Maine coon body

Maine Coon Body

It is better to learn about Maine Coon Body before getting one because they are amazingly large and heavy. We can also say that Maine coon cats are one of the perfect cat breeds. They are not only big sized and heavy but these cat breeds have elegant personalities as well. These cats are very familiar with every environment and could adjust very easily in every family.

Maine Coon Body Shape:

Maine coon cats are the most charming and attractive cat breed due to their astonishing body parts. Maine coon cat is also known as the muscular cat breed. Maine coon body shape is rectangular, and they have a long tail. Along with that, Maine coon ears are huge, and their chest is broad. Maine coon body width is parallel to the hip and shoulder and the back of Maine coon cats are flatter. The Maine coon body length is between 18 and 40 inches. The Female Maine coon body size is smaller than the male cat.

There are many ways to identify a Maine coon. One of them is to identify through their body. So read about their body to make their identification easy.

Here we have discussed the following:

  • Hair
  • Ears
  • Tails
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Paws
  • Face shape
  • Head shape
  • Legs
  • Whiskers
  • Chin
  • Claws

Maine Coon Hair:

Maine Coon Body

Maine coon body is not only enormous in size and weight but are also fluffier and hairy than the rest of the breeds. A Maine Coon has a tuft and bulk of hair around its neck and this feature makes them resemble lions. They also have a long tail which is bushy (full of thick hair) and have big eyes that can be regarded as expressive eyes. Maine coon cats grow more hair in winter and spring, then you will see hair everywhere on Maine coon body.

As we know most cat breeds shed a lot because of their hair but Maine coon cats don’t shed or shed very less even if they have a lot of hairs in their body. While grooming your Maine coon cats, Make sure to brush their hair every day with a good hairbrush. A bath at least once in a week is necessary to keep their coat and hair clean.

Maine Coon Ears:

Talking about the Maine Coons ears, their ears have tufts of hair on them and more hair on the tips of the ears. This characteristic of the Maine Coons makes them a good survivor of the harsh weather of winters where the temperature falls to the freezing point. This feature is because they are raised in the Northeast of America and the weather of that part is very cold. With the growth, the tufts of the ears may also grow, making them more hairy and fluffier in appearance. The height may also reach a few more inches than before.

Many people wonder about the reason behind the hair in our ears. Most of us conclude that they are useless, but there is a benefit hidden behind everything that is created. These hairs help us to stay away from the debris that might enter our ears and cause irritation or sometimes pain in the form of an infection. Similarly, the hair on the tips of the ears of Maine Coons is also very helpful for the cats to keep their inner ears clean and clear from debris and make it work as a filter.

Maine Coon Ears

Maine Coon Tail:

Maine Coon Tail

Moving further towards the tails of the Maine Coon cats, an important part of Maine coon body. As discussed earlier, their tails are massive and bushy but little is known about the exact size and length of the tails. It is estimated that the breed of Maine Coon is famous for also having cats with long tails as compared with the rest of the breeds.

The male and female Maine Coon body have an average size of 12-18 inches of tail. Various other breeds of cats have also been examined for checking the size and length of the tail, and it came out that the largest tail from other breeds is 10 inches. It is thought by many people that the Maine Coon cats are the descendants of the Raccoons, and it is pretty much clear why people think this way. This is because their tails resemble the tails of the Raccoons.

The next question that might be circulating and speculating in one’s mind would be, what exactly is the shape of the tail of the Maine Coons? The shape is like a plume. This is because the inner side of the tail is fluffier with more hair.

As the cats grow in size over some time, the tails of the cats also grow alongside. Their bigger size and lengthy tails have several benefits as they assist the cats in balancing when they are playing, jumping, and when they attempt climbing. While swimming, their tails can be helpful and can act as a rudder. Their tails also provide them warmth during the cold weather.

Maine Coon Nose:

If we talk about Maine coon noses, they have square-shaped noses with straight and smooth lines. Maine coon can smell things from their nose which is normally too far from them. The color of Maine coon noses depends on their coat color. They usually have a brown nose, when their coat color is black. Meanwhile, if they have a cream-colored coat, their nose color would be pink.

Sometimes, your Maine coon cat’s nose becomes dry due to different infections and diseases. Make sure a veterinarian checkup in this situation. Normally, a wet nose is convenient for your cats to keep them cool.

Maine Coon Nose

Maine Coon Eyes:

Maine Coon Blue Eyes
Maine Coon Mixed Eyes
Maine Coon Yellow Eyes

The eyes of Maine coon cats are rounded and large. When these cats are born, they all have blue eyes but after some weeks, their eye color changes from blue to some different colors such as copper, green, and gold. White cats have blue colored eyes and doesn’t change as they passage of their age.

Be sure to save your cat eyes from dust because it can cause allergies and your Maine coon cat eyes become watery eyes which normally happens with human eyes too. Maine coon cats also get some other eye problems such as cataracts, inflammation, and viruses.

