings like fear, and emotions like love. Different colors of the Siamese breed have different nose colors, and blue Siamese have a black, or seal colored nose, contrasting with their pointed face color. The Siamese breed is famous for its striking blue eyes, and sure, blue point Siamese also have blue eyes that look beautiful.

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Blue Point Siamese Kitten:

Blue Point Siamese kittens are born very small and can’t open their eyes like kittens of all other breeds. Their ears are also folded at the time of birth, and only their mom and human care can help them to survive. In fact, nobody can care for them in initial days as well as their mother can. So, don’t separate them from their mother until they become independent. These blue kittens are always affectionate with those who do care and provide them food.

Blue Point Siamese Kitten

These blue kittens can’t be recognized as blue at the time of birth because of their fully white body. The blue pointed color comes on specific body parts after some time. Kittens are also vocal due to this breed’s natural instinct. Petting a blue point Siamese kitten is full of fun and excitement, and you can see your future best companion in it. They grow faster than many other cat breeds and considered an adult within 18 months of age.

Size & Weight:

These cats have a slim and a little long body with an average size. They can easily be picked up in your hands and cuddled. Their weight and sizes are influenced by some factors like environment and diet, but on average, their size is mentioned in the table below:

MeasurementMale CatFemale Cat
Height11-12 inches (29-31 cm)10-11 inches (25-28 cm)
Length15-20 inches (38-51 cm)12-18 inches (30-45 cm)
Weight8-12 lbs. (4-6 Kg)5.50-9.50 lbs.(2.5-4.5 Kg)

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These cats are super friendly by nature with instinct of always being around their owners. Each cat may have its individual personality, but in general, their main personality traits are discussed below:

Family Friendly Cats

These cats are considered as best for families due to their nature full of love and affection. They enjoy with their humans when they cuddle them and shower their love on them. Their favorite activity is following their owner in the entire house. They are sensitive to your kids and keep an eye on them like a bodyguard. In simple words, they are best to pet for a family.


Their intelligence can be noticed in every activity they engage in. Blue Point Siamese are so gentle and intelligent that they can learn new tricks very fast. It makes their training easy and effective. Their behavior with kids also reflects their brilliant intelligence. Their high level of intelligence allows them to learn new things from you even if you are not teaching them.


The Blue Point Siamese are famous for being more vocal than other cat breeds. These cats are attention seekers and become vocal when they are ignored for a long time. They use their meows as a way to communicate and get attention from the people around them. Don’t ignore them when they vocalize, as there might be some serious issue with them.


Their curiosity can be seen when they encounter with a new thing. Normally, when you bring a new toy for them, they explore it with too much curiosity. They continue to explore it until they are satisfied. Due to their curious nature, these cats prone to explore their new toys instead of play with them. After their satisfaction, they start the original use (playing) of it.

Interesting Facts:

There are some interesting facts associated with blue point Siamese. These facts add value to their importance due to which many people desire to own one of them. It is necessary to discuss some major interesting facts, which are as below:

One of Four Recognized Colors

The Siamese cats can be found in many colors, but officially, there are only four colors in this breed accepted by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA). These cats were born naturally in 1934 and considered as a lighter version of the seal point Siamese. Due to recognition of this color officially, they are highly valued and demanded by the people who love cats.

Similarity with Lilac Point Siamese

These cats are similar to lilac point Siamese, but not same; there is a little difference between them. Blue point Siamese cat has a darker pointed color than the lilac point cat. If both cats are seen together, they can easily be recognized that which one is blue and which one is lilac, but if one of them is seen at a time, it is difficult to call it whether it is blue or lilac.

Highly Vocal

As discussed earlier, the blue point Siamese cats tend to be more vocal than other cat breeds, and use their voices to convey messages to their humans. If you are deciding to own this breed, be prepared to hear their voices all the day.

Coat Color and Markings

These cats have grayish-blue pointed markings on the specific body parts. While other Siamese cats have creamy fur, but these blue cats have the white base color of their fur. This color can also be seen in tabby pattern, normally known a Lynx Point Siamese.

Food and Diet Requirements:

The Blue Point Siamese cats never shy to demand food from you when they feel hungry. They are sensitive and have a higher risk of food allergies than other cat breeds. So be conscious and fulfil their food and diet requirements. An unhealthy diet may impact negatively on their health. A protein-rich diet is considered best for them, but minerals and vitamins should also be mixed in it. Homemade fish, chicken or turkey can be served to them, but quantity must be enough.

Blue Point Siamese

Don’t serve the same food to them on a daily basis. It is suggested to bring branded food, specifically formulated for the Siamese breed. You can provide both wet and dry food to them as per requirement. A schedule should be made to feed them. You can also give them some little treats when you are pleased by them. Make sure their easy access to fresh water 24 hours a day as it is essential for them.

Grooming of Blue Point Siamese:

These felines are easy to care for, and groom as well due to their short fur, and no haircut is required for them. A weekly brushing is enough to prevent potential hairballs and remove dead hair from their body. Introduce grooming to them at their early age to familiarize them with grooming process. It ensures to groom them easily when they get older.

Set aside your time once a week or 15 days to groom them. Below listed steps should be taken during their grooming.

  • Nail Trimming
  • Ear & Eyes Cleaning
  • Bath them
  • Dry them with towel and hair dryer
  • Brush their Fur


The Siamese cats can learn quickly due to their high intelligence level. They are easy to train and never disappoint you when you train them. Their training process should be started at their early age. Initially, they should be trained in basic things like use of litterbox, how to pee and poop in it. Then teach them basic commands like sit, stand, run, stop, etc. These cats enjoy their training process and feel happiness when they please you with their activities.

These Blue Point Siamese cats always appreciate the small treats from you when they learn new things. In fact, giving them treats plays a motivational role in their training. So, never hesitate to give them treats as a reward of learning something new. Normally, these cats are gentle and social, but still their behavioral training is important to make them sweet and well-mannered.


Blue Point Siamese cats are normally observed as more active than the normal domestic cats. They never miss any chance to involve in physical activities, and that’s why they enjoy their exercise. Exercise is also important to build their muscles strong, especially in their growth period. Bringing a cat tree can encourage your cat to stay physically active.

If you bring your blue point Siamese cat outdoors, it will be a great fun for them. They enjoy a lot in pet parks, playing and chasing birds on trees. If you can’t allow them outdoors, then must bring some toys that encourage them to walk and run to ensure their health and prevent obesity.


Blue Point Siamese cats are somewhat rare, but not as rare as the Flame Point Siamese are. You can find a Blue Point Siamese cat with a little effort. Advance reservation can help you to get a blue Siamese easily.

Generally these cats are good in all aspects. They are good family companions and also get along with your kids and other pets. They make you feel happy and love their owners so much.

This breed is generally considered as a healthy breed, but prone to some health issue like other breeds. They have higher risk of progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) and some other genetic conditions.

No, there are several breeds that have a blue point color, and Siamese is one of them. The other breeds with blue point color are Ragdoll, Burmese, Balinese and a few more.

The Siamese breed itself is considered as lucky, and many people in Thailand keep them to bring good luck. The blue cats are also discussed as symbols of good luck in Old Russian folk stories.


Finally, we understand the personality, behavior and the requirements of the Blue Point Siamese cats. We can decide whether to pet it or not. Their beauty attracts people towards them, but some personality traits like jealousy and vocalization may stop some people to pet them. But overall, the Blue Point Siamese cats could be an amazing addition to your family with their unique and alluring blue appearance.

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