Persian Kittens

Persian Kittens

The Persian kitten is famous and the most demanding kitten in the entire world because of its long hair.  They come with a round face, large eyes, snub nose, short muzzle, round head, and a thick-furred tail. They have expressive and charming eyes with a variety of colors. They are known for being calm, gentle, affectionate, and low-maintenance breeds. They always have strong bonds with their humans, but are reserved with strangers.

These long-haired kittens are quick learners and easy to train; they learn simple tricks quickly. They love calmness around their surroundings, and their favorite things to do are cuddling and napping with their humans. Their cuteness, gentle nature, fluffy and smooth fur, and charming looks make them beloved among cat lovers worldwide.

Persian kittens belong to the most ancient cat breed, named after their place of origin, which is Persia. In the 1600s, they were brought to Europe, and after World War 2, they became popular in the US. Queen Victoria also loved the Persian breed, and she petted several kittens and cats. They gained huge love from royalty in Persia, and they were given the pet name “Sultan Cats. Persian kittens are typically known as “doll face” kittens.

What to Expect from a Persian Kitten:

Persian Cat kittens

Petting these kittens will be an amazing and joyful journey, full of love and thrill. These adorable kittens are known for their charming and unique looks. They are popular for their affectionate personality and the wonderful and strong bond they form with their humans. They are the most wanted kittens because of their unique and attractive traits.

Persian kittens are naughty, and they gain love from their humans with cute movements. They serve as an antidote to depression and stress for their humans. When the humans come back home from their job, these cute, innocent kittens welcome them at the door with their cute meows and sparkling eyes as if after a long awaited reunion. So, what can you anticipate from these cute little companions?

After bringing these kittens into your home, you will have a best friend, like a cute little sweet baby. They love to explore their surroundings. They love to spend 80% of their life sleeping. This kitten brings joy and thrill to your life. They know how to get attention from their humans and other family members. These kittens are highly energetic and full of activity. They are playful kittens and love engaging in various activities.

Persian kittens can be little bit vocal when they are alone, and due to their fear, they may become scared and uncomfortable. They need a relaxed and cozy environment under their human’s attention. These kittens are attention seekers, easily capturing the attention of humans with cute movements. These Persian kittens can be social and friendly when they become comfortable in a new environment after some time. It is important to provide Persian kittens with physical and mental stimulation, like toys and games.

What kinds of facts and experiences will you encounter when you pet a Persian kitten? These 12 facts, which we have written, you must face with your kitten. This will assist you to recognize the expectations and behaviors that will occur between you and your pet.

1- Growth Rate:

Persian kittens grow rapidly during the first year, reaching their adult size around 12 months of age. Each kitten has a different health, diet schedule, genetics, and age, so these factors also impact the growth rate. If they have a good diet, exercise on a daily basis, and maintain good health, then their growth rate will also be optimal. In the beginning, Persian kittens fully depend on their humans for care and food. They start developing senses like smell and touch during that time. After some time, they become active and explore their surroundings, starting to learn interactions and social behavior. Then they become fully playful, create strong bonds with their humans, and begin testing their boundaries.

During this period, you and your Persian kitten will experience new things, and both of you will enjoy this phase of growth. You will see how your kitten grows, how their senses start working, how they become independent, and how they create a cute bond with you. This growth duration must be an amazing and interesting situation for you. You will experience a new cute thing from your cute Persian kitten every day.

2- Playfulness:

These kittens love to play and explore their surroundings. Playfulness is good for them because it helps them grow strong, stay fit and healthy, and learn the little tricks. You should furnish them with some attractive toys to keep them busy regularly. Playing is just like a form of exercise for them.

When they are feeling fun loving, they may purr or rub against their human legs. They do the same thing when they seek attention from their humans. They tap your hand or feet when they are in a playful mood, just pretending to hunt. It might look aggressive, but they are just in a fun mood. They enjoy cuddling with their humans during playtime, and they need your both emotional and physical interactions. They play with hanging things like curtains, with their human long hair and gowns.

3- Temperament:

Persian kittens are gentle, calm and have cool temperaments. They are known as “lap kittens” because of their cuddling nature and strong bond with their humans. They love a calm environment and have a non-noisy nature. They are not aggressive kittens; in fact, they are patient and gentle with other pets and kids. These tiny kittens are not difficult to train, and a perfect choice for apartment living people.

Furthermore, they love to sit on the lap of their human, cuddle with their human while sleeping, and also like to sleep on their human’s bed with them. They are the best kittens for companionship.

4- Grooming:

Persian kittens need regular grooming due to their long hair. You have to detangle their hair and wash their thick coated fur. First, use a smooth comb or brush to remove tangled hairs gently. Brushing keeps their coat healthy, shiny, and smooth.

Bathing is necessary to get rid of dirt from them, and no doubt they do not like bathing. Persian kittens are scared of bathing and sometimes after bathing, they may get sick, so, after giving a bath, dry them with a dryer or towel immediately. Eyes and ears must be cleaned with cotton balls soaked in a special medicated liquid made for kittens. Trim their nails with pet nail clippers gently.

Well, they do not require much bathing or grooming because they clean themselves by licking. They are happy when their humans pamper them during grooming. They look at you with expressive, thankful, and sparkly eyes when you brush them.

5- Trainability:

They are not difficult to prepare for living in your home, because they are exceptionally intelligent and quick learners. They learn little tricks and become able to respond to their human commands. They start learning at 8 to 12 weeks of age. You must be gentle and patient when teaching them; they learn things but after some time. Using the litter box perfectly for peeing and pooping is an example of their learning sense. You have to be consistent while teaching. They can easily learn how to open and shut the door. They can stay, sit, stand, and sleep, responding to the commands of their humans.