Maine Coon Paws:

Maine coon cat paws make them different from other cat breeds. If we do a comparison, their paws are flatter and larger than normal cats. It seems like they are even larger than Maine coon cats’ body size. With their paws, they can easily walk on snow and climb which normal cats could not do.

They have hairy paws as predicted, but the paws are also tufted with a bushy and fluffy elongated tail.

Maine coon cats also have poly dactyl paws which means that, when Maine coon cats are born, they have one extra toe which usually other cats don’t have. Maine coon cats can easily walk on any kind of surface with the help of their unique paws whether the surface is hot or cold.

Maine Coon Paws
Maine Coon Paw

Maine Coon Face shape:

Maine Coon Nose

You have to know about the face shape of Maine coon cats when you are going to buy them.

Somehow, Maine coon cats have a human facial structure, as we already mentioned, they have square-shaped noses with straight and smooth lines, and their ears have tufts of hair on them and more hair on the tips of the ears. Maine coon eyes are rounded and large, their eyes are blue when they are newly born.

To recognize the Maine coon cat breed, remember these all face structures of the Maine coon cat, then no one can make you fool by selling other breeds of cat to you when you want to purchase Maine coon cats. 

Maine Coon Head:

Maine coon cat head shape is square and broad, their forehead is a bit curved. The size of Maine coon head is small as compared to Maine coon body size, but their head size can get normal when they become an adult cat. Main coon cats also have longer snouts as compared to some other cat breeds.

The tabby pattern Maine coon cat also has a mark of “M” on their forehead. This mark helps you to identify the breed of tabby Maine coon cat. They also look attractive and amazing due to that “M” mark on their forehead.

Maine Coon Head

Maine Coon Legs:

Maine Coon Legs

Legs are also important part of Maine coon body. They have medium size legs but still Maine coon body size is bigger than their legs. If we talk about Maine coon leg strength, their hind legs are very strong and muscular. They can run fast due to their athletic type strong legs. Due to their strength in legs, Maine coon cats can easily jump from tree to tree.

Maine coon kitten cats are supposed to be active and playful by their nature, but if you see your cat is too lazy to run and jump, make sure to talk with your veterinarian about that problem.

Maine Coon Whiskers:

Every cat has 7 to 12 whiskers on the different sides of their nose. You will see whiskers on every side of the Maine coon cat’s face because they have the longest whisker in comparison to other kinds of cat breeds. Their whiskers are wide along with their body size. Be conscious about their whiskers, when you are grooming them.

There are some more whiskers in Maine coon cats’ bodies, you will see their whiskers on chins, front legs, and at the top of their eyes, but they usually have shorter whiskers on their other body parts than you normally see on their nose.

Maine Coon Whiskers

Maine Coon Chins:

Maine Coon Chins

As we know, Maine coon cat is a larger cat breed, so they have large chins too, and over time, their chins grow larger. The shape of the Maine coon chin is square with the muzzle. Sometimes, you will see black marks or scabs on your Maine coon cat’s chin, this is because your Maine coon cat might be facing the problem of acne.

Acne in Maine coon cats is also known as cat chin acne, we always see acne on the chin of Maine coon cats so that’s why it is called cat chin acne. Allergies, dirty water, and stress could cause acne in Maine coon cats. To avoid cat chin acne, make sure to take good care of them.

Maine Coon Claws:

Maine coon has claws on every end of their toe. The claws of Maine coon cats are very sharp, they often use their claws to defend themselves from other wild animals and also Maine coon cats use their claws for hunting. Their claws are made of keratin and along with hunting and self-defense, mostly Maine coon cats use their claws to climb a tree and groom.

Sometimes, your Maine coon cat can scratch you with their claws, when you play with them. Their scratches are not dangerous but still, you have to take care of your sensitive body parts while playing with your cats. It’s better to train them to use their claws when it is needed the most and not every time. Meanwhile, Maine coon cats are family cats, they might not use their claws because Maine coon cats don’t need to climb a tree, defend themselves from wild animals, etc.

Maine Coon Cat Claws


They often get skin problems such as skin allergies, oily skin, infections, etc. Your Maine coon cat’s skin is sensitive, so make sure to keep them hydrated because dehydration also causes your cat’s skin problems.

Many things lead your cat to allergic problems such as cigarette smoke, plastic, perfume, rubber, etc. if your Maine coon cats have these allergic problems, don’t forget to avoid using those things in front of them.

Maine coon cats have sensitive stomachs, make sure to feed them good and healthy food, dairy products can lead them to diarrhea, and also you have to avoid giving them wet foods.

Most cat breeds shed a lot because of their hair but Maine coon cats don’t shed or shed very less than compared to other cat breeds, even if they have a lot of hairs in their body.

The claws of Maine coon cats are very sharp and strong and are made from keratin. Some Maine coon have 6 toes and some have 5, so they have 5 or 6 claws in their toes.


We gain a comprehensive knowledge about Maine coon’s major parts of body. We can ensure their health and maintain their physical activities. We are also able to take some safety steps for our cat after reading this article. We know that they love climbing and we can get a climbing tree for them. Their legs and other body parts will become stronger with such physical activities.

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