After learning tricks, they also become happy, and with joy, they do again and again with excitement. They know very well how to make their humans happy. They know that when they learn something, their humans will be happy and reward them. These kittens are too loyal to their humans. Make sure to call them with a cat name, you have selected for them.

6- Eating Habits:

The quality of food makes them fit and healthy. Persian kittens require expert feeding to stay healthy. Make a schedule for foods and stick to it. Give them food according to the diet chart. They do not eat aggressively or quickly. They are gentle, so they eat in an easy slow mode. If they are starved for a quite while, they might be aggressive in eating.

When they are starved, they may lick you to signal that they are feeling hunger, and they want food. When you are sleeping and they feel hungry, they may lightly bite you. It won’t be painful, rather, it’s a signal of their hunger. They are very gentle and well-mannered kittens while eating.

7- Family Friendly:

Persian kittens

They are too adaptable kittens, gaining love from humans and all members of their human’s family. They seek attention from all family members. Furthermore, they do not hurt anyone by scratching or biting. They are gentle with kids and crazy to play with them. When they want to communicate their affection and love to humans, they start licking them. They love to sit on the laps of their beloved humans. The bond between kitten and human is so pure. They are too loyal and gentle with their humans, like a good and well-mannered baby. They are so adorable and make a wonderful and adoring addition to your family. These cute kittens always give response to love from their humans.

8- Good With Other Pets:

They are very gentle and soft with other pets, never causing harm. They play games and cuddle with the other pets. In fact, they are social in nature, and always want to make new playful companions. First, you have to introduce them to other pets and keep watching their movements for a while. They are very gentle and well-mannered kittens. While they play and engage in wrestling-like behavior, they do not hurt anyone. They avoid causing physical harm and simply make fun. They also like fun and joy, just like humans need fun and joy in their life.

9- Declawing:

Declawing is a painful procedure in which the kitten’s nails are removed. It’s a completely painful procedure for kittens. The purpose is to remove the nails because the kitten scratches furniture and people with them. If you can’t bear to see your kitten in much pain, then regularly trimming their nails will be safe and secure. With the help of their nails, they can climb on walls, which is dangerous as they can get misplaced in such cases.

Like all other felines, Persian kittens also have the instinct to scratch the furniture. You can take some painless steps to prevent scratching, like timing their nails.

10- Demanding:

These kittens are demanding and attention-seeking. They want your attention constantly. They may do frustrating things to seek your attention, so it’s important for you to be calm and gentle during those times. When you go to the washroom, they stand outside the door and knock with their little paws, wanting your attention.

Persian Kittens want to eat with you when you are at the dining table, initially, they may ask for food while you are eating, so it’s important to create boundaries, and teach them that they should only take food from their pet bowl. They demand love from you, and you should shower your affection on them. At night when you are sleeping, they demand your attention and want you to play with them. During those times, It’s important to give them attention and play with them for a while.

Beautiful Persian Kittens

They feel happy when you spend your time with them filled with love. The spark in their eyes is fully different when you play with them, and do little things for them as they expect from you. So, do not leave them alone and fill their life with love and joy, and in return, they will equally show their love for you and bring entertainment into your life.

11- Vaccination:

Vaccination is an important thing for a kitten’s health. If you want a physically fit kitten, then you have to ensure they receive all the necessary vaccinations. Consult your kitten’s veterinarian to determine the exact vaccination schedule for immunity against preventable diseases. Some vaccinations may be painful for your kitten, but they are essential for their healthcare. Protect your kitten from diseases and keep them happy and healthy by ensuring they receive proper vaccination on time.

The vaccination process, for some kittens, can be scary and painful, but for some curious kittens, it becomes a process full of explorations. For scared kittens, it can be a nightmare, and they may be noisy during the vaccination process, on the other hand, curious kittens tend to enjoy this experience. You have to be polite and gentle with the scary kitten, giving them more attention and making them feel cozy.

12- Chatty:

These kittens are calm and quiet in nature, unlike some other breeds that tend to be noisy and loud. They do not meow excessively; instead, they meow when they need something. When they need extra attention, they become chatty and make noises in a playful mood. When something goes wrong, they make loud noises. In pain, most of these kittens behave patiently and do not make noise, but if someone touches them during that time, they may meow lightly in pain.

If you do not like noise and prefer a quiet nature, then the Persian kitten is well-suited for you. These are good for the silence-demanding people.


Yes, they are considered among the best pets in the entire world due to their calm, sweet, gentle, affectionate, and quiet nature. They are mostly low maintenance, have a docile temperament, and are loving in nature.

Yes, keeping a Persian cat is secure and enjoyable. If you do proper care, groom them regularly, give them adequate attention, schedule veterinary check ups appropriately, and maintain a clean environment.

Persian kittens need AC during the hot weather. Their long, thick fur makes them susceptible to heatstroke. So, it’s important to provide them cool air conditioning in warm climates. Without proper cooling, they may become ill in the heat.

They can eat kitten food, especially formulated for their needs, including chicken, and fish. They also need water and milk because both things are important.

Persian kittens are most loyal to their humans due to their naturally loving and gentle behavior. They make solid bonds with their people and cuddle a lot with them.


So we are now clear about the Persian kitten’s habits, and what they expect from us. What’s the Persian kitten’s behavior towards us? What are their needs and why? How can they be trained, and what is the training process like? Do they like grooming, and how do they behave during grooming? In the vaccination process, how do they behave? They are not noisy as we know now. They are the sweetest, gentle, and calm kittens ever. These are the most beloved and demanded kittens among cat lovers.

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